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10 Best Stationery Items for Designers &Creatives (updated 2023)

10 Best Stationery Items for Designers &Creatives (updated 2023)

As a stationery designer and creative, if you are looking for the best stationery, I bet you, I will make that happen. Just follow my lead. You will smile when I’m done.

1. ASSORTED Metallic Stationary Paper  

As a designer or creative, if you need to make your project look crystal clear then the Assorted Metallic Stationary Paper from the Best Paper Greetings is indeed the best choice.

As an impressive colour blended stationery paper, it makes a very letter writing paper, a well fitting scrapbook layer.

The fade proof is made to sustain and contain its colours and avoid easy tears.

  • Package contains 96 pieces of paper, which makes its a long-lasting product to rely on as a designer.
  • It has a modern metallic colour embellishment that’s gives it an elegant attraction.
  • The stationary paper measures 8.5 x 11 inches, making it appropriate for printing and letter writing.
  • Its fade proof makes it strong and hard to tear.

2. Vintage antique Design Stationery and Printer Paper

A paper with archaic but, beautiful and vintage appearance. Used for creative works like; birthday parties, official memos, Poetry and more.

It’s a paper that is rugged enough to fit in your printer without tear. The colour pattern on the paper differs in shade from a reddish brown to a weak and pale brown.

As a designer this paper will provide a solid and precise appearance of your work in fonts and varying personalized functions.

  • You can write and print on the paper. It is also compatible with laserjet and inkjet print machines.
  • Package comprises of 144 sheets of paper with designs on both sides, making it a long term product to use as a designer and creative.
  • The paper size is 8.5 x 11 inches, a standard printer size than a regular paper size, which makes it a good stationary for modern designers.

3. Purple Passion Stationery Paper and Envelopes

I can personally testify about the flexibility of this stationery, you will see in the combination of letterhead and envelope in a really stunning way to make invitations, newsletters, announcements and memos very inviting and pleasant.

This is one of the best stationery a designer can find on Amazon. Each stationery and envelope has weight of 50 lb text. This product is inkjet, laserjet and copier usable.

  • It’s relatively cheap. As a designer and a creative enthusiast, you will really appreciate this and so did I.
  • The paper is inkjet, laserjet and copier compatible. It’s more efficient compared to other stationeries, where the paper has no multipurpose function. This is an effective feature, for all designers need such a paper.
  • The letterheads are 40 pieces, while the envelopes are 40 too. It’s fair on the side of the makers, because I didn’t need to buy envelopes separately and so will you too.

4. Great Papers! Faded Glory Letterhead

This product personally created freedom for me to express my own designs.

If you look at it carefully, you will see that, the paper is so spacious and devoid of so many designs and colour spread.

It will enable you as a designer to create your own invitations, announcements and officially related mails.

  • The product offers the designer or creative personality the chance to freely make his or her mark.
  • The product is relatively cheap, check on Amazon you will be surprised.
  • The product makes available 80 sheets of paper for you to use effectively.

5. Zebra Mild Liner, Double sided Highlighter

Just like the name, its colours have a mild effect, though that’s not just the function here, just kidding. It captures the right attitude you are seeking for as a designer.

The highlighter is double-sided with a wide and beautiful tip that will sit just perfect on your paper.

This highlighter contains five colours: Mild Red, Mild Grey, Mild Dark Blue and Mild Green.

  • It contains five impressive colours that can provide a great melange for you, just like it did for me.
  • It appears very soft and lovely on papers.
  • Very fitting for hand lettering.
  • It has mild water resistant in, which is translucent and perfect.

6. BIC Brite Liner Flat Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Assorted Colours

Very attractive and seductive highlighter, I remember using it to create a rainbow impression in my note taking. Bic Brite Liner Flat Highlighter helps significant aspects of a note stand out.

As a creative designer you will find it very enticing and impressive. You can mark out significant days on your calendar.

The four colours are can be used for coding.

The multi-purpose chisel tip makes fine lines, broad lines and can be used for outlining notes of all sizes or for designs to your art or journals.

  • It is portable, you as a designer can easily put it in the pocket or bag, for its flay body and clip complements the advantage.
  • The colours are super bright: Yellow, Orange, Pink and Green. They are vivid and clear like the sun.
  • Easy for storage
  • Multi-purpose chisel tip for thin and thick lines.

7. Sharpie 25005 Accent Tank Highlighters, Chisel Tip

I am obsessed with Sharpie25005 highlighter, because when it bores down to articulation, it is a perfect fit for your hands. It is simply beautiful.

The new colours spark a radiation you have never seen on papers, as the colours give a style that inspires fun beauty and harmony.

So the question is, what are you waiting for? Go get one!

  • The Chisel tip runs very smoothly on papers for exact highlighting and underlining
  • It contains seven colours, what a unique product.
  • Long lasting ink. Very efficient.
  • Provides very bright colours.

8. Ivory Metallic Paper

As a designer i always seek for products I can manipulate my designs on.

The gold metallic papers provide a reflective metallic appearance that whatever you write or print on it appears exotic.

Colours like this do not fade. You can use it as a craft paper, writing paper or printing paper. All the choices are great if you ask me.

  • The paper gives the designer a chance to plan out his or her creative ideas verily.
  • Very suitable for craftwork, birthdays, invitation etc.
  • The paper is dual-side. Efficient, if you ask me.
  • Affordable, very affordable.

9. Cardstock

Cardstock provides me a platform to express myself fully. The paper favours my artistic ambitions. The paper is durable, thick and classic.

The colour gives it a unique elegance you can’t find anywhere else. It is also double sided.

The paper can be used for: Brochures, Tickets, Flyers, Newsletters, Crafts, Mixed Media Application.

  • It can come in handy as Birthday ids, upscale events, Corporate Banquets.
  • It’s printer friendly.
  • The pack size is 50sheets. It can go a long way.
  • It’s relatively cheap, go on and check it out on Amazon.

10. Avery Name Badge Inserts, Print or Write

Avery name Badge is functional stationery that provides the kind of name badge that matches your precise needs.

Whether employee badge or a one-day badge for soirees, the Avery Name Badge is a fit for any designer with the intent to use a name badge insert.

You can easily personalize the badge using any of the printers (laserjet or inkjet printers).

  • It can easily be personalized.
  • It’s printer friendly. This makes both inkjet and laserjet users happy.
  • You can pin style name badges.
  • You can make flexible Self-Adhesive Name badges.

Final Thoughts

I know how you feel, as a designer, who indulges in creative process regularly.

You will get to enjoy how exciting and impressive these stationery products, so did I enjoy them, now it’s your turn.


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