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best font maker app

10 Best Font Maker Apps to Create Your Fonts

Use the best font maker app to create original fonts for your digital projects.

Now is the time to use and experiment with fonts.

With the popular Smartphones and dependence to it, the fonts come out as a pleasant diversion from the ordinary. 

What is a Font?

A font is a combination of letters, slope, and style that make up printable characters that affect readability, influence tone, and reflect professionalism.  

Fonts make an effective way to establish urgent or important information, where the attention is the words with bigger and bolder letters.  

Fonts that are interesting and attractive hold the reader’s attention and convey a mood to the receiver of the text or message. 

Interest is enhanced in the presentation of information using different fonts.

It is an effective medium of getting the message across and keeping the reader engaged enough to read through the given information.

Below is the list of options for 10 best font maker app.

Choose the most fascinating and helpful for you.

1. Fonts LLC- Fonts Emojis and Keyboards

best font maker app

Fonts- Emojis & Fonts Keyboard by Fonts LLC has a 4.6 out of 5 from 252,936 Google play ratings. 

One of the highest downloaded apps in Google play, the Fonts Emoji, and Keyboards app, is free for anyone to use.  

The keyboard layout is like a regular keyboard but has another set of the grouped letters in a different outline font, with the top portion on the font selection.

You can choose what font to use from the selection emoji+, outline, typewriter, script, normal, and another emoji+.

But even if Fonts LLC is one of the highest downloaded apps for Android, it has some issues that users commented on in the feedback. 

This app replaces your original keyboard and will not allow you to switch back from a font app to a regular keyboard. 

It forces the user to delete and restore the original keyboard by downloading again when needed. 

Some customers say that once you start using the app, the fonts remain and can’t be updated. 

This app is compatible with the popular smartphone models of Samsung, LG, Motorola, Google, and ZTE. 

But it also works with other Android brands in the market: HTC, Huawei, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, and Xiaomi.

2. Stylish Fonts 

best font maker app

Stylish Fonts by Wisdomlogix Solutions has a 3.8 out of 5 from 190,772 Google play ratings.

Motive’s font provides attractive fonts and can decorate a text with different styles and symbols for the SmartPhone.

There’s an instant preview feature where you see how the 50 Stylish Fonts and Arts appear before sending or finalizing the text or message.  

You choose from the stylish fonts for writing and send text fonts that make interesting messages and hold the attention of the one reading it. 

You can use this for other apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Hangouts, and other compatible apps. 

The message maker feature can create and send stylish greetings with attractive images for your social media apps.

You’ll use the Stylish Font for your daily conversions by text or messages and add interesting twists to it. 

With the easy use of the user-friendly keyboard, the Stylish Font is a practical addition to your messaging needs. 

Based on customer feedback, downloading the fonts when applying to a message will show failed to apply.

Another comment says the app doesn’t enable auto-correct or show spelling fixes, so you must be careful with typing your messages.

3. Cool Fonts Font Keyboard Company 

best font maker app

Cool Fonts- Font Generator & Font Charger by Font Keyboard Company 4.4 out of 5 from 33,176 Google play ratings.  

You can convert a text using different stylish fonts, symbols, and fancy designs with the Cool Fonts app.

This app is like a word art generator, letter generator, and font generator to make fancy messages, text symbols, and attractive writing.

You’ll like using it with the pictures you post on Instagram, Tiktok, or Facebook.

You can also use it for different text and messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter, and Google Messenger. 

Some have tried the app with Microsoft Word, and fonts worked with it, so that’s great for using documents or letters. 

As per the advice of another app user, erase the preview text from the search bar and type the sentence or name, and it changes automatically.

You choose from a menu of different fonts in the Cool Fonts app, click your choice, and your keyboard will adapt to the font choice. 

The same goes for the instructions on using the style guide, where it has a menu of different curly and geometric designs to make your choice. 

It’s an easy to use app that allows you to be creative with otherwise usual messages. 

