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best font for coffee shop

10 Best Fonts for Coffee Shop Signages (Expert Picks)

Using the best font for coffee shop will make you stand out among the numerous shops around.

Moreover, if you want to beat the competition, you have to be creative in the way you attract your customers.

The first step that’ll help you do this is by choosing an interesting and artistic typography that’ll represent your shop.

The letters you choose for your coffee shop show the customers the ambiance to expect in your shop.

With the right typography, you can show whatever you want to your customers.

It could be the coziness of your coffee shop, its hip atmosphere, or the efficient service you offer.

If you’re not sure about the font you want, here is the list of options for the best font for coffee shop to help you out.

1. Coffee Shop Doodles 

best font for coffee shop

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What else could mean fun in coffee shop better than a doodle typography? 

The Coffee Shop Doodles is a font designed by Kaitlynn from the KAFontDesigns Foundry. 

It offers a package of playful and exciting letters that’ll bring an exceptional delight to your coffee shop style. 

This is an easily readable font with decorative curves and handwritten ligatures.

You can use it to make menus and slogans,  on cups and other things in your coffee shop.

They will look fantastic!

You can use this typography to design your logo and brand name, followed by playful doodle symbols. 

It’ll also look amazing on the packaging boxes or paper bags you use for takeaway.

It will also look great on the ceramic cups you use for those who want to hang around the coffee shop. 

You get 52 hand-drawn and handwritten phrases and doodles with the coffee shop theme by purchasing the font. 

The font is available in TTF and OTF format, and you can use the commercial license for unlimited projects and unlimited sales. 

However, you cannot sell the font file or sell individual clipart images or individual letters. 

The installation is easy, so you’re one click away from the cute doodle-themed designs that await to be created. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • Fun doodle-themed style 
  • 52 handwritten letters and characters
  • Clip art images and phrases 
  • TTF and OTF format 
  • Unlimited projects and sales

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2. Milky Cookies 

best font for coffee shop

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Script fonts are designed to bring out the fun and casual vibe of the handwriting, and the letters give the text a more natural, inviting, and personal feeling. 

On the other hand, sans serif fonts bring cleanness to the letters, and they convey the minimalistic and modern style. 

The Milky Cookies font, designed by the Hanaksara Studio, offers both fonts in the same package. 

It’s a handwritten font, which is very easy to read, and it gives the letter a fun and playful look which will never get you bored. 

As we mentioned above, the typography depicts the character of the business you have. 

Therefore, you want to have the best font possible to attract customers.

You can use the font to design a logo, brand name or, slogan for your coffee shop.

The font would also look great on a website, for example, in a blog or article titles,.

Furthermore, it’ll especially look fabulous if you have a website for your coffee shop – in that way, everything will match your business. 

You’re going to build a recognizable sign of yourself. 

Also, the font can be used for food labels, restaurants, and menus, but it’ll look great on book covers as well. 

Milky Cookies font includes three versions – Sans, Script, and All Capital, and you can use them separately or in a combination. 

By purchasing the font, you get OTF, TTF, and WOFF files, and along with them, you get free logo templates. 

It includes different glyphs, numerals, and symbols, and you can use all of them for unlimited projects with the commercial license. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • Three versions 
  • OTF, TTF, and WOFF format 
  • Free logo templates  
  • Suitable for logos and brand names 
  • Unlimited projects and sales

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3. Locale 

best font for coffee shop

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If you want to achieve minimalism and modernity, then this font will do a miraculous job for your coffee shop. 

Sheree Louise Designs Foundry designed Locale.

It’s a popular font characterized by simplicity and firmness.  

The font is characterized by straight lines that make the text readable, and there’s a lack of stokes that make the font legible. 

Locale is a hand-drawn font, bold and rustic, and these features make this typeface suitable for many purposes, but especially in coffee shops. 

You can make a creative logo with its letters and symbols, and you can design an impeccable menu for your coffee and pastries. 

If you have a website for your coffee shop, it’ll be suitable to have matching titles and subheadings with the letters that are present around the place. 

You can include the font on the paper cups and paper bags you use for takeaway.

You can also use it on your business cards, poster, flyers, and everything you use in the coffee shop that represents you. 

It’s a fabulous idea to have everything in line because that way, it’s easier for people to recognize you and always opt for your services and products. 

The font contains 187 characters and supports most of the Latin alphabet-based languages. 

The locale has a license both for personal and commercial use, and you can use it on numberless types of projects. 

You can get the font in OTF format, and if you access additional letters if you’re software supports Illustrator or Photoshop CC. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 187 characters 
  • OTF format 
  • Illustrator/ Photoshop CC access  
  • Suitable for menus and food packaging 
  • Supports the most Latin languages 

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4. Country Cafe Caps

best font for coffee shop

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If you want something solid and powerful for your coffee shop, then this is the font that’ll perfectly suit your needs. 

