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best ipad for procreate

Which Is The Best iPad For Procreate?

Knowing the best iPad for Procreate is important in order to make a good investment.

iPads, as you know, are not cheap.

Therefore, to make the most of your purchase, you’ve to consider some facts like:

  • Resolution
  • Pressure sensitivity
  • Tracking speed
  • Physical size
  • Connectivity
  • Compatibility

Also, you’ve to consider the quality, compatibility, and performance level of the stylus.

That’s because your art mainly depends on the digital pencil you use.

The tablets of the Apple company rank first among the other devices.

But there’s a variety within the iPad series as well.

You might be confused about the best iPad for Procreate, as every iPad has its unique characteristics.

In this article, let’s probe into the top 5 iPads for Procreate.

Then, we’ll select the best iPad according to the features they offer.

Apple iPad Air 2018

The display of this iPad is up to the highest quality.

The display screen is a laminated True Tone display.

It has the ability to combine two layers to make the colors of the images so productive.

It consists of the first-generation Apple pencil, and it’s more than enough to get the job done. 

This is easy to use, and you can get done with the drawing in no time.

The display is beautiful, and this won’t be a disappointment for amateur artists.

But, just like anything else, the Apple iPad Air 2018 also has some cons.

The first drawback is that the Apple pencil of this iPad is not a high-quality one.

If you’re a pro artist, you won’t be able to fulfill all your requirements through this pencil.

Besides, for it to charge, the Apple pencil should be kept plugged into the lighting adapter to charge or the iPad’s Lightning port.

The screen is also way too smaller to do the required tasks.

Because of all these drawbacks, the Apple company improved this iPad and released the Apple iPad Air 2019.

Apple iPad Air 2019

The iPad Air 2019 is way advanced than the previous one, and it is known as an all-rounder.

In contrast to iPad Air 2018, this iPad’s display is a bit larger at 10.5 inches.

It is perfect enough for artists to make the most of what they paid for it.

The presence of the six-core A12 Bionic processor makes this iPad more:

  • Power-efficient
  • Sensitive to commands
  • Lends additional processing power

The best feature of the iPad Air 2019 is, it comes with the smart connector.

This allows you to connect to the official essential bear accessory.

This 10.5-inch screen is the best fit for graphic designers.

It is easy to use and easy to carry anywhere you go since it only weighs one pound.

This iPad is not ideal for those who have a low-budget as this is quite costly.

When it comes to drawing, this iPad appears more of a real canvas than a digital one.

This iPad only supports the first generation Apple pencil, and as in the iPad Air 2018, you’ve to plug it into the iPad’s Lightning port or the included Lightning adapter to charge it.

It gives you the ability to have enough power for artistic applications.

True Tone Display

This also comes with a laminated True Tone display.

This combines your iPad’s tough layer and the LCD layer to reduce the gap between two.

When you’re drawing, what you drew would appear directly beneath the pen tip, without a gap.

As the display is up to standards, it doesn’t change its colors, and it presents the image with more vibrant colors.

Another advantage of True Tone display is that it adjusts the display according to the light balance, and in case it’s troubling you, you can turn it off from the control center.

Although the iPad Air 2019 has some super performing characteristics, it also has some least-performing features.

The first disadvantage is, this iPad still uses the same designs which were there in the iPad Air 2013 as well.

Although a 10.5-inch display is ideal for a mobile product, the canvas space of this iPad is still small for some artists.

The Apple iPad Mini 5 (2019)

The Apple iPad Mini 5 is almost the same as iPad Air 2019.

The main difference is this iPad has a smart connector to get connected to the intelligent keyboard.

This is ideal for those who want to get done with their work on the go as this fastens the workflow and its mobility.

What’s more off-putting in this iPad is, the screen is way too small.

But you can have this as a secondary device in case of an emergency.

A+ Features

Even though this is a new edition of an iPad, it has all the excellent qualities which an artist is looking for

For instance, it has features like:

  • Head only graphics editing application
  • Illustrator and note-taking
  • 3D modeling
  • Auto software

The single charge use of this iPad is 10 hours, plus as it’s lightweight and compact, you can use it wherever you go.

As in the iPad Air 2019, this, too, has a laminated retina display, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, the Apple pencil support, and an A12 Bionic chip system.

But, as this iPad supports only first-generation Apple pencils, it can be off-putting for some users.

Even if you’re not a regular digital artist and still prefers to sketch, this iPad is the ideal tablet for you as this is budget-friendly and easy to use.

Size Matters

For some artists, the size isn’t a problem as they prefer it small and easy to have a grip – it always matters on the preference.