4. Font Rush 

best font maker app

Font Rush by Simply Entertaining has 4.7 out of 5 from 12,838 Google play ratings.

This app is unique because it has more than 250 background pictures that you can use for catchy messages. 

You can use more than 200 fonts to use over your pictures or downloaded backgrounds.

Font Rush functions as a photo text and typography design app that you can layout accordingly. 

It’s easy to use app that gives you options and tools to write on pictures, style your quotations, or caption the images. 

Use this as a graphic design tool for your picture collage from your files or photo editor, for invitations, poster advertisements, or logo.    

Your social media account of well-curated photos and backgrounds, using different fonts or media banners. 

For those wanting to get a brand or message across, you can use the flyer and the media and post maker to design your post. 

Customer feedback has mixed reviews saying while the app is very satisfactory, it tends to hang while using it. 

Sometimes the background images are blurry or can’t be downloaded, but the font function is functional. 

5. Fonts- Fancy Cool Fonts & Emoji   

best font maker app

Fonts- fancy cool fonts & emoji by Dinesh Neupane has a 4.3 out of 5 from 10,247 Google Play ratings. 

This app is user-friendly and encodes texts or messages without changing the keyboard on your Android smartphone. 

You can use many functions for social media apps of Instagram and Whatsapp, earning you many thumbs up and likes.

Through the emojis and Android emoticons, which have the shrug, Lenny face, flower, and Kawai emoticon, you express your emotions using the emojis and emoticons. 

With more than 25 text-decoration styles, you can create text art by combining letter fonts and text decor options.

 The font changer has a collection of text styles, symbols, and Old English fonts, with the added option of strike-through, cursive fonts, letter generator, and circular and rectangular letter fonts.

You can use the nickname creator for your online games and stand out with the fabulous font choice.

Customer feedback has all praises for this app as there is no problem with downloading or with a blurry appearance.

There are just the added requests of more fonts to choose from and adding a color chart instead of the black color font.

The app is convenient and enough font choices for your multi-messaging without going through the hassle of ads and announcements while downloading.

6. Text Font Generator, Encode Messages 

Text Font Generator, Encode Messages by Dricodes has a 4.2 out of 5 from 9,256 Google Play ratings. 

The Text Font Generator, Encode Message, is one of Facebook Graph Search’s most used links, with many stylish text choices and decorations. 

It’s a favorite of Instagram users for the bio, photo caption, and stories.

For gamers, there is a selection of rare symbols to use for nicknames that the users have done for Free Fire and PubG. 

It has the text direction when you can arrange the text up or down, left or right, with the useful text organizer for pasting multiple text messages. 

The encoding feature is useful for protecting your texts and protecting messages through a secret key that you give to the recipient of the text. 

You’ll find the encrypting message feature included in the app and has the following methods: AES encryption, Caesar cipher, Rail fence cipher, and Vigenere cipher.

Customer feedback points out to the length of time the copy-paste feature occurs, where the messages must first be made in the app then pasted on the text or messaging space.

Compatible with Android smartphones, it has future updates with new fonts and designs that you can use.

The only drawback to free download is the ads pop-ups while using the app to confuse and distract. 

7. Fonty- Draw and Make Fonts

Fonty- Draw and Make Fonts by Photo and Video Apps has a 3.8 out of 5 from 2,623 Google Play ratings.

The Fonty- Draw and Make Fonts has 15 languages and alphabets in its library for the user’s easy reference. 

You’ll love the limitless font choices and customization when you create in Fonty- Draw and Make Fonts. 

The app makers give you the full creative power to make your handwritten fonts or personalize the existing ones.

This app has a unique feature that gives you the full creative power to make your letters, shapes and even add clipart to your choices.

The font editor allows your penmanship of scripted or printed letters to save as your alphabet keyboard. 

There is a font preview for you to see how the text looks like before sending or exporting it to another device.

Aside from visual guides and letterings, there are brushes for calligraphy and stickers to bring fun into your messaging.  

Customer feedback says the app is limited and doesn’t work with other languages. 

