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10 Best Squarespace Template Designs For A Podcast

Are you using already the best Squarespace template for podcast?

Squarespace is one of the top website builders and hosting companies that help many creatives.

It helps them deliver their art and engage with a full set of audiences across the world.

It offers a bunch of wondrous templates that cater to all types of styles.

Their designs are all tasteful and will make you stand out as an individual out of the bunch.

So if your art form is to entertain, talk, literally and figuratively, use your voice and engage with your listeners.

Enjoy having your own ‘radio show’ over the internet.

Your dreams of being a radio jockey are just a step away because you came to the right place. 

In this article, we are listing down the ten best Squarespace template for podcast in no particular order.

1. Seoul

best squarespace template for podcast

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Are you the kind of person who’s into Korean Pop Culture?

Then Seoul is likely to be your one beautiful playground.

After all, the stylish K-Pop sensation would be nothing without a captivating display and a catchy premonition.

This is a sort of relaxed and reclined street fashion look, blending, and fusing with the aesthetics of rock and hip-hop.

It allows your personality to shine through all its pages.

This template will boost your podcasting career in the most optimum way possible.

This website template is hefty, daring, forward, and of course, a good deal of’ Seoul.’

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stylish, present-day, design that engages your visitors
  • Attracts more listeners and online wanderers that are both good for your website’s daily traffic
  • Features your latest podcast episode in just one easy click
  • Offers step-by-step video tutorials and guides to help you customize and personalize your template
  • The creator, The Coastal Kit team, is willing to help you use the template
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2. Sophie

best squarespace template for podcast

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It’s a spontaneous laid-back design that helps you address whatever genre your podcast content is all about.

This template is so easy on the eyes because of its modern rustic style.

The Sophie Squarespace Template Kit will give you a rural country vibe with a dash of romantic aura.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers mild natural shades and deep tones of a farm, garden, or a vintage-style backdrop!
  • A step-by-step guide is provided complete with graphics and video tutorials
  • Responsive design and made to adapt to all types of the screen
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3. Jackson Author Template

best squarespace template for podcast

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Many authors of today have managed to level up from just writing books to creating audiobooks such as podcasts, which invited and created a new set of audiences who don’t like to read information out from the pages of a book.

And if you are the one who wants to invest in creating a fantastic portfolio with a classic and a vintage theme, then this easy setup Jackson Author Template is clearly made just for you.

This Squarespace website template is sitting exactly from the borders of vintage style design and retro feel atmosphere.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available for purchase in do-it-yourself platform
  • Automatically resizes to desktop or mobile configuration
  • Comes with an easy-to-learn video guide
  •  Excellent value for audio and video, email marketing platforms, payment vendors, shopping carts, and calendar scheduling options
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4. The Tigress

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The Tigress Template Kit by Big Cat Creative is everything the name implies.

It is a paradise of hand-drawn graphic arts with sections of photo collage and images in their sizeable full width.

This gives us the tropical vibes that are inspired by summer vacations in the lush, tranquil islands somewhere in the equator that are screaming warm and humid.

It’s a playful, gorgeous, and adventurous design that is both modern and professional.

It also exudes a tropical island vibe and will make you proud to show off to everyone.

Pros & Benefits:

  • You can arrange your podcast content accordingly with its collage style sections.
  • Easy customization to work at your own likes while adjusting all the colors, fonts, layouts, page, and graphics.
  • Comes in with essential tutorial videos, demo files, and website copy workbooks with no coding necessary to help you get instant access to everything you need to build.
  • Responsive design to improve your website adapts to different kinds of screens.
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5. Sloane and Ollie

best squarespace template for podcast

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There are people out there who advocate about living life with less, and they call themselves minimalist.

And somewhere along the road, there are benefits that we can get from a clutter-free space that is rejuvenating and good for the soul and mind to fully relax.

Minimalism is about getting rid of excess stuff and decluttering, and if you are the type of person who enjoys a clean, clutter-free, bright, and cloudless scheme, Sloane and Ollie are just the right templates for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A feel of a clean slate and the idea that less is more are both giving a focus for your podcast content to shine.
  • Minimal design that is easy and relaxing to look at that will make your listeners stay calm as they explore your website.
  • Changeable brand colors and font style and size from a PDF of style guide about color codes and fonts used that will help you customize it precisely on how you envision your website is going to be.
  • An easy to follow step-by-step tutorial video that will help you build our site from Start to finish to help you get it personalized from the smallest detail.
  • You can easily add in your own photos because PSD files are included once you purchase this template.
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6. Iris

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Now here’s a Squarespace template that is edgy and fiery yet cute and gorgeous all at the same time.

