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best squarespace template for writers

10 Best Squarespace Template Designs For Writers

We rate and review the best Squarespace templates for bloggers, poets and authors.

Don’t waste the hours you should be spending writing your next article fiddling with with a website.

Dozens of Squarespace templates designed to meet the needs of bloggers are readily available at the push of a button.  

However, a wide array of choices also makes picking the correct one tough.   

Like many others, have you been wondering which Squarespace template is the ideal fit for you? 

You’ve landed on the right place to find templates that best suit your blogging needs,.

Furthermore, you’ll find here Squarespace templates that offer you useful features, and showcase your writing in the best light. 

After a careful analysis of a range of Squarespace templates for writers, I’ve narrowed down the choice to 10 best options.

I have also compiled important information about each template. 

To get started, simply peruse through the following list to find the best Squarespace template for writers.

1. Sweet and Chic Squarespace TemplateSQUARESPACE WEBSITE TEMPLATE Blog Design: Sweet and Chic Blog image 0

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Bring your words to life with this trendy design and lively, warm colors that drive the focus on your work in a cozy way.

Creative websites with eye-pleasing designs and lucid fonts that stand out are known to hook a reader right away.

This template will provide you high-quality design and plenty of flexibility to work on your articles with its dynamic website in little to no time.   

This makes it quite easy for complete beginners to create their own website without need for any web design knowledge.

You will obtain a professional look at a low cost.

You don’t have to stress over anything.

This incredibly intuitive and easy to use template comes with informative videos that take you through the entire setup step by step. 

The best part is that you will still have the freedom to fully customize and create the visual appearance of your website.

You can choose the colors and the fonts to give it a personalized feel and reflect your taste.

If you’re thinking about penning down your travel stories or sharing personal tidbits on a regular basis, this template is perfect for you.

The blog post layouts are specifically designed to offer a fluid and improved user experience that instantly immerses visitors in your world.

Enjoy tweaking the design until you land on something that resonates with your personal brand and fits you perfectly. 

There are so many of ways to do that.

So take some time to figure out what configuration works best for you and get started.

Furthermore, if you are confused or unsure about anything at all, the designer, Chelsea Rae, readily offers her help to answer any queries.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Mobile-friendly design 
  • Photo + graphic resources 
  • Bonus videos on Squarespace tips

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2. Unearth Squarespace Template

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For a fresh, clean, and modern website, there is no better choice than the budget-friendly Unearth Squarespace Template, especially if you’re just starting out. 

It is layout is interactive and organized which you can modify to your liking.

It is a great option for writers looking for a minimal, aesthetically pleasing, and professional website.

Unearth’s simplistic design isn’t something that distracts readers, compared to other designs.

It even helps users to focus more on your written content.

Use the minimalist design to your advantage by featuring big, bold fonts and appealing colors.

All these will immediately charm your visitors and entice them enough to make them want to keep exploring your work. 

When it comes to setting up your site, the designers will provide you with all of the graphics and step-by-step video tutorials necessary.

This will ensure that you’ll have full autonomy to get your beautiful website up and running–stress free.

At the end of the implementation process, you will have learned how to completely personalize your website to suit your needs.

Most importantly, you will have the ability to independently make updates in the future.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Responsive modern design
  • Installation offered 
  • Technical support 

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3. Boho Social Squarespace Template

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Boho Social is a bright and breezy Squarespace template designed to feature dynamic content while also providing a professional look.   

Since your website is your shopfront to the world, make sure that you are fully satisfied with its appearance and style before the launch.  

To make sure it accurately represents you, tweak the fully customizable pages to put forward your own brand, unfiltered by anyone else’s choices, and free of the design constraints you’d have your own.

This will help you establish a robust online presence that gets the attention of potential clients and drive revenues up.

An utterly stress-free process is ensured with no need for additional coding.

The template includes minimal CSS.

The designer assures that it is something you won’t ever have to dabble in.

The template is handed over to you, all set to be customized with your preferred fonts, colors, and graphics.

Beauty is, after all, in the eye of the beholder, so enjoy tweaking the design of your website to reflect your taste.

A professional tip to handling the aesthetic is to have some sense of unity in the fonts and colors.

If the color scheme and fonts constantly change in the different sections or pages of the website, it can give off a bad image of your brand.

You also won’t have to worry about meddling with or researching plugins to meet your marketing goals and reach your target audience. 

All of these elements had been taken into consideration for you! 

You will receive a comprehensive video that will walk you through all the necessary steps.

You will get to know Squarespace (its SEO features, email marketing, etc.) as well as your website inside out. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Responsive design on all devices
  • Six unique page layouts
  • Entirely customizable

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4. Fable Squarespace Template

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A template that packs a bold punch, Fable keeps your gorgeous content front and center.

It works hard to turn your visitors into regular customers. 