Others say they are satisfied with the font app and have lessened the time to send the exact text or message per personalized.

8. Fontasy- Google Fonts Browser

Fantasy- Google Fonts Browser got 4 out of 5 from 2,178 Google Play ratings.

This app is for typography lovers because of the direct access to more than 600 font families from the Google fonts collection.

You’ll have unlimited access to what apps you want and can browse the fonts’ details sent from other apps. 

You can also export font files to other apps when you share an image with friends.

As some commented on the difficulty to download, these are the steps given by a fellow app user:

First, select the typeface and select the font, then click share to upload the icon in the top right corner. 

Next, select the Fontasy app in the list of apps, check the font file in the Fontasy folder in the device, and then choose the ZArchiver app that you’ll need to download from Google Playstore.

While sharing the font, the app opens, you click OK to save the font file as zip format in the Fontasy folder. 

Customer feedback on this app acknowledges the vast selection of fonts but the inability to download the fonts.

Others say it’s a reliable reference to searching for different kinds of fonts or finding new ones in the Google collection. 

9. 50 Free Fonts

50 Free Fonts by Free Fonts has a 3.6 out of 5 from 671 Amazon Global ratings.

The 50 Free Fonts from Amazon has six font families in a written style to choose from, with added colors and fonts to create messages. 

You can send your personalized messages on different messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Twitter.  

Choose from the six fonts to express your message in a personalized way instead of the font lettering seen in your text messages.

You can change the background and color of the font letters in your text messages to make a surprise to friends. 

It’s compatible with Android 2.3 and higher models, and download time will take 30 mins.

Customer feedback says the fonts are beautiful and impressive but gives a reminder to ensure that your Android has the correct operating system. 

Others comment that they cannot download the app because they didn’t check if their Android smartphone is 2.3 or higher.

According to an app user, the well-presented fonts are easy to browse, but one font selection is all numbers limiting the number of fonts to choices. 

This free app anyone can download and use, but expect ads to pop-up when you use it. 

 10. Hybrid Fonts- Cool FX Maker for Messages, Texts, Comments, Gmail, Whatsapp, Vine, Line, Path, Kik, etc.

Hybrid Fonts- Cool FX Maker for Messages, Texts, Comments, Gmail, Whatsapp, Vine, Line, Path, Kik, Tumblr, Snapchat, Instagram, WeChat by Ahsoft has a 3.4 out of 5 from 132 Amazon global ratings.

This app works with all multi-messaging apps, social media, and even email accounts, with an easy cut and paste command.  

The Hybrid fonts work with an Android 2.2 version or higher, with a fast download time of less than a minute for the 7.8MB data size. 

It has more than 20 stylish fonts for messaging and over 40 fonts for typing a message in your email, SMS, and other social network apps. 

There is no need to access another app to get the fonts, just copy and paste in your message.

But it will need permission to access information about networks then direct you to open network sockets to download the fonts. 

The app will convert Unicode characters of the message and add extra decoration to it. 

If you intend to write in lowercase letters, best to copy and paste into the space that indicates “days input text.”  

If you want to save a message or text on a chosen font, go to the little papers, and it will copy. 

Customer reviews are mostly positive feedback, pointing out that it’s a way to make your name or words using a cute and attractive font.

Final Thoughts 

Fonts make a difference.

We spend almost half the day looking at our smartphones or computers that keep us connected with family, colleagues, and friends.

We are used to reading a text font from a smartphone, and when we get a message that has a different font, it comes as a pleasant surprise. 

When you exert effort to create a message that appears to be unique or cute or decorated, it adds a little treat to the reader of the text or message. 

Fonts are not just many different letterings that you ignore because you’d likely notice the difference between an ordinary text from a decorated font.

When you use a font, there is some emotion involved, and you can use it to emphasize a message or soften a blow.

 But it shows that you took the time to send a nice looking message, conveying the same positive emotion. 

It shows in your way that you care and want to send your best in a setting of the otherwise routinary day. 

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