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20 Best Podcast Logos: A Selection Of Inspiration

These 20 best podcast logos can help boost your creative side.

If you’re reading this, surely, you know that it’s not as simple as it looks.

Your logo should have at least eight characteristics for it to be successful. 

It should be simple but memorable, relevant but versatile, recognizable but different from other brands.

The image of your logo should be of good quality, the letters should be readable, and changing the graphic size shouldn’t affect its recognition.

You might feel overwhelmed and defeated with so many requirements even before you get started on your project.

This article will help you find the 20 best podcast logos you can be inspired from.

Let’s read more.

1. The Legacy Of John Williams

best podcast logos

Despite the name that might have led you to believe that you’ll learn more about John Williams, The Legacy of John Williams podcast isn’t about the famous composer himself.

It’s about people whose lives John and his music touched and changed. 

Various musicians, composers, music scholars talk about their work with John Williams and how his music led them to the career path related to music.

Since this podcast’s theme is related to John Williams and his professional life, the logo was the right choice.

It’s a simple black-and-white drawing that resembles John, and the headphones could represent listening to a podcast and John’s creations.  

Find this podcast in Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

2. Kinda Funny Games Daily

best podcast logos

Kinda Funny Games Daily is a podcast about video games.

It has three hosts – Tim Gettys, Greg Miller, and Blessing Adeoye J. – talking about the game industry, new arrivals, reviews, and more.

You can listen to their discussions on SpotifyApple PodcastsPodbay, and YouTube.

Their logo is as simple as they come; it consists only of the name of the podcast.

What’s good about this kind of logo?

It’s versatile, and you can use it for any product; it’s simple, relevant, and memorable, as nothing draws the viewers’ attention away from the name of your podcast. 

It’ll also work with any image size, and it’s easy to create – you just have to make sure that the colors match nicely. 

3. LoveTaps

LoveTaps is the name of a podcast created by two friends who wanted to share their thoughts about Internet dating. 

Tanner Uselmann and Joye Johnson are the creators of this podcast, and they give advice, talk about flirting, Hinge profiles, and other stuff in a friendly and funny way. 

If you’d like to check their podcast out, you can listen to it on their official websiteSpotifyApple Podcasts, and Stitcher.

Regarding their logo, it might seem to consist of random stuff, but that’s the idea. 

Since Tanner and Joye’s podcast’s base is humor, love, and other things, this logo represents the idea behind LoveTaps perfectly.

The letters are readable, the color is appropriate for their love theme, and the text summarizes what the podcast is all about. 

It has simplicity, relevancy, quality images; it’s different from any other logo you’ve seen, and it leaves a memorable first impression. 

4. MindBodyGreen Podcast

best podcast logos

The goal of the MindBodyGreen podcast is to help you live a healthier and better life. 

The host of this podcast is its creator, Jason Wachob, and he usually invites doctors to join him and share their insights about common health problems.

Just as the name suggests, the topics include physical and psychological health, such as COVID-19, hormones, anxiety, diabetes, and more. 

To learn more about this podcast, you can check it out on SpotifyStitcherGoogle Podcasts.

Their logo consists of only several leaves, and there is nothing special about them except that all things related to nature can be therapeutic. 

The combination of light colors also helps create an effect that calms you down.

Do you feel a bit relaxed when you look at it?

If yes, then the logo designer did their job well and created a relevant and memorable image. 

5. Business Logic Podcast

best podcast logos

The Business Logic podcast is for tech wizards who want to start a business.

Each episode consists of this podcast, Andy Qin, and his guests, who are brilliant tech people.

When Andy interviews his guests, they usually discuss various business-related problems, such as business ideas, market strategies, hiring personnel, etc.

To learn more about the Business Logic podcast, you can find it on their official websiteApple PodcastsSpotify, and YouTube.

This podcast’s logo might seem irrelevant to the business theme, but the ideal circle shapes and the grid can symbolize logic.

The color combination is well-thought-out, the name of the podcast is visible, and the graphic quality looks good in any image size.  

And the flexible design of the logo allows its owners to use it in different situations. 

6. MusicDive Podcast (Concept)

best podcast logos

The MusicDive logo doesn’t belong to an actual podcast; it’s a design mockup.

You see it in three colors – red, blue, and green – because the creator of this design, Ildar Fatikhov, hasn’t decided which color to use.

Ildar designed this logo for a potential podcast about the 2000s house music.

If you remember, in the early 2000s, people didn’t use to listen to music on their phones; they used CD players.

