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best font for web banners

10 Best Fonts For Web Banners (Expert Picks)

Ads deserve the best font for web banners to increase their audience share.

Web banners have a vital role in the advertisement field. 

They are the first contact your product or website makes with their potential customers.

So everything on your banner ad should be in perfect harmony – picture, text, and font. 

In line with this, the best font for web banners increases the probability of merchandise to be seen.

As a matter of fact, the font part is especially significant.

If you choose an unsuitable one, it won’t matter how good your product/service is – you simply won’t be getting new clients. 

When choosing the best font for a web banner, it’s important to pick a legible and noticeable one that suits the product/service you advertise. 

As a result of these high standards, it might be hard to choose the right typeface for the job.

In this article, we’ve collected ten fonts that are up to the standard, and we also included examples of where you should use them.

1. Wild & Fox

best font for web banners

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Does your web banner ad require a bit of a feminine touch?

Then choose the Wild&Fox font, and you won’t regret it. 

Although sans serif fonts usually are better for legibility, Wild&Fox, which belongs to serif type, is still readable. 

The designer of the font, Salt and Pepper Designs, described their creation as elegant and classy. 

The font has high contrast, meaning the chief strokes are thicker than the additional ones.

In addition, the difference results in a sophisticated and fashionable look.

Wild&Fox will be perfect for banner ads targeted at women, such as jewelry, clothes, shoes, makeup, SPA services, and more. 

Moreover, you can use it for static and animated banners; it’ll look legible and appropriate in both.

However, you can use the font only as a display typeface because it doesn’t contain lowercase glyphs. 

The font has only one weight, width, and style, and it’s available in several file formats.

These formats include OTF, TTF, EOT, SVG, WOFF, and WOFF2. 

For all customers who bought the Wild&Fox font, all future updates will be free. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elegant serif font 
  • Free future updates
  • Web font availability

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2. Omega Sans

best font for web banners

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Any text written on a web banner should capture a viewer’s attention right away, and the Omega Sans font family is perfect for the job.

Designed by a Manchester design agency Anthony James, these fonts have a neat and classic appearance at first glance.

On the other hand, you’ll see that they also have a quirky vibe if you look closer. 

This quirky vibe is mostly because of the sharp geometric appearance of some glyphs (for example, the capital letter G).

The fonts have well-adjusted Beziér curves and precise kerning.

These results in making every letter easy to read and look aesthetically pleasing.

Since the fonts already have an intriguing design, they’ll be most useful for a static web banner ad, or you risk overloading your audience’s visual sense. 

You can use the font for ads of various products – clothes, gadgets, school classes, Bitcoin, and others.  

The Omega Sans font family consists of fonts in four weights – Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold.

To make your text even more fascinating, you can combine two weights to write one word, like what the author did on the ManGo bottles.

However, if you require Cyrillic letters in your ad, you won’t find much help from these fonts as they only support Latin-based languages. 

You’ll receive the fonts in .otf and .ttf file formats, which are compatible with most software. 

In addition, if you need to test the fonts first, you can download the Regular Omega Sans font for a trial run.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Neat-looking sans serif
  • Trendy Web font to work with 
  • Four fashionable weights usable
  • Supports 120 Latin-based languages
  • OTF, TTF file formats

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3. Boldine: Urban & Bold Sans

best font for web banners

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With the Boldine font family, getting noticed by potential customers will be a piece of cake for you. 

Just as the name indicates, the Boldine fonts look bold, daring, and loud in a positive way. 

To compare them with a person, think of an outgoing, confident someone who becomes the center of everyone’s attention the minute they walk into a room. 

Apart from this, because of their charisma and adventurous attitude, they can be the heart of any company.

You can say all that about Boldine fonts, designed by Fateh. Lab, a typeface design company.

These fonts will give the same charisma to any text, whether you use them for banner ads or posters. 

You can advertise any type of product with Boldine – shops, services, events, and more. 

If you get bored with using the classic Boldine font, there are two more styles available – Rounded and Semi-Rounded. 

The streamlined design of these styles allows you to use them for static, animated GIF, and Flash web banners. 

Each font has around 395 glyphs, and they support more than 27 Latin-based languages.

The Boldine fonts come in two formats – .otf and .ttf – so you won’t have any problems with opening these files.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Daring-looking sans serif fonts
  • Daring web font design
  • Three styles to work on
  • Supports various Latin-based languages
  • OTF, TTF file formats

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4. Anton

best font for web banners

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The Anton font is another option that stands out, making it easy for your advertisement to capture a potential client’s attention. 

