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best fonts for data visualization

10 Best Fonts for Data Visualization (Expert Picks)

Business owners and graphic designers are always in search for the best fonts for data visualization.

This is because of the enormous collection of fonts online, which anyone can purchase or access for free.

Choosing just one font can be mind-boggling.

You want one that is very legible and goes with your brand. 

This article aims to help and guide business owners and graphic designers in deciding which font to use.

Always keep in mind these three things when selecting a font for a business.

Firstly, it approximates your desired tone.

Secondly, it should be able to communicate your brand and message accurately.

Finally, it should be readable, even in small print.

Fonts, if used correctly, can:

  • Transmit your message clearly
  • Attract customers
  • Call your readers to action

Hence, this article will present the ten best fonts for data visualization. 

The list includes Neue Helvetica, Museo™ Sans, Gilmer, Bastia, Helios, Momcake, Landasans, Moonglade, Lemon Milk, and Exon.

1. Helios

best fonts for data visualization

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This typeface has no exact founder information as there are several designers associated with this typeface’s design.

The acknowledged designers of this typeface are Alexey Kustov and Sergey Shanovich of TypeMarket.

The Helvetica font seems to have inspired Helios.

A contemporary and futuristic typeface with a minimalist all caps sans serif font; this typeface’s font invokes an elegant and avant-garde vibe.

Helios is also well-suited for text overlays on logos, images, and videos, an ideal typeface for sci-fi book and movie titles. 

It can also be used for a variety of other purposes: logo design, branding, packaging, advertisements, editorials, etc. 

Helios is perfect for websites, web apps, and games 

Note that it can be used in a rasterized form.

This typeface comes in three available weights (Thin, Regular, and Bold).

Helios offers numbers, punctuations, and accented characters.

A option for rounded and regular edges is also available.

Although this typeface’s font is in all caps, some letters have alternate versions that can be switched to lowercase using caps lock.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Futuristic typeface
  • Perfect for sci-fi book and movie titles
  • Available in OTF and TTF file format

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2. Gilmer

best fonts for data visualization

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Piotr Łapa designed Gilmer on October 3, 2018.

He’s a typographer and graphic designer from Poland.

Avant-Garde and Futura fonts, widely recognized and well-established neo-Grotesk typefaces from the 20th century, inspired Gilmer. 

This geometric sans-serif typeface family is available in five weights.

Since it was designed with flexibility in mind, this typeface delivers discretionary ligatures, ordinals, standard ligatures, fractions, etc. 

This typeface also supports several languages such as Western European, Central European, Euro, Baltic, Basic Greek, etc. 

Gilmer offers a contemporary and fresh aura that maintains a solid geometric impression, incredibly elevated x-height, and minimal stroke variation. 

Gilmer has geometric letterforms, a considerable x-height value, sharp edges, and a very little stroke difference.

Therefore, it suits logo designs, web pages, magazines, product packaging, mobile applications, and a lot more.

It can give a strong impression yet excellently balanced modern typeface. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • A clean and neutral san-serif typeface choice
  • Versatile with OpenType Features
  • A perfectly balanced modern typeface
  • Supports a broader audience as it includes multiple languages 
  • Free updates available

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3. Bastia

best fonts for data visualization

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Firstly, Jen Wagner designed this font last 2020.

Secondly, Bastia is a modern serif typeface that comes with a bonus sans to add flair to any design that results in a perfect match.

Thirdly, the sophisticated and bold typefaces inspired it.

Fourthly, its characters have smooth curves and clean lines.

Fifthly, it was deliberately designed for polished reading if used for the body of the text.

Sixthly, this font is perfect for logo names and headings aside from body text.

But a tighter spacing is particularly recommended around -10 to -20 if used for design purposes.

Since Bastia exudes a fancy aura, no matter if it’s a bold upper or lower typeface, it is remarkable for large and small settings.

Seventhly, aside from the ones mentioned earlier, this font is great for product packaging, web pages, Canva design, and invitations.

Eighthly, Bastia is all-inclusive of Bastia Bold, Bastia Bold Outline, and Halifax Regular Sans, both in uppercase and lowercase typefaces. 