Show off your latest work with a landing page that makes a statement.

Invite your readers to check out the pages that matter most with strategic calls to action.

Entertain them with informative, fun video content and a full-width Instagram footer.

This template combines minimalist aesthetic with Squarespace’s powerful drag and drop interface.

This Square kit includes:

  • All of the needed graphics
  • Settings
  • Thorough video tutorials you need
  • Gorgeous web design 

With the comprehensive expert guidance provided by the designers, you will quickly acquire the confidence to make the site design your own.

It offers effortless customizations and regular updates that will strengthen your online presence.

Take advantage of Squarespace’s intuitive interface to explore its all-in-one platform.

It will answer your every need, from hosting to blogging and more. 

At the completion step of the setup, you will find yourself with a brilliant, gorgeous website that’s entirely and authentically you. 

Additionally, to make all this happen, you don’t even need any coding skills or technical knowledge.

The design is handed to you fully functional and ready to use.

You will be impatient to create, edit, and post content on your new website as soon as it’s set up. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Placeholder images
  • Helpful documentation
  • 45 minutes of video tutorials

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5. Minnie Squarespace Template

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Readers love to find out more about their favorite authors, and you get to increase your loyal fanbase. 

A personal website can bring this all together,.

This website  will give you direct access to your audience with blog subscriptions and newsletters.

It will also establish a personal connection, and via your preferred way of communication. 

In today’s Instagram-driven online culture, consumers place substantial importance on the look and aesthetic of a website. 

The Minnie Squarespace Template is an entirely safe bet in this aspect.

You get a modern design with trendy collage-style elements and captivating full-width imagery. 

You can really emphasize the content while packing a punch with an added dash of creativity built in the design. 

This is thanks to its streamlined and straightforward layout.

Stay away from generic, dull websites.

Add your own touch to your site by merely following straightforward instructions and built-in Squarespace settings.

This site does not  require any coding. 

Upon the purchase of your template, you will benefit from instant access to all the tools.

This includes graphic files to instructional guides.

You need to upload this template into your site. 

The professional designers will virtually hold your hand as you go through the entire process from start to finish.

This will be done through the explanatory videos expounding on the step-by-step instructions.

You will feel grateful for for this gentle learning curve featuring.

You will receive a series of educational guides when your site goes live.

At the end of it, you will benefit from a website fully optimized and with global content delivery.

All with zero configuration for you to stress over. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Website Copy Workbook
  • Customizable Graphics
  • Template support

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6. Arlo Squarespace Template

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You need this template for your brand to take off to an excellent start.

You’ll stand a chance to compete for online consumers’ attention in this booming digital marketplace.

Arlo is the ideal Squarespace template for writers who want a crisp and minimal design that presents their content beautifully.

You can easily add your own touch with the entirely customizable Arlo template.

This comes with video instructions so you can have your site up and running quickly, without any hassle. 

Be guided from start to finish with detailed instructional videos that walk you through all the steps of implementing the design to your website. 

To make things incredibly easy for you, the designer includes all the graphic files featured in the template in the pack.

Moreover, you will have the PSD files so you can choose to add your own photos, set the layout, change fonts and swap colors if you like.

You simply have to follow the style guide included in the form of a PDF manual, which consists of all the color codes and fonts used.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to bring your creativity to the table by fiddling with the customizable pages of your website. 

With all these useful features and treats, all that is left for you to do is to set up your website and start showcasing your work online!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Excellent flexibility and customization options
  • DIY-friendly

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7. Maggie May Squarespace Template

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Are you a creative-minded soul who, alongside writing, enjoys developing new skills or trying new things? 

Then the Maggie May template, designed for creative minds and service-based businesses of all sorts, might just be the one for you. 

It’s incredibly versatile and comes with facultative blog and shop pages, that you can choose to include or exclude as per your preference. 

In this modern age, a premium-looking website translates into relevancy.

It also marks the professional reputation of a brand through its ability to present an appealing and user-friendly site.

A fresh and aesthetically pleasing design will have everyone swooning over your site and regularly visiting it. 

This template forms part of the designer’s particular “Website in a Week” products,.

This essentially means the template will be installed for you.

You get a readymade website without having to lift a finger!

Upon purchase, you will have to follow the easy instructions on how to add the designer as an administrator to your Squarespace account.

Following this, they will take care of installing the template and uploading the demo content within seven days of the purchase.

After the installation, you will be provided instructional materials that show you how to customize the template to fit your brand, colors, and aesthetics.

You will also receive access to editable Canva files to come with your very own logo, blog posts, and product images that are in line with your brand.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Optional portfolio pages
  • Styled newsletter opt-in form
  • Testimonial slider

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8. Flourish Squarespace Template

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The Flourish template was designed to serve anyone with content to share.

