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best ux research books

10 Best UX Research Books

Looking for the best UX research books?

In these days of technology and advancements, people still love to read books to get precious “knowledge” of experience.

The UX (User Experience) means a person’s personal experience about doing work, using a product, or handling a system.

Therefore, this UX can help you a lot if you are also introducing a system or a product to the people.

You can quickly know about the demands and desires of people by reading out their minds with the experiences you get in the book.

Here, we are going to discuss 10 best UX research books that can help a lot to know about exploring the systems.

1. Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited

best UX research books

The very first edition of this incredible content was published in the year 2000.

This book is an excellent source of knowledge for the newcomers who are trying to promote their programs correctly.

Steve Krug wrote this book, and it became the most read for the service providers as well as designers at that time.

After this, he came up with the new ideas in his mind to show the people about his creativity related to mobile usability.

A new edition you shows that it is now more extended with new ideas and classic visions.

In addition to this, the way he narrates to the people is unique and fun, creating, which makes the reader loyal to the pages.

By going through the pages of this book, you would know about the scenario of working on websites and developing.

All those who want to become prominent in the web designing make sure that they read out this journey of Steve Krug’s words.

Due to the successful research of Steve, now its 3rd edition contains more than 60,000 prints.

That is unbelievable!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best choice for web designers and developers
  • Frankly description and easy to understand
  • The main focus on people’s usability
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 2. Grokking Algorithms

best UX research books

Programming is a base of every field in the technology as well as new inventions in these days.

This is a perfect guiding book for the programmers to tell them about algorithms in detail and maintaining their skills in IT.

Those who want to handle the most critical information related to artificial intelligence and algorithm problems can read this.

The codes in Python in this book are simple and easy-to-understand for new programmers and IT finders.

Most of the algorithms and codes are given with easy examples that make the reader have more interaction with this book.

To make the idea clear for students, most of the problems have diagrams with them.

Nowadays, it is essential for developers and programmers to know about crucial algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques.

That makes the concept more prominent, and one may be able to quickly get the basics of a program or a description.

Most of the codes you find in this book are vibrant with the help of perfect Python examples and different programs.

If we talk about the author of this book, he is Aditya Bhargava, a sound software engineer and fine arts researcher.

You can also read out the blogs of programming by this author on his official site.

New updates are always there for seekers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Complete details with 400 diagrams
  • Easy way to learn codes
  • Relation to Python for all programmers
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3. Product Roadmaps Relaunched

best UX research books

There are millions of products you see in shops as well as in online markets, but all of these products aren’t in demand.

There is an excellent reason behind this phenomenon; sellers don’t know how to promote a product and what the people want.

Those who want to know about the answer to “how to create a good product roadmap,” would read out this book.

All of your organization, along with the product, would be more prominent if you know how to promote your product.

Whatever designation you are working as in a firm of a product, you can still have guidance from this collection of findings and points.

After reading out the book, you would be able to know about how to create goals for your product along with the output sales target.

Doing proper monitoring of your product, sales, outcomes, demands, claims, rejections, refunding, and other ups & down is in this book.

It will tell you what the sales helper can manage to keep its rating in top products.

A significant factor in marketing is alignment with the stakeholders which you will get in this book.

Before or after launching your product successfully in the market, you must put forward its roadmap uniquely.

After going through the pages of this book, you will find ways to tackle problems related to product marketing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for developing a roadmap of products
  • Promoting a product is now easier
  • Effective management ideas
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4. About Face: The Essentials of Interaction Design   

best UX research books

This book covers every essential details about the latest mobile applications and touch devices functions.

The latest update of this book is the 4th edition that the readers love to enjoy, that’s why writers elaborate it according to advancements.

Illustration and color interior of this book makes it easy and clear for the readers, and everyone can get their ideas in a better way.

In the market of technologies, there are many releases of new devices on a single day.

Customers love to have fantastic and brand new designs of devices with them so that they would adapt to the technology.

Those who are developers and working on new designs for electronic devices can have excellent guidance and info from this book.

In the latest update of this book, the author has tried to give the people the best ways to design the new products.

This book covers the essential topics about the demands of customers and users of tech-products.

All the principles are updated in this book to tell the developers new ways to build a relationship with customers.

Well, comparing the last three editions, you can say that this fourth edition contains incredible tips for developers.