Also, the small size makes images sharper.

The iPad 6 was cheap, but it was not a useful and exciting experience for the artists as the drawing quality was not up to the standards.

The presence of bezels on either side of the tablet allows you to hold it comfortably as you can rest your thumbs in that area.

Moreover, the small size allows you to grip the tablet so tight to stop slipping when you do outdoor sketching.

The brightness of the iPad Mini is high and can go up to 500 nits, which come in handy when waking under sunny conditions.

You’ll get 19 layers with an A4 3000 DPT canvas for this iPad.

As this doesn’t give you a 100% quality outcome, you’ll not be able to fulfill your work as a professional digital artist.

The outcome you get from the iPad Mini is near to a completed project, but not a completed one, as you can’t give it a perfect final touch through this tablet.

Beginner’s Tablet

If you’re an amateur in digital art, this tablet is the best one, as it’s relatively good for sketching ideation and rough cuts.

You can gain comprehensive training by drawing on this iPad.

Another drawback is, this iPad isn’t the ideal one to do complicated work.

As the screen area is too small, it’s hard to handle the complicated work in the limited area.

When you draw on this iPad, you’ll have to zoom in to check the dewy and then to zoom in to check the details and then to zoom out again to get the context and see where you’re.

The New Apple iPad 10.2 (2019)

This comes as an overall alternative to other iPads.

As in, since other iPads are super expensive, this is a bit budget-friendly.

This is ideal for amateurs and for those who do digital art as a hobby, as this is cost-efficient and easy to use.

This is not that distinctive from the other iPads, so you won’t miss much.

The RAM space is the same as other iPads, 3 GB, which enables you to make your workflow faster and easier.

The A10 processor is indeed a few generations behind, but it still can perform well.

The presence of a laminated display enables you to balance the brightness of your screen with the sunlight when you work outside.

You might not like the glassy surface of this iPad as it gives an unpleasant drawing, but you can have a matte or a paper-like screen to make it more real.

Unlike in the iPad Mini, the display of this iPad is rather large, allowing you to do intricate work.

You don’t have to zoom in and out to highlight the minute details.

The presence of a smart connector gives the chance to connect to the intelligent keyboard whenever you want.

Apple Pencil Compatibility

This iPad is the ideal gadget to improve your experience with the Apple pencil. 

Though the performance level is relatively low in this iPad when compared to other iPads, it’s fast enough to draw your art in no time

This iPad also supports the Apple pencil with slightly larger resolutions of 2224px x 1668px.

As Procreate consumes a lot of space, you might wonder whether this device will be manageable.

We’d say yes because you can still store this device except for complicated work.

The main drawback of this iPad is, you’ll face a lag when you use the Apple pencil as it’s a bit slower when compared to the others.

The portability and durability are outstanding, and you’ll feel that this iPad is worth spending your money on.

This iPad also comes with a Smart Connector, which allows you to attach Apple’s main keyboard.

Procreate works just fine in this iPad as the same as other iPads, which are expensive, and you’ll really notice a difference rather than speed.

The battery life of this iPad is relatively better; you don’t have to worry about charging it for a few hours.

Even though this iPad supports the first-generation Apple Pencil and it’s not free indeed! ($99).

Also, though it allows you to connect to Apple’s main keyboard, it costs around $159.

Consequently, when you read this, you’ll see at a glance that this is not the best iPad for Procreate, but we think all these pros are more than enough for $329. 

The Apple iPad Pro 2019 -12.9 inch

The Apple iPad Pro 2019-12.9 inch can be considered as the best iPad for designers.

All the cons of the above-mentioned iPads have been resolved and made as pros for this tablet.

The screen resolution of this iPad is 2732 × 2048 and 264 PPI, which is perfect for the most artistic applications.

The iPad Pro 2019 offers you two buying options; iPad brand-new and a refurbished iPad.

A refurbished iPad is cheaper than the brand-new one.

Thus, buying a refurbished one is more affordable if you go with a lower budget.

The difference is; a brand-new iPad has its impressive internal improvements.


The battery life is excellent in this iPad, allowing you to not to worry about the battery life.

Unlike the other iPads, this iPad has face ID support, which is more protective than the touch ID.

This consists of an improved liquid rating display, which makes the color accuracy outstanding.

The canvas of the iPad Pro 2019 has a gap from the edges of the device.

This iPad comes with a ProMotion display.

This means that the strokes you draw on the canvas appear as you pull your pen tip away, giving you the feeling that you draw on a real canvas.

