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best microsoft powerpoint infographic templates free

10 Best Microsoft Powerpoint Infographic Templates for Free

‘How would you like… Ten professional clean & engaging Infographics, for Microsoft PowerPoint For…. free!?’

If that’s a yes, then you’re in the right place!
So let’s begin, there is a big misconception when it comes to great Infographics People believe they have to pay a lot of money, for great Infographics but.. That’s not real great Infographics don’t always cost money!

I’m 100% sure that the content you’re about to read will add value to your Presentation, I will list the pros and the cons.
For each of the infographics listed below, each Infographic has its direct link to download the file.

Now, of course, these are for Microsoft PowerPoint, so there’s no reason not to use infographics when they give so much value to your presentation quite frankly.

Infographics are a great way to let your readers genuinely understand what your saying or what they’re reading with a clear and precise image. People remember visuals more than what they’ve learned.

There have been countless studies on this.

Do also remember that these Infographic templates can be edited easily by yourself. I will now give you in-depth examples of how you can use it. These infographics are listed below. So why are Infographics so Important?

One reason for this is Infographics, establish you as an expert, people have advertised their business through the heavy use of Infographics, so why is that? Well, Infographics are linkable and share-able, and there’s a large amount of them on any social media website and for an excellent reason! Infographics can also Increase sales dramatically, and for a good reason. Rather than writing out benefits and processes and so on, it can be visualized, with the right Infographic, that is why they add so much value to our businesses, another example could be….

Well, let’s say you read a piece of text; your brain will only remember 20% of what you’ve just read. Visuals, on the other hand, are processed 60,000 times faster than text. In fact, by 90%! So it’s pretty much a no brainer to use Infographics, in all your presentations.

I mean, look at it like this; the term infographics has 13 million! Search Results on Google alone! So there’s no shortage when it comes to infographics, but as we all know, a good majority of them cost money today. I’m going to share with you the top 10 free Infographic templates; I will also provide you a link to download them.

Please note they are not in any particular order!

Now we have that out of the way! Go and grab yourself a cup of coffee, and we will dive in headfirst!

1. The Radial Brain

So what makes this Infographic so powerful?

I am sure you’ve seen the brain Illustration on many presentations before, and there is a perfect reason behind it; an illustration of the Brain stands for knowledge, information, and, of course, memory. So when would you use this in a presentation?

Let’s say, for instance, you are trying to tell your target audience, The four big ideas your company has, so you could use this Infographic, So this Infographic looks very professional and clean. With four paragraphs that can be easily read. With no clutter or distracting images. In the background very easy to read, has four ovals, that you can add your paragraphs to, now that being said, there are some downsides. There isn’t much room for text the brain image of this template big; I would have preferred it if the paragraphs were symmetrical but other than that, It is an excellent Infographic overall.

Download Link:

2. The Ideas Intersection

This Infographic can be used in several different ways, now the first.

The thing that comes to mind when looking at this Infographic is Ideas, mainly creative thinking. So how could you use this infographic?

Well.. let’s say you want to come up with some way to put across.

Some creative ideas you have for your business, that you

I want to show in your presentation. But the very best way to use this.

Infographic Is to show how two thoughts or ideas can be combined into

One great big idea, So what do I like and dislike about this?

Well, the Infographic has a professional and clean look to it, the-

Paragraphs are in the perfect place; the text is the ideal font.

It would be easy to read from a distance. The two lightbulbs together with

the ‘’best idea’’ in between picture paints a thousand words in just one

The picture cleverly did. However that being said, the cons would be the

text fields are somewhat limited, to how much text you can put in them,

apart from that, it’s a great Infographic.

Download Link:

3. The Chain Process

An excellent Infographic If you want to tell a timeline or a process, it takes for your product, a timeline of your company from when you, First launched, to the current day… with six sequential tasks,

as well as six ideas and concepts. There’s no shortness of use.

Most notably, this Infographic has plenty of room for all the information you may need for tasks in a sequence which looks very professional, and easy for your audience to read. Now the only downside I would say is that the use of color is off. Perhaps the image of the chains could be in one color with a different graphic for the ring. It would look better. It is an excellent Infographic and should be used in your presentation if you want to show a sequence of tasks to your target audience.