It’s a sans serif font with low contrast, large lowercase letters, condensed width, and square corners. 

These qualities make the text written with the help of the font readable and easy on the eyes. 

Regarding its personality, you can compare the Anton font with an authoritative self-confident person.

A person who knows where they want to be and how to get there. 

Because of the distinctive nature of the font, it’s perfect for online advertisements.

Besides, it is ideal for all types of products and will surely increase your website’s traffic.

The font is suitable for static and animated web banners. 

Designed by a typeface artist Vernon Adams, the Anton font has only one style, width, and weight.

But if you want a wider selection of font weights and styles, you should check out the Antonio font family.

It’s the same font, but there are three weights available – Light, Regular, and Bold.

The font has more than 430 glyphs for Latin-based languages, but it doesn’t support Cyrillic ones.

The Anton and Antonio fonts come with the Open Font License, and they are free for download. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free font for download 
  • Thick sans serif font
  • Slick stylish Web font
  • Supports most Latin-based languages
  • With an Open Font License

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5. Days One

best font for web banners

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If your web banner advertises products that bring your customers a sense of cuteness, comfort, or softness, you should choose the Days One font. 

It’s the best option because the font has a friendly and endearing look. 

The glyphs have rounded edges, and people usually associate this feature with soft and adorable things.

For example, you can use the font for ads on pet items, children’s toys, parenthood blogs, food.   

And it’ll be especially appropriate for baby product ads, such as baby clothes, infant formula, diapers, and others. 

The Days One font’s design isn’t complicated.

It is legible because of its large X-height, medium width, and low contrast. 

Because of this design, the font will look good in both static and animated banner ads.

Designed by three artists – Alexander Kalachev, Ivan Gladkikh, Alexei Maslov.

Days One consists of a single font in one style, width, and weight. 

The font has glyphs of Latin and Cyrillic alphabets and supports more than 70 different languages. 

The Days One font is free for download on Google Fonts, and you’ll receive the Open Font License, which acts as your assurance that you can use the font for commercial and personal purposes. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free font for download
  • Available in Rounded sans serif font style
  • delightful Web Font design
  • Supports Latin and Cyrillic languages
  • Comes with an Open Font License

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6. Biryani

best font for web banners

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Like a Biryani dish, the Biryani font family has an exotic flavor that leaves you wanting more. 

That’s why if you choose the font for the banner ad, your website will attract a lot of new customers.

They’ll be most useful for advertisements for food, imported drinks, flowers, perfumes, and other mouth-watering things. 

Created by an independent typeface designer Dan Reynolds, the Biryani fonts have a geometric style with abruptly ending strokes. 

Some of the other fonts’ features include medium X-height, high contrast, and square corners.

Because of these features, the fonts are legible and look intriguing.

These qualities also make the fonts highly suitable for short texts on Flash, static, and animated GIF banners. 

If your banner has a lot of text, you might want to pair Biryani with other fonts, or the eyes of your audience might get strained.

In like manner, the design of the font is a bit too peculiar for immersive reading.

The fonts are available in seven weights, including Extra-Light, Light, Regular, Bold, Black, and more.

They support numerous Latin-based languages and have glyphs for Indian languages, such as Hindi, Marathi, and Nepali. 

You can download the Biryani fonts for free and receive them in .ttf format, along with the Open Font License. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free font for download
  • Available in Geometric sans serif fonts
  • Fonts come with Seven weights 
  • Supports Latin and Indian languages
  • Alongside an Open Font License

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7. Lulo Clean

best font for web banners

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If so far, none of the fonts spoke to you, then maybe you are looking for something extraordinary for your ads.

If so, the Lulo Clean, with its 3-dimensional letters and retro style, is the one for you.

Created by Yellow Design Studio, a Wisconsin graphic design studio, the fonts look like something out of this planet. 

But then again, that’s what 3-dimensional letters do to your eyesight. 

To utilize the maximum potential of the 3D effect, you’ll need to add matching colors to each layer of the letters, or they’ll look too plain.

Because of this peculiar design, these fonts will look breathtaking in static banners but not so much in animated GIF ones. 

That’s because a moving picture with the Lulo Clean fonts will be a bit too much for your audience’s visual senses. 

But for a static banner, you can use them pretty much for every topic and product. 

There are five unique styles available, and each version comes in Regular and Bold weights. 

While the fonts are indeed fascinating, there are two things you should be aware of before you make the purchase.

First, the Lulo Clean letters are all capital ones, and there are no lowercase glyphs.

