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10 Best Mandala Drawing App Choices for iPad & iPhone

10 Best Mandala Drawing App Choices for iPad & iPhone

If you’re looking to create beautiful, detailed, intricate mandala designs; we have the best apps for you.

These time saving apps will help you draw perfectly symmetrical mandalas on your iPad and iPhone.

The art of drawing and coloring mandalas has deep meaning in Buddhism and Hinduism.

It is said that a mandala represents the whole universe and open a window to our inner soul.

The word mandala means circle. 

It is seen as a symbol of deep connection with yourself and as a medium of appreciating nature and energy.

These designs can be used to decorate and to create beautiful gifts at the same time as we improve our artistic abilities.

Furthermore, recent investigations suggest that drawing mandalas can be useful for calming anxiety and stress.

Considering how to complicate our lives can be, having a healing hobby can be of great help.

That is why we bring you a detailed list of the best apps for drawing Mandalas.

They have special features plus special tools that will help you improve your symmetrical patterns and intricate designs.   

1. Procreate Mandala Creator


This Mandala Creator for Procreate is a great time-saving tool.

It organizes the creating process and allows you to add intricate details. 

This pack comes with detailed instructions on how to use the 12 Mandala grids.

In addition, you will also receive 3 elegant metallic color palettes and a stippling brush.

Now, you know that this pack is a great deal.

It has everything you need to create stunning Mandalas.

Further more, you also get future updates and unlimited one-to-one support.

Download Now!

2. Amaziograph


Symmetrical designs can be very pleasing to the eye, but they undoubtedly are challenging creations if they are a freehand draw because one little mistake, and it will stand out ruining the pattern.

Behold creators of mandalas and tessellations, Amaziograph is an app that solves this problem.

If you want to create fascinating and uniform drawings, this app offers you excellent tools to help you give free rein to the imagination.

Feel free to use 11 types of symmetries to create intricate designs

Amaziograph is a valuable tool that can make you can feel like a professional artist since the finishes are top-notch.

It is a paid application; however, for the number of tools and quality of the creations, it is entirely worth it. 

For drawing mandalas, this app is especially significant because it can create one or more circles of converging lines, which are ideal as guidelines for creating the pattern of one or more mandalas on one canvas.

This feature of multiple mandalas it’s not a common one.

And not only that but its types of symmetries can save you a lot of drawing time as each time you touch the screen; the traces will appear automatically in the other sections of the canvas.

If you want to, you can draw with the tip of your fingers, but naturally, with an Apple pencil, the outcome can be a lot easier.

Feel free to adjust the view with zoom, rotation, and scroll options.

Some characteristics:

  • 11 types of symmetries
  •  Layers
  • Compatible with iPad with canvas size up to 4096x4096px
  • Automatic dotted and dashed lines
  • Adjustable stroke softness, width, and opacity in both eraser and brush
  • Instantaneous correction of circles and straight lines
  • Practical color palette: Straightforward to use and you have options like mixing colors as you would do in real life, or you can insert RGB values
  • Export the illustrations in JPEG, PNG, or in Amaziograph format, which you can share with other users of the app

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3. Mandala Maker: Symmetry Doodle

If drawing and coloring mandalas are your passion, then this app is perfect for you.

A whole free app dedicated to the creation of intricate and symmetrical mandalas.  

Mandala Maker brings the creativity and relaxation of drawing mandalas for everyone; you don’t need to be an artist to make the most of this app.

You can relax and enjoy all the new tools and features.

Not only is it free for everyone, but to not interrupt the meditation and creativity, this app does not have ads for everyone.

If you want to, you can acquire the unlock mode once and have all the features forever.


Fun and relaxation for everyone while creating unique mandalas

Feel to stroke a brand new design, or if your drawing pulse is not that great, don’t worry; you have a wide variety of stickers, shapes, and brushes.

This also makes the creational process a lot smoother and accessible.

