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best squarespace template for musicians

10 Best Squarespace Templates For Musicians

Widen your fanbase with the best Squarespace template for musicians!

Musicians nowadays, can share easily their music online and be discovered.

This option has become more accessible because of the internet.

However, not all musicians have a strong online presence.

So if you’re a musician and are looking for ways to make your presence more felt online, a great first impression is everything.

This article aims to provide you with some helpful information and tips about putting yourself out there.

Our recommendation is to use one of the most known methods available, which is an online portfolio or website.

Note that websites are not something new, they have actually become a norm.

Curious about how to build your online portfolio in the best way possible?

Well, this article is here to recommend one of the best-known trending website providers known as SQUARESPACE.

It provides tons of website templates.

So, creating your ideal website could be easy and fun.

With its recent focus on websites for musicians, Squarespace is definitely a must-try.

So let us now go over the ten options for the best Squarespace template for musicians.

1. Lora

best squarespace template for musicians
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Lora is a template that is mainly known for its elegance, clean and inspirational design to build your website.

It has a unique and cheerful vibe.

Moreover, it would be considered an excellent option for musicians with a sophisticated taste in music and fashion.

This will help you to showcase your website with this very trendy and multipurpose design.

The design allows you to enhance your images and the overall website in an elegant way.

Link your social media and streaming services platforms to your website so that your visitors may easily interact with you.

They will appreciate it.

The Lora template will impress your audience and will be suited to your needs.

It also focuses on displaying and providing pricing information which makes it perfect for any business you may have in mind.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pricing focused in case you have any business in mind
  • Multipurpose so you can add all your favorite features in one place
  • Elegant for the sophisticated type of artist
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2. Sienna Hale

best squarespace template for musicians
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Many are delighted with the classic and modern tone of the Sienna Hale template.

It has very interactive and fun with a bit of vintage and inspirational style.

And you know what they say, a picture says a thousand words.

This template will definitely help you breakthrough and convey what you’re trying to project to your audience.

Sienna Hale template allows you to make a stunning and easy-to-use design.

The said design will capture your visitors’ attention and probably keep them hooked to your website.

This template is also an excellent alternative for musicians who wish to showcase their lifestyle.

Whether it may be a high-end lifestyle or a moderate type of lifestyle.

May it be to inspire and communicate with their fans as frequently as possible or for musicians just wanting to create something beautiful and creative with high standards to delight their fans.

It’s also a great idea to link all your social media and streaming services platforms to your site.

In this way, your visitors may easily interact with you.

This template is overall a great option that also showcases a customizable business option.

 Pros & Benefits:

  • Great to showcase your lifestyle
  • Modern and sophisticated
  • Business-oriented feature
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3. Fiére

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Fiére is one of those awesome templates known as Pink Businesses designs.

This template portrays to have a lot of identities and a friendly vibe.

Such templates will definitely keep your visitors inspired and content.

Fiére template is recommendable for websites that wish to promote a more compassionate side of the world.

It’s an excellent option for the romantic type of musicians who believe in and encourage goodness.

Simple but yet authentic, this template has a melodic vibe.

Express what inspires your music and mention your favorite musicians and what inspired you about them.

Your fans will definitely find it interesting.

Share your favorite tracks and videos by uploading them to your website.

Use the customizable player options the Squarespace platform provides to help you share your craft.

List upcoming events, tours, appearances so that your audience is always informed and up to date.

Its overall interactive template mainly catered to females.

However, it is also an excellent option for everyone who isn’t bothered with stereotypes and exudes a lot of confidence.

Fiére template will definitely allow you to shine bright and reach for the stars.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pink Business features
  • Romantic and fun
  • User Friendly 
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4. Aisling

best squarespace template for musicians
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Aisling is a great template that is known for its boldness, colors, and large images.

It is perfect for musicians and bands who wish to exhibit their adventurous and wild side in a fun way through huge images and cool designs created to amaze their fans.

This template will allow you to stand out from the rest.

You will not blend in or get lost within many other artists once you add your unique and fun personality to it.

Squarespace’s recommendation is always to preview a template that you like based on your aesthetics and personality.

Your visitors will definitely have lots of fun browsing through your website while checking out your spontaneous style and all the things you have to offer.

The template also focuses on showcasing events and any other personal information you may want to share, which are very important to musicians.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bold and adventurous
  • Large images and colorful
  • Focuses on promotions of events
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5. Valencia 

best squarespace template for musicians
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Impress your fans with a modern design that will help you stand out from the competition and become a favorite to your visitors.

A contemporary website template for all things beautiful.

A full-page header and captivating images can have a significant impact.

Your fans will indeed consider it trendy and user-friendly.

This feature has made this template with its fantastic and clean design.

It is an excellent alternative for musicians with love for colorful things, fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and accessories.

If your goal is to attract attention and express your unusual personality, this is a great template you should definitely consider.

As you may have heard, an image says a lot, so take advantage of this template style to express yourself in a bold and sophisticated way.

You will definitely cause a great first impression.

By having your website, you can introduce yourself as who you are and what you like.

Moreover, you will be able to show off your talent and your love for music, upload new exclusive singles, remixes, or other audio files your audience will appreciate, and who knows, maybe you’ll be discovered by a famous producer.

This template option is straightforward yet very creative with a modern layout and a business-oriented objective.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contemporary and stylish feature
  • Colorful and impactful
  • Modern layout   
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6. Stillness 

best squarespace template for musicians
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Stillness is a great template to boost yourself on the online platform.

