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best lightroom presets for instagram

10 Lightroom Presets For Instagram

To create an interesting IG feed, it is essential to have the best Lightroom presets for Instagram.

It also won’t hurt to go for a theme for your profile.

That would give it a particular style and establish your niche within the world of social media.

1. Sandman Lightroom Preset

Sandman 20 Lightroom & Photoshop Presets for portrait image 0

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The Sandman lightroom preset includes a total of 20 presets you can choose from.

These presets add color to your pictures.

They also equip them with an effect that makes your photography look more creative.

It provides a grainy texture to your photographs, making your photos indistinct and rough.

This preset is preferable if you want your Instagram feed to have a gritty and coarse look.

This look works best for all kinds of pictures, mainly portraits and candid photographs.

(If that’s your style.)

In addition to giving your photos a sharp look, this preset also equips them with a film-like appearance.

This enhances the “creativity” in your pictures.

Along with this, the Sandman preset provides an overall well-balanced tone to your photos as well as your feed,.

The presets ensure that the change in shading does not leave your pictures ‘irregularly tossed’ with colors.

This preset is fully customizable.

You can adjust the settings according to your taste and the multiple features of your photos.

This preset is available for 9 USD.

Furthermore, it is compatible with both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe photoshop.

It ‘s also compatible with Lightroom 5 and its higher versions, including Lightroom Classic CC.

The same Lightroom preset is also present by look filter, which may expand your options of effects and shades to pick from.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pre-made variations to match different lighting conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Five stars reviews

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2. Dove White Lightroom Preset

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The Dove White Lightroom preset pack contains 50 presets with multiple subtle shades.

This preset provides your pictures with a creamy undertone that ought to make your Instagram feed look soft and luxurious.

Among these 50 presets that the Dove White Lightroom package contains, you’ll find different shades of peach and greys.

These colors can give your Instagram feed a monotone appearance.

In case you prefer outdoor photography, this preset can be valuable in accentuating the green in your picture.

Thus, giving it a more professional and natural look.

As a result, it seems reliable to say that this preset works best for both indoor and outdoor photography.

This would make it suitable for most Instagrammers as they like to incorporate both classic as well as original content into their feed.

This preset is perfect for those who prefer their pictures with a subtle appearance rather than stringy, beautiful yet crisp.

The uses of this filter extend to both personal or professional purposes.

As a result, it’s recommended for both personal and business accounts.

However, the use of this preset for photographs taken in the wild would not be recommended.

The Dove White Lightroom preset is compatible with both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

For Adobe Lightroom, this preset can be used without any subscription.

It works for Mac as well as Windows, too.

In addition to its compatibility with all versions of Desktop Lightroom, it is also compatible with Mobile Lightroom CC.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes skin tone correction
  • Video LUTs also available. 
  • Step-by-step PDF installation guide

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3. Sepia Tones Presets

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The Sepia Tones Presets include a total of 60 presets.

It comes with multiple shades of reddish-brown colors that you can choose from.

This preset gives your photos an old and a vintage look.

That means increasing their artistic effect.

As a result, these presets seem perfect for wedding photography to make your photos look more professional;.

However, they can also be used by lifestyle bloggers and others interested in giving their Instagram feed a vintage look.

This preset takes random pictures and equips them with a professional appearance.

It also makes your pictures more stylish and classy .

As a result, it’ll make your Instagram feed appear elegant. 

Due to the sepia effects, pictures with these effects also appear to stir inside of you the essence of deliberation and rumination.

Thus, adding more meaning to your photos.

However, for those of you who favor a bright, colorful, and vibrant Instagram feed, this may not seem like a suitable choice.

Among the different Lightroom versions, this preset is compatible with all of them.

This would include Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, and Lightroom CC.

The Sepia Tones preset is also compatible with both Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.

It works with both personal computers ,as well as Mac.

Furthermore, it works best for RAW and JPEG images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 50 black and white presets as a free bonus
  • Includes ten Lightroom brushes
  • Reasonable price for 60 different presets with additional bonuses

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4. My Dog Presets

40 My dog desktop lightroom presets Dog blogger Instagram image 0

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This is perfect for your pet’s Instagram account!

This preset offers 40 different kinds of effects to choose from. 

My Dog presets tend to give your pictures a vibrant, sharp, bright, and colorful appearance.

Thus, making them more lively.

If your pictures are mostly taken outdoors, then this preset is highly recommended.

It would enhance the colors of your photos, since it increases the color radiance of your pictures.

Along with the features already mentioned, My Dog Desktop preset can also give your pictures an animated appearance.

Thus, making your Instagram feed vivacious.

However, if you find animated pictures unpleasant, don’t go for this collection.

That is unless you find some of the effects offered by this preset favorable. 

These presets remove dullness from your pictures.

They add powerful graphics to your photos making them even more detailed, lively, expressive, and more colorful.

If you own a pet Instagram account, then you would want to use this preset to accentuate the colors and details in the appearance of your pets.

He would come out in these pictures more radiant.

However, these presets can also be used for Instagram with other pet animals.

It’s compatible with all versions of Lightroom i.e., Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, Lightroom 6, and Lightroom CC.

