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10 Best iPad Easel Stands For Digital Artists. Upgrade Your Set-up

Every artist knows the difference of using the best iPad easel for comfort in getting work done.

Even more so, the iPad was invented, constantly trying to find the right place to work while at a café, at home, or even at the office.

Obviously, as time has gone on, there are plenty of tools to help with making things even more comfortable and easy to use.

An easel stand is a new accessory that can go with the iPad and make your iPad feel more like a natural canvas.

But how do you make the decision on which one?

There’s too many out there, so here we’ll get into the ten best iPad easel that are worth a glance.

Hopefully, you’ll get to narrow down which ones are worth buying.

1. Amazon Basics AdjustableTablet Holder Stand

This is the option offered by Amazon Basics, completely compatible with all iPads and also Android.

If you choose to switch ever, it checks all the boxes of the bare essentials. 

It has a sleek black design that can fold down into a 7″ x 1.5″ x 1″ long stick for when you need to carry it to the café down the street in your pocket.

Its unique design keeps it from sliding all over the table with every stroke, consisting of non-slip rubber strips, so even on smooth waxed granite counters.

You need not worry about it sliding around.

It works great even when you keep the tablet in a case, no problems with it tipping over if you press the wrong corner.

You can even put it in portrait mode and trust that it can support any action performed on it.

Granted, this is the very basic of options.

But when starting as an artist and merely looking for something that will fit the bill, this can definitely do that.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The most affordable option on the list and better than most options not detailed on the list
  • The most portable option on the list, being able to fold down into your pocket or backpack
  • Covered in non-slip rubber on the bottom allows you to focus on your work instead of accidentally pushing your iPad around
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2. Twelve South Compass Pro

A more traditional easel aesthetically speaking, while still being very modern, with its metal and silicone legs giving it an extra sturdy stance. 

It is completely portable and packs down into 7.25″ x 1.25″ x .5″ size, which allows portability in its protective travel sleeve.

It has a very simple design that is as straightforward as using your iPad.

You have three different viewing options: one catered to typing in a more laid down sense at about a 25-degree angle, another for when in portrait mode (the back leg can extend), and another for landscape mode where the back leg does not need to extend.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made of heavy-duty metal, you never need to worry about anything breaking, being incredibly durable
  • Every viewing option works well; the portrait mode especially surprises with how well it maintains its balance
  • Strong anti-slip silicone feet prevents you from getting distracted from your work
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3. AboveTEK Long Arm Aluminum Tablet Stand

This is another great base and arm iPad stand built with heavy-duty metal to assure stability when working.

It can clamp screens between 4-11 inches.

The arm gives 15-inch reach and has full up, down, left, and right mobility, including the 360-degree rotation range, extremely flexible with a range of motion.

You are even able to fold the arm at multiple different angles.

This comes with a DSLR adapter where you can use a tripod feature to display your art or use as a stand for projecting.

With a heavy base, you need not worry about it ever falling over as it will always be a counterweight to your iPad.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Heavy metal arm and heavy base, so you need not worry about stability or tipping the device over
  • Comes with a DSLR adapter to help you project your designs or art to an audience
  • Very long arm where you can extend and rotate your iPad easily
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4. Lamicall Tablet Stand

The Lamicall Tablet Stand is a great simple, straightforward solution to the need for an easel stand.

It is sturdy and sleek-looking with the ability to show whoever you’re working across from to show the progress you have made.

Able to hold and support an iPad display from 4-13 inches, and even larger if you can survive using the landscape mode.

This gives a good lift so that you don’t need to adjust your iPad just to plug it in to charge.

Where the iPad rests even has padding so that it does not scratch anything on your hardware.

The base is covered with rubber pads, so slipping and sliding is not something you need to worry about.

As well, the center of gravity is low, so there is no chance that the tablet can tip over or fall out.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sleek, professional design perfect for a public working space: the office, co-working space, or a café, so everyone knows you are a professional
  • No need to adjust your iPad around when you need to plug it in to charge; just line the cable through, and you’re good to go
  • Covered in rubber in all the right places, takes care of any slipping while using and makes sure there is no roughing around the edges of your iPad

5. CTA Digital: 2-in-1 Tablet Stand and Wall/Desktop Mount with a Stylus

This easel could be considered the best bang for your buck option.

It comes with a stylus and multiple mounting bases, so you can set them up anywhere and be able to have multiple working stations around the house.

These mounting bases are relatively permanent, meaning you can screw them into your table and screw them out when you need a change.

The mounting base is designed so you can slide the device in and out with ease.

You even have the option to go without the mounting bases. You can fold the legs out, allowing it to stand on the counter or tabletop in a simple process.

The CTA comes with many flexible joints so it can rotate up, down, left, and right with a full 360-degree rotation ability so you can go from landscape mode to portrait mode with incredible ease.

Capable of holding all tablets between 6-8 inches, it’s equipped with quick-release buttons so you can take your iPad in and out of its holders quickly.

When you finish with it or just want to put it away for a while, you can fold and keep it in your desk drawer.

It comes with a very cool stylus and a grip holder, so you can return it to its station and not worry about losing it around the house or in a public space.

Even with your case on, this device can hold your iPad.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for someone looking for multiple mounting spots around the house or wanting the ability to use on a countertop
  • Has full 360-degree rotational abilities
  • Still compact and portable, able to fold up, and can be put in your backpack
  • Sturdy and reliable

6. Viozon Tablet Stand Holder Mount

This Viozon arm-mountable option allows optimal mobility, both in length and its rotation spectrum.

