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best time to post on dribbble

What is the Best Time to Post on Dribbble?

In this article, we will share the best time to post on Dribbble.

That would be posting to improve user engagement and get more views.

We will also give you tips and tricks to build your social media presence.

Life can’t be imagined in today’s world without phones, laptops, televisions, tablets, etc.

We have a slew of executives, software developers, designers, and artists that help bring today’s modern applications to life.

These applications do EVERYTHING.

They get your groceries, deliver your food, help you invest, and assist you in hiring all sorts of professionals.

You name the task, there is probably an app or website for it.

All these apps come together because of a team. 

However, the most important factor for the look and feel of it is the designer.

And this is where Dribbble comes in.

Dribble is THE leading site for the world’s best design professionals to showcase fine artwork.

(Think of but for designers)

A Brief History of Dribble

best time to post on dribbble

Dribbble is a social networking platform for creative professionals and digital artists. 

It was started in 2009 by Dan Cederholm and Rich Thornett.

They initially invited designers to post on their platform.

The name is unique and stems from the fact that Dan and Rich were bouncing around this company’s ideas. 

This bouncing around of ideas, similar to the bouncing of a basketball, led to the name Dribbble.

The first post or “shot” as known on Dribbble was posted by Dan himself.

The platform finally went live in March of 2010 to the public and is now synonymous with designers worldwide.

Since its first launch, Dribbble has improved significantly.

It added features for designers and companies to showcase their work and conduct business.

Dribbble was eventually sold to a company called Tiny which appointed a new CEO for its operations.

The Value of Dribbble

Currently, Dribbble is present in 195 countries.

It has 4 Million + visitors each month on its site (My gosh, that’s an impressive community of designers and artists).

This amazing site thus serves as a playground for designers and digital artists around the world.

In short, Dribbble provides value for everyone involved in the design industry.

Let me tell you how.

First, Dribbble serves as a platform for designers and digital artists to upload their work, showcase it and receive feedback from other users worldwide. 

Second, Dribbble allows the same designers and digital artists to gain ideas and inspiration for their work.

Third, Dribbble enables other companies to hire these creative professionals for their own design needs.

Fourth, Dribbble allows companies to see the designers’ work and check if it would suit their needs.

It is hard for any designer to ignore the added value Dribbble will bring to their journey with so many advantages.

So using Dribbble effectively and optimizing the value from the platform is of utmost importance for any designer.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Dribbble hosts meetups, and design competitions.

Furthermore, they showcase Dribbblers worldwide (Earlier this was all in person, however, due to Covid-19, this is conducted online).

These meetups and competitions help new designers interact with veterans in the industry.

It also serves as a platform for some amazing networking opportunities. (I can’t stress enough how important networking is)

So don’t miss out on what this amazing platform has to offer.

Let’s see how to set up Dribbble and then look at ways to make it work for you.

How to Setup Dribbble

Dribbble is quite easy to set up for any designer or artist.

Just head on over to their login page here and follow the steps to get started.

Now that your account has been set up, any artists or designers must fill up their profiles.

Since Dribbble is a platform for designers at all levels, feel free to upload your previous or current work to get feedback.

Dribbble also has two paid versions called for designers, namely, Dribbble Pro and Dribbble Business.

Dribbble Pro allows for an upgrade profile, and posts multi-shots and videos in a single post.

Thus, providing you with an instant creative profile and also the ability to sell goods directly on its platform.

Whereas Dribbble Business gives you all the benefits of Dribbble Pro and access to project boards, team profiles, hire buttons, and priority placement.

Starting as a new designer, you may be better off using the free Dribbble. 

However, do evaluate the Pro and Business if you are an experienced designer.

Fair warning for all the newbies on Dribbble: There are professionals from all walks of life. 

You may be disheartened looking at all the cool designs there. 

My tip to you is to ignore all the noise and focus on your work.

Try to improve your work and yourself day by day, because eventually, you will strike gold. (I know, I know it sounds cliche, but trust me, it works wherever and whatever you do in life)

Dribble displays to everyone on the platform your growth and tenacity for design.