The main focus of this app is to facilitate your relaxation and work as a recreational and creative scape.

Move the mandala center, add all the details you want, let all your imagination shine.  

Here we specify some features of this app:

  • Interactive and fun interface
  • Smooth free-form zooming for better details
  • Kaleidoscope like patterns
  • Export your creation once done
  • Stickers of different styles, including Tattoo, henna, paisley, sacred geometry, spiral, ornament, and much more.
  • Vectors stickers for all tastes
  • Customizable background   
  • Only compatible with iPhones and iPads  

Download Now!

3. ornamentiOrnament: Draw Mandala & Art

If you are searching for smooth traces and freehand creation of Mandalas, iOrnament is here to fulfill your artistic needs.

According to its creators, everyone can be an artist with this app.

Create enhances strokes with your fingers with the support for 3D Touch or use the Apple Pencil.

Thanks to its symmetrical functions, you can create intricate mandalas come to live with few strokes and discover incredible combinations of symmetries.


                  Science and art put together to create elaborate mandalas easily   

The development team wanted to create a perfect combination of science and art to make science more interactive and visually appealing.

The symmetrical functions are based on mathematical functions, and you can access an interactive pop-up book that explains the exceptional accuracy behind this magic.

Thanks to its effort of bringing together science and art, iOrnament was the user’s choice winner in the Tabby Awards.

It was also rated 10/10 stars on and was scored 4,7 on the global rating.

Draw a mandala from scratch in just a couple minutes, thanks to the several symmetries available.

Also, you can modify the symmetry type in the middle of the process and also feel free to create small local balances.

You can acquire additional features via the In-App store.

This include customization of the background, layers, brushes, advanced pens, and geometry, which helps to draw perfectly straight lines and circles.

Some of the main features this app has are:

  •  Wide rainbow color palette and pens types
  •  Add highlights with the glow pen mode
  • Gold drawing effect
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Unlimited undo/redo option
  • Save, load and recover your creations
  • Animated drawing process
  • Free scroll, zoom, and rotation
  • Didactic tutorial of mathematics backgrounds
  • Export your illustrations to your photos, via email or Facebook

Download Now!

4. Mandalas Drawing Studio


It’s time to get comfy and relax with some classic mandalas, download this free app, and get ready to enjoy the creative process of drawing your designs and decorations in beautiful mandalas.

You can focus on your creation process since this app has no-ads.

Concentrate your imagination at the tip of your fingers or use the Apple Pen to express your soul in one round, mandala.

You can select the background color at any moment and trace high-quality vectors lines.

Use your virtual canvas to create symmetrical lines with breathtaking possibilities.

This app is rather simple and perfect to spend some time creating a cute mandala of your own, with symmetrical traces and limited colors and pens.

It’s a great app if you want to spend some time being creative.

Relax with the easy to use Mandala Drawing Studio

Some of the features present in this app are:

  • You can export your creations in your iCloud Drive
  • Smooth and free zoom
  • High-quality vector so your mandala never looks pixelated
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil
  • Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Modern UI that facilitates drawing
  • Layers options

Download Now!

5. Mandala Kit 

Do you like mandalas and would like to create one of your own? However, you are not that right drawer.

Don’t you worry, this app brings an excellent solution for this predicament.

Download for free MandalaKit on your iPad and get ready to create some beautiful mandalas using the best of your imagination and inventiveness.

You can create a mandala on your iPad without needing to know how to draw.

MandalaKit creates a mandala using circles of repetitive predetermined figures.

You have complete customizable options over each circle of data in the mandala, being able to create a colorful and elaborated design.

The interface is friendly and intuitive.

Using this innovative way of drawing mandalas, there is no limitation for creating a symmetrical pattern.

You can create a mandala on your iPad without drawing.

This refreshing and straightforward idea of creating mandalas is a great way to start learning how to draw a mandala. At first glance, it may look straightforward and a little bit odd not to be able to stroke your ideas, but this app surely will bring lots of fun and suitable quality vectors.