Ninthly, it supports numbers, punctuations, and foreign languages.

Finally, Bastia has an alternate “k” and “s” featuring extra curves accessible through the special characters panel.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes serif’s particular outline version 
  • A bonus of Halifax Regular sans (perfect pair for Bastia, i.e., Halifax Regular for body text and Bastia for headline/heading)
  • Incredible for both large and small environments or background
  • Alternates available for “k” and “s” that give each letter some extra curves

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4. Neue Helvetica 

best fonts for data visualization

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This typeface’s original design was created by Max Miedinger, a Swiss typeface designer, with input from Eduard Hoffmann. 

He is the founder of Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland, where Miedinger is working.

The typeface was released in 1957 and was called Neue Haas Grotesk typeface, but was later renamed Helvetica in1960. 

In 1983, Stempel, Haas’ parent company, released a revised version of the typeface now known as Neue Helvetica.

Neue Helvetica had several revisions since Linotype Foundry of US purchased Stempel’s department in 1985.

Neue Helvetica offers a functional, aesthetically pleasing, modern-looking, and neutral appearance. 

It is a structurally unified set of widths and heights with a mono linear stroke.

It has heavier punctuation marks, and broader spacing which makes it harmonic and intelligible. 

Thus, it is commonly used by different brands around the globe; one prominent user of this typeface is Apple in their iPhone 4 gadget.

As a go-to typeface of brands, this is considered one of the top best-selling fonts.

This font suits companies or businesses planning for an artistic yet professional-looking logo typeface for their brand.

Note that this font creates a lasting impression.

This font is suitable for:

  • Websites
  • Printed documents 
  • Static images
  • Apparel
  • Merchandise 
  • Posters
  • Signages 
  • Mobile app
  • Electronic publications
  • Advertising banners

Since it is a neutral and flexible typeface, you can use it for many design purposes as well.

This typeface consists of 51 fonts, including nine weights in three widths. 

It also supports Central European and Cyrillic languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Neutral and versatile typeface perfect for business logos or branding
  • Minimalistic and universal
  • Supports PanEuropean and Cyrillic languages
  • Massive collection of fonts with constant modifications
  • Most popular typeface

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5. Museo™ Sans

best fonts for data visualization

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Jos Buivenga, the owner of a one-man font foundry exljbris based in Arnhem, Netherlands, is the creator of this font released in 2008.

This typeface has a full range of features with exceptional readability. 

It is a solid, linear, and low contrast typeface that gives a substantial, contemporary and elegant vibe.

Museo Sans is well-suited for any textual content and display.

Thus, this typeface is perfect for wall designs, logo names, web pages, and anything that needs a more prominent design element.

It can also be used for print documents, mobile applications, and electronic publications.

Museo™ Sans is inclusive of 10 fonts, 35 styles, and five varying weights with complementing italics.

It supports at least 21 languages from Western and Central European languages.

Its OpenType trademarks in Museo Sans include fractions, ligatures, tabular lining, proportional and non-lining figures. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • A fashionable and modern typeface
  • Supports Western and Central European languages
  • Complements in either light and dark background
  • High legibility

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6. Momcake

best fonts for data visualization

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Rivian Art designed this font.

He updated it in 2020.

Momcake is a contemporary geometric sans serif typeface, and one best thing about this font is that it’s free for personal use.

Momcake is a clean, chic, and elegant font.

In addition, its symmetrical look gives it a striking and captivating aura.

Momcake typeface is suitable for:

  • Magazine titles and layouts
  • Blog Heading
  • Branding
  • Logotypes
  • Logomark
  • Advertisements
  • Body text
  • Posters 
  • Quotes
  • Business cards
  • Invitations

 The free OTF file includes two weights (thin and bold) and 83 glyphs.

In addition, you can purchase a pro version for additional features and commercial purposes.

But you must contact the designer for a commercial license.

The pro version includes four font weights ( thin, regular, medium, bold).

It also offers alternates, punctuations, symbols, uppercase, lowercase fonts, and supports 24 languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for personal use (if you’re generous; you can donate)
  • Modern geometric sans serif typeface perfect for a variety of uses
  • Access to additional features offered with the Pro version

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7. Landasans

best fonts for data visualization

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Mantra Aksara creafted this font.