Starting as a newbie might be a daunting challenge, so let’s dive into some tips and tricks that anyone can use to effectively engage with the Dribbble platform.

Tips to Maximize Engagement in Dribbble

Timing is everything, AKA the best time to post on Dribbble

In a recent one-month-long study conducted by Siamak Mokhtari, the best time to post on Dribbble is 6 A.M. to 3 P.M. Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) Monday to Friday.

Siamak himself, an awesome designer on Dribbble, conducted this study.

He wanted to know the best time to post on Dribbble to have maximum views and engagement for each “shot” posted.

For the study, he analyzed Dribbble profiles of thirty-two professional designers and design teams from all walks of life.

Through the accurate calculation of the account activities, Siamak established the time and day range where these accounts had the maximum shots (posts) published.

However, while the results are in line with what other Dribbblers have noticed, I find that the study may be too narrow since it consists of only 32 accounts.

I wish Siamak had expanded his study to include more accounts as well.

Do have a look at his study here

He has put the study in a really neat and clean design and is available for hire for any design work, so do check it out.

Some independent designers have tried to analyze and see what timing works for them.

One such designer is Shahadat Hussain, who in three short months grew his fan following by 5000+.

The best time he saw his posts gain lots of views and engagements was Monday to Thursday from 11 P.M to 2 A.M Pacific Time (PT), which is 7 A.M. to 10 A.M. UTC.

Check out his medium article here, where he shows you the analysis using the Google Analytics engine.

Be Consistent with Posting

Showcasing your design is of utmost importance for any designer.

So just like any other social media platform, Dribbble too requires you to be consistent.

As you grow your profile and engage with your followers, it is always beneficial to have a shot or post simultaneously week over week.

This not only helps your followers know when to expect your posts, but I feel it helps you stay on a schedule as well.

Arguably without saying, you may not have enough content to post each week or each day.

If you are stuck in that rut, think about posting some work-in-progress designs.

Those work-in-progress designs can help you gain feedback and help you engage with your target audience.

You can even share some doodles or paint works that you did or are doing just as a fun way to keep your audience engaged.

Being consistent and showing day in and day out that you are working on yourself, your designs, and most importantly, your profile will help you beat out a lot of the competition.

To give you an analogy, a Chinese bamboo once planted must be watered every day for five years.

After five years, it grows to sixty feet in just six weeks.

The moral of the story is, you as an artist and designer, have to be relentless.

It may seem you are not making any progress, but if you stop, you are confirming that thought process of yours. 

However, if you keep going, you are bound to find success.

Know Your Target Audience and Carve Your Niche

I can’t stress enough how you really must find your target audience.

Today, if you go on Dribble, it has seven distinct categories on its home page: Animation, Branding, Illustration, Mobile, Print, Product Design, Typography, and Web Design.

This list is a high level of categories, and each of them has its way of working.

Even within these categories, you can subdivide them into smaller ones.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities of what you can work on and what users are looking for.

And that is exactly why you should concentrate on one thing and one thing only starting.

It will help you become a professional and teach you many things along the way.

Of course, as an artist and designer, you must venture out so that you stay relevant.

Or even if you don’t like what you are doing currently, change it to something you are happy about.

But eventually, find the one thing that will truly work for you both financially and emotionally.

Try to make your name in that space and build your audience in that space.

More often than not, the folks following you are also in that space and will stick with you through your highs and lows.

When you also become a master at it, people will default reach out to you because of your craft and because you have a strong following. 

So just like a software developer who masters one programming language, try to find and carve your niche. 

It is also helpful to use tags for your work, and make them as impactful as possible so people can see your posts when looking for something.

Make the Most of Dribbble Pro

While this may not apply to everyone, I wanted to include this section so that those who do have Dribbble Pro make the best possible use of it.

The pro has tons of features that enable designers to shine.

The multi-shot and video feature is by far the best.

Apart from uploading your main shot, you can upload other images in that as well.

This enables any viewer to see a clearer and better picture of your work.

It also helps you craft a story for the main shot, which truly helps resonate with people.

Not only that, it helps break the barrier for the upload size of the shots you take.

