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best mailchimp templates for mobile

10 Best Mailchimp Templates For Mobile

In today’s digital age, it should be worth making an email or message memorable using the best Mailchimp templates for mobile.

It is easy for us to miss relevant emails or messages if they do not catch our attention. 

For businesses, mobiles have become an essential means for their contacts to view their email campaigns and design them in a way that makes them memorable and effective. 

All people commonly use their phones to connect with those around them. 

Emails and newsletters are quickly becoming the most popular way to reach out to your desired audience.

If you do it right, it can bring you the desired results.

Useful emails can also result in increased sales, international traction, and a subtle growth in your following.

With changing times, technology has also changed and has rapidly evolved the digital world.

Our digital communication is a lot more advanced too.

Gone are the days where we’d send and receive plain and simple emails that never stood out and were quickly dismissed.

So, are you looking for an effective way to communicate and impact your contacts?

Then, explore the best Mailchimp templates for mobile to make sure your campaigns catch their eyes! 

1. Sales Mailchimp Template

best mailchimp templates for mobile
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New in town or got news to share in town?

This one’s for you! 

Create the perfect digital sharing space for your new items, creative portfolio, blog posts, or even latest sales, and connect with your desired audience through this one-of-a-kind email newsletter template! 

Make a lasting impression that keeps them coming back for more through this elegant and customizable template design and share the latest information about you! 

Designed for use of mobile phones to access emails, this template is HTML responsive and is compatible with mailchimp, allowing you to get the most out of your email campaign. 

While a basic understanding of HTML is required, the template works great on all major email clients, browsers, and social media buttons included in the purchase. 

Perfect for small business or up and coming entrepreneurs to share with their expanding world what kind of a difference they can make with their unique offerings. 

Personalized emails and newsletters are especially beneficial for new businesses as they can increase awareness about themselves and drive traffic to their websites or businesses. 

It is time to make a mark in the market, and this is the perfect way for you to do so! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fully customizable through the design team to match your exact needs 
  • Space for images and text 
  • Immediately catch the eyes of your audience with bold design 
  • Perfect for a quick brief about your business and offerings 
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2. Foody Mailchimp Eblast Pack

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Foody Mailchimp Eblast Pack is ideal for those in the culinary world where food is their dream and the world is their oyster.

All food bloggers or restauranteurs can share their upcoming recipes or their favorite places to eat. 

Let your readers know what is happening in the culinary world and share your favorite dining experiences in a fun and creative way! 

This Eblast pack is equipped with 3 HTML Files and an images folder. 

This template is compatible with HTML/CSS but you must know HTML to be able to work with this template. 

You can add relevant images to your business or e-campaign in HTML, JPG, and PNG format to draw attention to your offers. 

Running a weekend offer or promoting a newly added dish to the menu?

You can use this template many times and you can customize it to your preference .

The layered Eblast pack needs to be updated with your URLs.

The template allows it to adjust correctly to any screen, especially that of a mobile, and that makes this template all the more effective to get your delicious messages across! 

This newsletter will let you talk about about your favorite culinary experiences all year long! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • An engaging approach to let your current clientele know what you are offering 
  • Customizable as per your restaurant’s requirement 
  • Perfect for seasonal dining promotions 
  • Allows readers to explore unique and exciting dining options 
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3. Summer Mailchimp Eblast

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It’s getting hot and the summer offers are more torrid! 

Let your readers relax and cool off with what you bring to the table this summer season!

Stylize your email campaigns to promote your latest summer offers to your clientele and let them know how to beat the heat this summer. 

The Summer Mailchimp EBlast includes 1 HTML File and images folder, and you can add any imagery or messages that best suit your campaign. 

Once purchased, you will be responsible for updating the URLs for all your offers. 

This template is compatible with HTML/CSS, and the media to be used on it can be in JPG, PNG, or HTML. 

As summer is just around the corner, it is the most effective way to let your clientele know what you have to offer in a way that will keep them interested to know more! 