However, it should be noted that this package of presets is not compatible with Mobile Lightroom CC.

To benefit from these effects, you must use it on the different versions of Desktop Lightroom.

It works for RAW and JPEG images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Instant download
  • Five stars reviewed
  • Easy to use

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5. Sunny Day Presets by Janecolors

MOBILE Lightroom Preset Sunny Day Summer Instagram Photo image 0

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The Sunny Day preset provides your photos with a sharp appearance.

This could make your Instagram feed glow rather than appear stringy.

It also makes your Instagram feed look upbeat and cheerful, like your mood on a sunny day.

This preset adds attention to the detailing of your photos.

Thus, separating colors from each other and presenting an overall appearance with accentuated features.

These effects will make your Instagram feed stand out.

This is perfect for outdoor photography and photos were taken in direct sunlight.

This preset adds vibrant shades to your pictures.

For different pictures with different levels of brightness, this preset provides the option to edit the exposure and white balance.

In this way, you can adjust the effect according to your preference.

This preset can also be used for indoor photos that require enhancement of colors and brightness in their overall appearance.

In case you prefer bright yet, vintage on your photos, this preset solely would not help you create that look.

That is unless your photography includes content that aid in achieving the desired result.

A detailed installation manual for the preset is present in Youtube,.

This can be accessed by the link provided above.

The Sunny Day preset is compatible with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

This preset does not require you to take a subscription for Adobe Lightroom.

It works with all versions of the Mobile Lightroom Classic CC version.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free updates
  • Easy to use
  • Tested with different types of pictures

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6. Insta-Blogger10 Mobile Lightroom Presets Insta Blogger Instagram Presets image 0

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The Insta-Blogger preset includes ten different kinds of mobile presets,.

They can be used to create an artistic Instagram feed. 

These multiple presets give your Instagram feed a light and natural look.

At the same time, it will enhance the details and features within your photos.

This preset brightens and sharpens the colors of your picture.

This is done in such a way that it retains the natural look within your photographs.

  • You can use this preset whether your Instagram feed focuses on:
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Gym equipment
  • Food
  • Nature
  • Landscape
  • Traveling
  • Business
  • Products
  • Portrait

This preset is very versatile.

This preset completely transforms your pictures.

It makes them more presentable and Instagram-worthy, according to your choice.

As a result, you are providing an overall stunning appearance to your Instagram feed.

This is done through the use of different effects. 

These different effects include:

  • Bright
  • Dark
  • Warm
  • Vibrant
  • Clean

You can look through a variety of presets and choose the one best suited for your pictures. 

However, some users of this preset complain that it fails to provide them with the desired result. However, that is for you to decide if you choose to purchase this collection of presets.

These presets, however, are only available for Mobile Lightroom.

They cannot be used with any version of Desktop Lightroom.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Famous among consumers
  • Step -by step PDF manual for installation

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7. Food Lover PresetMobile Lightroom Presets Food Lovers Matte Warm Clean Vibrant image 0

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If you’re a food blogger, then the Food Lover preset is perfect for you!

This will add consistency to Instagram feed.

This Food Lover preset consists of 15 different effects.

The goals are to enhance the quality of your pictures and give them suitable shading.

This will give your food pictures a faded, yet fresh and natural look.

Normally, phone cameras often take away these qualities from photos.

Consequently, this preset is perfect for all those food lovers who like to take artistic pictures of their food and share it with their followers.

Moreover, this could also be for those who prefer to share different recipes on their feed, along with photos of the resulting food appearance.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger or a chef, this preset will help you develop an Instagram feed that looks crisp and natural;.

This will give your food pictures an inviting appeal.

This present is customizable.

This means that you can change the setting depending on the brightness and quality of your photos. 

In case you prefer bright and vibrant photos of your food rather than faded ones, this is not the right choice for you.

It works for both RAW and JPEG images.

Furthermore, this preset can be used for both Mac and Personal Computer.

However, it’s only compatible with Adobe lightroom and not Adobe Photoshop.

You can use this preset for both Desktop and Mobile Lightroom CC.

Additionally, Adobe subscriptions are not required to use this preset on Mobile Lightroom CC.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Detailed installation instructions
  • Support is provided free
  • Easy to use

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8. Brown Blogger PresetMATTE TAN Lightroom Mobile Presets Instagram Presets image 0

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The Brown blogger present is one of the all-time favorites presets of several bloggers because it provides a laid back and neutral yet exotic appearance to your Instagram feed.

This present consists of 7-8 effects that you can choose from depending upon your preference.

It would make your Instagram feed look fancy and provide it with a neutral palette that isn’t sharp and stringy for the eyes.

Furthermore, this feed lends a graceful, sophisticated, chic look to your pictures.

You should explore this collection if that sounds like something you would prefer for the appearance of your Instagram feed.

As it works best for well-lit photographs, this present is excellent for photos that are taken in sunlight.

However, direct sunlight may not be necessary to make your pictures look stunning using this effect.

If you like to maintain a matte look throughout your Instagram feed, this preset would be highly recommended to help you obtain that appearance and consistency in your feed.