The shape in the center of the picture resembles a standard CD player used at that time, so the logo is relevant to the theme.

The name of the logo is also noticeable and recognizable even if you downscale the image.

Overall, it’s an interesting design concept and has the potential of being a successful logo. 

7. The Podcast Show (Concept)

best podcast logos

The Podcast Show logo doesn’t belong to a podcast; it’s a mockup design. 

What characteristics do you notice that might make it into a potentially memorable logo?

First of all, the design is minimalistic – it only contains shapes and a few colors – and that makes it easier for your customers to remember it.

As in “the name” of the podcast, the letters are large, visible, and easy to read, no matter how small or big you make the picture.

The shapes can’t represent your podcast (unless it’s about geometry), but it doesn’t make it a bad logo, it makes it versatile, and you can use it for any theme.

The color choice is also great because they match well and are pleasant to look at.

Overall, the only characteristic this logo doesn’t have is relevancy, but it’s not a deal-breaker.  

8. The Culturist Podcast

best podcast logos

The Culturist Podcast is a new one, and there are no episodes yet.

But the idea behind this podcast is to talk about various things, such as a workplace, ethics, values of a company, etc.

According to its preview, the atmosphere of the podcast won’t be formal or systematic.

The host of The Culturist podcast will just share his personal opinions and experiences.

The logo of The Culturist has an abstract concept, which is useful for a podcast with no specific theme and various topics.

And because of its simple design and visible letters, the logo is easy to remember and recognize.  

9. Bateu Podcast 

best podcast logos

The Bateu Podcast is a Brazilian podcast that discusses everyday topics, such as love, guilt, money, insecurities. 

The podcast is in Portuguese, and if you understand the language and want to check it out, you can find it on Spotify.

The creator of their logo is Leandro Assis, and what’s interesting about his work is that he uses the logo to create a separate image for each episode.

He usually uses the image of the podcast’s name in one color, adds a stripe on the left in a different color, and writes a Portuguese phrase that summarizes the episode’s idea.

For example, for an episode with the topic of love, he wrote, “Do you know the definition of love?”  

The logo’s design is simple yet fascinating because even though it consists only of the podcast’s name, it also resembles maze lines. 

And what is life, if not a maze? 

10. FemTalks

best podcast logos

The FemTalks is a Russian podcast created by three women – Katerina, Lana, and Nastya – to discuss and research the feminist movement.

Those women also cover social issues, such as racism, mental health, sexuality, gender identities, and more.

If you’re curious about the topics and want to learn more about FemTalks, you can listen to their podcast on their websiteSoundCloudApple Podcasts, and CastBox.   

The logo of FemTalks represents the idea behind the podcast very well.

It’s relevant to the feminist theme, simple, and unique enough for their viewers can identify it among other logos.

Apart from relevancy, simplicity, and originality, the logo also has legibility and good image quality.

This logo checks all the boxes, and that’s why you can take it as an example.

11. Design Table

best podcast logos

Design Table is a Korean podcast created to help designers share their ideas and tips.

The podcast is in Korean, so unless you understand the language, you won’t listen to it.

If you know some Korean and are interested in checking it out, you can find it on Apple Podcasts and the Podbbang website

The podcast logo might seem irrelevant at first sight, but if you activate your imagination, you’ll see that the abstract shape resembles a shape of a table.

It’s an ideal representation of the idea behind Design Table, meaning that it connects many designers and allows them to sit at one table, metaphorically speaking.

The design of this logo isn’t complicated, yet it’s beautiful. 

The podcast’s name is noticeable, and due to the abstract shapes, the owners of the logo can use it for other products, too. 

12. Graustufen Podcast

best podcast logos

The Graustufen Podcast is a German podcast created to explore the design world, including inspiration sources, traditions, stress, responsibilities, and more.

This podcast is available on its websiteSpotify, and Apple Podcasts.

The word Graustufen translates as grayscale. 

As you can see, their logo reflects the name, as the colors used for this image are two shades of gray. 

The design is also simple yet aesthetic, so the podcast’s followers will be able to remember and identify this logo.

And their logo is versatile, so if there are other Graustufen products in the future, the owners of this image can use it there, too. 

13. Overtime Podcast

best podcast logos

Overtime is a podcast created by Dribbble, a platform that designers use to display their artwork.

Their podcast also has the same theme; its host, Meg Lewis, discusses various design ideas and provides useful advice and tips. 

A new episode is available every Wednesday, and you can listen to the podcast on various platforms, such as SpotifyApple PodcastsStitcherTuneIn, and Chartable.

