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10 Best Online Course Options For UX Design

Have you been searching for the best online course for UX design?

Then, you came to right site!

Before, giving you the ten best courses, let’s get down to the basics first.

What is UX design?

UX Design is the acronym for User Experience Design and can also be rendered as UXD, UED, or XD.

It involves a process by which user behavior is manipulated through the usability, usefulness, and desirability provided through the interface with a product.

UX Design includes and extends human-computer design by addressing all the aspects of a product or service. 

UXD makes designing various products, processes, services, events with the primary aim of placing appropriate and quality attention on user satisfaction.

UX Design as a discipline does not stand alone.

So, it involves a vast number of other disciplines in design which puts in consideration the following:

  • Product to be designed
  • Business involved
  • Environment where the product is used
  • Usefulness of the product 
  • Nature of the market

The primary purpose of UX Design is to build the quality of the product/service putting into consideration one or all of the following mechanisms:

  • Time
  • Interaction
  • Nature
  • Strength
  • Appeal
  • Value

We hope that you will be able to choose from the Ten Best Online Course for UX Design below.

1. User Experience Design Essentials – Get a job with UX design!

best online course for ux design

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Under UX design, the aim of the design team is to create a product that will be applicable and significant to the end-user.

It involves using aspects of branding, design, function, and usability of the whole product.

Moreover, it also includes the acquisition and incorporation, can be accomplished.

Although there are some other products on our list, the UX design courses will help you build your project.

By the time you are done learning the course, you will have several pages of UX design that you will be able to add to your portfolio.

From the beginning to the end of the course, you will learn the entire process from:

  • carrying out interviews
  • creating wireframes
  • building a model that can be tested

There will be a personal tutor who will assist you in learning the course.

Although the fee of the course is high, you will find that the tutoring and the projects are worth every penny.

This course is one of the wide-ranging UX courses available.


  • Learn how to become a UX designer
  • Have a source of income from your UX designing skills
  • Add UX designer to your CV or resume
  • Start and create a UX project on your own from start to finish
  • Add your own project designed to your portfolio

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best online course for ux design

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In this course, you will learn all that you need to know about UX, which includes design, content, and coding.

The elements of principles and strategies will be opened to you, and you will also learn how to use these abstracts.

This course will also give you full experience of designing and coding different types of sites.

And also teach you how to make a well-designed, attractive, and thriving website.

This course teaches how to identify and remove UX related difficulties and also what to put into a website to make it different from others.

Seeing and solving these UX related obstacles will make sure that all websites you build will:

  • Move forward
  • Be useful, usable, and helpful to those who use it

Using HTML, CSS, and WordPress and others, you will learn how to code a website.

Not only will you know how to design effective and functioning sites, you’ll also learn how to design these sites from start to finish.

When this course is concluded, you will fully understand the in-depth UX design as well as the tools to create different sites with the correct code.

This course will explain:

  • Why UX design is so essential to the users and the businesses
  • Content to be included on the sites
  • How to make ideas into a fully functioning website using the useful tool available


  • Have good knowledge of the principles and benefits of a kind and functioning UX and how to use it on your website
  • Know what people need from your website in order to thrive
  • Have the confidence to know what information should be on your website
  •  Use HTML, CSS, WordPress, and others, you will be able to code several websites
  • Add a project of your own to your portfolio

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best online course for ux design

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Over time, it has become much easier to create websites and mobile apps but harder to determine efficiency.

In this course, you’ll be able to learn how to develop useful websites, mobile apps, and mobile sites that support conversions and make users want more of it.

You will also have a web presence that is useful to thrive.

Strategy, scope, structure, and surface will also be also explained as critical elements of user experience in this course.

This knowledge will also be applicable an add to your work as a UX designer.

You will be more confident in making design decisions such as layout, color, information, design, and typography after finishing it.

That’s because you’ll learn user experience design fundamentals.

Also, with user experience design fundamentals, you will learn how:

  • To increase your web conversions
  • Your websites will be useful at achieving your goals
  • Your mobile apps can be enhanced

This course is also well structured and includes all you will need to create an improved UX.


  • Understand why user experience design is so important
  • Learn and understand the element of UX
  • Know what aspects of UX function together
  • Learn and understand strategy as an element of UX
  • Create a functional requirement

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best online course for ux design

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UX will give hands-on practice on all critical areas of user experience right from interviewing your user to creating prototypes and testing usable designs.

You will learn how to build a user experience portfolio to increase your job prospect, as you will finish a real-world sample.

In this course, you will gain a recognized certificate by getting ready for the BCS foundation certificate in UX.

It will also give you the settings you will need to get on track on a career in user experience.

You will learn how to apply your skills as a designer to a project that will be the first entry into your user experience portfolio.

UX will help create more software developers that want to learn the techniques for designing more systems.

In this course, managers who want a complete lifecycle process for bringing in usability into their projects will be developed and improved.

It will also help develop designers who will want to learn the methods used for testing and assessing their designs.

Analysts who want fast and useful tools for the corresponding necessities of users will also benefit from the user experience.


  • Moderate a usable test and prioritize the study
  • Decide suitable methods for sorting and managing information
  •  Create cheap and throwaway prototypes to get fast feedback from your user
  •  Design a user interface that uses the universal principle of virtual design
  •  Create on and off card sorting sessions.

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best online course for ux design

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Under this program, you will learn how to be able to apply your sketching in many more user experience design and service design.

It provides an excellent start for other areas of visual thinking like graphics and sketches noting.

This course will show you how to:

  • Sketch people, locations, objects
  • Express processes
  • Use containers, colors, and effects

Sketching skill is suitable for design project processes, and by applying this skill in your professional work, you can increase your personal progress as well.

Throughout this course, you will use a pen and paper so that it won’t give you a complete workflow for using digitizer tablets.