Whether you are offering a pool day just for ladies, or a kids’ day so the mommies can take a break, or some family fun under the sun – keep your customers hooked with a hot email and sizzling summer deals! 

Let the summer fun begin with you! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • An effective way to educate the existing clients about your summer promotions 
  • Attracts potential new customers with eye-catching imagery 
  • Allows customers to view and explore potential summer plans easily 
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4. Fitness Mailchimp Template 

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Staying in great shape is no easy feat, but with your custom fitness template, you can get your fitness enthusiasts excited without breaking a sweat! 

Fitness gurus let your clients know the best way to get into shape in their own homes or make the best use of the great outdoors. 

Let your followers know about all the creative and exciting ways they can get into shape without exercise seeming like a chore! 

This responsive email template can be used to promote your fitness classes, personal coaching sessions, introduction to new classes, timings, and so much more! 

You can reach out and educate your clients about the different fitness plans, diet offers, and even let them sign up for trial classes then and there! 

The customizable template is easy to install and allows you to add whatever images you like. 

The pack includes documentation to help you install the template, HTML template without tags, layered Photoshop PSD document – everything will be able to download once the payment is confirmed. 

With all the main MailChimp tags already available on the template, all you have to do is add your images and content and let your clients you mean fitness business!

Let your clients know that their summer bod is one click away! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy way to let your customers know all the different classes you are offering 
  • Great way to get your clients excited about fitness 
  • Easy access to your services 
  • Effective and eye-catching method for business growth 
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5. Blogger Template

best mailchimp templates for mobile
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Calling all bloggers – this one is for you! 

Have an eye for fashion and want to keep your followers up-to-date?

Or want to share your wanderlust and adventures with your readers?

This template allows you to get your voice across to your audience. 

With a chic and elegant design, ample space for images and text, this template lets you reach out to your audience and will make them want to follow you on your blog or social media to keep them up-to-date with you!

This template allows you to create a bespoke style for your blog theme and offers extra image icons for your style. 

Personalize your emails or weekly newsletters with a unique, responsive design that lets your readers get a real feel of what you are all about!

Share your latest fashion updates with your audience and get them excited about the latest trends in the market.

Tell them about your latest adventures in the great outdoors, or inspire them to take a trip of their own! 

The purchase of this template gives you a 1-click install file, assets folder, PDF tutorial, and step-by-step video tutorials.

It also provides tips for a healthy marketing system to make your user experience easy and enjoyable. 

This template is responsive on all devices, especially mobiles, and reaching out to your followers has never been easier! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Your readers can get a quick update about what is on your blog
  • They can get a feel of what type of blogger aesthetic you have
  • The chic and elegant design makes it a memorable email to read through 
  • Solidify your brand image through this template 
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6. Fashion Blog Mailchimp Template 

best mailchimp templates for mobile
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This template is perfect for the fashion houses, bloggers, event curators, and fashionistas in general.

It allows your readers to thrust themselves into the fashion world with the click of a button. 

Let your readers know in a fun and exciting (digital) manner all the latest fashion gossip, trends, and frenzy in a single email. 

All you need is some basic knowledge of HTML and photoshop skills and a keen sense of fashion!

Then, you’ll be taking the ‘fashionista’ world by storm! 

The easy-to-install template lets you get your hottest fashion information out there with a sophisticated and trendy look. 

Your contacts will also be able to check out where to find and shop the latest looks and be on point with the times. 

Let this be the fashion inspiration your readers are looking for to spruce up their wardrobes! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use 
  • Enough space for fashion images and news 
  • Simple and chic design 
  • Lets the user share the information in a sleek manner
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7. Mailchimp Newsletter Template

best mailchimp templates for mobile
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Take a clean break from the clutter with this professional newsletter template! 

This is perfect for news outlets or blogs that want to share their information.

Moreover, you’ll have added photographic impact on readers, while sharing important information. 

Compatible with major email clients on various devices, this template is fully customizable to match your style and desired tone of voice. 

