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20 Best Free Procreate Color Palettes and Swatches

20 Best Free Procreate Color Palettes and Swatches

These 10 best free Procreate color palettes and swatches take some of the guesswork out of your project.

Impress your target audience with these (FREE) choices for Procreate color palettes, and start achieving your potential with the proper design tools for the job. 

Color is one of the most essential elements to consider when you are planning a new design.

Whether you want your colors to be bright and bold or soft and pastel, the colors you choose affect almost every aspect of the final product. 

Creating your own color palette in Procreate can be a time-consuming task.

For a quick reference, below are the best free Procreate color palettes and swatches that you can download for Free right now. 

100+ FREE Harmonious Procreate Palettes

best free procreate color palettes and swatches

We have taken the time to create the ultimate color collection for you.

This is the top pack for quality and time-saving swatches.

Specifically created for Procreate and features colors for every type of artwork.

Be it landscapes, portraits, cartoons, manga, or watercolors it has you covered.

Download all of them for free now.

Other FREE Procreate Color Palettes from Delightful Design

Landscape Color Palettes

Summer Color Palettes

Winter Color Palettes

Rainbow Color Palettes

Pantone Color Palettes

Pastel Color Palettes

Lip Color Palettes

Glitter Color Palettes

Christmas Color Palettes

Here’s a quick guide on how to install Procreate Color Palettes.

Custom Colour Palettes for Procreate by Steve Elliott

best free procreate color palettes and swatches

Inspired by works from great artists such as Rembrandt, Gustav Klint, or Camille Pissario, this download offers five palettes (that’s 150 swatches!) to choose from.

Steve Elliott is an accomplished artist who provides this collection of palettes so that you can mimic famous artists and their amazing paintings.

This is an incredible and inspiring opportunity to improve your art skills dramatically by working with the same color schemes that these talented artists used in their own works of art!

If this palette seems right for you, you can check it out and download it here.

Complete Crayola Crayons Color Palette for Procreate by Nap Time Alternative

best free procreate color palettes and swatches

Nap Time Alternative created multiple palettes based on Crayola colors, and we are going to share with you our favorites.

First among these is the Crayola Crayons palette.

This palette is based on the 120-count box of crayons.

Although the palette itself only contains 30 colors based on Procreate’s palette swatch limit.

This color palette offers all the bright colors we know and love.

They are reminiscent of childhood hours spent coloring in coloring books.

For an actual crayon effect, we recommend using a Procreate brush made to look like a crayon.

Then, see your designs stand out!

Download the Complete Crayola Crayons Color Palette by Nap Time Alternative here.

Complete Crayola Colored Pencils Color Palette for Procreate by Nap Time Alternative

best free procreate color palettes and swatches

Similar to the Crayola Crayons palette, the Crayola Colored Pencils Palette from Nap Time Alternative is one of our favorites.

Like the crayons palette, the colored pencils palette offers a wide range of colors in softer, pastel-like hues.

It, too, evokes memories of childhood, while offering a more sophisticated and cohesive feel.

Colors in this palette seem to blend together seamlessly, making them a great choice for those looking for a more delicate palette that still has plenty of swatches to offer.

You can check out Nap Time Alternative’s Complete Crayola Colored Pencils Color Palette here.

Copic Marker Color Palettes

procreate color palette free

Any Copic artist transitioning to digital art will not miss any color he has fondly gotten used to. 

Caramel Sauce offers a myriad of Copic Marker color palettes, eighteen in total! 

You have all the hues of reds, greens, blues, yellows, and many more.

You also have the neutrals like grey, brown, and white.

The palettes are well-organized from the lightest to the darkest, making it easy to locate your desired hue.

Moreover, downloading it is a breeze through Dropbox.

Download the Copic Marker Color swatches by Caramel Sauce here

Playful Palette by Lisa Glanz

best free procreate color palettes and swatches

The playful palette by Lisa Glanz has a sort-of baby nursery playtime style look to it.

These soft but energetic colors capture an innocent childhood fun that reminds us of simpler times.

This color palette can help you convey a sense of joy and wonder in your art.

Moreover, if you are trying to inspire those sorts of emotions in your target demographic, then this is a great palette to accomplish it.

A soft baby pink is perfectly complemented by a cool blue, or utilize a brighter, happier yellow to establish a more cheery look to your design.

Whatever your strategy, there is something for you in this palette!

Download the Playful Palette by Lisa Glanz here

Flowers and Flamingos Palette by Kris Lauren

This palette is perhaps the most aptly-named collection on this list.

The Flowers and Flamingos palette by Kris Lauren offers a selection of spring and summer colors ideal for creating warm-season imagery.

A soft pink and pale yellow compliments the cooler colors on this palette, achieving a balance that lends itself to cozy and comfortable designs.

Take a look at this collection if your work could use a softer touch, or if these colors can help you to visualize beautiful spring-time imagery.

If you think you’d like to try Kris Lauren’s Flowers and Flamingos Palette, you can download it now!

8. Tropical Color Palette by Denise Anne

Colorful fish, birds of the rainforest, and tropical smoothies – that’s what we see when we look at this selection of tropical colors by Denise Anne.

If you enjoy capturing breathtaking moments of tropical life on canvas, then this is a must-have collection.

Beaches come alive with this assortment of colors, as do Caribbean getaways and tropical nights.

If your work centers around beaches, the ocean, and a life of restful bliss, then the tropical color palette by Denise Anne should definitely find its way into your collection.

