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best font for design portfolio

10 Best Fonts For Design Portfolio (Expert Picks)

The best font for design portfolio should be able to maximize audience engagement.

The key to creating content that attracts traffic and value for text is to use fonts that resonate with your style and message.

It is very likely to allure a larger audience by using the appropriate design and font styles.

Concise yet engaging fonts are a way to guarantee that readers feel connected.

Hence, it is essential to balance the appearance and the quality of the text.

Here are the options for the best font for design portfolio styles you can consider while making a portfolio website.

These fonts ensure repeat traffic and elegant appearance. 

1. Radiate

best font for design portfolio

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Studio Sun created this font style in 2018 and published it in 2020.

Radiate is a modern yet contemporary font style with a lot of character to its looks and advent.

The Studio Sun is an independent digital and illustration studio. 

The font style has a more symmetrical typeface with neutral thick and thin strokes.

Radiate is one of the most widely used fonts for documents.

The font is designed to be readable from a distance.

This is best used in billboards, price lists, street signs, and announcements.

Radiate compliments the context in a more fashionable yet composed manner.

The family consists of five font weights and four widths in its OpenType layout.

Radiate is fit for making headlines and smaller sub-headings for its captivity and easy-to-read nature.

Perfect for posters, banners, and placards for its wide optical legibility and clarity.

Because of its clean-cut edges and sharp accent, Radiate is easily readable at any angle. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes in bold, italic, light, expanded, and more
  • Supports ISO Adobe 2 and Adobe CE
  • Features Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters
  • The OpenType version has a bonus of four additional widths

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2. Aventa

best font for design portfolio

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 Font style Aventa was designed and created by Ellen Luff.

Ellen is a typeface designer from the United Kingdom.

Luff has created several other font styles which are all impeccable.

The font boasts of more than 800 downloads. 

Aventa has unique elementary shapes, precise and loud style.

This refined font style takes up the tone without overwhelming the reader.

Undoubtedly, Aventa is one of the simplest yet interactive font styles out there.

Aventa is simple yet stylish with a hint of geometry making it catchy and classic.

This is best suitable for digital advertisements with its visibility across its weights.

This font has a large family with a variety of nine weights.

The font includes light and light italic on the free version.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple yet interactive 
  • Great for a wide range of optical appearance
  • Stylish typefaces with a variety of weights 
  • A total of nine weight styles with light and light italic available for free
  • Commercially retails for just $36.00 

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3. Avenir

best font for design portfolio

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The font style Avenir is classified as a Geometric Sans and Sans Serif.

Adrian Johann Frutiger designed this font in 1987.

Johann is a Swiss designer who has turned the design in the latter half 20th Century.

Linotype originally released Avenir in 1988 with just three weights.

It included the same weights for both roman and oblique versions.

The typeface underwent enlargement to six weights.

Then the foundry launched “Avenir Next.” 

Frutiger later completely revamped the Avenir family in 2004.

Together with Akira Kobayashi, they still used the name Avenir Next.

This chic font-style is best for captions and descriptions.

The style promotes better comprehensibility of text.

Its light-weight strokes and subtle cuts are perfect for textbooks, body text, and subheadings.

Avenir is best for corporate branding and advertising purposes.

Key Bank used Avenir for their internal signages.

Companies like Japan Airlines, Scottish water, and Banrisul, used this font for marketing. 

LG Electronics has been using this modern-day yet classic font style.

The company uses it for its branding, advertising, and cellphone keypads.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ranked #5 in Bestsellers at
  • Avenir font family is free for download
  • Has one of the most lightweight designs across all fonts
  • Convenient for both web and mobile designs both
  • Supports currency symbols

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4. Aktiv Grotesk

best font for design portfolio

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Aktiv Grotesk is a hugely popular font style over the past fifty years.

The Dalton Maag foundry created this font. 

The foundry created it to achieve something neutral to Helvetica and Univers.

This family of fonts includes twenty-four styles with coherent italics from Hairline to Black.

This font style has its roots in the Victorian Era with a contemporary typeface.

It has a unique display of ascenders, descenders, bold, terminal title, stem, and bowl.

With a variety of density and height options, Aktiv is easy to use.

The style creates simpler texts that achieve maximum repeat traffic.

It gave tough competition to other fonts with its modern touches and classic roots.

Aktiv Grotesk delivers the intent without intimidating readers.

It has twenty-four diverse weights with matching italics and flexible font options.

Supports 130 languages including Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Thai, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Aktiv is a prime choice for branding and marketing.

It has a great look over with diverse style in headings and mid-to-large text.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ranges over 24 styles with warmth and modernity
  • Compliments italics; Hairline and Black
  • Supports over 130 languages
  • Large texts ensure maximum readability

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5. Swiss 721

best font for design portfolio

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With a place of #21 in Best Sellers at

Max Miedinger designed this font.

Bitstream released it in1982.

It is an improvised version of Helvetica which has seven weights.

The font style comes with coherent italics and widths.

Also comes in a condensed and extended version.

The classification of the style falls into Sans Serif, Grotesque, and Condensed.

The design makes it convenient for multiple types of text and displays.

Swiss 721 is one of the most used fonts with its simple yet intriguing cuts. 

The font makes any piece of writing readable and easy to understand.

The font’s warmth and tidiness make it more appealing.

With its thick prominence, Swiss 721 makes a great fit for large and small texts.

Its style suits large prints, headlines, and billboards.

With over thirty-two styles, this font style is shrouded in simplicity.

Retails as a family for $350 and separate styles start from $40.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Over thirty font styles 
  • Supports Western and Eastern European languages
  • Compatible for Desktop and Web font both
  • Rich character set and supporting glyphs

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6. Hurme

best font for design portfolio

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Designed by Finnish designer Toni Hurme in 2013.

