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best procreate pixel brushes

10 Best Procreate Pixel Brushes (Free and Paid)

Using the best Procreate pixel brushes on your retro pixel art projects would be fun.

Pixel art is not a new concept and was made when the first personal computer was available. 

Over the past couple of years, it has been exceedingly popular, and why shouldn’t it be? 

Its comeback has brought inspiration to creators and video game developers. 

This list is an excellent guide if you want the best pixel art brushes.

If you’re new and thinking about trying this type of art, then dive in and practice! 

You never know what ideas unlock inside your head once you step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself with new ideas.

1. PIXA: Procreate Pixel Brushes

procreate pixel brushes

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Pixel art is reminiscent of the heydays of arcade video games.

Its visual style is akin to cross-stitch and mosaic projects.

Graphic artists, unlike the cross-stitchers and mosaic artists, can easily create this style with a flick of a brush.

These Procreate pixel brushes are time-saving tools to help you focus on your art.

The Pixa Procreate pixel brushes from Delightful Design feature five custom brushes.

In addition, you also get three realistic Gameboy mockups.

Delightful Design also gives unlimited one-to-one support, beneficial to novice graphic artists.

Your purchase includes lifetime updates.

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

These brushes suit video game/product designers and graphic artists into pixel art.

This brush set lends itself to creating packaging for cross-stitch products and cross-stitch design lay-outs.

Mosaic artists can plan their design on an iPad using these brushes

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Time-saving tool
  • Easy-to-use kit
  • Support from the creator

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2. Pixel Art

best procreate pixel brushes

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This product is excellent for those looking to purchase the complete package. 

You’re committed to pixel art and want to get as many brushes that are high quality as possible. 

With over 20 brushes that complement each other, your art will look exceptional and coordinated. 

You get 20+ Procreate pixel art brushes, Procreate texture, and Procreate ink in this set.

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • If you are an experienced pixel artist, try creating a simple game and see where that takes you. You might surprise yourself with a new hobby!
  • You can create a detailed landscape of your favorite place to fish or camp.
  • Find your best piece of artwork and recreate it with this brush set.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Pixels, like any other art medium, need to be blended. The blending brush included will make the process less taxing.
  • Texture can make or break a picture. It shortens the time needed and helps you take your pixel art to the next level. Make sure you have the tools to add that texture with the texture brush.
  • With a great quality set of brushes like these, they are perfect for professional use.

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3. Pixel Village Brushes

best procreate pixel brushes

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Who says pixel art lacks detail?

Anyone who says they lack imagination should get in touch with their creative side. 

There are always a handful of critics around.

Don’t let them hold your interest back, and prove them wrong! 

You can do unique art projects with this set. 

The attention to detail in this brush set is phenomenal. 

You can build an entire village with this set! 

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • You can start by drawing your childhood home with as much detail as you can remember. Is it a warm place? Is it isolated? Pick a mood to challenge yourself further. Maybe it’s rowdy with fun. See if you can paint the house’s ambiance and see your skills evolve.
  • Imagine a village you want to live in and draw what it would look like in spring with a small river.
  • Recreate the village from above, but make it nighttime. This exercise is excellent for working with colors and changing the lighting.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This set is epic for artists who thrive on building structures.
  • The details included with the brushes will create a world that tells a story.
  • It works with small and large canvases, so whichever project you have in mind is not limited to a one-size canvas.

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4. Pixel Art Brush Pack

best procreate pixel brushes

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This is great for social media butterflies who have to post to let the world know what they are doing with goals, lifestyle videos, or other projects.

It’s excellent for decorating pictures. 

Market your skills if you are interested in selling your creations with a particular post or profile edits. 

If you love standing out, then make your ideas and thrive with this set of twelve brushes.

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • Draw one of your selfies as realistic as possible.
  • Draw fun glasses on your profile pic with an amusing comment.
  • Doodle your friends’ profile pictures and see if they might be interested in having any portraits made. They might want to order one and gift it for a special occasion. It never hurts to try or fail!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Great for designing icons, logos, and frames for images.
  • A variety of pixel sizes means taking some guesswork out of finding the sizes you have in mind for your work.
  • This brush set helps you create custom stickers for Instagram and Twitch. If you are a gamer on Twitch who likes to create their designs, then what better way to compliment your pixel designs than with this set.

