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Top 10 Best Free Inking Brushes For Procreate (Updated 2023)

Top 10 Best Free Inking Brushes For Procreate (Updated 2023)

We run down the 10 best free inking brushes for Procreate this year!

The heart gives you an idea.

The vibe brings you in front of the device.

The brains provide you the skills, and thi makes all these things unite and help you bring them to life.

I am speaking about the art of drawing, painting, color playing.

What would you think about when you see the Procreate term?

Well, the name says everything — an actual Artistic universe for drawing and painting lovers.

I am a hundred percent sure, and I think you too, that if Pablo Picasso or Leonardo Da Vinci, the most famous painters in the world, would own with no doubt a premium account on this software.

Made by Savage Interactive company, this soft comes only in the presence of an Apple device, and it`s the most used app on Apple pad pro, launched in 2015.

This app helped a lot to change clients’ feedback when it comes to entertainment, and that happens because this soft tries its best to provide a natural vibe to the artist that ventures in a very creative universe.

It is a very complex application, as it contains all the tools required for an artwork, dozens of painting tools, a large number of brushes ( over 136 ), 4k resolution and so on, which means that the imagination can be taken to high standards without technical or material impediments.

Many People Would Probably Ask Themselves, Why so Many Brushes?

Why a lot of people pay for them?

What`s the deal with them? 

 Well, because there are readers who do not know about this soft, the brushes are one of the main tools when it comes to blending, special drawing effects, contrast and so on, and without them, Procreate would probably lose his reputation as being one of the best apps on this domain.

A considerable amount of brushes helps the user to manipulate a wide variety of painting techniques, structures, coloring, design.

But it is essential to know how to choose those brushes.

You may need them for blending, you may need them for filling up, or you may need them to write a new school love letter :d.

I won`t talk too much about technical stuff, so I will focus my attention on ten inking brushes belonging to the free brushes category.

Those brushes got consistent positive feedback, which means that they could be some of the best free inking brushes.

Some of them are part of the ensemble offered by George W, illustrator, cartoon creator, comic book fan, which has no more than 550 brushes in his portfolio, free or paid.

We`ve analyzed some bushes as we play a new app user role who wishes to know better this app.

So without further ado, we present you the analyze about 10, from our opinion the best brushes that you can find for free on the internet for the users :

10. The Elder P4 Brush

best free inking brushes for procreate

If you still didn`t figure your way in life out, you can at least draw one. How?

With this inking brush and some free time.

It sounds metaphorical, and maybe it is not possible in this situation.

Still, all I wanted was to underline one of the main advantages of this brush, which lies in the help offered for a nature landscape creation.

Made by George, this is meant for the 4th version of procreating soft.

The image above shows the aspect which elder p4 offers by its use.

The first image shows the resulted design after the p4 brush`s application with the pressure function.

Many would say that this brush used in that way would be handy in landscape creation due to its texture and fluency mark, but that doesn`t mean it represents an impediment for the actual creators.

My Opinion

I am thinking of the image example that offers us a “ first sight opinion“ of this brush, which fixes a usage conception only in the landscape`s or nature`s creation.

If that would be George W’s vision when it comes to the use of the brush, I think that this brush, used with the pressure function or with speed one, it`s perfect to create shadow shapes.

The intense black look could represent this physics process with no problem.

Besides that, it can be useful for the pro users, because if this brush can create shadow shapes, it`s evident that t can create exciting 3d or 2d effects.

And let`s not forget by the advantage that this brush was born with.


No money from mommy required for it`s buying, no lunch starving for an amount of money collected to buy the brush, so what could be better than that?

Let`s not forget the tilt style image, which gives us a reasonable opinion due to it`s decent and fluent fade, and this thing could be essential depending on the executed type of the paint. For example, a hairstyle.

Nowadays, these contrasts from the lateral parts of the head are very carefully analyzed and provide physical comfort, so this thing should be accurately executed.

Speaking of the virtual cases, the p4 brush is the perfect tool for this process.

With the help of this brush on the tilt mode, draw some grass, coz it seems fit for this, have a seat and enjoy the upcoming stuff.

9. The G(enial) Pen

best free inking brushes for procreate

This image seems to be so sentimental, that I was about to share a tear right before starting to say what I gotta say when it comes to this brush.

