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best font for poetry

10 Best Fonts for Poetry (Expert Picks)

Poems rendered with best font for poetry gives creates the most impact on the readers.

Of all the design elements used in modern times, the font is undoubtedly crucial in creating an impression. 

The real challenge of modern graphic design is often to choose the right font.

There are so much art and beauty in poetry. 

Apart from beauty in its message, there is also beauty in form.

Choosing the best font for poetry is essential when writing and publishing.

Typography is a way of communicating with readers.

Below are carefully selected options for the best font for poetry.

1. Nightshade-Handwritten Calligraphy

best font for poetry

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Rushing Nightshade Font is a modern bold script font.

This bold typeface has a fun way to create attractive, eye-catching content.

The inspiration for creating this font is fantastic.

The Rushing Nightshade’s creation is a story about history, former times that led to fonts’ miraculous design.

It has made in combination with written letters and dramatic twists so that it is a blend of retro atmosphere and modern times.

This font is best used for logos, handwritten quotes, product packaging, header, poster, merchandise, social media, greeting cards, and poetry.

Rushing Nightshade is the demo version, free for personal use only.

Now do the practice!

We can see an example of a song called “A Drop of Ink” by Branko Miljkovic, a famous Serbian lyric poet.

A drop of ink

Which things can fit into a drop of ink

one unwritten sun

one unsigned bird

one unpainted flower

and there will still be so much left

to write an epitaph:

the two stars fell asleep

in the whole heart in whose night

then two nickel flowers

from whose blood from whose blood

and two birds took off

from the whose head into whose night

two stars, two peaks, two birds

no one knows whose they are

no one knows where they are from

The emotions that come from each shisha are further enhancing by choosing a font reminiscent of a manuscript.

We can see how it fits perfectly into the theme and essence of the song: “a drop of ink.”

Pros & Benefits:

  • A combination of retro atmosphere and modern times
  • Best used for logos, handwritten quotes, posters, etc.
  • A demo version for free download

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2. Poetry | Modern Minimal Sans Duo

best font for poetry

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Poetry – Minimal Sans Duo is modern poetry, minimal sans team inspired by that which stirs souls to breathe again and the innocence of young love. 

Poetry is a handwritten sans font with a feeling of pure and gentle tone.

For those willing to fall afresh into beauty and love that lasts.

Tenderness in this font is associated with children’s innocence and carefreeness. 

It is very suitable for songs about motherhood, parenting children, and care. 

It is excellent for the design of brands that deal with children’s cosmetics, care, wardrobe. 

So this font is ideal as one of the best fonts for poetry, everything related to feelings of carefreeness, tenderness, and fragility.

In addition to this use, Poetry | Modern Minimal Sans Duo, minimal sans duo has a great application in wedding invitations. 

The most common invitation is in verses, but choosing this font is ideal for the occasion to be more readable and straightforward.

As it is, this font is really tagged as the best font for poetry.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lyric poems 
  • Wedding invitation text 
  • Perfect for French restaurants
  • Elegant contemporary design
  • Supports three languages

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3. Neftalí Pro

best font for poetry

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Neftali is a type font family designed for continuous reading in long texts & editorial design.

Inspiration for this font was an interpretation of Pablo Neruda’s “Poema 20”. 

This work delivers subtle experimentation of Baroque and Roman styles, rescuing features from some of the most successful Chilean typefaces such as “Australis,” “Berenjena,” and “Biblioteca.”

The definitive biography of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda by Mark Eisner reads like a superbly written novel: attentive to the setting and dynamic narrative, and full of evocative details. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • A subtle Baroque and Roman style
  • Applicable for continuous reading in long texts & editorial design

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4. Monotype Corsiva

best font for poetry

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Monotype Corsiva is a fond made in Italian style, exemplified by the writing master, Ludovico Arrighi, in the sixteenth century.

This font is designed primarily for initial letters.

If we want to add sparkle to the invitations, greeting cards, or make more distinguished honors in certificates or diplomas, we will use Monotype Corsiva.

The font Monotype Corsiva started very early on in the history of type design and printing.

It was known long before the nineteenth century’s slab serifs and the minimalist designs of modern typographers.

There were the elaborate, swashbuckling letterforms produced by the early masters of print.

Corsiva was the inspiration for Ludovico Vicentino, a papal scribe active during Italy’s Renaissance period.

Arrighi’s contribution to typography is undoubtedly noteworthy.

He was employed by the Apostolic Chancery in 1515 and produced a pamphlet on handwriting in 1522 called La Opera.

Modern typographers have been inspired by his work – famous names like Robert Slimbach, Stanley Morison, and Frederic Warde.

However, it wasn’t until the latter half of the twentieth century that Monotype Corporation commissioned the talented typographer Patricia Saunders (also known for her work on the Arial font) to produce a typeface suitable for legal purposes.

As a result, Monotype Corsiva started in 1995.

This typeface has been included in different software like Microsoft Office.

Monotype Corsiva has proven very popular among both the public and designer communities.

This typeface contains the Te (a Cyrillic T with three legs) when seen in its Cyrillic form.

Monotype Corsiva is suitable for event invitations, certificates, and other crucial occasional material.

Its letterforms are slightly too embellished for book publishing use but undoubtedly readable enough for invitations.