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5. Pixel Brush Set+Digidrip Font

best procreate pixel brushes

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If you are waiting for a brush set to scream “8-bit made a comeback”, then this is your set.

Get that classic nostalgia fired up, and see what you can paint with a bit of little vintage magic.

This set includes a feathered shader, rough shader, smooth shader, pixel line, pixel stamp, and a font.

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • Find a reference for your favorite game on the NES and practice drawing it using the negative color effect. It might look scary or weird, but it’s another way to take your mind down a road you might not have thought to do on your own.
  • Merge game ideas into one picture, like Mario is fighting Link from Zelda or whoever your two favorite characters are.
  • Make a character for a video game with all your best qualities, and show the viewer those qualities based on the character itself and the surroundings. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • You can make epic 8-bit art significantly more manageable than trying to create an 8-bit brush.
  • You can make vintage fan art on a larger canvas to make your prints for room decoration. It fits the classic theme if you are a die-hard fan of this art style.

Download Now!” ]

6. Pixel iBox

best procreate pixel brushes

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If you’re a Foodie, and you know it, clap your hands! 

Art is about doing something you love.

Some people love food.

Show the world your perfect pixel pie and more with this brush set packed with a pixel for everyone’s flavor preference.

This set includes 23 Procreate brushes, Pixel iBox, Pixel art design, Pixel art brush, Game design, Procreate pixel brush, and Procreate brushes pixel blender.

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • Design a rainbow ice cream cone in two different sizes. 
  • The most intricate cupcake you can muster up and add sparkle around it.
  • Draw an apple with a worm slithering out and make it as expressive as possible.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The brushes look fantastic with bright and vivid colors, making them an excellent addition to food art.
  • It has a shading brush to help make adding depth easier.
  • If you want to make a special gift, you can print it out on a card and give it with your baked treat. What a lovely gesture for someone special! You can also use this for printing stickers of your favorite snack design.

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7. Pixel Perfect Brush 

best procreate pixel brushes

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If you are looking for a no-fuss brush that doesn’t have a million in the package, then here it is.

Don’t overcomplicate your thought process.

If you’re want to make pixel art, but feel overwhelmed, get your toes wet with something simple.

This simple brush can encourage you to practice and see if you’re good at this type of art.

It is a practical approach to experimenting.

Sometimes creativity is harnessed by limited resources. 

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • Create a single-line picture. You can do this by not lifting your brush until you finish your drawing.
  • Practice tracing images and then coloring them in. This exercise is excellent for hand-eye coordination. It is a necessary skill that will help take your art up a notch if you are a bargainer or new to John pixel artworks.
  • You can use it to make a basic pattern with the symmetry turned on in Procreate. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This brush is beginner-friendly, which means it is super easy to use.
  • Great for outlining ideas or doing rough sketches; you can practice with doodles of shapes. Any controlled drawing can help you get better at art.
  • You can stop stalling on starting projects because this single brush takes the wasted time of decision-making away, so this is helpful if you can never make up your mind.

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8. Procreate Pixel Art Brushes

best procreate pixel brushes

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Even if you’re an expert, tutorial videos can give you ideas or new techniques that haven’t crossed your mind.

It’s a great deal if you need brushes and something extra included.

This set contains 20 procreate brushes and access to other offers.

A video tutorial based on a large canvas is also available with this set.

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • You can make a wallpaper of your favorite flower for your phone screen or computer.
  • When a holiday pops up, design a digital card for a family member or friend. Nothing shows how much you care, like a present you put your heart into making. 
  • There is always a need for new Gifs. Take a stab at creating some with this massive bundle of brushes.

Pros & Benefits: 

  1. A video tutorial here is always appreciated when buying art supplies of any kind, especially digital ones. 
  2. The amount of brushes included makes this a fantastic deal.
  3. The bundle has more opportunities to explore several tutorials if you enjoy the bundle. It’s always good to know you have options to continue learning from a familiar source.

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9. Pixel Procreate Brushes 

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Like the title, this pack has six brushes: Pixel art design, Pixel art brush, Game design, Procreate pixel brush and Procreate brushes pixel blender.