The presence of the A12x bionic iPad with an eight-core processor and with four high-performance cores will cater you to get done with your work in no time. 

Second Generation Apple Pencil  

This only supports the second-generation Apple pencil.

 So you’ve to update your pencil with the iPad as well.

This pencil attaches to the iPad magnetically, which is also the power port.

So you can charge the pencil as it is without worrying about another charging port.

This reduces your worry about battery life and the fear of losing the pen as many people do.

I have no more lost pencils!

The pencil is sensitive to tilt and the pressures which allow you to draw your masterpiece as you wish.

The glossy touch of the first-generation pencil is not there in this pencil; instead, it gives you a matte finish.


As mentioned earlier, the size of the iPad always matters on the perspective and the preference of artists.

For some people it’s too big and difficult to handle while to other people, it’s a perfect size.

This iPad is the best fit for artists, illustrators, designers as it serves the needs of every artist as they want.

You can add fluidity to your drawings from the best features of this iPad.

The iPad is more suitable for professional and experienced artists, illustrators, and graphic designs because what this tablet offers is highly advanced and up to the standards.

If you’re a beginner or someone who does digital art for fun, the iPad Pro isn’t the ideal one for you to begin with.

Yet in the digital market, the iPad Pro 12.9 is the most significant device for art with the right and fitting software.

Like in the new iPad 2019, there’s no parallax in the iPad Pro.

That said, there’s no gap between the stylus tip and the strokes you draw on the canvas.

This gives you the feeling as if you draw a real, natural canvas.

Apple Pencil

The Apple Company has made many improvements to the pencil’s scan rate, making you draw correctly as you wish.

So, if you’re working on a large-scale drawing, you should fall in love with this feature.

As procreate consumes a more significant amount of the device storage, this iPad solves that problem in a few minutes.

According to reviews of all the iPads, the iPad Pro is the number one.

This iPad is more like an improved version of all the above-mentioned iPads since all the drawbacks we found on those pads aren’t here on this iPad.

Most artists consider this iPad Pro as an incredible and magical creative tool as you can produce magnificent art in no time.

As this iPad is as light as the iPad Mini, you can carry this comfortably everywhere you go. 

Even though this iPad is a bit smaller than the iPad Pro 11 inch, you won’t feel a difference due to the absence of bezels.

Also, you’ll feel less comfortable when you add the iPad for a longer time without bezels.

Drawing on the iPad Pro

You’ll get obsessed with the drawings on this iPad since there’s no slouch and zero lag when drawing.

The refresh rate of this iPad is 100%, and you’ll notice it when you draw with fast strokes.

As the refresh rate is faster, you can drop a ton of weight on the screen and get the accurate drawing you wished to see.

You can showcase your drawings in its maximum in a more enhanced manner. 

The presence of luscious wet brushes enables laydown and blending the colors that result in responsive and natural brushstrokes.

Also, this iPad is famous for its user-friendly nature.

You can quickly get accustomed to how it’s working, and there you go!

You can undo by tapping two fingers on the screen.

Also, by tapping three fingers, you can get back what you did undo before.

The layers which come to this iPad will make you fall more in love with it.

The best feature of iPad Pro is you can open and refer back to the original photo you draw while you’re drawing.

You can take both the original photo and the drawing into the screen.

Thus, you can compare the photo and the drawing and concentrate on minute details.

This feature saves a lot of your time and fastens your workflow.

The most exciting feature in the second generation Apple pencil is you can turn into an eraser by double-tapping.

So when both hands are occupied, this comes in handy.

This might be off-putting even when you accidentally tap the pencil.

But you can always turn off the double tap to erase in settings.  

iPad Pro Screen

Since the screen is glass, artists find it difficult and uncomfortable to draw because of the sound it makes because they think that it should feel like a paper.

For this, as a solution, you can just use a paper-like screen cover or a matte screen cover to make it more paper-like.

You don’t need sketching papers to sketch your drawing as you can draw, erase, and sketch on the iPad itself.

But some artists complain that paper-like screen covers and matte screen covers destroy the quality of the screen.

You might wonder whether these screen covers would reduce the contrast and colors.

It doesn’t reduce the colors, in fact, but it gives a glittery effect on lighter colors, especially on white.

Final Thoughts

When considering all the features of the above-mentioned iPads, the iPad Pro 2019 seems to have the more advanced features than the others.

Despite the high price, the iPad Pro answers all the needs of the artists.

With that said, now we can decide that the best iPad for Procreate is the iPad Pro 2019.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the best iPad for Procreate.

Want to add more details?

Let us know in the comments below.

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