You can instantly see the benefits of that on the stats page, another awesome feature of the Pro subscription.

The stats page tells you how many times your post has been viewed, who your Top followers are, and who you like. (Make SURE to engage with your Top followers, it will surely be of some help.)

Additionally, if you have any work that is ready to be sold, Dribbble Pro allows you to set up your designs in such a way that users can 1-click purchase it.

DO NOT forget to use that to generate additional revenue along the way.

The revenue stream will enable you to be more financially independent, and all your work can now passively gain income for you, which is a WIN-WIN! 

Tons of users have commended the Pro features and the stats page.

They help users understand where their followers are, which posts generate the most engagement, and what kind of content is getting sold. 

Don’t take my word for it. 

Search online and see what others have to say.

Engage With the Community

Dribbble is an awesome community of designers and artists at every level.

One of the first steps I recommend for new Dribblers to do is to complete the profile with accuracy.

This helps other Dribbblers see your bio, information about you, and your strong design suite.

After making your profile, engage with your followers or even those that you follow.

Ask questions, give and receive feedback on your work (Special emphasis on “YOUR WORK”), like work you see, and follow artists you like.

I would like to also stress, be candid and honest in your engagement, do not try to force it as people will see through that.

This will not only increase your brand presence day by day but also allow you to learn TONS of amazing new stuff you may not even have heard about.

And finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention Rebound (No, this is not the same as the dating term you are thinking).

Rebound is a way to engage with the community and ensure some healthy participation.

The idea is to post your shot and ask users to use that theme to create their shots.

Check out this cool post of Mickey Mouse here and some amazing Rebounds here.

You can even read about Rebound on Dribbble by clicking here. 

In conclusion, engage with the community, bring your authentic self, and most importantly, have fun!

Dribbble is truly an amazing tool that will help any designer learn about themselves and grow.

Beyond Posting Times: Other Factors to Consider for a Successful Dribbble Profile

When it comes to building a successful Dribbble profile, many designers focus solely on the best time to post on Dribbble to maximize their visibility.

While posting at strategic times can certainly help, there are several other factors that should also be considered to create a truly effective profile.

Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind:

Quality of Work

The most important aspect of any Dribbble profile is the quality of the work being showcased.

In order to stand out and attract potential clients or collaborators, it’s essential to create high-quality shots that demonstrate your skills and unique perspective.

Consider investing in high-quality equipment and software, and take the time to craft each shot carefully.


The way your shots are presented on Dribbble can also have a big impact on their effectiveness.

Consider using engaging titles and descriptions, and include relevant tags to make your work more discoverable.

It’s also important to use high-quality images and consider how your shots will look when displayed in a grid or alongside other shots.


Finally, it’s important to maintain a professional tone and approach on Dribbble.

This can involve responding to comments or messages in a timely and polite manner.

Avoid controversial or divisive topics, and keep your profile and shots free from offensive or inappropriate content.

By considering these factors, designers can build a successful and effective profile on Dribbble.

A profile that showcases their skills, attracts potential clients or collaborators and helps them stand out in a crowded field.

While knowing the best time to post on Dribbble is certainly important, it’s just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to building a successful Dribbble profile.

Final Thoughts

Dribbble is an awesome place for artists and designers to get together and share their work.

It is “THE” social media site for artists and designers.

Using Dribbble for newbies may be a daunting task, but they can enhance their profile by following our simple steps.

  1. The time your post on Dribbble is of utmost importance, always remember between 7 A.M. to 3 P.M. roughly you get maximum engagement.
  2. Being consistent is very important to show your commitment to your audience and yourself.
  3. Carve your niche and be a master at that. Understand your target audience in this niche and develop stuff for them as they will be the ultimate judge and buyer
  4. Effectively use Dribbble Pro to craft stories, view engagement stats, and track your most pursuant followers.
  5. Authentically engage with the community to build your brand presence and learn from all the designers out there.

We hope this article on the best time to post on Dribbble will help you use it more effectively for all your creative needs.

It has tons of features that help you learn and interact with other designers and artists, be more engaged with your profession, and even help you earn from the work you create. 

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