Download link

4. The L Shaped Stairs

This Infographic is great; you can use it in many different ways, even if you’re in the personal development sector. So let’s say that you show this slide to an audience. This can show them the process of Achieving their goals…You can use this example for any industry; You could show this to a new employee, which builds a picture better than words alone. So what are the downsides?

There isn’t any; I do like this Infographic a lot, the use of the font is great, this would be readable from a distance. The colors used work Well, perhaps a longer sequence may be up to 5 to 6 steps, but other than that, this deserves to be in your presentation.

Download Link:

5. The Growth Folded Arrow

This Infographic can be used in multiple ways, one of them being is Let’s say you want to show the growth in your company since you began. You can show how much percent your company has increased per year. You could see even… use it as five sequential steps to build your business and so on. Now, what are the downsides? Well, there isn’t a lot of room for text, so you may need more.

Text fields to use this Infographic. However, if you don’t require more text fields, then this would be perfect for you.

Download link:

6. The Handshake

This Infographic speaks volumes; it conveys trust, and of course, one of the most important parts in any presentation, whether you’re in the healthcare sector or the financial sector; maybe you’re trying to sell a product or service.
This infographic will certainly not let you down! Also If you’re looking to establish trust in your presentation, then there Is no better Infographic then this one!
So where in your Presentation do you think you might use this?
Well, you can use this at the start of a presentation as an introduction. Now, why would you want to do that? Well, it’s rather simple; this works best with companies, that are trying to build a relationship with another company as an example, you may be going into business with another company.
Therefore, there is a joint presentation of employees from both companies, and you would want to-

Convey respect and trust to both of the employees of each company, maybe company A and company B are going to merge.
What better way to show everyone that they are now part of a team, and now together and are as one, as one company.
Also, it could even be used at the very end of your presentation; obviously, When we say goodbye In a job interview or a business meeting, you would naturally shake hands. As professionals, So at the end of a presentation, this would be a nice ending….

This Infographic has plenty of room for two solid paragraphs to finish Your presentation, and remember the closing of any presentation, whether that be a phone call or a message the ending is always the most important, just like a movie!
If the end of the movie is bad your Disappointed.. so keep this in mind next time, your working on a Presentation! So with all these upsides? Surely there are downsides?

Well, yes, like anything, there are always downsides.
But there isn’t many I do like this Infographic, I believe it would have looked better if the arms and hands, had a clear outline.
Maybe changing the image, ie, the image of the arms a handshake to a different color, to stand out more. That would fix that so It would be better.
The other thing is, It does look a little plain, perhaps something going on In the background may have Helped.
Another downside to this is that the paragraphs should have been placed, Above both arms, Instead – Or underneath other than that, this infographic, definitely deserves a place on this list!

Download Link

7. The Escalator

A great Infographic to demonstrate progression within a company.
This is the perfect slide to show a new employee, that is starting In your company.
So they can see the route to progress this infographic speaks volumes, by painting a picture in the mind of your audience, as to where they could end up.
With very little effort on your behalf.
So what, else could this infographic be used for?
Well, It can be used in quite a few ways, such as the steps for a task. So let’s say, for instance, that your project manager ok?
And you’re Faced with telling your team that – you’ve been allocated to work with, what the steps are for the team.

It’s very hard to explain without an Infographic like this, as we know, one of the many benefits of using an Infographic is the engagement.

So if you’re explaining something very important for the Team project that you want your team to understand.

Then there is no better Infographic than this one; it provides four good sized text fields where there is plenty of room to tell your audience the process, So what would be the downsides?
Well, there are a few, so let’s begin.. the paragraphs would have been better if all of the text fields could hold the same amount of text.
Also, the text fields are not Symmetrical, Which is unfortunate because the infographic would have looked a lot cleaner, but apart from that, this infographic does deserve A place on this list.

Download Link:

8. The Iceberg

This is a great Infographic! You can use this Infographic in so many different sectors, so what else is good about this infographic?

Well, the iceberg analogy, or simply put the Iceberg principle, is used to Illustrate that a very small amount of information is available, the example you would have the ‘’hidden information below the water’’ and above, would be the information that is ‘’visible’ to us.

