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Best Squarespace Template Designs For A Design Portfolio

For an artist, having the best Squarespace template for design portfolio is essential.

A portfolio is more comprehensive than the CV.

What is a Portfolio?

It’s where you put all your professional and personal information.

More importantly, it’s where you present your achievements and talk about yourself a little in a professional and brief context.

A portfolio is a permanent and accessible presentation of your various works.

This is unlike a CV that you only show if you apply for a specific job.

No one else other than the HR will see it.

Purpose of a Portfolio

Thus, we can say that the idea of ​​a portfolio is a file to present your business, previous works or even voluntary business models.

This is for you to be able attract new customers, expand your professional circle, and spread your work on the internet.

Portfolios differ depending on your profession.

Squarespace technology provides a website and portfolio builder.

This is not only good for search engine optimization (SEO), but also great for making your small business stand out from the crowd.

In short, Squarespace is a ‘web designer’ designed to help creative minds and website owners create amazing websites and portfolios.

The beautiful design options available through Squarespace are what made this website builder one of the most popular choices in e-commerce.

Enjoy going through the ten best Squarespace template for design portfolio below.

1. DIY Squarespace Template: Gold Blogger Editiongoldblogger-template-mockup.png

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When creating your Portfolio with this template, you do not need to consult with your family, friends or even some experienced people.

This is because it will give you something like an inspiration.

You will find that this template will protect you from publishing your works randomly.

This will help you from crowding your portfolio.

Thus, you can solve the problem of overwhelming the people who will look at your portfolio by using this template.

Also, this unique design will help tell the story of the development of your business.

It will be delightful for the viewers of your portfolio to have some background on when and how you started your business.

They will also get an idea how far you have reached in your career.

This design will satisfy the curiosity of your account viwers and give them a clear picture of your professional and academic progress.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Excellent source of inspiration, and helps you choose the right things to show
  • Organized and helps show your professional growth

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2. Aisling Squarespace TemplateAislingmockup.jpg

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With its classic look and the elegance, this template has to be chosen from our list.

White is the finest and the most suggestive color of sophistication and professional work.

There are many people who are satisfied with writing only about their skills and experience.

The client more often than not, does not care to read everything that has been written whether you are a designer or a programmer, etc.

He wants a useful summary, that is, to see your work, not your writing.

The customer’s motto is usually, “Don’t just tell me, show me.’

So this template helps you to highlight your best and most professional works.

This template may help you end your confusion about choosing a suitable profile look, especially if you are in an office environment. 

Before rushing and designing your portfolio, it is essential to think about the reasons why you want to create it .

Furthermore, define the goals you want to achieve from your portfolio.

This template can showcase your creativity and uniqueness.

This template will improve your chance of getting the job.

One of the advantages of this template is that it does not exaggeratedly display your work;.

Instead, it highlights your artworks in a very attractive way.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Classic view and classics are the best
  • A little gentle and classy template

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3. Sloane and Ollie Squarespace TemplateSloaneandolliesquarespacekit.png

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This template allows you to add a large number of completed works that you want to display.

But take care not to overload your portfolio, though.

It can make slow the loading of your portfolio.

Moreover, too much items might overwhelm the browsers.

For example, if the portfolio displays works in graphic design, then you must put fast-loading images.

In this way, the people who want to see your works will not get bored waiting for your works to upload.

They might just click out of your portfolio.

This template will enable you to display the achievements that will demonstrate your skills and abilities quickly and smoothly;.

Don’t forget to explain the meaning and significance of these works.

With this template’s smart and simple design, you can display your work and have simple and direct  sentences that will not detract from your work.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Streamlined and unparalleled smoothness
  • Allows the display of many items and previous employment at the same time

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4. Arlo Squarespace Templatearlomockup01.jpg

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This template will help you start your Portfolio always with powerful and meaningful images.

Note that first image you will display will leave an impression on the viewers of your portfolio.

It also tells you how and what  pictures to use to catch the attention and interest of the people browsing through your portfolio. 

At the end of Portfolio, this design will allow you to share the ideas that inspired you in developing your art works. 

Of course, this will improve your popularity and good reputation.

The template enables you to achieve this by writing a simple summary or  even just a handful of catchy phrases.

This template is the perfect choice for those who are still building their works for their portfolio. 

Your name will quickly rise due to this design, and you will build an excellent reputation within a short period of your career.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Creative  and attractive display of images that is pleasing to the eye
  • Very suitable for those who are just starting their careers
  • Allows you to share what inspires you

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5. Elle Squarespace Templateelle.squarespace.kit.png

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This portfolio template is elegant and refreshing.

