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10 Best Squarespace Template Designs For Hotels

10 Best Squarespace Template Designs For Hotels

As a hotel, it is essential to have a high-quality website for your customers. 

Squarespace is a great place to get a professional site up quickly.

But choosing the right theme is the biggest and most important decision

We run through the best options for your hotel!

We live in a world where most finicky hoteliers make purchase decisions online.

More customers visit virtual stores as opposed to physical ones.

Brands and service providers don’t just need to have an online presence to succeed.

They also have to treat customers to optimum user experience on their websites. 

Thanks to platforms such as Squarespace.

Business owners can create the best online experience for their customers.

However, they might face some hurdles as most aren’t familiar with building Squarespace websites.

This write-up provides you with the best solution to this problem, Squarespace Templates.

It highlights the ten best Squarespace template for hotels.

1. Squarespace Template: Unearth

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Consider buying the Squarespace Template, Unearth, for your website. 

Many yearn to bring the website they have in their minds into reality.

But due to their limited skills in website building, they can’t actualize such a feat. 

This Squarespace Template provides the solution to such a scenario. 

It’s a DIY template as it isn’t a plug-in-and-go.

Instead, it’s built on top of the Squarespace free templates. 

It offers you all the benefits of going DIY and none of its drawbacks.

Professionals will talk you through the entire process.

They will ensure your dream concepts come into reality. 

Sometimes, your customers can miss the beauty of your Squarespace Template.

They may also experience restricted access if they visit it on a mobile device. 

You don’t have to worry about such mishaps with the Unearth template.

It’s a responsive design. 

Now, your customers see your establishment in all its glory, even on their mobile devices. 

Many website developers know how coding can be a nightmare.

A single error could undermine your hard work. 

Coding errors could have you spending hours searching for a bug or mistake. 

When many think of building their website, DIY is not an option due to the terrors of coding. 

They sometimes opt for custom templates instead, but this could cost them a pretty penny. 

Using this alienates your fears of all this as it doesn’t use a coding system.

It’s simply built-on Squarespace settings. 

This template provides you the joys of customization and none of its hiccups. 

The developers of this template offer fantastic support services.

They can also help with the installation process if necessary. 

Requirements are a Squarespace 7.0 subscription and a Canva account to kick off your business website.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with Squarespace 7.0
  • Brine Based Template
  • Simple and easy to understand 10-step launching process

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2. Squarespace 7.0 Template Kit Pursue

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Are you looking to mirror the luxury of your hotel onto your website? 

Then look no further than the Pursue kit. 

Treat your customers to one of their best surfing experiences with spectacular glamor on display. 

Using this kit, you can have your website running in as little as a few hours. 

The developers provide you with support and step-by-step instructional videos. 

There’s a demo site that you’ll use as a reference for setting up yours. 

You get to build your website yourself with little fuss.

The developers will guide you through the entire process. 

There’s also a provision to have it installed by others.

This is if you feel the need to leave the entire process to professionals. 

The entire package also includes help with learning the fundamentals of using Squarespace and Canva.

The instructional aids could be of great help to both professionals and beginners. 

In case you don’t have a high-quality picture for your website, the kit comes with 12 placeholder images.

(Note that having high quality pictures come with multiple benefits to your page.)

This template is available in pdf format and compatible with the Squarespace 7.0 version. 

For you to unlock all the features of this kit, you have to go with a Squarespace business or commerce subscription.

This is because some features of this kit aren’t accessible on a personal plan. 

Combine your business or commerce Squarespace account with a Canva account .

Then, get on your way to building a site that’s right for you. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with comprehensive and easy to understand instructional materials for both Squarespace and Canva
  • Get to learn how to create seven unique and helpful pages
  • User-friendly platform

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3. Elle & Beth Squarespace Template

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The Elle & Beth Squarespace template is a theme designed to:

  • Deliver simplicity
  • Boost the aesthetics your website can have

It comes with a good number of features and offers up to three different versions. 

You can purchase the template for a personal, commercial, and extended commercial. 

The Elle & Beth Squarespace template is ideal for use by service-based companies and personal brands.

This makes it one of the best Squarespace templates around. 

Elle & Beth Squarespace templates offer a good number of features. 

Usually, these features depend on the version of the template a website owner uploads to their website.

Blog integration to your website is more accessible through this template.

Today, you can easily host a blog to provide content based on your business’s services.

Social media is an excellent source of promotion.

With the Elle & Beth Squarespace template, you can add social media links to your website.

Moreover, you can do this without too much effort.

To use the template, you have to prepare a couple of things.

This is to enhance your experience with the model. 

You will need a Squarespace account and a Canva account. 