Many would say interaction is everything, and they may be right.

Experts recommend a lot of interaction and putting yourself out there to be able to grow.

It may be terrifying initially, but with these great Squarespace templates and kits, you’ll be more than motivated to give it your best try.

You will be able to grow on the music platform with these great tools, you’ll receive the boost you need.

This template will allow you to grow, as it allows you to increase your audience and expose your talent to the world.

It may lead you to get discovered by potential clients.

This and many other features make it a fantastic template for various musicians or the type of musician who wishes to connect with their audience more often.

It may be the purpose of telling stories or updating your audience with regular content related to their music or personal life.

Overall, the stillness option of it’s template can help you personalize to your style.

Simple yet very versatile.

Moreover, the Squarespace team is most of the time available to provide you with assistance.

So, whether you’re a pro at using websites or a beginner learner, Squarespace will assist you with your startup.

Not only that, they will provide you with all the tools you need to use your perfect website, modified to your taste.

Pros & Benefits:

  • connect with your audience
  • self promote 
  • tell stories
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7. Ceylon

best squarespace template for musicians
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Ceylon is one of the best Squarespace templates for musicians for its versatility and beautiful aesthetic.

Showcase your content and interests to your targeted viewers through Ceylon template’s design.

Ceylon template brings out the creativity in you and keeps your visitors inspired.

They will be delighted to view your professionally designed website and beautiful visual creation.

This template provides you with simple guides, so launching your site can be done easily.

Whether you’re thinking of investing or hiring a professional to assist you with your project’s marketing side or up to the task of creating a website for yourself.

The simple steps to designing your much-needed website are easy to follow.

So, achieving premium content is very practical and comes in very handy.

The template is perfect for musicians with sales-oriented objectives.

It’s great if you’re interested in promoting a book and other items.

This template can add beautiful eye-catching images with brief descriptions, short or large texts to inform your audience of your particular passions and interest.

Musicians can inspire with captivating images, relevant topics, their music, and personal stories, breaking the rules and setting standards.

Excel in everything you do with this excellent design with consistency.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Versatile and innovative
  • Express your interest
  • Sales oriented
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8. Luella

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Luella is an older version of the Squarespace template selections.

However, it is as beautiful and functional as the newer versions available.

The main thing about it is that it carries all the great features you need to create a great website.

It has all its marvelous features, beautiful backgrounds, and great functionalities, allowing you to create a unique user experience.

According to Squarespace, it’s not necessary for you to switch to one of their newer versions for you to be able to enjoy all the great features any of their templates has to offer.

Luella is considered a complete type of website with lots of pages and creativity.

This makes it a perfect option for musicians who wish to accomplish their desired needs, such as expanding their audience and promoting their music while keeping their audience entertained.

You’ll definitely be able to keep your fans engaged!

Its usability will create a great experience for your visitors and will make them definitely want to visit your website once again.

Make sure to add all your favorite features such as videos, merchandise, news, and events.

Your visitors will appreciate it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful backgrounds
  • Very functional
  • Great features
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9. Kitui

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This template gives a vibe of exclusivity and amped-up energy, generating a visual interest to attract many visitors and increase your fanbase.

A music page is a creative way to display your style.

This specific website has lots of structure within it.

It makes it easy for you to highlight your favorite features and customize them to your needs.

There is no design limitation on such a platform.

It’s an easy-to-view option, and navigation features make it perfect for musicians who love dark themes and have a bold personality.

With this template, you will be able to express your love for heavy metal or rock music with its incredible dark theme scenery.

The vast image background will allow you to demonstrate your energetic vibes every time.

So, create a portfolio and boost your online reach with this awesome template.

Set the tone and display your instruments.

Use big letterforms and large images to showcase the concept of your webpage.

Your homepage will give your visitors insight into your music style and provide them with a preview of what you may want to display on your other pages.

Link all your social media accounts and streaming services platforms to your website so your fans may interact while visiting your page.

Moreover, add lessons or other tutorial videos to entertain your audience with this top-notch design.

The template is so versatile and also focuses on emphasizing special events.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Promote special events
  • Dark theme style
  • Rock vibes
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10. Vandam

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This template has a more minimalistic vibe that emphasizes the fundamental elements of a website.

Vandam template will make the elements visually appealing and user-friendly to your visitors.

Showcase your love for music in a straightforward way when you add your unique portfolio, no matter what musical project you may be working on.

Expand your online presence and show your minimalistic and harmonic side with this awesome template.

Your visitors will enjoy your down-to-earth vibes and won’t feel overwhelmed while navigating through your website.

The type of music you like doesn’t matter.

This option of design has been a favorite to musicians with a moderate and easy-going attitude.

With a minimalistic website design, you can never go wrong as it’s considered a very inspirational and overall lovely design. 

With this template, you will definitely be able to:

  • appease your general audience
  • post regular interesting topics so your audience may relate to you and want to connect with you more often (this will generate you lots of followers, which is always great)
  • tease general events related to your music which will make your visitors happy

Pros & Benefits:

  • Minimalistic and harmonic
  • Merch emphasis
  • Tease events
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Final Thoughts

The Squarespace templates provide the same features and functionalities displayed differently according to your taste and personality.

Putting yourself out there may be scary, but it’s also considered a game-changer to most experts.

Squarespace makes it easy for you to design your website, make adjustments and skip all the hassles.

You will save lots of time, so you may focus on creating and sharing your music.

We hope that these best Squarespace template for musicians helped you to be more inspired in your craft.

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