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best font for house numbers

10 Best Fonts For House Numbers (Expert Picks)

In case you’re curious about the best font for house numbers, then here’s your answer.

This article will reveal the five best fonts for house numbers that you can download now.

The first thing visitors and neighbors will see outside our house is the house number.

Therefore, it would be nice if it is stylish and goes with the architecture of your house.

So, here are the best 5 fonts for house numbers for you.

We hope that you’ll find one that will suit your style.

1. Clement Numbers

best font for house numbers

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This particular font is for those who wish to make an elegant statement right at the front door.

A font like this is sure to make heads turn immediately because of its attractive style. 

It’s without a doubt a font worthy of being deemed elegant by every extent of the imagination.

Additionally, there’s a strong historical feel to it which adds some gravity to the look.

The way it’s designed is indeed something that you can find hanging in an old saloon.

Yes, this font has a very western feel to it!

It truly has a vibrant story to tell about the past.

The shape of each of the characters has the essence of tradition.

As a result, this font stands firm in its ability to command attention even in present times.

The curvature on each number makes you feel like you’re back in the times of the wild west.

There’s also sharpness in the definition of each number to assert the presence of a location.

Its elegance is undeniable.

You could likely see this font in any reputable place of business and residences that matter.

It’s simply traditional elegance that suits modern times.

The Clement font is noted to be one of the best fonts for house numbers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Captures the essence of old western times
  • With an elegant aesthetic that commands your attention
  • Strong and filled with tradition and history

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2. Vintage Hand Stamped Numbers

best font for house numbers

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Another vintage design makes its appearance with this font.

The numbers have a vintage, homemade vibe. 

It may be closely related to the Clement font, but it has specific distinctions that make it stand out. 

For starters, the format of the font’s numbers looks like an old-school typewriter created them.

Some of the numbers are fully inked, while others appear to be faded.

Such a look highlights a worn-out style.

The concept is born from the old days where the typewriter was the only tool for printing.

It also sends the message that working people occupy the place where this font resides.

Such powerful imagery fits anyone who has a strong work ethic.

This font acts as the mark of true working people who earned the right to place such font in front of their house.

Anyone seeing that font will know that serious workers live in that house and likely built it.

Vintage Hand Stamped font is the perfect font for those who want to display their hard work.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Strong historical design
  • Commands attention through respect
  • Implies strong work ethic and skills

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3. Ransom Note Alphabet


best font for house numbers

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Now, this is an unusual choice for a font to try in front of your house at all.

Yet, it’s one that’s rooted in the idea of both random and unexpected things around us.

The idea of using cut-outs of random sizes to line up perfectly is impossible but worth trying.

Even more so, it is the thought of having different colors to decorate the numbers of your home.

In severing that connection, there’s an idea of independence being born from it within its gap.

Unlike other abstract fonts, this one doesn’t need a fixed pattern to make sense of its content.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite and thrives on making sense out of the chaos it creates in a line.

Consistency is also thrown out the window by this font since nothing about it remains constant.

Instead, its structure is governed by chaos meant to captivate through sheer confusion.

This font style is perfect for those who also don’t want to be governed by fixed patterns.

This is for the people who like to live on the unpredictable side of life and be mysterious.

Placing this odd font at your front door will definitely have your guests guessing at all times.

It’s also perfect for those with a strong affinity for solving puzzles and cracking codes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Random visual design
  • Chaotic patterns commands attention
  • Unpredictable patterns set the tone of the font

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4. Grunge Font

best font for house numbers

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This font is for people with wandering hearts and souls who don’t stay in one place for too long.

This is for those who see their home as a hostel than a house. 

The reason being is because their hearts are settled on both traveling and exploration all day.

They only think about the moment they can get on the road and travel towards new horizons.

It’s for these people with nomad’s hearts that this font exists, and it’s meant to represent them.

The concept of this particular font is rooted in the idea of being surrounded by the wilderness.

Being a part of nature is the dominant theme that is displayed in the font’s rugged and wild form.

This can only be captured by the rigid structure of the character’s shapes as they seem stacked.

Moreover, the end of each of its characters looks worn out by scratches made from wild beasts.

The structure of the characters has a very distinct order in its pattern that seems so firm and tall.

It’s why it gives the sense that whatever you’re looking for may not be near your home.

This is why it’s the perfect choice for those travelers that don’t stay home very long.

It expresses their desire to go out and explore the world constantly.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Nature-like visual design
  • Speaks to the traveler in you
  • Connotes a desire to explore the world

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5. Pastika

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You can try this font for free (personal use only).

It is simple in its design and shape.

There’s nothing flamboyant that makes it stand out, but it can definitely be seen when noticed. 

It’s the perfect design for those looking for simplicity and efficiency over any extravagance.

This is perfect for the introvert types who only want their homes to be noticed by their friends.

Or by people who want to get the job done.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple design
  • Subtle and without need for dominance
  • Efficient and straightforward

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6. Elecstrom Font

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This font is definitely modern, yet it commands attention from people.

Elecstrom font is noticeable by those who have an affinity for what it represents. 

It’s boxy and monotone in structure.

It exudes a high-tech vibe.

As a result, this option for the best font for house numbers suits someone who truly enjoys technology, like old-school video games.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique visual design
  • Represents a specific niche or community
  • Attractive

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7. All Modern Font

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All Modern font by Ketrel Montes is clean and very distinct.

It’s a sans serif font, making it one of the best fonts for a house number.

It comes in .otf and .ttf files.

The Italic version is also available.

Thus, giving you an option to add some flair to your number.

Multilingual support is also provided.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Instant download
  • Free for personal use
  • Commercial license is available

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8. Malito Fashion

best font for house numbers

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TheNobuCollections designed this fashionable font.
It’s a sans serif font that takes its inspiration from a watch and locket.
Malito Fashion is not only suitable for a house number but also for magazine headlines, wedding invitations, and anything modern.
It comes in .otf and .ttf files.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Commercial license is included
  • Instant download
  • Value for money

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9. Coolvetica Font

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Coolvetica is a sans serif font made by Raymond Larabie.
It offers a 1970’s vibe.
It’s available in five styles: regular, italic, condensed, compressed, heavy, and crammed.
The best style to use is the Coolvetica compressed heavy for your house number.
This style ensures visibility and legibility from a distance.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for commercial and personal use
  • Perfect for houses with a retro vibe
  • Offers five styles to choose from

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10. Signika

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Anna Giedrys of Poland created the Signika font.
It’s a sans serif font designed for signages.
Therefore, this font assures clarity and visibility of your house number.
This font offers a wide character set and a tall x-height.
It comes in 8 styles, namely bold, light, regular, negative semibold, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free
  • Supports most European languages
  • Pictograms and arrows are included in the character set
  • Available in eight styles

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Final Thoughts

Your house number is more than just a number.

It’s going to represent your style and the ambiance in your home.

Knowing that, make sure to choose the best font for house numbers that represent you.

Are you looking for more exciting fonts?

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