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best pixel fonts

10 Best Pixel Fonts (Expert Picks)

The best pixel font can boost your design plans and project base.

With that said, let’s get right into these 10 cool fonts, ranging from the classics up to intricately designed.

1. Typeable Rhinestone

best pixel fonts

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RhinestoneOcean designed and created this font style.

The foundry is based in Altidona, Italy, and Niccolo.

This display font contains a typeable Rhinestone font.

The style brings a retro and techno look to your design.

The individual rhinestones have a circular pixel design instead of the square.

With clean edges, this font is incredibly legible and can be used for headlines and text.

Typeable Rhinestone is suitable for web font due to the techno element it contains.

It is also suitable for print designs and web or app developers given its readability. 

The font includes all upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and various symbols.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easily readable
  • Uses circular pixel
  • Retro element, reminiscent of the 80’s era

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2. Chubby Choo

best pixel fonts

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Firstly, Chubby Choo designed this typeface style.

Secondly, this visually appealing and retro font is chunky with a few jagged edges.

Thirdly, its clean design makes it very legible and the letters have a 3D effect.

Fourthly, the uppercase letters of this font give it the illusion of being soft and rounded.

Fifthly, Chubby Choo is an ideal font for gamers as it can be easily read by the end-user.

Furthermore, it can also be used for headlines or in the body of the text.

In addition, it is also ideal for use in print designs as the playful nature makes it cute and appealing.

This contains Upper and lower-case letters, the Latin alphabet, numbers, and various symbols. 

Finally, Chubby Choo is also available in regular and semibold.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The uppercase letters give it a soft feel 
  • The font supports additional language
  • The design of the font appeals to games or print designs 

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3. Jeebz: 8-Bit Font

best pixel fonts

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Chuckchee, a creative freelance illustrator from Moscow, Russia designed this font.

Chuckchee is a passionate pixel art and icon designer.

This nostalgic font transports its users back to the age of low-resolution bitmap lettering.

This authentic-looking 8-bit pixel font is incredibly legible as seen above.

The uppercase letters make minimal use of pixels with jagged edges.

The style highlights the distinct retro look of the lettering.

This font pairs well with the low-res glyph images used in the background.

Jeebz: 8bit font is perfect for gamers that chase a retro feel.

This font is also perfect for use as a web font for web or app developers due to its simplicity.

Lastly, graphic designers looking to achieve a vintage look should opt for this font.

It is an 8-bit font containing: Upper and lower-case letters, digits, and punctuation marks.

The font contains Jeebs regular and Jeebz bold with a highly pixelated background.

Pros & Benefits:

  • With a highly pixelated background
  • Excellent as a web font due to its simplicity
  • Works well with print designs

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4. 04b-30

best pixel fonts

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This font was designed by a world-famous and creative designer, Yuji Oshimoto.

This Japanese designer is the proprietor of the “04” fonts foundry.

The “04” fonts are quickly becoming a standard in the world of Skinz.

This font is a blend between a retro font and a modern-contemporary design.

The 04b-30 font is complemented with soft edges giving it its signature playful design.

The subtle highlight incorporated into the design creates a shadow and 3D effect.

Although the font is not as legible as the others, it adds character to the text.

This font can be used with another font in the body to not irritate the end-users.

04b-30 is perfect for gamers looking to add a uniquely quirky and retro aspect to their games.

It also works for playful print designs due to its bubbly look.

Lastly, the font can be used by web or app designers looking for a contemporary and retro font. 

The 04b-30 font contains a bold weight and supports, Basic Latin and General Punctuation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Blend of Retro and Modern-Contempo
  • Shadowy 3d effect
  • Quirky gamer look
  • Popular with anime visual graphics

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5. Press Start 2P

best pixel fonts

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This font was designed by the principal designer named, CodeMan38.

The Press Start 2P font design was inspired by, the Namco games in the ’80s.

This font is truly reminiscent of the ’80s and 90’s era.

Its original font is based on the Namco arcade game, Return of Ishtar.

The Press Start 2P font has specific glyph forms incorporated into the design.

As a result, the style transports us to an era of outdated computers and low-resolution displays.

The Press Start 2P font was made specifically for gamers as where it was imitated. 

However, it also works for print designs and web fonts that aim for that retro display.

This font supports non-ASCII Unicode characters for some pan-European use, including Greek and Cyrillic.

It also supports the layering of colors within each letter, instead of just solid colors.

The font also integrates some added characters that were not found in the original Namco fonts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports color layering
  • For games and web design
  • Both uppercase and lowercase letters can be easily read

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6. Nightmare Codehack

best pixel fonts

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This font was designed by Chequered Ink, an indie studio based in Bath, UK.

It was co-founded by, Daniel and Allison.