This focuses on the needs of online content creators, specifically writers and infopreneurs.

The long-form homepage can be used to clearly communicate the importance of your offering.

Its strategically placed signup forms will readily convert random visitors into loyal subscribers. 

It combines minimalist aesthetics with Squarespace’s simple drag and drop interface.

This template packs:

  • All of the graphics files
  • Custom site settings
  • Instructional videos you need
  • User-friendly, gorgeous web design

You will have a fully responsive design that looks gorgeous on all screen sizes.

This includes mobile and retina devices compatible with Squarespace functionalities in the best ways possible. 

You’ll end up with a website that mirrors absolute authenticity.

Moreover, you will also gain the confidence to take care of your site design,.

This will be done effortlessly making customizations and updates to grow your online presence and expand your business exponentially.

Squarespace’s Flourish is so much more than just a theme.

It includes a comprehensive crash course on confidently building a Squarespace website.

All this done on an all-in-one platform that handles everything, from hosting to blogging and more.

Lastly, you get to pick which fonts, colors, and images you want to be associated with your website.

This means that you can customize according to your brand image and create an aesthetic that your target audience will enjoy. 

Becoming a reliable resource that people want to turn to again and again for information is highly aided by attractive design and curated content. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Editable graphic templates
  • Placeholder images
  • Comprehensive crash course 

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9. Iris Squarespace Template

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Your online portfolio is the way both clients and readers reach, learn and, most importantly, discover your work.

Hence it is one of the best ways to land writing jobs.

It is crucial that you establish the right tone and present a charming and appealing vehicle for your hard work. 

With Iris, you’ll quit thinking that creating an interactive and dynamic online portfolio has to be a gargantuan project.

The template features:

  • A modern website design full of personality
  • Full-width background images
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Unique overlapping text and image sections

The template is a unique design kit that is built on top of the Squarespace base templates.

This means that this one isn’t a simple “plug-in-and-go.” 

You will be DIY-ing your way through the website.

Enjoy the chance to decide on the essential details to customize everything in a way that works best for you and your brand. 

You can modify anything and everything to make it more vibrant, from the colors, fonts, and layout to the pages and graphics.

Unleash your creativity!

The designers will accompany you at each step of the way.

They will provide you with all of the necessary graphic files and personalized video tutorials.

All these to help you build and complete your new, beautiful website design hassle-free.

You will come out of this experience with a gorgeous-looking website and newly acquired skills.

You will know how to completely customize your website for your needs and help you make updates confidently in the future.

If you ever think you can’t get past something or if you’re unsure about anything at all, no need to worry. 

Simply send the designing team a support ticket, and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can!

All of the designs automatically comply with different screen sizes.

So you don’t have to trouble yourself with thoughts about how good or how functional your website will be on any device. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Tutorial videos + demo files
  • Website copy workbook
  • Template support

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10. Soren Squarespace Template

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Soren is a unique blend of incredible functionality and fantastic, minimalistic design.

The makers crafted  this site for for budding artists and rising freelancers.

All with the goal to easily connect with potential loyal consumers of their products,

It features minimalistic design and clean grid layout.

All these comprise a solid foundation for your written content, be it via a blog or online magazine.

The makers created this website especially for bloggers and online magazine creators,

Soren features:

  • A striking landing page
  • Engaging content blocks that let your individualism shine through
  • An exotic about page to tell your story and share your creative process in your very own way

This is an exquisite, professionally designed Squarespace template.

This can be quickly set up via a step-by-step video tutorial in a couple of hours.

More importantly, you do this by yourself, saving you thousands of dollars in design fees.

Get a refined and elegant website up and running as quickly as possible to reach your audience in a better way and start growing your business. 

Make the most of the customizable editorial layout that displays your posts by category, tags, or publication date.

You can deliver as much content as you like, on all your favorite topics, without confusing your readers with the influx of content. 

You can reorder the arrangement of specific sections, add images, generate forms, and integrate your social media accounts on your own.

Moreover, you can also use the full bleed banners to:

  • Push your brand message
  • Add a newsletter
  • Include calls to action to promote your content

Most importantly, take the time to customize everything on your site as much as possible.

Show the unique things that make you tick as a writer, and aim to build a deeper connection with your audience.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Social media integration
  • Newsletter integration
  • Ability to add an online shop

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Final Thoughts

To wrap up this template selection article, I would advise you to bear in mind that a blog is an excellent way to develop and promote your brand.

So it is essential that the design is consistent with the content. 

With the best Squarespace template for writers just a click away, you literally have no excuse not to have the most intuitive and interactive website. 

A clean aesthetic, along with neatly designed sections, will go a long way in highlighting your creative and unique content.

This will give you a more substantial online presence.

Lastly, ensure that you always provide enjoyable, intuitive, and fun browsing experience in your website.

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