Sketching is an excellent technique because it takes into cognizance how our visual perception works.

Moreover, it also accounts for how we look at images and understand them faster than reading words.

Sketching will reveal to you details you might not have seen before.

Sketching also allows a common perception and supports the fail-fast approach.

It is also a fast and quick way to create many ideas.

This course is all about the use of pen and paper.

Sketching will help people who want to improve the workflow of creating design


  • Sketch user interface, user flow, UI animations, and storyboards
  • Learn that you don’t need any artistic skills, sketching is about all producing and exchanging ideas
  • Is also an excellent start for other areas of visual thinking like graphic or sketch noting

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6. USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN – LEARN THE UX PROCESSbest online course for ux design

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The use of experience does not matter at all, and this course was designed to teach you how to design in the most efficient means.

Also, it was designed to assist you when you need help with a particular tool, feature, or principle.

UX design is a hot topic with a lot of demands than ever for an artist to create excellent and professional website rich prototypes and apps.

This course is useful for a lot of careers, industries, and hobbies, which may include development, graphic design, and web design.

This course will cover building a user persona, building a journey map, and flow diagram, creating a low fidelity mockup of application.

It will also teach building up a high fidelity wireframe, linking together the final prototype.

This course lists different rudiments of graphic design and gives indicators on how to capture, guide, and hold the audience’s awareness.


  • Master the aspects of user experience design through the lens of an artist workflow and process
  •  Attain the experience and knowledge to take your UX skills into your career, job, or freelance lifestyle
  • Create projects to give you a general understanding of user experience
  •  Have expert level knowledge of user experience in this course

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UX Course

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UX design works as a process of improving users’ fulfillment through enhancing the usage, accessibility.

It also brings about delight in the relationship between a user and product.

UX design makes your app easy to use and useful to use.

In this course, you will know the knowledgeable aspects of UX design and give you a starting point on a path to UX mastery.

Everything that you will need to learn in UX before becoming an expert is included in this course.

This course will help you get the hang of it quickly.

This course is classified into seven sections in which each one is developed to ease learning.

Other user experience books and courses take a lot of time to review the theoretical parts.

But this course will start you up on the real-world practices.

The sections developed to ease learning include:

  • Considering the users
  • Planning and designing information.
  • Practical UX design principals
  • Well-designed and outlined design
  • User psychology
  • Practical tips and tricks

This course has been designed to make learning easy and fast.


  • Understand the fundamentals of user experience design and use these fundamentals to general design difficulties
  • Recognize all the parts of UX design that are affecting a project
  • Dive into the components of user experience design for the specialty

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Use experience design creates apps and websites that are easy to use, efficient, attractive, and please the end-user.

It understands what the end-user need and how they get it.

It is also how they relate to the information and how they steer your design.

There’s a lot of demand for UX designers because not all graphic designers understand what’s involved, which is more than surface graphics.

In this course, you will know the relevant tools that are useful to user experience designers and also learn how to develop wireframes.

This course will help you research how a UX designer earns through designing and how to research UX projects.

The analysis skills to design competent and credible digital experiences across several platforms, the web, and the internet of things.

This course will help develop people who are interested in becoming a user experience designer.

And also will be beneficial to the people who already have a graphic or web design skills.

Senior user experience designers who want to earn double as income will benefit from this course.


  • Learn and know how to run research
  • Know the responsibilities of a user experience designer
  • Learn how to report user testing report
  •  Build user profile and personality
  • Understand and also know how to run your first user testing session

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best online course for ux design

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Conceptual designs are first made by user experience (UX) designers.

Designers of products know how to design a conceptual model of the product that goes with the user’s mental model of how it should function.

This course will explain how you will be able to create a conceptual model.

It also explains how to intertwine a conceptual model and the user’s mental image model and how to focus on user objects and views.

User experience conceptual model design explains how you will be able to use your user research map, task flows, and screen flows.

Also, you will know how to ensure that the conceptual model of what you design connects the user’s mental models.

Additionally, it will help you to understand critical components of the design.

User experience makes use of conceptual model design to create products that are a delight and useful.


  • Create a conceptual model
  •  Connect a conceptual model to fit the user’s mental image
  • Decide on user objects
  • Illustrate the features, actions, and views of user objects
  • Create a navigation model

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The course was designed to teach you the rudiments and advanced concepts in user experience (UX) design.

In this way, you will be able to use it in your own apps and websites.

You will also learn from this course the real world scenario cases on process, design, and techniques,.

This will assure that you can build a strong groundwork in user experience design.

This course is divided into four sections in order to assist in natural learning.

The first course is the UX design for web developers.

This will explain the reasons why UX is needed, how UX came to be, and how it fits into business and web development.

You will then look at the necessary skills for building and explaining a website along with content strategy.

The second course is UX design.

You will :

  • develop an understanding of user engagement
  • start by checking out observations
  • understand several types of observation methods and human-centered design

It will teach you how to create and test your own profile and persona.

The third course is UX design – understanding the user and business.

This will begin by looking at the need for UX design for business.

And then, you will get familiarized with user theories and UX scenarios.

The fourth course, fundamentals of UX techniques, begins by looking at how you will set up your user experience (UX) process.

You will get to know the steps and relations for attracting a user.


  • Know the best user experience practices and use them in your web design
  • Learn user empathy and understanding the user through observations, creating designs, and testing persona
  • Have an understanding of human-centered observations and also how to engage in UX thinking
  • Get familiarized with the user journey, task, and development techniques by making storyboarding templates and sketches
  • Learn low-fidelity and samples

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There are different choices, of course, on UX design available to choose from.

And as you finish these courses, you will learn about the principles of UX, research, analysis frameworks, and interaction design.

A successful career can be improved by having skills in UX design.

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