Much like number four above, this is great for video game design.

Artists that enjoy video games can use both hobbies with this set.

It also comes with an ebook on how to draw and export.

That last one is just as important as the first one because if you can’t export, how will the world see your unique art?

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • You can create a list of furniture for future reference in room designs. 
  • Clothing designs can also help plan out characters quicker.
  • It’s good to practice different sizes of characters, from tall to short and wide to thin. The more detailed you want your pixel art to be, the more you need to practice differences in characters.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Anything that includes a free Ebook is just a great business practice. A guide about the products purchased is always a good sign of a quality product. 
  • If you’ve ever wanted to develop a game, pixel art and this kit are great ways to begin. It has all the potential. It needs your expertise to come alive.
  • This advice is towards new artists using pixels in Procreate; it’s essential to know how to export your work. Screenshots and cropping aren’t the same as a quality download or export.

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10. The Pixel Art Experience 

Download Now!

This mini set includes three high-quality brushes.

It’s a sample to see if you like how they work and how useful they are.

It has brushes made to create the illusion of depth.

The brushes included are a one-pixel size brush, pixel dithering one, and two.

The creator has a set of 42 if the three free brushes aren’t enough. 

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • Draw a basic shape like a ball and shade it with the dithering brush.
  • Try adding depth to an animal that has a lot of fur.
  • Highlight small details on a gemstone to add contrast and practice details.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Get to try a few brushes for free 100%.
  • The option of getting more brushes is available.
  • It includes two dithering brushes to add the dimensions. 

Download Now!

Runner -up: Pixel Painter

Download Now!

Four free brushes and three ready-to-go canvases come with this bundle.

The brushes included are soft pixel shader, pixel painter, Digi pixel shader, and one-pixel stamp.

Of course, a great setup like this comes with a user guide to make sure you know how to use all the brushes and canvases. 

Ideas for Using This Brush Set:

  • Draw the same picture on all three canvases that come with the set to get a better feel for working on different sizes.
  • Try drawing the first thing on your left that’s on the floor; be creative! 
  • Follow the user guide for fresh ideas and tips on the bundle.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Sometimes you want art supplies, and you wish to try them before buying them. So usually, you go to Youtube, watch a bunch of reviews, and hope you don’t waste your hard-earned money on something terrible. With this, there is no risk! Just try them out!
  • It has ready-made canvases that work with the brushes included in the set. That is helpful in the beginning stages of learning digital art.
  • This pack includes all the supplies you could need to learn about pixel art.

Download Now!

7 Tips For Drawing Pixel Art In Procreate

Tip 1

The first step is to find a set of pixel brushes that fit both your budget and your expectations.

Tip 2

Research the type of art you are interested in and ask questions like: does it look like the first Mario, or is it more complex? Find out what size pixels are used in the example images you collect so that you know exactly how to set up your canvas.

Tip 4

Don’t forget to create layers! Working in layers is helpful in any digital art medium. At the very least, separating your background will save you from a lot of unnecessary chaos.

Make sure that if you resize an image, change the preset option of “nearest neighbor” and switch it to either bilinear or bicubic to ensure the lines remain smooth. Well, as smooth as a pixel art creation can look.

Tip 5

Don’t be hesitant to look up more information on YouTube! There are several videos on how to draw specific pictures. Tutorials can save you time and frustration by learning the different options for creating your art. It’s beneficial when you want to draw but find yourself uninspired because this allows you to practice while waiting to get past the evil art block.

Tip 6

Be sure to save a few art projects you did initially and the ones you experimented with because it’s essential to track progress. We don’t always notice our improvement unless someone is tracking our projects. When you feel like your art is still terrible in a few months, you can look at your old art and say, “wow, it used to be so much worse!” That doesn’t tend to happen a lot when you’re just starting.

Tip 7

Ask others for feedback. Feedback from anyone is helpful. If you have an artist friend or social media, use your resources! If you honestly want to improve your art, then you have to deal with honesty about your art, whatever that entails.

Final Thoughts

There are several excellent choices when it comes to the best Procreate pixel brushes

All that matters is you find what will work for how you envision your art. 

Push yourself to do better than yesterday and face forward with the tools you need to succeed. 

You will be great. 

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