However, other options for vibrant and lively Instagram feed are available, as also mentioned in this article, which may be preferable over this brown shaded effect by some of the readers.

The Brown Blogger preset works only for Mobile Lightroom CC.

Therefore, it can be used only with the last version of Lightroom―that, too, on the mobile rather than the desktop.

It works for both RAW and JPEG formats of images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Only 3 USD
  • Free test available via email
  • 5-starred reviews

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9. Dark and Moody Mobile Lightroom Preset10 Dark and Moody Mobile Lightroom Presets Desktop Presets image 0

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The Dark and Moody Mobile Lightroom preset, which contains ten different presets, ought to give your pictures a natural but dark and artistic look.

This preset is a perfect suit for your pictures if you like to post travel photos, portrait photos, landscapes, or pictures suiting different moods, as evident from the name.

To understand what this collection of presets offers, it may be said that it makes your pictures appear gloomy, dusky, and dim; thus, eloquent and creative.

This preset also ought to give your wedding photography an attractive dark appearance, making them look inviting and exciting.

The dark effect in these presets the first chunk, which opens your photography to contemplation, succeeding in increasing the aesthetic impact of your pictures.

A plus-worthy feature of these presets is that even though it gives your pictures a dark appearance, it still retains the details within your photos, thus making them more alive.

These presets can also provide your pictures with ghastly appearance through one of the ten different effects.

This isn’t preset for you if you prefer the bright and colorful appearance of your photos. 

The instructions for installation of this preset are included in the complete set that you would be required to purchase; if you prefer this appearance of your photos.

It’s compatible with all versions of Lightroom, which include Lightroom CC, Lightroom Classic CC, as well as Mobile Lightroom.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works well even with shallow light environment
  • 24/7 support
  • Free updates

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10. Golden Hour Preset

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Last but not least, there’s the Golden Hour preset with 20 different effects that provide you with an opportunity to choose from multiple shades.

This preset is suitable for outdoor photography.

However, it doesn’t require bright shades in images or direct sunlight to enhance the aesthetic effect in your pictures.

It’s also well-suited for portraits and landscape images.

Therefore, if your Instagram feed contains a number of the said pictures, this is indeed preset for you.

Each of these 20 different presets is designed by photographers to provide the user with a wide variety of effects to choose from.

It provides multiple tools that you can use to adjust the different effects on your pictures, such as the saturation and contrast effect within your photos.

However, before deciding to buy this product, you are recommended to evaluate the different presets offered in this entire collection of Golden Hour.

The complete package of this preset, along with several others mentioned above, comes with an installation instruction manual.

You can use it to easily install the present to your mobile phone or desktop.

This preset is compatible with Adobe Lightroom only, and not Adobe photoshop.

Additionally, this reset is available to use for Mobile Lightroom and can’t be used with Desktop Lightroom.

It supports RAW, Tiff, as well as JPEG format of images.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with a bonus containing 65 tools presets
  • Suitable for different shades of light
  • Perfect for pictures taken at dusk or dawn

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All About Lightroom Presets

First of all, who should get Lightroom presets?

Well, they’re for travel or a lifestyle bloggers, gym experts, foodies and animal lovers.

However, they’re also simply for those who like to post pictures after giving them a creative polishing, at the same time, don’t want the trouble of editing them.

Lightroom presets could become your best friends.

Are you curious about what Lightroom presets provide, the best offers and how it can help give your Instagram feed a professional and aesthetic look?

You’re likely to find some valuable and useful information in this article.

So continue reading.

There are hundreds of Lightrooms to choose from.

Different websites offer their own presets as do different bloggers.

As a result, it becomes quite overwhelming to pick the ones that would give your pictures the appearance you are looking for.

The following best Lightroom presets for Instagram have been thoroughly reviewed and presented.

Our goal is to provide you with the essential information to make an informed decision before you invest in a product.

The following presets will give you a unique, cohesive, and trendy Instagram feed.

Pick one depending on your style, content, and photography. 

Most of these presents have additional tools available that you can look through to adjust the effects according to your preference, as well as the lighting and brightness of your pictures.

Final Thoughts

The reason why Lightroom presets is so effective is because they save you editing time along with providing you the tools of your preference.

You can use these tools to make slight changes to the already constructed Lightroom presets.

It allows you to create a stylish Instagram feed.

Lightroom presets give you access to effects that are not available on your mobile phone.

You can, therefore, enhance the quality of your photos easily and, ultimately, your Instagram feed.

Mostly photographers developed these presets.

They include travelers and bloggers, too

These photographers take their inspiration through art and beauty from the different places.

Their goal is to provide you with an aesthetic experience within your reach.

They use their experience to give your photos a creative and aesthetic look that can make random pictures taken from phone cameras seem professional.

Through these presets mentioned above, you can create your signature style on your Instagram.

This will also help you develop your niche within the world of social media.

This ought to provide you, through your account, as well as your business account (if that is what you use presets for), the response and satisfaction you desire from these accounts. 

Here are some useful links: Preset Tutorial, Additional Preset 1, Additional Preset, Additional Preset 3

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