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best squarespace templates for therapists

10 Best Squarespace Templates For Therapists

Using the best Squarespace templates for therapists can surely carve out the market niche for any therapist.

The best template can help ace the challenge of getting the message across to an overpopulated and clueless internet market. 

Some have tried to go the traditional route of medical listings in the hospital

Others advertise their services in a medical journal. 

The answer lies in getting your practice into virtual platforms such for a healthy internet presence. 

It is proven effective in creating curiosity in businesses as well as different fields of interest.   

Squarespace is an effective avenue to advertise, endorse, and tell the virtual visitors the different practices in the field of therapy. 

Let’s learn more about the best Squarespace templates for therapists you can use to help you connect with potential clients.

1. Siargao 

best squarespace templates for therapists
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Siargao template is for lifestyle and business coaches who want to help clients manifest their freedom lifestyles. 

You can share your experiences and success stories and treat Siargao as your pristine island on the net. 

As soon as you buy the Sairgao template, you will have access to Squarespace and become a contributor. 

You’ll have full support learning how to customize your website with video tutorials.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Siargao template is easy to use the website for life and business coaches.
  • While this is a business website, you don’t have any pressure of making it look serious or structured with the beach vibe. 
  • You are starting a website wherein you can add whatever content or blog you want that will reach out to your target clientele.
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2. HayleyBrownCreative

best squarespace templates for therapists
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The Enliven Yoga template is perfect for a yoga studio or yoga teacher who wants to increase its student base and classes. 

Don’t worry about the technical terms.

The video will guide and teach you SEO tutorials, tag lines, and copywriting guides for your site.

Once you buy the Enliven template, you’ll get an invitation to get access to your new template to can customize your chosen colors, fonts, graphics, and your logo. 

The website is mobile and device-compatible.

If you’re teaching in a yoga class, you can always take a peek at the booked classes or private lessons.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It is compatible with any device.
  • The simple pages make it essential for a yoga studio or class as a separate page for yoga classes and bookings.
  • The video will guide you on how to install and how to edit your website.
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3. 23and9creative

best squarespace templates for therapists
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The Lit + Fit Squarespace 7.0 template is ready to install.

It adjusts to your tastes and needs since every site has different characteristics where this reflected.

You have two options how to use the 23and9creative.

You can add your content and branding into the template or you can revise your existing Squarespace site. 

If you don’t have Photoshop to make your images and fonts beautiful, there is a built-in Canva for you to use. 

You can change colors, fonts, images, and designs that are customized to your needs making the website about the “beautiful you.”

Smartphones and other devices are dependent on website views where 23and9creative is adaptable and mobile responsive to you.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • There is a built-in Canva editor to make it easy for you to change colors, fonts, and images on your own. 
  • The design of the Squarespace template is custom-made and editable to your needs and tastes. 
  • You can avail of a domain or website that merged into the template to make it easier to launch your website.
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4. Amara Squarespace Website 

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What you’ll see on the Amara Website is a bright and fun modern Squarespace 7.0 template with a creative scrolling effect. 

It’s a perfect match for solopreneurs, life coaches, and other service businesses.

Once you’ve chosen and purchased the Squarespace template that works for you, the admin option is under your control within two business days.

You can start to customize your site and use the video tutorials that give instructions on how to upload your content, images, and blog if you have one.

It also has a blogging tool used to host a podcast, making your website more interactive to the readers or viewers.

The Amara Squarespace has a built-in e-commerce function you can use to sell services or products related to your brand.    

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The Amara Squarespace template aims to showcase your strengths and services yet keep up authenticity.
  • You can customize your website using the free Canva editor and change the font, colors, and images of your website.
  • You can reach out to your readers or viewers through the blogging tool and even convert it to host a podcast.
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5. Cloud9 One Page Website Template

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Cloud9 One Page Website template is a collaborative partnership of two women, Rachael Weaver of Cloud 9 Marketing and Jenna Luchau-Seroufim of Practicing Purple. 

Together, they made a specific website that converts client switch and patronage through content strategy.

It is a one-page template that expands to new pages with added features, making it a unique website.

Once you buy the template, your new website design is ready to install in 24 hours.

What’s important is your online presence and attractive website with smart content.

With this, it can help you reach out to the readers who need your services.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The Cloud9 One Page Squarespace website template combines the field of a design artist and a marketing consultant.
  • You’re able to join the community by joining the cloud9 website challenge and meet people in the same field.  
  • By focusing on strategic content and a well-designed website, you increase your relatable chances to your target clientele.
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6. Le Début Squarespace Template

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Le Debut Squarespace Template made by Low Tide Design Studio is focused on helping the therapists and service-based businesses.

Its main goal is to strengthen brand awareness and strategy to show their unique identity and establish trust with their clientele.

The English translation of Le Debut is “The Beginning,” which has various meanings and interpretations.  

For purposes of a therapy-related explanation, you’ll find Le Debut carrying the message of possibilities of new adventures.