I didn`t say that in vain, I said it because I am amazed by the graphic accuracy of this brush.

Every detail is made soo good, and that doesn` happen only because of the image`s creature, but because of the brush.

It’s obviously the primary purpose of this brush born. In this case, I am kinda unsure about how else could this brush be used or for what else could be used except for the portraits, animes, and so on.

We can say that in a p4 pressure mode combo, you can create outstanding 3d paintings, and I say that because it is a little disadavantage when it comes to the filing, fades, or a thickness design.

I said little because procreate is one of the best apps on this domain, and it owns more than enough functions and commands that could complete this disadvantage, so we can not even think about it too much. 

8. George`s SketchY Brush

best free inking brushes for procreate

Here comes the Santa! Ho holly God of brushes!

I was about to show him my Christmas list.

Still, I just remembered that this is only a research and this Santa Clause is just an example of a brushwork , which combined with tilt pressure and speed modes results in a very good look, we could say real, and I say that because the image that we have above is not a dull draw, even if it seems so.

The model itself is not simple, but his drawing is, because of george`s sketchy brush.

This brush offers many features; it is said that it doesn`t provide gifts like the protagonist from the image, if it has, it was the perfect brush that ever existed, but whatever.

We`re getting over.

7. Ragged Rudolfo 1.2 Free Ink Brush

best free inking brushes for procreate

By the draw that we got as an example for the next brush, it looks like someone extremely calm would have drawn this drawing, so I got a question.

Actually, how ragged is the ragged Rudolfo?

We don`t know precisely the inspiring source which drove the creator to choose this name, but all we are interested in is to see if it worths or not to be in our top 10.

I would say yes, especially for the ladies, because, in my opinion, this is a perfect brush when it comes to a makeup design, like an eyeliner, eyebrows contouring, etc.

Used on separated functions, this brush offers us a very good look.

Still, we can see again that a good combo brings this brush in our top, as this brush is probably one of the best brushes for a high fineness, millimetrically details, perfect curvatures and so on.

You won`t pay a single dollar for this brush, but you will pay for the make up products a high price to reflect this soft`s cool features on your eyes.

6.Tsutsumi Dice 1.2 Free Ink Brush

best free inking brushes for procreate

I will say it right before you. It looks like a beaten Ragged Rudolfo.

But this happens because the draw is black white made.

But let`s focus on the effect of the brush. To better understand this, we should color the image. Still, we wish to keep the image`s authenticity, we think it an artwork like every other image and so we cannot dare to break other people`s work.

But what we can do is to point the 3rd image, where we can see a glossy look under the mark drawn on the speed mode. 

This detail is more than enough to let us figure out that this brush is actually the ragged Rudolfo brush except for the fact that this one has one more advantage, and that is that it comes with a glossy alternative which gives a higher shrill to every draw and helps to stand out easily.

So as a conclusion, we can say that this brush is a better alternative of the ragged Rudolfo, and we can say that it is made for the same purpose to the feminine draws (makeup).

These being said, the ladies can draw, and the men can pay the products. This is life.

5. Matty B`s Single Dot Spatter Ink Brush

best free inking brushes for procreate

There we go! We arrived at the half of the top, and we already came to brushes that show us shapes, like this example above shows.

This brush takes the half of the top because its texture is impressive. The creator-focused his attention only on a geometrical shape, most probably to keep a tidy look of a possible draw.

If the number of the geometrical shapes was higher, probably the brush wouldn`t have been araised any interest to the possible users and wouldn`t have any benefit, even minimal.

It is essential knowledge that many creating ideas are based on this geometrical shape, from astronomic draws to trees, soccer balls, to a delicious burger bun, and so on. The reason for this brush being in our top is that this brush looks like perfection.

No other brush from our top could not reproduce perfectly a circle, which results in a unique character that this brush owns.

4. Matty B`s Hollow Dot Spatter Ink Brush


best free inking brushes for procreate

There are three everyday things between the 4th place and the 5th place brushes: The geometrical shape, the creator, and his passion for these circles.

The hollow dot spatter ink brush it`s kinda different from the brush from the 5th place. 

