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best fonts for laser cutting

10 Best Fonts for Laser Cutting Stencils & Scripts (Expert Picks)

Are you looking for the best font for laser cutting for wedding and birthday banners?
For your most awaited day, you should have only the best!
Choosing fonts for laser cutting is quite tricky.
Some of the fonts can be challenging to use, and some prove to be unsuitable for laser cutting.
So I am here to the rescue, bringing you the best and the easy-to-use fonts for laser cutting.
Aside from wedding banners, you can also make thank you cards, quotes, greeting cards, business cards, and more with these 10 Best Fonts for Laser cutting!
This article lists the options for the best font for laser cutting that you can find!

Noel Stencil


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Noel stencil is by studioR12

It is an American-based foundry, and their local artists designed this awesome font.

Noel is a script and seasonal stencil font.

Stencil fonts are the best fonts for laser cutting. 

It has beautiful and well-balanced characters.

Users consider it an exquisite font. 

This font is best for DIY crafts, cake toppers, signages, mugs, wall decor, etc. 

Add it to your most creative ideas and notice how it makes them come alive.

It also supports the French language. 

Note that the whole space will appear when you laser cut the letter “O” as a separate word. 

Pros and Benefits

  • Letters are distinctive
  • Supports the French language
  • A well-weighted font

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Beprity Stencil Font

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Here’s the third (and the last !) font from this prolific font designer, Eva Barabasne Olasz.

Beprity Stencil is a script font perfectly created for cutting machines.

The lowercase letters connect while you need to add a tiny stroke to connect the upper with the lowercase.

This font is complete with upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuations.

As a bonus, German characters come with the set.

Beprity is compatible for use with Apple/Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Pros & Benefits

  • Installation guide is provided
  • A lifetime license is included when purchased
  • Offers a cheerful vibe

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Loved Heart | Beautiful Script

best fonts for laser cutting

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Qaratype created this beautiful modern script font.

This calligraphy font is perfect for Valentine’s banners and wedding scrapbooks because it comes with heart swashes.

Moreover, since the font has a smooth texture, it addresses all printing requirements.

In addition, this font is best used for embroidery and gold-foil projects, and banner laser cutouts.

The letters fully connect, making this font for laser and blade-cutting machines.

Pros & Benefits

  • Characters connect seamlessly
  • Complete upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and special characters
  • Offers multilingual support
  • WOFF/WOFF2, TTF and OTF formats

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Smoothline Script

best font for laser cutting

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This is a modern font specially made for cutting machines. 

This Calligraphy script font comes with a dancing baseline.

Moreover, it sports a lot of swashes, making it perfect for feminine and elegant projects.

This cut file font is suitable for making banners and scrapbooking.

CleanCutCreative made this font.

The letters or characters are handles like stamps where you build your words.

In short, you have to position them. 

But the font software (OTF and WOFF) is also available.

Pros & Benefits

  • Instant download
  • Comes in SVG, DXF, and EPS formats
  • Ready for use with cutting machines

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Brannboll Connect Font

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Brannball Connect is specially made for laser cutting.

All characters connect.

It comes with upper and lower case letters and many glyphs.

The 0 to 9 characters create swashes.

It has a sporty vibe, thus, making it great for sports shirts, mainly baseball jerseys.

Aside from laser cutting, this font is excellent for signage, embroidery, and jewelry making.

This font is free for personal use only.

Mans Greback created this font.

Pros & Benefits

  • Provides 346 glyphs and 360 characters
  • Offers a sporty vibe
  • A commercial license is available for purchase

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Artiston Font

font for laser cutting

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Qualitype designed this elegant font.

All the lowercase letters and the majority of the uppercase connect.

To connect the letters in small text sizes, you need to add a tiny stroke.

This font is free for personal and commercial use.

Because of its elegance, this font is perfect for weddings and formal event invites.

Pros & Benefits

  • Elegant font
  • Free
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters connect, in general

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Hardman Font

best laser font

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Peter Wiegel, a German artist, created this font.

Its silhouette is reminiscent of the 1970’s sci-fi movies; think of the Alien and Solaris movies.

This font is perfect for retro-themed banners and signages.

Luckily, this font comes free for both personal and commercial uses.

