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best fonts for vacation

10 Best Fonts For Vacation Materials (Expert Picks)

When you’re creating something vacation-related, use the best fonts for vacation to complete the vibe.

Convincing someone to browse your travel website or read your vacation blog articles could be done through eye-catching fonts.

Fonts can determine how engaging your travel blog is or your vacation souvenirs are.

Whether it’s for a business or your family and relatives, you want to engage your audience as best as you can.

Below are the ten best fonts for vacation for you to choose from.

1. Strawberry Milkshake

best fonts for vacation

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Strawberry Milkshake is a font by Jazzy June Type Studio. 

Strikingly lengthened and oozing with pizzazz, it’s quite the attention-grabber, useful for party decorations and bold banners.

Moreover, its sweet and whimsical design is instantly endearing and heartwarming, recalling the fun of getting messy with cooking. 

Strawberry Milkshake makes one think of time spent at cafes and restaurants with friends, sipping drinks and talking about anything. 

There’s a sassiness to it that would look good in the form of one simple word emblazoned on a shirt or bag. 

Furthermore, it’s sweet vibe makes it suitable for it cruises and other tempting getaways.

These elongated letters’ chipper look will brighten moods everywhere.

It’s a font that screams “foodie,” so use it for advertising all sorts of treats.

This font has such a pleasant, carefree tone that will convince people to get out there, making it a fit for wine tasting, sightseeing, and travelogues. 

Strawberry Milkshake does not include numbers or punctuation, but it makes up for that with an irresistible style.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for monograms, logos, and invitations
  • Fashionistas will like it

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2. Saranac

best fonts for vacation

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Firstly, Tom McAuliffe of McLetters Type Foundry created the Saranac font. 

Secondly, his design is inspired by Saranac Lake.

It’s a village in the Adirondacks of upstate New York, where he got to see his grandparents and local wildlife. 

Fittingly, this font has a kind of rough, small-town charm. 

It’s like walking into a farmers market and feeling welcome. 

Thirdly, there is a weathered look to it that jives with camping trips or encountering little critters. 

Fourthly, its aura reminds you of the beauty of rocks, reeds, mulch, and river clay.

Fifthly, Saranac supports 75 languages and comes in a solid and outline style. 

The two styles compliment each other nicely and would do well on big, bold prints. 

Sixthly, the font carries a do-it-yourself attitude appealing to scrapbookers.

Seventhly, its earthy letters suit artisan and nature-based texts.

Lastly,  it captures the joy of getting lost in a travel adventure.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Simple and clean
  • Has a folksy appeal

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3. Heart Of The Sea

best fonts for vacation

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Heart of the Sea is another one by McLetters Type Foundry, bringing a nautical stamp-like feel.

Looking vintage, the hand-drawn style lends itself to the outdoors, natural products, and a wide range of materials. 

Smoothed edges coupled with small nubs provide an almost rough-and-tumble old-school appearance. 

It offers the mood of picnics and pubs, of a certain togetherness. 

Heart of the Sea produces a nearly gothic character, aligned with rain and wind but not too intimidating. 

A good artist can get a ruggedly modern look out of this, as it is simple but with a dash of antique class.

That understated yet attractive design makes Heart of the Sea valuable in a variety of contexts. 

It’s easy to picture this font on signposts or the front sign of a restaurant, and it’s suitable for organic food, boating, and music. 

Pleasantly rustic, it might label homemade cookies or decorate your yard. 

It can match the feeling of kicking back and singing songs, sewing beside a fire, or having tea with biscuits. 

There’s something of the yearning pathfinder in the Heart of the Sea, too, inspiring thoughts of travel and natural beauty.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pretty unique
  • May inspire trips out to sea

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4. Summer Like

best fonts for vacation

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Summer Like is a font duo by Indonesian typographer Risca Anita. 

You’ll get both an all-caps sans serif style and a handwritten style. 

The handwritten Summer Like includes OpenType features that let you make cute changes, like a curlier “g” or dotting an “i” with a heart. 

The cursive form flows prettily with a relatable allure. 

In sans serif, it’s relaxingly simple, like a leaf on the wind. 