At first sight, we can observe that the circle dimensions are a lot smaller than the circle from the other brush, and it represents at the same time a cool look, they are not filled up, and they look kinda messy.

Even so, many people would ask us what this brush could be useful for? Well, our idea drives as to the children. 

This brush, due to its unfilled circles and its capacity to be drawn in this way, could be used as calligraphy support for the juniors who start writing courses.

The parents could create phrases or letters with this brush, so the kids can complete them with a filling brush so the parents can help their kids to improve their writing skills faster, with joy and fun. 

3. George`s Wax Crayon P4 Ink Brush

best free inking brushes for procreate

Getting to the first brushes of our top, George`s Wax Crayon p4 ink has its debut on the 3rd place, and we choose to add it on this rank due to its texture on the speed mode.

From the images above, we can see that this brush doesn`t bring something new towards other free brushes, but the look that he offers on the speed mode is one that I, honestly, didn`t say it to be made so perfect.

You can see that his news appearance is the fact that the drawn marks made by this brush are a bit faded, more like a speed tilt combo, like a disappearing tattoo.

With this brush, you can create real vintage artworks, including facial portraits, landscapes, and so on. 

2. The Ink Sprinkle  Ink Brush by Georgvw

There you go! We present you with the 2nd place free ink brush from our top.

I don`t have to point the reason or the difference that brought this brush on this rank, because you can quickly figure it out.

The art requires patience, creativity, and excellent skills.

All the details must be meticulously made; the curvatures must be perfect, the same with the symmetry.

Even so, we can afford to add a bit of “artistic mess “. When I say that, I talk about the example above.

This brush is handy if the creative universe of the artist works simultaneously.

You can easily create fantastic fadings, should fading draws, hard fading, or the mark left by high-speed objects passing by.

This detail can offer the artwork a mistery look, authenticity, and innovation.

It deserves the 2nd place, pointing the fact that it can be distinguished so easily from other brushes.

1. GVW Ink-A-Licious Azimut p4.3

For those who managed to read the article up to this points.

We would like to thank you for the interest granted to this soft, and as a payment for your patience and attention, we will show you the best free inking brush from our top. 

Most people focus on portraits, animals, fruits, vegetables, and so on.

But very few are wondering how cool a graffiti would be drawn with this app.

Look how cool a graffiti bring and how this brush helps with its creation.

The graffiti has been inspired the most from the street art, and despite its appearance as a grotesque habit, this style became very famous, but very few remained focused on this style, maybe due to its drawing difficulty.

This brush texture helps correctly the drawing conturing.

For this type of draw lovers, we recommend you with all our trust to use this brush, because it is perfect for this domain. Also, it can be used for other draws, like hard drawing ( speed mode ).

But we still maintain our opinion about it, and that is that it is perfect for graffiti creations.

Combined with a pro artist, this brush can get birth to outstanding, respectful, and making people stand in the line and take pictures draws.


These being said, that was our top 10 the best free inking brushes for Procreate, and all is left for you to do is to download the app ( For those who don`t own it yet ) and to try the things we recommended above.

But we would like to remind you that there are hundreds of free brushes of all types, so the selection variation is enormous, and we are 100% sure that you will find everything that suits your expectations. 

Those free ten brushes have been chosen to be on our top based on some criteria like the mark symmetry; the curvatures look, their authenticity, the images realized with those brushes, and so on.

We did our best to combine a general assemble, and we didn`t focus on similar textures, so we can offer you a wide range of brushes to choose from. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the evolved technology from the drawing universe gives massive support to the people passionate about this domain, but it comes with its costs.

Even if we pointed only free brushes, we tell you that the ones that you have to pay forgot their particularities and shouldn’t be avoided in case you find some brushes that have the requirements you need. 

This way, we congratulate the creators of these brushes, which exposed their imagination in a freeway for other draw lovers and shared they work with everybody, and this thing should be an example for all the domains.

So, stop wasting your time.

Download the app, but first, buy a device suited for this app if you don`t have one, try these brushes and let the imagination take over you and create artworks for you,

Thank you for reading and stand by for more interesting articles.

Thank you all!

Best Regards!

Here are all the links to the best free inking brushes for Procreate


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