Pros & Benefits

  • Free
  • Retro in style
  • Best for sci-fi-themed text

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Amagh Handwritten Font

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Eva Barabasne Olasz designed this font.

Most of the letters connect, and you need to add a tiny stroke on some upper case letters.

The letters do not connect, so you need to add strokes to join them.

This is quite a popular font with ninety-four thousand downloads to brag about.

This font is free for private use only.

Pros & Benefits

  • Offers a commercial license in her Etsy shop
  • Gives off a romantic vibe
  • Most of the letters connect

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Alyfe Font

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Here is another font from Eva Barabasne Olasz that you can use for projects that need laser cutting.

The Alyfe font is a feminine floral font.

The upper case letters sport a dainty flower.

The lowercase letters connect.

You need to add a stroke to connect the upper and lower case letters.

This font suits embroidery and laser-cut projects.

Alyfe is free for personal use.

Pros & Benefits

  • Great for spring-themed banners
  • A commercial license is available
  • Offers a dainty feminine vibe

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Butter and Garlic Font

best fonts for laser cutting

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The Design Store created this handwritten font.

This font is perfect for thank you cards, greeting cards, logos, and other projects requiring handwritten touch. 

This font is encoded with PUA.

This comes complete with upper and lower cases and punctuation. 

In total, there are 557 glyphs available in Butter and Garlic font.

It indeed is an awesome font to make iconic typography.

Pros & Benefits

  • Romantic, beautiful, and handwritten font
  • Perfect for wedding invitations, thank you cards
  • Also suitable for quotes, greeting cards, business cards, and logos
  • Encoded with PUA
  • Has uppercase characters, a lot of punctuation symbols, and numbers

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Runners-up: Paper Cut

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The Paper Cut font is the perfect choice for a geometric, stencil type of design.

All characters are in one solid piece, making it suitable for cut-outs and laser-cut letters.

It’s also great for playful typography, with 4 font weights to choose from.

License is available for

Whether you’re looking to make something bold and eye-catching or subtle and elegant, Paper Cut will be sure to give your project the look you desire.

Pros & Benefits

  • Made for stencil and laser-cutting
  • Each glyph is one piece with no holes
  • Licenses are available for Desktop, E-pub, App, and Webfont
  • Great for crafts like making banners

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Vytorla Font Trio

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Introducing Vytorla, a beautiful handwriting font trio perfect for wedding designs and other creative craft projects such as stencils, engraving, laser cutting, and more!

This font trio provides a unique and stylish touch to all of your creative projects, with a commercial license available so you can use it in any commercial setting.

Vytorla is easy to install and use, with an extensive selection of characters and symbols to choose from.

Whether you’re designing a wedding invitation or simply adding some personality to your craft project, Vytorla is a perfect choice.

Pros & Benefits

  • Offers 6 Font Files (3 fonts in both TTF and OTF)
  • Perfect for packaging, branding, and logo designs
  • Discount is available with certain conditions

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Edyra Font

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Edyra is the perfect font for crafting projects of all kinds!

This hand-drawn decorative font features upper cases, numbers, and punctuation, making it the perfect choice for paper cutouts, laser cutting, engraving, and embroidery projects.

With Edyra, you can add a unique and creative flair to any project.

So don’t delay – get Edyra today and make your craft projects stand out!

Pros & Benefits

  • Available in weights
  • Offers 4 kinds of licenses namely desktop, app, e-pub, and enterprise
  • Discount available with some conditions

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Final Thoughts

Some fonts do not lend well to laser cutting, or we can say they are not laser-cut-friendly.
Usually, when you laser cut the letter “O” as a separate word, the whole space will appear, and it will not look elegant.
In this condition, stencil fonts are the best.
The best quality of stencil fonts is that minor points in the text do not make the characters’ parts fall.
And sometimes, the letter design is too thin that it will not come out well after laser cutting.
So make sure your font design is not too thin.
Keep all these points in mind while choosing the fonts for laser cutting.
Free fonts are also available on the web.
Still, a significant problem with free fonts is that they lack access to providing more glyphs, symbols, and numbers.
Some of them will not be able to provide lowercase characters, and some will fail to offer uppercase characters.
I hope this article will help you a lot with choosing the best font for laser cutting.
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