Together they are designers of fonts, software, apps, and eBooks.

The font has minimal pixels on the lettering and also has hard-edges integrated.

The style gives it clean-cut lines and an edgy futuristic look.

The pixelated illusion of the letters disintegrating restores that outdated look and feel.

This font is ideal for headlines and may not be ideal for use in the body of the text.

Nightmare Codehack is ideal for gamers as the text displayed in this font will be eye-catching.

The typeface can be easily read by the end-user.

It is also ideal for web or app developers seeking to fuse retro and futuristic visuals.

This font is also suitable for print designs due to its size and legibility.

This font has a regular weight and style.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free for personal use
  • Excellent for use in headlines, intended to catch the attention 
  • Can be seamlessly used with vector fonts
  • Blend between retro pixel fonts and a contemporary design

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7. Edit Undo

best pixel fonts

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The designer of this incredibly unique font is Aenigma.

They are the FreeFont a New York-based foundry.

This incredibly structured font appears grid-like and has a modern techno look.

Although it does not contain many pixels it delivers on that low-resolution style. 

This font is ideal for digital displays due to its clean grid-like structure.

The Edit Undo font contains a bold weight and supports numerous character maps including.

Support on Basic Latin, General Punctuation, and Mathematical Operators.

It also supports numerous languages, including, Dutch, Icelandic, and Spanish.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This font is supported by Microsoft and Macintosh
  • It is free for personal use
  • The font’s simple grid-like structure allows it to be easily implemented into designs

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8. Stitch Warrior

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Roland Huse designed this font. 

The designer is passionate about typography and lettering.

Roland Huse customizes fonts, he can even design over present typefaces.

This intricate pixel font is based on cross-stitch, a form of pixel art. 

The stitch warrior is a gothic style as evidence by the elaborate curves integrated into the design. 

This font is ideal for low-resolution screen displays used by gamers and web or app developers.

The font can also be used by graphic designers looking to add an outdated element to their designs.

This font contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

The font also supports other languages including, Basic Latin and its extensions. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • An authentic-looking ancient element
  • Cross-stitch style 
  • The font supports European languages, including the Romanian alphabet

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9. Pixel

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This font was designed by, Volcano Type.

The designer is from the independent font foundry based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

The font came from the name Magma Brand Design in 2004 headed by Lars Harmsen.

This western-inspired bitmap typeface is a modern take on the wild west-font.

The style has evident similarities to a cowboy font.

This highly pixelated font is not easily readable, it is better suited in a larger size.

It should also preferably be used for headlines and not in the body text. 

Pixel font is suited for gamers if used in main headlines, as it will add a playful and retroelement.

It is also suitable for web or app developers if used in conjunction with other more legible fonts.

It can be used for print designs due to its retro look.

Contains the following: Upper- and lower-case letters, Latin, math & numbers, and punctuation.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains extended Latin
  • Excellent for younger gamers, especially cowboys and cowgirls
  • The font is available for desktop use, eBook use, mobile use, and server use.

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10. Lomo

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This font was conceptualized by Fidel Peugeot a swiss designer and producer of fonts.

The Linotype foundry has been producing and marketing fonts for over a century.

The foundry is known to make use of proven methods and adapt to new technologies.

The Lomo family of fonts consists of 37 different types of fonts.

Ranging from the classic and retro pixelated fonts in the Lomo Copy category.

They also have styles to the more complex, techno and, intricately structured fonts.

The font displayed in the image above is from the Lomo wall category.

The Lomo font is perfect for gamers as it contains fonts reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s.

It can also be used for print designs and web or app designs due to its versatility.

There are vast fonts to choose from in this family that have both retro and modern-techno elements.

The Lomo fonts contain different weights that deliver incredible legibility at low resolutions.

This font allows pixelated fonts to be accommodated in print designs.

The different Lomo Wall fonts can be layered to give a great combination of designs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Versatile with 37 fonts  
  • Legible even at low resolutions
  • Offers 14 fonts that can be layered on top of each other

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Final Thoughts

Pixel fonts, or bitmap fonts as they are commonly known, are generally not pleasing to the eye.

Given the chunky nature of the font and synonymous with low-resolution displays.

However, the nostalgia these fonts evoke and that carefree era that existed in the ’80s and ’90s.

With that said, after considering all the fonts in this article, my favorite font is the Press Start 2P.

This font is unmistakably reminiscent of the ’80s and ’90s.

With its unique interpretation of the classic font found in arcade games.

One of my favorite characteristics of Press Start 2P is, the ability to layer colors.

Also the way you can integrate both upper and lowercase text without looking bulky. 

I sincerely hope that this article has proved to be very helpful and insightful.

Consider using some of the best pixel fonts on your next design project.

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