It can fit all tablets between 4.5-13 inches with a reach up to 18 inches in height, gives less strain on your eyes and neck as you can customize exactly where you want it.

It allows a 360-degree range of adjustment while being a bit more compact than the other arm-clamp options.

It’s certainly able to support the weight of every larger iPad even when, in its case, so you never need to worry.

As with every arm-clamp option, Allen keys make every pivot point extremely secure.

Comes in multiple colors (black and white), so you can personalize and get “his-and-hers” options if you wish.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An easy clamp option that still gives a great 18-inch reach, so you don’t need to strain your neck
  • Very durable and trustworthy with different angles that you can work on
  • A more affordable clamping option that doesn’t really compromise any of the essential functions

7. QZTELECTRONIC Foldable Table Mount Holder

This is the option for those looking for the most strong and durable easel.

You can mount this to your bedside or your working table and trust that it will move everywhere you need it to, up to 32 inches away, that is.

Made from aluminum, you know that it will be able to support the weight of your tablet with a case.

With four pivot points and three arms, you can contort and bend this thing in almost any possible way while still trusting the iPad is secure.

The arms come with spring attachments meaning it can support every press of the screen without bounce.

The QZTELECTRONIC has a full rotational ability. You are able to move it up, down, left and right, and even spin your tablet 360-degrees.

It is good for all devices ranging from screen sizes from 4-13 inches.

Not the most portable of options but very dependable in a fixed setting, whether at work or at home, and still able to move it just with a bit more work than the rest in this list.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Durable and strong, will not move when placed and left in a fixed place.
  • Very easy to move around and gives great mobility
  • Great to use for a secondary monitor, as it can lock in just about any place necessary
  • Has a really long reach at 32 inches. You can mount it on one side of the table and read it from the other side.

8. LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand Kiosk

This stand can extend up to 24 inches long while the height can go up to 56 inches, making this the longest option available in this list.

You can raise your iPad as high as you want it and never worry about it falling over because the counterbalance weighs 20 lbs.

It comes on mounted wheels so you can easily bring it anywhere around your house or office.

It has five different axis points, so you can put it at any type of angle, with the ability to lock it out, so nothing moves unless you want it to.

Still able to fit the iPad even with a case attached to it, you’re even able to use the Face ID function because these clamps do not reach around to block the camera.

Great for those worried about neck or eye strain because you can easily adjust this to any height. Even at the angle where the iPad faces the ground, you can still trust that it’ll hold.

It even comes with a bungee strap to give the device another safety feature.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The safest option on this list, with four clamps to grab every side of your iPad and an extra bungee cord to give you that extra level of security
  • Great for posture and eye strain as you can place the device at any angle and as high as you could need it
  • A very heavy base allows the possibility to raise the iPad to heights taller than your children

9. Idée Floor Stand for Tablet

A more sleek-looking easel floor stand, the base on this one is almost 10 lbs, so plenty of counterbalance to your iPad.

The idée has the same full 360-degree rotational ability as the Levo but with a detachable tablet holder for when you need to bring the iPad to the other room for a moment.

This product is great for those who work best when standing up but can also appreciate an option to sit down.

You can raise the height of this floor stand to up 45 inches, and still higher with the adjustable gooseneck.

But you can also lower it down to 22.1 inches in case you want to sit.

This easel stand gives you the flexibility to sit or stand or even move around, with a detachable grip holder.

You can find a comfortable place and make this floor stand adjust to you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very sleek and professional look, when being used in the office you can only be proud
  • Mobile, able to sit, stand, or even walk away with the ability to detach and reattach with ease
  • Great height capabilities so that you can stand comfortably without being hunched over, saving your back, neck, and eyes

10. Tablift Tablet Stand

This Tablift Tablet Stand gives you the most flexibility of any option when it comes to working in your bed or on any soft surface. 

These flexible legs enable you to work in awkward or strange angles, regardless of where you are.

The legs are adjustable independently, so adapting to uneven surfaces is incredibly easy.

Not only that, but they give the iPad great stability in that there are four points of contact, leaving the center of gravity low enough, making tipping over not a possibility.

They allow as much comfort as possible even while lying down to make this the best option for you.

It can even be packed up and stored compactly for when you need to travel.

It comes with a bungee strap that will keep the tablet restrained and upright.

A more abstract design leaves you getting more creative with different options to sit and work on; maybe it’s time to start working in more creative places.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extremely flexible option for laying around or just to sit at a desk and not ruin your posture
  • You can easily travel with it and not worry about it taking up too much space in your luggage
  • Abstract design so you can work in any type of environment, maybe even at the beach

Final Thoughts

Any of these choices will leave you with a smile on your face while still being able to get all the work done you need.

Whether you need an easel to clamp to your bedside table or your desk, or even if you want a device holder that can stand at your height.

Maybe you just need something that can adjust the angle at which you work at your desk.

These are your best options and are sure to help you.

With options like the idée or the CTA, you don’t even need to decide between different styles, and you can freely work how you need, giving you the best of both worlds.

Or maybe you just need something that is all about comfort like the Tablift or the QZTELECTRONIC, where you can work it around you as you move around.

Your best iPad easel will be found in this article, I can guarantee it.

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