Monotype Corsiva is also used in logo designs because of its cursive characteristic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Widely known in the sixteenth century
  • Suitable for invitations, greeting cards, certificates and diplomas, and logos
  • Proven popular both in the public and designer communities

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5. Auberge Script

best font for poetry

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Auberge is a French word for hotel or inn, and that was the initial thought for Auberge Script font. 

Because there are multiple sources, Auberge does not fit strictly into the particular category of any letter.

He hints at the alphabet of Batarda and Coulee.

It is ornate and has many ornaments and dashes.

It is most suitable for labels on expensive wines or invitations to gala events. 

This font is an exercise in exaggeration with substitutes, lines, and decorative devices. 

It is most suitable for displaying calligraphic settings in general.

It can also be suitable for written self-presentation in fifty words.

Western civilization’s writing was done with quill instruments for more than thirteen centuries and with newer instruments for about two. 

Also, as it just occurred to me, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to describe your entire life in 50 words or less, you may as well make it look excellent and swashy, so Auberge would probably be a good fit there as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for wine labels or invitations to gala events
  • Suitable for autobiographies

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6. Riverflows Font

best font for poetry

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RIVERFLOWS is a font for urban or freestyle artworks. 

With casual or marker style and a lot of stylistic alternates, you can create realistic headers. 

Its font is using with vintage, modern and straightforward styles. 

It works beautifully for personal branding, advertising, or creative titles.

Looks good also with retro style typography or branding. 

It is very suitable for logos, posters, t-shirts and more.

Riverflows Font is a unique caps font with two uppercases. 

This font is both modern and classy and works excellent for a book cover and quotes. 

A book is not just a written word; it already includes a creative way of presenting the written content. 

We are not saying that the text’s spelling and layout are not necessary, but for collectors, the book cover’s graphic concept’s attractiveness is also essential.

He will even own several editions of the same book if they are extraordinary in appearance.

Riverflows Font combines numbers, punctuation plus multilingual accents and letters.

The font RIVERFLOWS is just for personal use only.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides varieties of styles
  • Vintage, modern, straightforward, urban, etc.
  • Perfect for branding, advertising, logos, t-shirts, etc.

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7. BeautyoftheBeast Font

best font for poetry

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Francis Studio designed BeautyoftheBeast, a high-quality font.

Fans were inspired by the movie and thus created the BeautyoftheBeast font. 

The BeautyoftheBeast font is free for personal use only. 

You can use the BeautyoftheBeast to create exciting designs, covers, shop and store names, and logos.

The Beast’s font beauty is also perfect for branding projects, Homeware Designs, Product packaging – or only as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

This font reminds me personally of a fairy tale about Beauty and the Beast. 

It betrays both strength and tenderness. 

And no matter how intense the beast’s power and pride are, the love and warmth of the mite always prevail.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Creates an exciting, stylish design
  • Represents both strength, tenderness, and warmth
  • Perfect for branding projects, product packaging, and homeware designs

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8. Qillo Font

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Qillo is sure a particular font. 

It has a strength of ancient era and uniqueness of the modern age. 

Qillo is excellent for web design.

In exciting situations, this is the right font that attracts attention to solve a thrilling problem.

It is easy to draw letters, but it isn’t easy to design them for superior use.

The font is software, and the thing that makes it suitable is the attention to detail. 

Font selection includes carefully drawn letter shapes, spaces, tables, and other elements that make the font readable.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a strength of ancient era and uniqueness of the modern age
  • Excellent for web design

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9. Elysian Font

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Elysian is a vintage, elegant font with tons of alternate glyphs and multilingual support. 

Each letterform has a slightly rough exterior that works beautifully to enhance Indigo Moon’s soft, conventional details.

This versatile display typeface has enough character for logos, branding, headlines, apparel, bridal and more.

Keep it classic, or get decorative with ornate alternates for both uppercase and lowercase glyphs!

This font is free for PERSONAL USE.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Vintage and elegant font
  • A versatile display typeface for logos, branding, headlines, apparel, bridal and more
  • Available for uppercase and lowercase glyphs

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10. Vollkorn Font

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Friedrich Althausen designed the Vollkorn font.

It is used for printed versions of books but also for websites.

Its features are modesty and high quality.

Different types of fonts designers use for various purposes.

But font such as the Vollkorn Font is useful for texts where there is the possibility of printing and titles that aim to leave an impression.

This font is an example of a font with good readability for the web and in print.

The font is very flexible and, thanks to the high contrast, suitable for screens, e-books, or posters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for books, e-books, posters, screens, and websites
  • Leaves a lasting impression

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Final Thoughts 

The choice of the best font for poetry is significant for several reasons.

According to the song’s content, it is necessary to harmonize the font because then the atmosphere will be complete.

Personally, my two favorite fonts are:

First- Poetry | Modern Minimal Sans Duo because it is associated with children’s innocence and carefreeness.

And second, BeautyoftheBeast because it reminds me of cartoon film and fairytales.

Typography is the design of letters, their selection, spatial arrangement, and appropriate application. 

Apart from fitting into such a rigid definition, it goes beyond its original framework and represents a new kind of art.

It should fit in with the poetry. 

The main characteristics of poetry are a unique language that combines words, ideas, feelings, symbols, and fair figures. 

When we connect all this with the right design skills of choosing the best font for poetry, we get a magical formula for beauty.

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