The charming and light design will attract the attention of your viewers very quickly .

The goal of creating a portfolio mainly is to promote your works.

Therefore it is vital to make your portfolio attractive and likable in appearance to get a significant following.

This template will get you individual or company followers.

Another important thing is to update your portfolio regularly.

Neglecting to do this. will work negatively for you.

Add pictures, recent projects or even new tools or software you just learned.

In this way, you can demonstrate how you keep yourself updated in your line of work.

Pros and Benefits:

  • An elegant casual look that indicates the liveliness of the portfolio
  • The possibility of continually updating it 

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6. Payton Bundle Squarespace Templatepaytonmockup01.jpg

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This template reminds you that it is not necessary to display all your works.

Just choose the best ones to display even if they are not complete yet,.

It highlights your best practices and makes them very prominent in your account.

This template will arrange your works as you wish, but make sure that the arrangement is logical.

This means that it is organized in a series, for example, from the most popular to your most recent work, etc.

If your work is paper-based, then this is the ideal design.

Also if you prefer to upload your work online, this design makes sure that the interface of the boutique is in the best visually.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Precise and extreme attention to detail
  • Perfect organization, arrangement, and presentation

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7. Coda Squarespace Template

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This template adds a touch of romance to your account and your portfolio.

It is highly suitable for photographing marital occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, and engagement parties.

If your work revolves on this, then this is what you have been looking for.

Do not upload business images only, but explain the meaning and significance of your work.

This confirms to the customer that you understand your work.

Also, be sure to write the reason for your choice of colors and shapes.

This template allows you to state all these.

If you work in the field of photography, write the type of lens, camera and photography settings.

All this attention to detail is what will distinguish your portfolio from the others.

Also, do not forget to write and display customer opinions on your work.

This increases the value of your work.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Provides magical and romantic touch 
  • Offers simple and clear delivery your message

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8. Squarespace Template: Rosee

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This template enables you to ask your customers several essential questions.

For example, you can find out what attracted them to your portfolio.

This showcases your talent, capabilities and what you can do.

This design helps you to do that very smoothly.

So make sure you choose to display your unique works.

This template helps you to communicate with those who comment on your business even if they are not customers.

So there will be a high possibility that they will be future customers.

This design facilitates the process of communication between you and your followers.

Do not forget that there are many more people who present their work for the same purposes.

Create a distinct portfolio for you.

Be different from the others.

Do you think this could be your choice out of the ten best Squarespace template for design portfolio?

Pros and Benefits:

  • Provides new and innovative display of your works
  • Unique design
  • Facilitates communication with clients and viewers

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9. Squarespace 7.0 Template: Maggie May

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If you want to ensure your business resonates with your target audience and acquires new customers or clients, use this template for your Portfolio.

It offers a fascinating display of your business on the web.

This can dazzle your followers and customers everywhere.

This design is responsive and highly flexible, allowing a lot of customization to build the ideal portfolio to suit your needs.

You can add some notes about the old customers, so that your new customers will be more satisfied working with you.

In short, this design contains the features you desire to get a fantastic Portfolio to showcase your creative work.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Diversity of presentation styles
  • Provides you with the best Portfolio design

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10. Arlo Squarespace Template

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This template is versatile.

It can be customized to suit any purpose.

It comes with many features of work files that are sure to please the creators like: designers, models, photographers, and others.

It’s another template that can be everything you want it to be, from Portfolio One Page to a multi-page experience to suit a variety of needs.

This design is considered as one of the best sellers that offers multi-concept solutions for businesses, stores, creators, etc..

It has multiple work file layouts and gallery options, make it an excellent template to showcase your creative work.

The design is responsive.

It’s  extremely easy to customize, providing many page building elements and multiple options for creating a professional Portfolio.

Pros and Benefits:

  • Offers a variety of selection to satisfy all tastes
  • Streamlined and easy to navigate

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Final Thoughts 

Finally, do not forget that you are not the only one who seeks to create a distinct portfolio.

There are a lot of people who resort to new means to present their work in different ways.

So try as much as possible to  and exceptional and creative create your portfolio.

SquareSpace provides many options to choose from.

We have given you the ten best Squarespace template for design portfolio.

Of course, you can do more research to find the one that will suit you best.

A portfolio needs to be unique and creative.

Don’t imitate the portfolios of others.

This because it will only bring you nothing but harm.

It will show your lack of creativity, and as a result, it might affect your chances of getting a job.

Just think and create your own.

Start now!

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