Having this Squarespace template is standing your ground in a fast and robust statuesque way when the going gets tight around you.

If you consider yourself fierce, passionate, and powerful, then we think that The Iris Squarespace Template is just for you because it’s another modern and bold design to kickstart your career as a podcaster.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Background images that are full width whereby its position appears to be different when you are scrolling its pages or in many popular terms, parallax.
  • A kind way coinciding with texts and image division adds effects to the overall feels of the vibe you’re trying to send.
  • Graphics and video tutorials of step-by-step guide all included when you purchase this beautiful template to help you get more illustrative on how you want it to look like when it’s launched to your market.
  • A functional responsive design for different screen sizes so whichever device your audience is looking from, you’ll be confident to be showing off that dazzling podcast website of yours.
  • Another easy for customization purposes that lets you easily adjust and make changes in the colors, fonts, layout, pages, and graphics.
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7. The Clean Freak

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Yet another template living up to its name, The Clean Freak, is an additional choice for podcasters under the minimalism movement’s tranquil influence.

This Squarespace template keeps your website clutter-free. It removes unnecessary stuff that is lowkey, steals the time and energy of your audience positively to give them more time to focus on your podcast brand.

This bright, clear, immaculate, and neat design is a haven for podcast listeners who are into pure, tidy, and spotless pieces of the internet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Beautiful parallax scrolling experience that creates an alluring effect while your audience tirelessly explores your website.
  • Essential step-by-step videos on how to properly customize your page that will help you to address your regular website visitors in a way that you will leave your brand of style in their minds.
  • A bold and unique Squarespace template with customizable graphics means photoshop is not needed.
  • If most of your listeners are using their mobile phones to access your website, then worry not because they can access your website in its full beautiful appearance for this template is 100% mobile-friendly.
  • It includes bonus videos about SEO, coding, and some sort of Squarespace tricks that can help you jump-start your podcasting career.
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8. Samantha

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If you are the type of podcaster who tirelessly counsels and encourages your listeners on matters having to do with careers, love, life, or any personal challenges, then this Samantha Squarespace template is just the right one for you because you consider yourself a Life Coach.

This is a fantastic way to showcase your niche to your audience while totally highlighting your inspiring podcasts audio series.

This template is ideal for business coaches and life coaches; it can also be designed for any type of Podcast coaches and entrepreneurs by setting up eye-catching images and bold headlines that your listeners will be captivated until they’re dying to learn some more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Straight to the point layout design to deliver the message of your brand to the audience who visits your site.
  • The highly enchanting design keeps your listeners listening from one episode to another episode, from seasons to seasons, while highlighting your services.
  • While other templates include step-by-step graphics and video tutorials, this template comes with professional installation because the creator, Tara of Den Of Dreamers team, will take the job and handle the details so you can carry on running your business. Hence, it is a stress-free way for you!
  • This template features a fantastically majestic intro Home Page along with four other custom pages.
  • A fully responsive template so you won’t have to worry whether your listeners are accessing your website from their mobile phones, tablets, or the computer screen.
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9. Boho Social

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Here’s to the podcaster folks who are so socially unconventional in a very artistic, creative, decorative, and imaginative way.

The folks who are spending all their time studying philosophy, deconstructing arts, reading anything they can get their interests on, creating paintings, writing novels, producing music, or in your case, hosting a podcast website.

Boho Social is yet another colorful and believing positively Squarespace template that will attract not just your attention but also the minds of your listener to indulge them in your precious and meaningful podcasts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Tailored specifically to those who consider themselves a digital marketer, social media manager, and podcasters.
  • This Boho Social template is featuring blazing groovy and artsy graphics to focus on creative expertise.
  • It has a lightweight and blustery grid that gives your website a professional, skillful, and competent guide.
  • Includes an extensive video walk-through that helps you master the Squarespace template while setting up your website so you’ll know how to control it.
  • Perfectly responsive design looks fantastic, fascinating, and marvelous on all kinds of devices your listeners are using.
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Podcast audio content has become so popular for all types of ages today.

This is because it gives the listeners the ability to listen to their favorite topics.

Podcasts can come in all sorts of forms.

You’ll find them in bite-size day-to-day articles to your favorite trilogy book that has more than three hundred pages.

The invention and gift of podcasts are perfect for our daily commutes and busy routines.

They also help us develop our skills in multitasking.

We hope that our list of the options for the best Squarespace template for podcast have helped you in your choice.

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