He updated it last 2020 due to years of modification and refining.

It is a modern-day typeface with a minimalistic and neat appearance.

It perfectly matches script fonts with its filled and outlined version complementing each other.

Just like Momcake, this is free for personal use.

But for commercial use, you need to contact the designer to buy a license.

This typeface works well with advertisements, logos, branding, signage, and a lot more.

It features eight weights available in version 2001:

  • Landasans Thin
  • Elegant
  • Landasans Ultra Light
  • Refined
  • Landasans Light
  • Classy
  • Landasans Regular
  • Conventional
  • Landasans Medium
  • Functional
  • Landasans Semi-bold
  • Sharp
  • Landasans Bold
  • Solid
  • Landasans Extra Bold
  • Striking

This typeface features 9 OpenType specialties: glyph composition or decomposition, access to all alternates, etc.

It also includes numbers, punctuations while extended Latin and optional ligatures are available in its version 2.002.

This typeface supports a total of 64 languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for personal use (but open for donation)
  • Additional features were added for its 2002 version
  • Has eight different weights to choose from
  • Minimalistic 
  • Contemporary typeface

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In 2014, Lemon Milk was purposely made for a zine as its visual identity.

Muhammad Ariq Syauqi crafted this font.

People know him better as Marsnev, his pseudonym.

This font is a modern geometric sans serif font.

Moreover, it has a quirky sharp sans combined with delicate strokes, which radiates a bold mid-century architectural quality. 

This typeface is free for personal, educational, charitable, or non-profit use and needs to be purchased for commercial use.

This is best for magazines, product packaging, displays, other print documents, and even digital media. 

The free version has eight fonts.

On the other hand, Lemon Milk’s pro version includes the following: 18 fonts with nine weights, two additional variables, etc.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available updates for the pro version
  • Free for personal, educational, charitable, and non-profit use (the designer appreciates donations)
  • Suited for print media and digital media
  • Supports extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek languages

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9. Moonglade

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Firstly, Guilhem Greco of HeroFonts designed this font in 2018.

Secondly, like the previous fonts, this is free for personal use.

Thirdly, Moonglade is technically a geometric sans serif font and comes in uppercase characters in its free version.

Fourthly, this font offers a relaxed, elegant, and modern look.

Fifthly, Moonglade is ideal for logos, branding, shop and store names, product packaging, business cards, etc. 

Sixthly, you can buy the full version and commercial license of this font from the HeroFonts site.

Seventhly, this font comes in three weights.

Moreover, it’s available in three styles plus a web version of the font. 

Finally, Moonglade supports 59 languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available WOFF (Web Open Font Format)
  • Free for personal use
  • Additional features for full version

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10. Exon

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Firstly, Ari Juanda of Linecreative designed this font.

Secondly, he updated it on November 30, 2020.

Thirdly, Exon is a modern font that offers a clean and straightforward aura.

Moreover, it gives an elegant and appealing vibe.

Fourthly, it would be perfect for branding, logo, advertisements, headlines, posters, etc.

Fifthly, it gives a boost to any design for an aesthetically pleasing overall look. 

Sixthly, Exon has two variants (Regular and Outline), 151 glyphs and 211 characters. 

Seventhly, this font supports 48 languages.

Another great thing is that this is free for personal use.

Finally, for commercial use, you can buy a license for it. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for personal use
  • Available in OTF, TTF, WOFF
  • Supports 48 languages

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Final Thoughts

If you read this article, then you’re just a step away from finding the perfect font for your business.

We have listed ten best fonts for data visualization for you to choose from.

Never forget to opt for the font that goes with the tone of your message and is legible.

My top favorite among these fonts would easily be Neue Helvetica.

It is already a well-established font and a top-notch typeface that can be used for many purposes.

It is minimalistic as well, which gives a calming vibe to me.

Helios is my next favorite .

(I’m a writer, and it dramatically appeals as a book cover typeface). 

You may find thousands of stylish and elegant typefaces or fonts out there, but the question is: 

Does it complement the tone and message you want to convey?

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