This template pack is coded HTML responsive, which is:

  • Compatible with mailchimp
  • Full layered photoshop PSD document
  • Has instructions for use with mailchimp

All these make it one of the most natural templates on the market to use.

This is also perfect for organizations to share their company updates and new.

Especially for tech-giants and corporations who have a large following or are interested in gaining a broader audience. 

Are you looking for new candidates in the market?

This can also be an effective way to reach out to your audience and get them interested in what they can achieve with you. 

Stand out from the spam that fills users’ inboxes and let your customers know what your brands or business are really about. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to use and compatible with all major email clients 
  • Simple and effective way to share the latest updates
  • Customizable to organizations’ tone and message 
  • Professional and corporate look ideal for businesses 
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8. Thanksgiving Mailchimp Template

best mailchimp templates for mobile
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Let your readers gobble at your news! 

Want to wish your customers, family, or friends a happy and memorable Thanksgiving?

Look no further! 

Make sure your favorites know that they mean a lot to you.

You can do this through your personalized email and make this an extraordinary surprise in their inbox. 

Design your email and message with this adorable template to let them know that you are thankful for them and thinking of them. 

This quirky email template sets you apart from the rest and makes you stand out in the email crowd! 

It is the perfect template for businesses to decorate your emails.

Moreover, it is also best used to thank your customers by updating them with the latest news and offers. 

This customizable template is compatible with HTML/CSS.

You can add all the relevant images that you like and share your unique message too! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • A unique theme for a special event 
  • Customizable for personalized messages 
  • Provided images folder 
  • A colorful and exciting approach to connecting with your audience 
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9. Christmas Tree Mailchimp Email Template

best mailchimp templates for mobile
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This Christmas, send your wishes with a merry twist! 

Download this customizable email newsletter.

It has been hardcoded and has a free Christmas tree illustration that adds a special touch for a very merry Christmas. 

Send out individual wishes or add information about your Christmas offers with an attached link to your website.

This template serves as the perfect opportunity for you to connect with your clients or loved ones! 

You can add your images and message or use the ones provided in the template.

It is compatible with all major email clients. 

The package also includes free social media buttons and the responsive feature allows it to work correctly on all devices! 

This Christmas wish your friends, family, and customers a wonderful season with a personalized present in their digital stocking!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Table-based structure 
  • Easy to customize 
  • Detailed instructions on how to install 
  • Can be personalized to make your message seem special
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10. eCommerce Mailchimp Template

Make your first impression a lasting one! 

This template is perfect for small businesses and e-commerce stores as it will help you drive up sales! 

It is designed in a manner that directs readers’ attention to what you have to sell or what they should be looking forward to that will soon be available – a simple yet stunning design is your key to success! 

Educate your readers about your upcoming brand and let them know why they should be shopping with you! 

Created simply, all you have to do is download the template and instructions, then open the photoshop file and customize it to your brand. 

After you export those files, open them in mailchimp, and import the data, and you’re good to go! 

The purchase pack also includes links to download free fonts, as well as basic photoshop, and mailchimp instructions are also provided. 

This easy-to-use template lets your customers know:

  • What you are offering
  • Where they can purchase it
  • How much is it
  • Provides direction to your website for secure purchase

No coding is required with this template. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy access to your brand 
  • Quick gateway to your e-commerce website 
  • Valid information displayed for increased customer interest 
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Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many more templates out there that would best suit your personal, business, or brand needs.

However, it is essential when an email is sent out to your people because it is one they wish to keep on reading more! 

To truly make an impact in a predominantly digital world, it is essential to keep in mind your audience and design a message so that they know that they are your priority.

With an increase in demand for communication taking place on a digital platform, it is almost second-nature to make sure the connection is concise, insightful, and useful. 

With these impressive, personal, and even funky mailchimp templates, it is guaranteed to get the attention of your customers, family, and friends by standing out as a leader of the digital communications section. 

Creating a name for yourself and your brand and reaching out to your audience has never been this easy before! 

So, don’t wait any longer and start customizing your emails today using these best mailchimp templates for mobile! 

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