Get Denise Anne’s Tropical Color Palette here for a direct download. 

Earthy Color Palette by Creators Couture

You might consider an earth palette to be somewhat of a bare necessity of tools necessary for creating wonderful works of art.

And that is why we recommend taking a look at this earthy color palette, created by Creators Couture.

These colors instill images of autumn for some or magnificent cliffs for others.

When you are able to visualize a painting just by looking at the selection of colors, you can be assured that it is a great palette to test in your own designs.

You can get the Earthy Color Palette by Creators Couture here.

Color Palette by Holly Pixels

This color palette by Holly Pixels has a wider range of color choices for your designs.

While the colors on this scheme may not all be aesthetically pleasing to look at, it is important to have a wide range of color options to capture the designs and emotions you are seeking to capture.

If puke-brown isn’t exactly your design preference, you can still get a lot of mileage out of the aqua blues, soft and vibrant pinks, and dark blue options.

If you are interested in adding this Color Palette by Holly Pixels to your arsenal, you can get it here.

Runners Up: Quiet Pastels Color Palette by Dawn Nicole

Can you think back to times when you were younger, enjoying pastels with your favorite coloring book?

For many of us, pastels are the colors that inspire nostalgia and joy in us.

These strong connections and emotions we feel are something that we should always seek to capture in our art.

This set by Dawn Nicole provides the tools necessary to make that emotion come alive in our designs.

Dawn Nicole uses this palette, in particular, to create mixed lettering styles.

Definitely, you can imagine all the unique imagery you can create with this quiet pastel color palette.

You can get the Quiet Pastels Color Palette, and check out some of Dawn Nicole’s lettering styles, on her website.

Rainbow Falls Color Palette by Dawn Nicole

If you remember Lisa Frank, please raise your hand! This color palette is calling to the middle-school girl still buried in us all.

The Rainbow Falls Color Palette by Dawn Nicole offers vibrant colors that our 80’s and 90s hearts can be proud of.

This color palette manages to deliver 9 color swatches that, while bright and strong, are not harsh or overwhelming.

If you are an artist who frequently makes designs for children, this Procreate palette definitely deserves a chance.

Bring out your wild side and create some magic by downloading Dawn Nicole’s Rainbow Falls Color Palette here.

Pink Sky Color Palette by Dawn Nicole

This palette is a great choice for those who prefer to work with colors on the “cool” end of the spectrum.

Dawn Nicole’s Pink Sky Color Palette offers 5 delicate color swatches that go together perfectly to create some beautiful lettering pieces that you can check out on her website.

This palette incorporates the increasingly popular colors of “millennial pink” and teal, which makes it a great palette to have in your toolbox.

We really love all the color palettes Dawn Nicole has to offer, and if you do as well you can download her Pink Sky Color Palette and give it a try!

Mountain Landscape Palette by Flo

This beautiful collection of colors is available to download for free from Dawn Nicole.

Along with the download, she makes available a free video where she creates the painting shown above.

Follow her step-by-step as she creates this masterpiece, and in the process, learn from an accomplished artist.

Although this collection of colors is showcased in a beautiful mountain landscape image, it certainly isn’t limited to just this design.

Can’t you just imagine the 80’s techno posters you could create with this color palette?

Download the Mountain Landscape Palette, and check out Flo’s step-by-step guide, here.

Color Palettes by Cristin

If you feel that your current color selections are simply lacking in quantity and need a host of complementary color schemes, this is a great collection to take a look at.

These 20 color palettes by Cristin Frey on Gumroad take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation.

Each of these color combinations comes in a set of five color schemes that go very nicely together.

To add a cherry on top, Cristin throws in a bonus JPEG texture for each set.

Whether you are just getting started on Procreate, or if you are a seasoned veteran, you can’t go wrong with the 20-color palette selection by Cristin Frey.

Get this incredible set of color palettes, and check out more by Cristin Frey, on her website.

Bonus: Skin Tone #1

If you are an artist that creates a lot of imagery of people and places, you should definitely have a skin-tone palette selection in your arsenal.

A skin-tone palette can help you to capture more than just the differences in skin tone between people.

It can also improve your color options for creating depth and shading in their expressions.

If you’ve been trying to take your artistry to the next level and haven’t considered a variety of skin-tone color options, you should test this set-out!

Download Skin Tone #1 by clicking this link.

Complete Crayola Markers Color Palette for Procreate by Nap Time Alternative

Our final pick from Nap Time Alternative’s Crayola Collection is the Crayola Markers Color Palette.

This palette offers bold, decisive colors great for those looking to make a statement.

This color palette would be perfect for those who are really wanting to make their pieces jump out and come to life.

If you are an artist looking to make advertisements or help with marketing for businesses, this palette may be just what you need to help your designs stand out.

Download the Complete Crayola Marker’s Color Palette, and see more from Nap Time Alternative, by checking out her website.

Final Thoughts: 20 Best Free Procreate Color Palettes and Swatches

Whether you are just getting started on Procreate and are looking for the best free procreate color palettes and swatches to get started, or you are a seasoned professional looking to add some new palettes to your inventory, these Procreate palettes provide some necessary tools for your next project.

The palettes included in this list are sure to help you with any design needs imaginable.

We have included those that you can use for painting summertime scenes on tropical beaches, bold lettering marketing designs, and Baroque-Esque artistry.

These different color scheme choices can give you what you need to create your next big design project!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on the best free Procreate color palettes and swatches.

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