So obviously you can use this in several ways, I’ll list just a few scenarios for you.
Maybe your an online marketer offering your Services? And you’re making a presentation as to why the service you provide is so crucial… Well, you could put underneath the waterline, of course, four areas where your business is hidden online… such as Facebook because you are not on there and so forth.

It will help you paint a picture in a way that your client or prospect will Make sense of easily, like the old saying, ‘’a picture paints a thousand words’’ That couldn’t be truer when it comes to infographics, so another example would be… let’s say you are a sales trainer. So you go to companies and try and increase their sales, instead of trying to explain to them how and why they’re leaving money on the table in sales.
Rather than just using speech, you can point to the This Infographic and show them by saying, ‘’The reasons as to why they’re not gaining more sales’’ can be shown here below the waterline.

So What are the downsides to this infographic?

Well, there is room for a lot of text, so be sure not to get too carried away with lots of information.
Your audience may zone out; apart from that, there aren’t any other real issues with this Infographic.

Download Link:

9. The Arrow Process Target

So obviously you would use this specific Infographic to Demonstrate the targets, your company may have.
With the powerful image of an arrow and a practice target, It paints the perfect picture for your audience.

Not only does it serve as a target for your company’s goals, but.
It can also be used as a metaphor to demonstrate to your audience, steps in a horizontal process, so let’s use this example, so let’s say you wanted to organize an event. So, of course, you would want that event to reach your objective correctly. What better way than this Infographic?

With the eye-catching graphics and five text fields and being easy to read.. and engaging to your reader but. There is a downside.

Now, if your audience is far back, the text may be difficult to see, apart from that everything else is perfect, just make sure to use bigger text!

Download link

10. Infographic Cycle

This Infographic has room for a lot of information; It has a clean and professional look to it. So this can be used to demonstrate a sequence in your company like how you make a product, in 8 stages, so let’s say that your an online marketer, or you create websites.

You could demonstrate the process in this slide with ease, painting the Client, a picture from paint A to point B, in a nice simple manner. So what would be some of the downsides to this slide? Well, there’s a few.

You may want to write more text than is catered for, but let’s face it, the design could have been better if the image had a full circle without, the ‘’3D’’ effect I think that would have made it look neater and

Professional and the colors used, Look a bit distracting to the eye while reading. However, it’s still a great Infographic.

Download link:

Final Thoughts

Templates to take away, or maybe all of them.

Maybe you will keep them for when you need them, whatever you do, you now know that you do not have to waste your money… On expensive Infographic templates…

The website that I used to find these, Infographics listed here has an abundance of Infographics on there; I just picked the top ten that I thought would give more value to a wide variety of industries, you could spend hours browsing the site, and pick some different templates, that you need. 
So do remember these templates are very easy to edit, So if there’s something you don’t like about them, try and change it a Little, the downsides I noted a lot of them may be fixed, by a simple edit now if you’re reading this.
You’ve never used infographics before and your thinking of using them, then do remember this they work! 
I found out recently that, Infographics were used as early as the 1700’s The very first infographic, was made with a chart of wheat and with a Which was made by William Playfair. Now, this guy is Considered The godfather of modern-day Infographics…
The guy invented the pie chart and even. Line graphs!

But one thing that truly shocks me is that some people don’t believe in infographics. Which is fair enough, but common logic alone should tell You, if infographics have been around as far back as the 1700s! Then Surely they must work? When applied correctly, of course, they deliver so much value to the marketplace. o what I suggest is download the ones you like, and put them onto a presentation; that way, you will see how powerful your presentations become, and let’s face it. No one likes to be just talked at or to read an endless amount of text on a white piece of paper now, do they? Of course not!

So you may be wondering why I didn’t place all of these, top ten picks In order?
It’s quite simple; the point being is that everyone has a different Need for these Infographic templates.
Everyone has a different niche for their business, so essentially it would have been rather pointless.

But If I had to pick my personal favorite, that would have to be, Number eight – ‘’The Iceberg’’ One of the many reasons being is that It has such a powerful Image, that’s delivered in a simple and easy and understandable way. It can be used in any industry and many ways. 

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