The pages it provides include:

  • Home
  • Contact
  • About
  • Services
  • Blog

Pros & Benefits:

  • Build and launch your website in 7 days 
  • Offers video instructions

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4. Fable Squarespace Kit

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One of the many templates used by enterprises today is the Fable Squarespace kit. 

Several people across the platform use the kit.

This is not just because of the great designs it delivers but also because of the technical integrations it offers.

There are many features that you will find when you use the Fable Squarespace kit.

Blogs are fast becoming an essential section of most websites today.

As a business owner, you can easily integrate a blog onto your website.

You can do this through the blog integration feature the Fable Squarespace kit offers.

Another feature you can find is social media integration. 

This allows you to implement a system that connects all of your social media channels to your website.

You can also customize the font and colors that your website possesses with this template.

It gives you full control over the appearance of your entire website.

If you want to launch an online store within your website, this template offers that too.

You simply have to hit a couple of buttons, and you are ready to start making sales.

The Fable Squarespace kit ensures your website stays responsive to the designs you implement on it. 

This gives it a good view of both mobile and desktop devices.

Like most templates, you will need to meet a couple of requirements before using the Fable Squarespace kit.

What you need to use the template includes a Canva account and a Squarespace account. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers drag and drop interface
  • Provides technical support 
  • Compatible with Squarespace 7.0

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5. Cafe Latte Squarespace Template

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Cafe Latte Squarespace template answers the need for a service-based website. 

The template offers many features to its users when they purchase any of its premium versions.

As a business owner, the template ensures you can deliver the right design.

Moreover, you can tailor the right content to fit your business website’s appearance.

The Cafe Latte Squarespace template ensures that brand owners can build the right platform for their customers. 

This template was designed to be used by photographers and personal and lifestyle brands.

Blogs are a significant part of every website today. 

You can easily integrate a blog to help you tailor useful content to your website visitors.

Social media channels are useful for promoting your business website. 

The Cafe Latte Squarespace template features this and enables easy integration. 

With a few clicks, you can get social channels up and running on your Squarespace website.

There are a couple of things you will need so you can start using the Cafe Latte Squarespace template. 

Some of the requirements involved with using it include a Squarespace account and a Canva account. 

The creator of the template, also offers a series of videos to help you understand some of its integration.

These videos will also show just how it can be modified to suit your website. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides guides and video instructions 
  • Offers licenses

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6. Luna Squarespace Template

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Luna is an accessible Squarespace template.

It’s used by people across different business websites to tailor the right content to their visitors. 

People looking to create photography, service, and lifestyle websites can do this with Luna.

With the Luna Squarespace template, just about anyone can do customizations. 

The customization feature allows you to edit fonts, colors, and layouts of your website pages.

Responsiveness is an essential factor that determines the success of any website. 

When your website is responsive, any device can access and use it effectively. 

This is something the Luna Squarespace template ensures it gets.

Now, you never have to worry about your web site’s design not coming mobile devices.

Its developers have designed it to provide a seamless installation process. 

You will find a lot of unique graphics that you can use to enhance your website’s appearance.

These graphics come from Canva and are very useful.

To start using the Luna template, you have to meet a couple of requirements.

You have to prepare a Squarespace 7.0 subscription and a Canva account. 

As an extra layer of good design, you can include a Photoshop profile, but this is optional. 

Some other things you will find the Luna Squarespace template providing your website include:

  • Tech support
  • Individual checklists
  • Useful videos for information

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides dynamic functions 
  • Encourages DIY 
  • Features a final launch checklist 
  • Provides multiple license choices for users at different rates

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7. Boho Social Squarespace Template

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Boho Social is one of the most popular Squarespace templates around. 

Today, it is used by not only digital marketers and social media managers, but also by business and brand owners. 

Just as its name implies, the designers built the template to improve the social experience any user visiting your site can get.

Boho Social comes in three different forms. 

These forms include the personal, commercial, and extended commercial versions of the template. 

All of which offer tons of different features. 

We will take a look at what features you will find with using the template. 

It offers a large selection of features, making it easy to use and understand. 

Boho Social comes with improved built-in layouts. 

This gives you the chance to choose what you want for your page and what kind of structure suits your business customers.

Social media is a great way to aid the promotion of any business. 

With Boho Social, implementing this should not be a problem. 

Responsiveness is a great tool that boosts the number of customers a business can gain through the website. 

Luckily, Boho Social features this and makes your business accessible to both mobile and desktop users.

A customization is a crucial approach if you are looking to tailor your content to fit the needs of your visitors.

With Boho Social installed on your Squarespace website, this should be an easy task to handle. 