Some of the features of this app are:

  • Customizable background.
  • Textures and color palettes
  • Step by step tutorial
  • Layers
  • Random generator
  • Geometrical and primary forms
  • Good quality vectors
  • Export your creation to your social media or save it as an image

Download Now!

6. Mechanical Mandalas


We are used to seeing mandalas as pieces of delicate traces, which include floral, geometrical, or animal forms.

This app brings an alternative for those who want a different style of mandala.

The idea behind Mechanical Mandalas is not a common one; the developers wanted to fuse the Spirograph (Hasbro ™) mechanism and the cyberpunk style to create a complicated and technologic mandala.

The concept can be somewhat confusing, but the fantastic results that can come off this app are undoubtedly unique.

The sci-fi style that arrays right in front of your eyes is exciting and relaxing proves.

The free app includes 44 prebuilt mandalas ready to evolve for you.

You can also try your creativity and develop your mandalas in the editor mode where you can create from scratch.

You can modify any of the mandalas already present in the gallery.      

Mechanical Mandalas is the perfect combination of mandalas and sci-fi style.

The relaxation and calmness that can produce watching the animation of the creation of each mandala can have significant effects on stress.

Sit back and enjoy the complicate nature made by multiples gears and circles.

Some of the features these app offers are:

  • Unlimited number of gears and pen for each mandala
  • Wide variety of pen color
  • Adjustable pen width and style
  • 29 available pen styles
  • Change gears position (Inside or outside of the frame)
  • Export your creation to your iCloud Drive
  • Be able to enjoy the nature of other users by sharing your creations

Download Now!

7. Symmetry Lab Basic


The main goal when drawing a mandala in your iPad is achieving perfect symmetry, and since humans are not perfect robots, this can surely represent a challenge.

How could you overcome this problem? Of course, we can recommend the ideal app for this.

This option, Symmetry Lab Basic, can create, as its name indicates, the perfect effect of symmetry.

It is ideal for creating art and elaborated artwork, which is why this is an excellent app for drawing mandalas on iPads.

In addition to that, this app can help you create a masterpiece illustration, thanks to the unique generator of the Symmetry Lab Basic.

This generator can combine the expression present in your strokes, together with the complexity of kaleidoscope effects.  

It doesn’t matter the age, or whether the artist has experience or not, this app is ideal for creating beautiful mandalas with different tools and colors.

You need to try it and let flow all your imagination.

This free app offers the use of 2-fold symmetry up to 128-fold symmetry.

The possibilities of creation are countless. Some of the users even use it to design jewelry and unique illustrations.  

Generate a mandala full of symmetry and kaleidoscopes effects.

You can acquire the full version to get rid of ads, increase the number of symmetry folds, unlock ten new unique colors, and improve the app options and grid styles.

If you want to know some of the features this app has, here we list the main ones:

  • From 2 to 128 fold symmetry options
  • Customizable brush size and style
  • Export your creation as an image or share it on your social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more)
  • Kaleidoscope effect
  • Vibrant variety of colors
  • Unlimited redo and undo history
  • Save and load your creations
  • High-quality images 

Download Now!

8. Magic Doodle – Draw, Paint 

Not only drawing a mandala can help to relax and meditate, but it can be a moving process with this app.

Magic Doodle can turn your doodles into a playback as a colorful cartoon of your creation.

The black background and intense and shiny colors can give your draws a magic aura.

With kaleidoscope effects, you can create a mesmerizing mandala and also develop a playback of the process, recording the pleasantry process and share it in your social media.

Bring out your inner child as you calmly create beautiful mandala flowers of bright colors and patterns.

It is useful for creating video content and show off your abilities as an artist or your beloved hobby.

Draw a shiny mandala with kaleidoscope effect and enjoy the playback process video

You can download this app for free, and the only in-app purchase is the removal of ads.