Summer Like has hip energy that a youthful audience will relish, but it’s emotionally resonant in general. 

There is an aura here that harkens back to sweet leisure time under the sun, spent wandering flightily with those close to you. 

Summer Like personifies breezy, faintly remembered days, the levity of sipping lemonade or playing with dogs. 

It is a doorway to happy nostalgia, exuding innocence and buoyancy.

If you’ve ever enjoyed playing on a swing set, tumbling down a slide at a park, planting flowers, building sandcastles, you’ll have a sense of the emotions that Summer Like can stir up.

This punchy, relatable flair can get people interested in beachgoing, jet skiing, farm retreats, outdoor luncheons, and table tennis. 

Use it for advertising fashionable activities like yoga, aerobics, and mindfulness classes.

It works for products such as cold beverages, granola bars, cacao nibs, and dark chocolate. 

It would also look great on t-shirts, handbags, invitations, and postcards.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily attention-grabbing
  • Good for teenagers

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5. Frontage

best fonts for vacation

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Frontage is a font by art director Juri Zach. 

He has created iconic and wild fonts, and this one is a layered type system. 

You can decide the color of the actual letter, its shadow, and the dots on it. 

Frontage makes a realistic 3D effect easy, recreating the handcrafted look of facade signs. 

With five different styles to choose from and manually edited kerning, a ton of experimentation is possible. 

Web designers and bloggers will have fun playing with its color and shadow. 

If you’re in a rut, Frontage is a great way to spark your ingenuity. 

It’ll be easy to get absorbed in the staggering possibilities.

Its bold geometry is akin to art deco, allowing an air of sophistication. 

Frontage is a nifty font flavored with a hint of bombastic old Hollywood.

This suits it to cafes, theaters, fine dining, and trendy spots. 

It has a bit of an industrial kick that lines up with carpeting and textiles, construction work, coal mining, carpentry, food production and etc. 

The impactful appearance gels with billboards and posters, and it could advertise stores or bands. 

It would also work on home appliances or anything related to cars and metalwork.

Frontage is a somewhat unusual one, so let your creativity run wild.   

Pros & Benefits:

    • Retro appeal
    • Experimentation for many tastes

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6. Karlo

best fonts for vacation

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Karlo is by The Northern Block, an internationally recognized type foundry dedicated to collaborating with designers and creatives. 

This font comes in a whopping 22 different styles, grouped into KarloOpen, KarloSans, and KarloSerif. 

KarloOpen styles are for displays showing a few words at a time.

While KarloSans and KarloSerif styles are for both running text and display sizes. 

Inspired by Edward Johnston’s calligraphy, this font family shows the broad nib pen’s beauty. 

Karlo is elegantly simple, a cultured design striking between the office and the coffee shop. 

Though somewhat formal, small flourishes keep Karlo accessible on the eyes. 

It’s ideal for anything related to caffeine, and it could help in a film project. 

It’ll also look great on stationery, business cards, notebooks, hang tags, and other mundane but attractive things. 

Though it is easy to dismiss it as stuffy, Karlo actually has a chic touch if used correctly. 

There is a refined polish here that eschews drabness, a real artiste’s font.

Experiment with Karlo’s various forms using italicization and boldness. 

It could go on stylish accessories, purses, bracelets, caps, beanies, socks, scarves, and cell phone cases.  

What really sums up Karlo is that it straddles the line between extraordinary and commonplace.  

Pros & Benefits:

    • Many styles to peruse
    • Mild, sleek look

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7. Sofia Pro

best fonts for vacation

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Sofia Pro is by Mostardesign Type Foundry, a French studio focused on typeface design and custom type design. 

Timelessly sophisticated, Sofia Pro looks like it’s straight out of a textbook. 

It has a geometric sans form that comes in 16 styles, and though it is academic-looking, its roundness is soothing. 

Slickly neutral, it could be a go-to for any graphic designer and fits many contexts. 

Students may use it in book reports, and it’s the right choice for business presentations. 

Looking sly, neat, and practical, it’s a clear choice for brochures, letterheads, and labels. 

Sofia Pro is not to be underestimated, so look to it for out of the box options and artistic opportunities. 