The Country Cafe Caps is designed and published by the CraftThings Foundry, and it’s become famous a lightning speed. 

This is a creative and fun font with firm and bold letters, making the text readable and legible. 

If you want to achieve the artistic and playful effect in your coffee shop, then this is the font you should go for. 

It’ll look amazing on the brand name or the logo, as well as the slogan you may use as your recognizable sign.

You may use it in the menus as well, especially for the titles of your sections or the cover of it. 

It’ll look great on the promotional materials of your coffee shop as well, so you can freely use it on flyers, posters, or brochures. 

It’s a handwritten font, which includes 125 characters and 91 glyphs. 

The free version of the font includes only uppercase letters, and it’s for personal use only.

The premium version consists of uppercase, and lowercase letters, light, bold and regular weights.

You can use it commercially. 

This is a great font, which will give character to your coffee shop and make it more lively, so don’t hesitate to try it. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 125 characters 
  • 91 glyphs
  • Handwritten font 
  • Suitable for menus and promotional material  
  • Free for personal use 

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5. Crunchy Pasta 

best font for coffee shop

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If you want something cute to represent your coffee shop, then the definite choice would be the handwritten Crunchy Pasta font. 

Helotype Foundry designed Crunchy Pasta.

It was updated in 2019, which shows that you can expect improved and advanced font features. 

The letters are bold and curvy.

They contribute to the sweetness of the text, but at the same time make the text readable and not heavy on the eyes. 

These characters will give a personal touch to your projects, and you can use the font in different designs, from logos to signs or slogans. 

The curvy letters would make an excellent design for a logo or a brand name, and they can be used to create a slogan that will represent your brand. 

Since we’re talking about coffee shops, you can use these characters on everything you use in your shop

You can use it on the ceramic or paper cups to the napkins, paper bags, or even the clothes you use as a uniform. 

If you make promotional materials about your coffee shop, you can use these letters and make the content more appealing, therefore attracting new customers. 

Crunchy Pasta is unique, and its uniqueness and amazingness will make your brand quite recognizable. 

The font belongs to the script font family, and it contains 62 glyphs and 61 characters. 

The character set includes symbols, numerals, and various punctuation marks. 

To try the font out, you may download the font for free, and you can experiment a little bit on your projects. 

However, if you want to use the font for commercial or corporate purposes, those licenses require a purchase. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 61 characters 
  • 62 glyphs
  • Cursive letters 
  • Suitable for branding   
  • Free for personal use

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6. Caferesto 

best font for coffee shop

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If you’re striving for perfection, Caferesto would be your choice to achieve that. 

This is a handwritten font designed by Arukidz.fl Foundry, and it contains the most fantastic shapes of letters that will give a personality to your coffee shop. 

It belongs to the TrueType font family, and its precise and bold letters make the font easily readable and give the content a more exciting look. 

Your coffee shop will shine with these letters, and you’ll achieve a unique style that’ll remind you of coziness and art combined. 

You can certainly use it to design a logo, but it’ll also look great on the things that you use in your coffee shop daily. 

It would be excellent for people to carry paper cups decorated with these letters or paper bags with pastries from your coffee shop. 

Nothing is better than marketing through your customers.

When people see your name on bags and cups every day, they’re tempted to see what’s so special about the place.

They will be intrigued to see for themselves the shop with a name they see in such sweet lettering. 

That’s why fonts are so important, and you shouldn’t hurry to choose your font before doing thorough research of what works the best. 

Cafefesto contains 198 glyphs and 239 characters, meaning that your options when using this font are in a vast number. 

The package includes three font types – Caferesto Light, Regular Caferesto, and Caferesto Bold. 

The font has multilingual support, and it’s free for personal use.

There’s a license available for purchase if you want to use the font commercially. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 239 characters 
  • 198 glyphs
  • Precise shape of letters 
  • Suitable for menus  
  • Multilingual support

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7. Quesha

best font for coffee shop

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This is a modern classic font, and it’s perfectly suitable for a coffee shop since it depicts an elegant and friendly style. 

NimaType Foundry designs Quesha, and it contains unique features that you need to make your projects delightful. 

It belongs to the TrueType font family, and the font is a blend of geometric shapes and contrasting lines, making it readable and legible. 

It’s suitable for logos and branding and longer texts, such as slogans, titles, or subheadings. 

It’ll look great on your coffee shop’s menu, giving it elegance and modernity. 

The letters would also look great on web content, such as titles of blogs or articles. 

If you decide to use it in your coffee shop, it’ll be pretty suitable to match the letters inside the coffee shop with the letter on your website. 