Their logo’s theme is abstract, and that’s fitting considering how well-liked abstract paintings are among artists and viewers.

The abstract nature of the logo allows Dribble to use it for other projects, meaning it’s versatile.

And two names – the name of the podcast and the platform – are noticeable and fit in the picture well. 

The ombre effect makes the colors stand out and makes the whole image aesthetically pleasing. 

14. The Craft Podcast

best podcast logos

The Craft Podcast is a podcast that features art and its creators.

Every week, the show, Blake, invites a guest – writers, architects, illustrators, chefs, and filmmakers – and talks to them about their artwork, career path, and life choices.

You can find the Craft podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Their logo consists of several different items that each represent a craft, and it’s appropriate because the podcast doesn’t focus on one type of art; it covers them all.

The images might seem imperfect and chaotic, but art isn’t about perfection; it’s about expressing oneself.

The artist who created this logo knew what they were doing, as the logo turned out to be relevant, different, memorable, and legible.

15. Creative Pep Talk

best podcast logos

Creative Pep Talk is a podcast created to help you find your creative side and express it properly.

It’s mostly monologue-based, but sometimes the podcast host, Andy J. Pizza, interviews other people. 

The topics they cover usually include insecurities, finding your theme, creating a personal brand, and more.

You can find the podcast on SpotifyStitcherApple Podcasts, and SoundCloud.

The logo’s design concept is interesting; in the center, you see a pencil with a bottom part that looks like a sword.

You can decipher it as Andy giving you a creative Excalibur, which can help fight your art block. 

Every element in the picture fits well – the bright colors, the drawings, the name, and the pencil-sword. 

16. Simple But Significant

best podcast logos

The creator of the Simple But Significant podcast is Rachouan Rejeb, who is a freelance designer, developer, and illustrator.

In his podcast, he talks about the freelance and design worlds.

You can find his podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

The logo consists of the name of the podcast and a cartoon drawing of Rachouan.

He uses the same drawing on his website’s home page, which proves that the logo has versatility.

The logo’s design is simple, and the drawing is unique, so anyone who sees it once will be able to remember and recognize it. 

17. DNA: Design And Architecture

best podcast logos

The topics of the DNA: Design And Architecture podcast include the design and architecture of Los Angeles, as you might have guessed.

It also shares stories of people in art, design, fashion, movie production, video games, transportation, and other industries. 

You can find all the episodes of this podcast on their website and Apple Podcasts.

Design and Architecture’s logo might seem irrelevant at first sight, as it consists of three different shapes. 

However, those shapes are the shapes of letters D, N, and A. 

Once you’ve seen the letters, you can’t unsee them, so you’ll be able to identify this logo from others. 

18. Radio Sygma

best podcast logos

Radio Sygma is a mix of a radio and a podcast.

Each episode features different music created by musicians and sound artists.

You can listen to Radio Sygma on the official websiteApple PodcastsSoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

For the logo of Radio Sygma, they chose a symbol of the 18th letter in the Greek alphabet – sigma.

This symbol also means a sum of things in mathematics. 

Perhaps, this podcast’s creators wanted to say by choosing this symbol that their creation is a sum of various music pieces.

19. FACT Mixes

best podcast logos

The FACT Mixes belong to the Fact magazine, which introduces electronic, pop, and rap music.

Their podcast is available on SoundCloudPodBean, and Apple Podcasts.

The logo you see isn’t the official one for FACT Mixes; it’s a logo for one of their episodes.

This episode is about Liz Harris, a.k.a Grouper, an American musician. 

The podcast’s official logo is the same as the magazine’s; it features a white letter F on a black background.

As you can see, it’s a versatile logo that the Fact magazine can use for any of their products.

20. Tempo Radio

best podcast logos

The Tempo Radio created a podcast in which its host interviews various musicians.

During the interviews, the host and the guest discuss different topics, such as music, career, karaoke, popularity, and more.

You can listen to Tempo Radio on the website, and you can find their podcast on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and Podyssey.

The image you see isn’t exactly their official logo; it’s a poster. 

Their official logo consists of the letters TEMPO in black color on a bright blue background.

But this poster could serve as a good logo for their podcast, as the abstract shape and the color combination reminds you of music.

It’s also legible, simple, versatile, and beautiful.    

Final Thoughts

Your logo doesn’t necessarily have to have all the characteristics.

But if you can include as many as possible, you’re bound to create a memorable logo.

So now you know the secret behind these best podcast logos, and you’ve seen some good examples.

Now, all there is left to do is to create your logo.

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