This font could advertise fashion, winery tours, ATV trekking, and track and field events with the right finesse.

Sofia Pro has a comprehensive character set for more than 130 languages.

It is designed with a higher x-height than other fonts of its class, making it readable even when the letters are small. 

Its OpenType features meet professionals’ needs, including alternative characters, full ligatures, and circled numbers. 

It also has a mighty home kerning system called Pro Kerning that optimizes headlines, subtitles, texts, and more in real-time.

Pros & Benefits:

    • Fits situations easily
    • Streamlined but not boring

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8. Aracne

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Aracne Condensed is an all-caps font by Argentine type design studio Antipixel that comes in 12 styles. 

Its glyph coverage supports English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Czech, and many others. 

It’s recommended for display titles and small amounts of text because of its good legibility and glyph quality. 

Antipixel loves natural and organic forms, and that has given this font an interesting character. 

With letters like trees, Aracne looks something like the detached simplicity of the wild. 

It captures a stillness felt off the beaten path far from home, its willowy form arousing curiosity. 

Aracne is rendered more or less sinister depending on how much it’s bolded, brimming with the spirit of the outdoors. 

It can be decidedly raw, tranquil, mysterious, or foreboding if used right.

As such, Aracne can manage an atmosphere of long walks, trail running, bug catching, stargazing, or any kind of thrilling adventure

Aracne’s limber letters could also be used with anything related to camping, hiking, zoos, and wildlife reserves. 

It would look good on postcards, door hangers, gift certificates, fridge magnets, and stickers too.

Pros & Benefits:

    • Evokes eerie feelings
    • Tall, naturalistic letters

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9. Willful

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Willful is a handwritten brush font by typographer Mr. Typeman. 

It’s of an earnest, down-to-earth variety, casual-looking but almost serious. 

Willful embodies the musings of later teenage years when you wonder where things will end up. 

It reflects those after school hours of punkish manners and restless hikes, times of agonizing choices and futile hopes. 

It’s the moody tone of stumbling into stranger days, when youths make and lose friends, get their first jobs, and experiment in the arts. 

Unpretentious and blotchy, it’s unique while echoing old grungy feelings. 

Willful channels that into a font that embraces the imperfections of the human hand.

As such, it fits for cartoonists, thrift stores, indie album covers, and anything retro. 

Willful manages a careful balance between rebellion and comfort, permitting it an imperishable oomph and broad reach.

Its brushstroke design’s naturalism speaks to wildlife and travel, so it would work in ads for national parks or sightseeing. 

Willful was designed in OTF and TTF formats and can be used for posters or UX and UI projects.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Feels countercultural
  • Brushstroke effect is eye-catching

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10. August

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August is a font by Fontana Studio of Thailand meant to emulate natural strokes. 

The studio created it with impulsivity in mind, a font that suggests romance and mischief. 

August is intended to have a light presence with a modern style, evoking coffee and books. 

It looks school-themed, an untidy doodle-handed script that calls to an artistic look.

Being squiggly but neat, this font has a welcoming playfulness and is another good one for scrapbooks.

It really speaks to that more joking, jaunty, hurried side of life, something anyone can relate to, without being too over the top.

The scrawled look is like the spontaneity of cooking from scratch, giving August a homey warmth. 

Use this font for a range of foods, from cookies and ice cream to salad and pasta. 

It would be nice on the covers of kids’ books, homemade cards, and anything related to crafts. 

Print this font on takeaway cups and t-shirts, use it in interior decorating, or generally beautify things with it. 

Pros & Benefits:

    • Inspires kids
    • Beautifully mimics handwriting

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Final Thoughts

These 10 best fonts for vacation are useful for anything vacation related, but you don’t have to stop there. 

This list is just the beginning of an enthralling journey.

It is interesting to think about just how big a part of our lives fonts are.

Let these lovely fonts nurture your creativity. 

Even if you don’t buy fonts, take the opportunity to get inspired. 

You can challenge yourself for ideas that will get people interested.

Fonts in their myriad forms are a really cool way to reach out, so start working that magic. 

One of the best fonts for vacation for me is Willful, which has an independent vibe. 

It appeals to young and old and has the attitude of alternative rock.

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