Installing Boho Social on your website is no big deal. 

It comes with a high tech support system that allows you to easily install it on your website. 

You need to have a Squarespace Business plan to get started with using Boho Social. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available in both 7.0 & 7.1 versions of Squarespace 
  • Includes two different installation options 
  • Provides a license

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8. Boho Queen Squarespace Template

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Boho has been creating templates for Squarespace websites for some time now. 

Today, you will find a vast amount of templates created by Boho developers. 

One of many is the Boho Queen Squarespace template, which is widely used by people involved in service-based businesses. 

If you own an enterprise, then using a template that offers a wide range of customizable features is a great idea. 

Luckily, Boho Queen offers this.

Through the available features, you can work on building a website that reflects your brand. 

Thanks to the customization features offered by Boho Queen, anyone can start creating fonts, colors, and images of their choice. 

The template also gives users the chance to customize graphics across the entire website with just a few button clicks. 

Installation of the template on your Squarespace site should not be a problem due to the simplicity involved. 

You can build a site to offer your business services without the need for coding or becoming a web developer.

Boho Queen also provides access to these individual guides.

Most of these guides tend to include videos that offer useful information on the template support system and how to optimize it to achieve better results.

To get started, you will need to prepare a Squarespace account along with a Squarespace Business plan. 

You also need to know there are more versions aside from the personal version of the template, such as the commercial and extended commercial versions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It offers two installation options 
  • It provides users with step-by-step video instructions on setting up your website. 
  • Boho Queen Squarespace template features a simple and easy to understand UI

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9. Iris Squarespace Template

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Creating Squarespace websites for hotels, motels, and other businesses can be a tough job.

To make things a lot easier, introducing templates can come in handy. 

The Iris Squarespace template comes as one of the best templates you could use for the website of your business. 

You will find the template to have a right level of simplicity.

This is an essential factor to consider for user experience. 

The Iris template for Squarespace offers several features.

It’s a Brine based template and requires no coding knowledge on your path.

The developers will walk you through the entirety of setting up the ideal website.

They provide you with a responsive support service.

To verify your rights to use the template, it offers you the chance to choose your license.

When you use the template, you will find embedded guides in the form of videos.

They will get you acquainted with the tricks involved in using it.

Thanks to the Iris Squarespace template’s customization feature.

You can quickly build a website to fit your design needs.

The template offers full-width backgrounds, images, texts, parallax scrolling, and more.

There are some things you will need to prepare before you can start using the Iris Squarespace template. 

You’ll require a Squarespace 7.0 subscription and a Canva account. 

The Iris Squarespace template offers up to three license versions.

With these versions, both personal website owners and enterprise website owners can build their site to fit their needs. 

The three license versions of Iris includes the:

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Extended commercial versions

All of which come with different features. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers impressive tech support to users
  • Responsive design makes your website accessible on all devices 
  • Involves a 10-step building process

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10. Cecily Co. Squarespace Template

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Squarespace is a large platform known for its wide range of uses .

More so for its many available templates that are compatible for use with its websites.

The brand designed the Cecily Co. template to offer simplicity to the pages of your website.

This template differs from the others through its unique and standalone features it provides.

It offers some features which we will take a look at below. 

There are many features available on the Cecily Co. template. 

You can easily customize:

  • Fonts
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • Layouts
  • Images that lie within your website

There is no complex integration involved.

The template also has a Newsletter integration feature.

This allows you to build a mailing list for the visitors and users of your Squarespace website.

You can also work on your blog, thanks to its advanced blog integration feature.

This way, you stand a chance to start writing blog content on your website.

You can do this without having to go the extra mile of creating a standalone platform for a blog.

Social media icons and contact information can be added to your website.

You can do this if you have got this template installed on your Squarespace website. 

E-commerce integration is also a part of the picture.

The Cecily Co. Squarespace template allows you to build an online store right in your website.

Without any hassle!

You have to meet a few requirements before you can use the Cecily Co. Squarespace template to create a website for that unique business of yours.

You have to prepare a Squarespace account alongside a Canva account.

Purchasing the higher versions of the template helps you to enjoy more features. 

Today, you can pick any of the following version:

  • Personal
  • Commercial
  • Extended commercial

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a decent Blog integration system
  • Comes with a newsletter feature
  • Offers multiple page customization options
  • Developers designed it with simplicity and easy-to-use user navigation in mind

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Final Thoughts 

Getting a Squarespace template design is cost-effective.

It saves you a lot of time of having to learn how to create one from scratch.

You are also spared from the cost of having to hire a developer to build one.

Consider any of the template designs listed.

Have a website that highlights your business and converts.

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