A family of four by the names No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4.

All these members come in different styles and features.

No. 1 and 2 consists of seven weights with small caps and obliques with sharp corners.

With sharp edges and a range of weights, It is a perfect fit for logos.

Hurme typeface geometric sans No.1 and No.2 is similar font styles.

But the two have different sets of character sets as default.

No. 1 and No. 2 characters are a good fit for setting text and more optical viability.

Some weights come in for free but some you need to pay for a license.

The typeface displays precise characters that are set apart for a more well-kempt look.

No. 4 features ornate swash capitals and lowercase with curvy tails.

Has a more flamboyant look than that of No. 1 and No. 2. 

Hurme typeface has versatile characters with various OpenType features.

These features make the font very versatile. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in a variety of weights 
  • You get Hurme Geometric Sans No. 2 for free when buying No. 1
  • Can be accessed through OpenType

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7. TT Hoves

best font for design portfolio

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Ivan Gladkikh and Pavel Emelyanov created Typeface TT Hoves.

Gladkikh successfully created more than thirty font styles.

The “Ho” in Hoves stands for horizontal combinations &“Ve” reflects the vertical strokes.

This font completes the trio of TT Norms.

Followed by the design of a more neutral sans TT Commons.

The latter suits the corporate setting and manner.

TT Hoves has an easily distinguishable set of characters.

The design does not have any loud bursts making it neutrally bright and adequate.

This font is best for architectural designs, the art industry, research, and space.

The more distinct feature is its sharp cuts and the shape of junctions like A W M N V X.

The idea behind this design is to add technologically advanced symmetrical strokes. 

The TT Hoves family has twenty-three font styles and ten weights from Hairline to Black.

Each of the styles includes 1348 glyphs.

With corresponding Italics, one variable font, and two unique outline styles. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Covers almost all languages
  • Various ligatures and stylistic alternates
  • High-quality details support currency signs, numbers, and navigation signs
  • Designed to support small size texts and even small size screens

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8. Playfair Display

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Clauss Eggers Sorensen, a Danish type designer, designed this font.

The nib styles of the late 18th century influenced Playfair.

Playfair Display came out in 2011 making it contemporary yet influenced by pointed steel pens.

As indicated by its name, this typeface is perfect for large titles and headlines.

The design made its x-height extra large and has low descenders.

The typeface is an accentuated typeface with wide contrast and intricate hairlines.

In tight spaces, like in headlines and titles, you can format the font easily. 

The font consists of a variety of three weights and two styles.

All of these include small caps for each of the weights and styles.

Provides for more stylish effect in titles and sub-headings.

Playfair makes a perfect couple for headings with Georgia used for body text.

Extra short capitals are only slightly heavier than the lowercase characters.

This helps achieve a more uniform color when typesetting proper nouns.

This typeface supports Cyrillic glyphs in Bulgarian, Russian, and Bosnian.

Playfair Display was released under the Open Font License 1.1.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Opensource and free to use
  • Alternate diacritical characters designs are included for Polish
  • Supports all European languages using the Latin script 
  • A set of eight arrow devices are also included

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9. Open Sans

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Open Sans Open Sans is a humanist sans serif typeface.

The font is designed by Steve Matteson, a Typeface Director of Ascender Corp.

The design and font style was commissioned by Google.

The font contains the complete eight hundred and ninety-seven-character set.

Also included are the standard ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek, and Cyrillic sets.

The style has a total of ten versions.

The font comes with five weights (Light, Normal, Semi-Bold, Bold, and Extra Bold).

Each of the weights has an italic version.

Open Sans was designed with a more vertical accent with a more friendly vibe.

It was optimized for print, web, and small screens, because of its excellent readability.

It is a more frequently used font on the web, by everyone from Google to WordPress.

The design is referred to as the “flat design” font.

Featuring wide gaps in various letters and spacious format.

Open Sans Condensed comes in three distinct styles namely light, bold, and light italic.

Popular pairings with Open Sans Roboto, Lato, and Montserrat.

Classified as Sans Serif, this typeface is balances strokes with moderate cuts and edges.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Improved visibility across print, web, screens, and mobile interfaces
  • Makes a great combination with Open Sans Roboto, Lato, and Montserrat
  • Contains a set of eight hundred and ninety-seven characters
  • Has over four billion views per day on more than 20 million websites

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10. Futura PT

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Designed for Bauer company in 1927 by Paul Renner.

Futura sans serif typeface is designed using geometrical shapes and lateral cuts.

Issued by the Bauer Foundry, Futura became a popular choice for text and display.

This typeface was immediately very successful, with its vast range of weights and widths.

The design combines classicism and modernity.

Futura reflects a range of derivative geometric sans-serif typefaces.

The new Futura has a uniform system with seven refined weights.

Each weight has its corresponding condensed styles.

All these fonts are coordinated in letterforms, metrics, and weights.

All of these design elements complement each other.

The style offers low contrast and balanced weight styles.

While more humanist, it also has geometric leanings. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Promotes simplicity, modernism, and industrialization
  • More elaborate, hand-written style
  • Prominent weight options to fit large and small screens

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Final Thoughts

It is known to all that there is an enormous number of fonts available. 

Still, it is essential to use a typeface that embodies your style and design.

A font that will resonate well with the nature of the text and the matter it delivers.

Electronic companies and marketing agencies spend millions of dollars to study styles.

To determine the appropriate fonts and designs to achieve maximum deliverance.

Knowing the best font for design portfolio can help his artful concept.

The typefaces given above are all stunning and with an intriguing history.

My most favorite is Open Sans for its simpler cuts and edges.

It shows with great clarity and makes you believe in less is more.

Do not forget that some of these typefaces are free.

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