With that amount of brushes and colors, it is a great deal to have this app and create all the doodles and mandala you want.

Here we make a summary of the features of this app:

  • Different magical paintbrushes tools
  • More than ten doodle patterns
  • Cartoon mode to playback the drawing process
  • Random color selection option
  • Easy to operate even for children
  • Save your artwork in your gallery
  • Share your artwork in your social media
  • Undo-redo tool
  • Works without WiFi

Download Now!

9. Inspirit – The Art of Mandala

We have mentioned a couple of apps in this list that facilitates so much the process of drawing a mandala in your iPad that you don’t need such high drawing skills to create intricate mandalas.

Inspirit is not the exception to this fantastic feature, but it also helps to create moving and fascinating mandalas and kaleidoscopes.

The control of this app is rather simple, and it focuses on the process of relaxation of creating these colorful and intricate patterns.

The pattern used for the mandala or the kaleidoscope creation can be premade or made from the start.

But the unique thing about this app is that you can make the image rotates, creating mesmerizing illustrations.

You can choose to capture the mandala at your favorite moment, or you can enjoy the visual illusion this movement can produce.

The effect of meditation and relaxation that can be produced with this app is appealing and can be useful to create incredible videos.

There are no limits of age or drawing skills, just beautiful illusions and breathtaking mandalas.

Create moving kaleidoscopes and mandalas animations with insane colors 

 Here are some of the features Inspirit offers:

  • Create animated patterns of kaleidoscopes and mandalas artworks
  • Different types of brushes options
  • Pleasant color gradient variations
  • Free zoom and rotation of the view
  • Share your creations in your social media.
  • Save your mandalas as a picture of your gallery
  • Add incredible glow effect

Download Now!

10. Coloring Book for Me

If you want a complete app for drawing and creation, this can be the perfect option for you.

All the creation sections Coloring Book for me will let you bring out your inner artist for sure.

You can create and color your mandala with the help of symmetry traces.

This function not only saves you a lot of time, moreover it provides an easy way to create perfect and intricate patterns with no mistakes.

If you want to increase your variety of meditation methods, you can also enjoy more than 20 categories of coloring pages, made by unbelievable artists. Y

ou have arranged more than 30 color pallets, and you can, too, create your color pallet.

There is no limit to how inventive and creative you can be with Coloring Book for Me.

If you want to, you can add post-editing effects to create a vignette effect, apply textures, change contours, and filters.

If you want to share your artwork and be part of a community of artists, this app offers you the Inspire feed, where you can update your creations and also admire other people’s works.

You are drawing, and coloring experience will be accompanied by smooth music to help you relax and increase your creativity.

This app, Coloring Book of me, thinks about all the features an artist need, and you can download the app for free.

Draw colorful Mandalas and enjoy of an artist community

Here we list some of the principal features of this app:

  • Custom mandala mode
  • More of 20 categories of coloring pages made by incredible artists
  • 30 beautiful preset color palettes with high gradient
  • Custom palette creation
  • Different coloring tools
  • Post-editing effects
  • Apple pencil support
  • Inspire feed to inspire yourself and others with artworks sharing
  • Relaxing soundtracks
  • Import your creations to your Camera Roll

Download Now!

Conclusion of The Best Mandala Drawing Apps for iPad

With all these options, we hope you can find the best solution for your artistic urges.

After all, taking some time off our busy day to create beautiful mandalas and artworks can be a wholesome hobby.

Several apps on this list do not require that you have incredible precision on your strokes.

With some of them, there is no need to draw a single stroke, so feel free to try your artistic side and start drawing mandalas with iPad apps.

Don’t forget that drawing your mandalas with an iPad can be very helpful if you want to create personalized cards or gifts with many details.

You can also export your creations and print them on shirts or cups; the value of building your artwork has no limit.

Which is your favorite app for drawing mandalas on the iPad?

Please don’t forget to leave a comment with your opinion. 

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