It could also mean the start of healing from a past hurt. 

That’s why you’ll like the template that is unexpected, minimal, and chic as it gives both a playful and intuitive vibe. 

You can watch the demo using the password “debut” and explore the welcome folder as you go through a guide and receive your email for your access to your site. 

You upload your images or pictures related to your practice and use the Resources page for your blog. 

You’ll need a Squarespace business plan, which is something Low Tide Studio can guide you with before you press publish on the internet.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The live demo teaches you how to install your Squarespace 7.1, and it’s easy for you to follow even if you’re not tech-savvy. 
  • Le Debut is simple and allows you to load your therapy details that make it responsive with different devices.
  • The makers of Le Debut understand that not all therapists have the marketing skill to grow the client-base. 
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7. Sunray DIY Squarespace Template Kit

best sqaurespace templates for therapist
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The Sunray Squarespace template comes with Canva.

You can use it customize your online coaching or creative businesses in a “beachy” and fun template. 

You have a complete template to build your credibility by working on your customized life coaching or any other wellness service.

Just add your brand statement, content space, blog and product feature, online shop, call to action, and email list with lead capture into the template.  

As soon as you buy the template, you’ll get video tutorials on-site, graphics, setting, and Canva templates for editing the colors, fonts, and designs.

You can now host your site, build your blog, upload your pictures, and list the products or services you offer.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The Sunray Squarespace Template is simple and easy to use and has the easy summer and beach vibe.
  • It has a free and breezy feel to the website, so it projects itself as open and accommodating.
  • You have a strong brand presence with the brand statement of the website.
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8. Chicory- Squarespace 7.0 Template  

best squarespace templates for therapists
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With the Chicory Squarespace template, you’ll learn tips on how to write a killer website headline that will keep the interest of your browsers and want to book for your fitness service.

The template is perfect for the do-it-yourself fitness coach or influencers that need an online home to host their website, write a blog, or connect with their target audience.

You’ll find the plug-and-play layout easy to use that you can personalize with your pictures, colors, and fonts. 

After buying the template, you can install the Chicory Squarespace within 24 hours.

There is a tutorial video to teach you how to personalize it.

You can use Canva to edit the fonts, colors, pictures using the Canva template built-in with the Chicory template. 

You get a 20% discount on your first year of hosting and free domain use for one year if you choose the Squarespace plan. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The Chicory Squarespace Template is a simple DIY website for fitness coaches or influencers who want to personalize their brand. 
  • A 20% discount on the first year of website hosting and free domain use for one year is given to you when you buy the template.
  • There is a plug-and-play feature that is helpful for the brand to reach its target clients.  
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9. Candor Squarespace Template Kits

best squarespace templates for therapists
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The Lola Candor Squarespace template is built on top of the Squarespace 7.1 original templates using Candor’s customized layout, graphics, and unique code. 

Once you buy your Lola template, you can install it within three working days then replace the demo content with your brand, content, blog, and pictures.

You have the Squarespace 101 video tutorial, Canva graphic templates, the SEO Checklist to be launched, and email support. 

You’ll need to make a Squarespace account, prepare your photos for uploading, be able to access for your graphic edits.

No need to panic because the video is a step-by-step tutorial that is easy to follow. 

Candor Templates give you a 20% discount on the annual subscription.   

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The Lola Candor Squarespace Template is easy to use and designed for the coach to look professional and attractive online. 
  • Candor Templates encourage you to focus on your business, allowing their template to help grow your clientele.
  • You will confidently have an online home where you can thrive and connect with clients who can ready about you. 
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10. Mia Cole- Squarespace 7.1 Template Kit

best squarespace templates for therapists
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Mia Cole Squarespace Template is for coaches, bloggers, service providers, and business owners who need to strengthen their online presence. 

The simple one-click install template after purchase will give you a brand new Squarespace website within 24 hours. 

Just upload the photos, colors, and the brand name or logo, then wait for your website set-up by candacebeedesign. 

You’ll want to upload your blog or products which you want to sell as this is part of your whole brand marketing strategy.  

You can opt to customize it yourself using the video tutorials and use Canva or Photoshop to edit the color or fonts. 

You’ll get a 20% discount on your first annual Squarespace website plan and a 6-month trial period to make any revisions for your website. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Mia Cole Squarespace Template is hassle-free with its simple design.
  • You get assistance with your website design from candacebeedesign or have the option to do-it-yourself. 
  • You get a 20% discount on the Squarespace annual fee.
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Final Thoughts

There are different kinds of therapy.

Mental or physical therapy is in demand and growing in the last ten years.

While the service need remains high, the supply is weak due to barely enough marketing efforts. 

With these best Squarespace templates for therapists, you can make your website and interact with your clientele. 

When you publish your blog or article with help from SEO features, you show a virtual presence in the search engines. 

Your dream to reach your target clientele can be achieved with the correct marketing strategy using these templates.

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