This way, you give your business originality and good signage to make it recognizable and noticeable. 

You can use the font in a regular version, and it includes 213 glyphs and 209 characters.

The set of characters includes symbols, numerals, and punctuation marks which can be helpful with different kinds of content. 

If you decide to opt for this font, you can get it for free for personal projects, and if you need it for commercial purposes, you can purchase it on the website. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 209 characters 
  • 213 glyphs
  • Elegant and modern style 
  • Suitable for branding  
  • Multilingual support

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8. Dont Click Me

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Admittedly, this is an exciting and fun font in the world of lettering.

It’s especially suitable for coffee shops since it can depict a playful and cozy atmosphere. 

Dont Click Me is designed by the Justfontyou Foundry, and it’s characterized by the joyful shape of letters, which makes any kind of content awesome. 

Even though the letters are curved, they’re easily readable, so you don’t have to worry about the clarity of your content. 

It’s suitable for coffee shops, especially for slogans, if you’re up to something like that for your business. 

You can use it on your business cards, menus, gift cards, coupons, and similar things. 

If you want to make some posters to make your coffee shop friendlier and brighter, then these letters are going to do the trick. 

You can also use it in your web content, such as titles for blogs, articles, magazines, and so on. 

The font is developed from TrueType, meaning that precise and controlled lines of letters characterize it.

The package includes 33 characters and 30 glyphs, and different symbols, numerals, and punctuation marks. 

You can get it for free for personal use while purchasing the license for commercial use. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 33 characters 
  • 30 glyphs
  • Fun and playful letters 
  • Suitable for logo and branding  
  • Free for personal use 

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9. Kenyan Coffee 

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Ray Larabie designs Kenyan Coffee font from the Typodermic Foundry.

It’s a perfect choice if you’re aiming towards the strength and power of your letters. 

The shape of the letters is clear, precise, and powerful, making the content easily readable and legible. 

If you want to give your coffee shop a sharp style, this is the font you need to go for. 

It’s suitable for logos and brand names, along with slogans or titles. 

You can use it for your coffee shop menu as well, the cups and glasses you’re using, and the packaging boxes or bags for takeaway. 

Also, due to the cleanness of the letters, you can use them for prints on clothes,.

For example, you can use it on the uniform your employees are wearing or promotional T-shirts you might want to design. 

You should remember that you can achieve the best marketing and advertisement through your customers.

The font was updated in 2011, and it includes developed features suitable for every project you might want to create. 

It includes a set of different characters and glyphs and 14 styles you may use in your designs. 

Kenyan Coffee has multilingual support, and it works for most of the Latin alphabet-based languages. 

You can use it for different purposes, and you may obtain the needed license on the website above.  

Pros & Benefits:  

  • 14 styles 
  • Clean and modern lettering 
  • Different characters, symbols, and numerals
  • Suitable for logo and branding  
  • Multilingual support 

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10. Coffee™ Service

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The last, but definitely not the least, on our list is Coffee™ Service.

It’s a font that belongs to the script family and may include uniqueness to your content and projects. 

Stuart Sandler from the Sideshow Foundry creates it.

It’s considered one of the best script fonts for coffee shops. 

Coffee™ Service is a handwritten font that gives a fun and creative vibe to the content and makes the text more personal and friendlier. 

Even though it’s characterized by curvy letters that resemble handwriting, their curviness doesn’t interfere with the clarity and legibility of the text. 

It’ll look perfect on a coffee shop logo and everything inside the coffee shop where it can be applied. 

You can use it on the paper materials in your coffee shop, as well as the plastic ones. 

If you use plastic cups or plastic boxes for takeaway, you can freely use the font on them because the shape of the letters look great on every type of material. 

You can use it as well on your business cards, menus, coupons, and similar things you probably use in your coffee shop. 

Note that the font is available in a Regular style only, with different sets of characters, glyphs, numerals, symbols, and punctuation marks. 

It has multilingual support, and you can choose between two licenses for the purchase depending on your needs. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • Multilingual support 
  • Curvy and fun letters
  • Different characters, symbols, and numerals
  • Suitable for menus and business cards 
  • Available for personal and commercial use

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Final Thoughts 

From the our list of options for the best font for coffee shop, you can see that you have a wide variety of choices.

So, it’s understandable if you find it tough to pick one.

Note that the lettering you choose for your business is an essential point in your business.

It will be what people will recognize your brand with.

The font you pick will determine the look and feel of your business.

Even though every font on the list is impressive, I would choose Coffee Shop Doodles as my favorite.

This is because of the shape of the letters.

The font is unique and playful, depicting a casual and fun vibe, making the content more natural and inviting. 

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