Second, the fonts support most Latin-based languages, but they don’t contain characters for Cyrillic languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique, peculiar appearance for banners
  • A 3D effect that matches colors
  • Five styles available
  • Comes with Bold and Regular weights 
  • Supports Latin-based languages

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8. Brandon Grotesque

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You should check out the Brandon Grotesque font family if you need formal-looking fonts with a comfy vibe. 

These fonts belong to the structured sans serif type that makes them look official, but they have slightly rounded corners, which give you a warm and cozy feeling.

These qualities might seem contradictory to each other, yet somehow they appear harmonized and balanced in these fonts.

You can use Brandon Grotesque for web banner ads of tech companies, cryptocurrency, and travel websites.

Furthermore, other banners that are best for this are those for cleaning services and antivirus software.

Any complicated matter will look user-friendly and easy to understand with these fonts. 

But note that there is no Cyrillic language support, so you’ll have to use only Latin-based languages. 

The Brandon Grotesque fonts come in six weights, including Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black.

The creator of this font is a German with the name of Hannes von Döhren.

The Thin and Black fonts look the best when used for display text, and the rest of the weights are more suitable for body text.

Each Roman-style weight has a matching Italic version. 

You can buy the font you like the most separately with the license that suits your needs.

There are four licenses available for Brandon Grotesque – Desktop, Digital Ads, Web Font, and Electronic Publication License.  

If you choose to buy the Digital Ads License, one font will cost you $40, or you can get a full package for $249. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with tyles like Modern semi-rounded sans serif
  • Available in Six weights
  • Roman and Italic styles are presets 
  • Supports Latin-based languages

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9. Masifa

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Are you looking for a big font family with a wide range of widths and weights?

Then the Masifa font family is the right choice for you. 

There are 90 different fonts in this family divided into four categories, which are Narrow, Normal, Ultra Condensed, Extra Condensed, and Condensed. 

Each category consists of 18 fonts in nine weights, including Thin, Light, Book, Medium, Bold, Black, and more. 

In the same fashion, every weight has Roman and Italic versions.

One font is $19, and a family collection with 18 fonts costs $139.

Not to mention, you can also choose to buy the full package of all 90 fonts for $349. 

While the Masifa fonts support various languages there are no glyphs for the Cyrillic alphabet. 

Masifa is a simple sans serif font family with an uncomplicated design that allows you to use them for different purposes. 

For example, you can use them for TV show ads as well as web banners for gadgets or clothes. 

The designer of the Masifa family, Oğuzhan Cengiz, described his fonts as functional and compact.

Moreover, because of their neutral appearance, you can make the fonts into whatever suits your needs best.

If you choose the right image and color combination, you can transform these fonts into eye-catching and loud or subtle and charming. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with Neutral and simple sans serif font 
  • Available in Five widths
  • Designed in Nine weights 
  • With added Roman and Italic styles
  • Supports numerous languages

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10. Eastman Grotesque

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The Eastman Grotesque font family has a unique personality.

It comes with its slightly rounded corners, geometric construction, and an intriguing shape of the letter t. 

The fonts’ creators are Francesco Canovaro and Andrea Tartarelli, and their publisher is a digital type foundry Zetafonts.

The source of inspiration for the creation of these fonts was the Bauhaus style and contemporary minimalism. 

That’s why the Eastman Grotesque fonts look undecorated, and yet something is appealing about them that makes it hard to look away. 

The fonts also contain an impressive number of stylistic alternates.

If your web banner demands a more embellished approach, you can always choose alternate characters to make your text more fascinating.

The fonts’ design allows you to use them for a wide range of banner ads – from classes to jewelry. 

Equally important, with Eastman Grotesque, you don’t have to limit yourself to Latin-based languages only.

They contain more than 1200 glyphs for Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets. 

This font family consists of 46 fonts in total – 23 regular and 23 alternate fonts. 

There are 11 weights available, ranging from Thin to Black, and each weight has a matching Italic version. 

You can buy a package with all 46 fonts for $228 or a single style font for $35.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Numerous alternate characters
  • Comes in Roman and Italic styles
  • a range of 11 weights 
  • A variable font available
  • Supports 219 languages (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek)

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Final Thoughts

All the best font for web banners are mentioned in this article.

These fonts can maximize the potential of your web banners and help you reach a lot of customers. 

But I’d recommend going with the Masifa font family for two reasons. 

One, its neutral design makes it versatile, so you can use and re-use it again and again for multiple banner ads. 

Two, this font family is quite big and offers you a lot of variety in weights and styles, and with it, you’ll never run out of fonts to use. 

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