We recommend device providers to have a look at this book. You would find out facts and research beneficial for your marketing.

The design methodology is also here in this book with a unique description that is very easy to understand for all.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 720 pages of unique research by Wiley
  • A complete replica of nowadays tech
  • Developers’ choice for their improvement
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5. Service Design

best UX research books

It is not a necessary factor that we satisfy with a particular organization’s services or any other providence.

To tackle this issue, this book leads you to how you can perform it correctly.

How can one improve his services in any field to meet the expectations of users and customers?

Therefore, if you are also a person who wants to make his working even more efficient, this book is just for you.

All the basics to launch a perfect and running service is in this book, so it is an excellent choice for all.

In addition to this, design thinking is also in this finding, so people can relate their services to design thinking.

For example, if you provide a photographic service, you can improve it by giving your own sets, and so on.

Most of the service providers abandon their workings in very initial stages due to many reasons.

One of the main reasons is less rating by people or customers.

This thing makes a developer disgraced.

But, most of these problems for such people are solved in this book, so everyone can have better working experience.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Guidance for perfect services
  • A chance to improve the rating of your service
  • Easy to understand with clear descriptions
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6. The Jobs To Be Done Playbook

best UX research books

There are several kinds of books around the world for about guidance for attaining the job from them.

No doubt, this is a playbook that holds all the values; moreover, this book writes about practicals and theory as well.

This book is vital for those people and students who want to build up a successful product in their life.

It offers potential for helping anyone interested in the job and about its gaining.

This book easily guides you in a straightforward sequence having a step by step procedure to learn about to gain a job.

It also gives a lot of new examples and references for the reader to choose his or her job more comfortable with better resources.

Most of the people have to look at the demographic factors but this book focuses on the achievements of the people.

Hence, the entire topic is about understanding goals that you want to accomplish and struggling for those goals.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It notes the entire life of a man
  • Defines the word JOB in a better way
  • Gives the process of researching 
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7. Articulating Design Decisions

best UX research books

Most of the designers cannot explain themselves and their design.

Thus every designer wants to satisfy and justify his or her design in a better and unique way to other non-designer.

It is necessary to define the articulate design in a critical way for the success of a project, as the articulate person mostly wins.

Thus for all these needs and requirements of a designer, this book provides many features.

This book provides the reader or designer a kind of principle, tactics, tortious, command, and way of learning and tip to make the design.

You can seek all sorts of designs by holding this book.

Also, you can quickly know about drawing with executives, managers, marketers, etc.

This book is very friendly to everyone and can quickly be understood within a few days.

In ordinary and straightforward words, this book changes the designer’s task, thoughts, and feelings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique design with sidebar or footnote
  • All tested tools for designer to make them expert
  • Easy to read with new learning skills 
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8. Lean UX

This book shows you how to collaborate efficiently.

It has many editions, but the second edition of this book is award-winning.

The authors of this book named  Jeff Gothelf and Josh Sedan, expand the values of design and make some principles. 

The whole book consists of tactics, techniques, designs, experimentation, iteration, learning, and use with their agile process. 

Furthermore, this book focuses on every aspect of a designer or reader.

By reading this book, you will learn how to drive the design quickly and make them more attractive, short, and cycles to assess. 

With this book, you can quickly examine what works best for the business or the users to make better changes. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unlimited ideas and theories in 200 pages only
  • All the edition of the book are in the English language
  • Makes your design more viable and understanding
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9. Mapping Experiences

best UX research books

This book shows your company or firm about the use of an alignment diagram to turn customers toward you.

The author of this book named Jim Kalbach is a speaker, instructor, designer, information collector, and architect.

Jim was a boy who worked a lot for the completion of this book; he worked with eBay, SONY, LexisNexis, and Citrix.

After crabbing all sources of ideas from other sides, he tried to write a book on the experience of his life for others.

He created this book with unique and vital tools that can easily be understood.

If you are looking for a fantastic source of guidance, this is a perfect choice for you.

This book is also profitable for managers, marketing specialists, business owners, workers, and officers.

There are so many contents of this book, and each material has its value that describes the different aspects of mapping.

Furthermore, by reading this book, you can quickly determine the goal and objective which you want to achieve for your business.

Pros & Benefits:

  • All the book diagrams have explanation
  • Four available modes for creating the diagram
  • Specific pages about reading on workshop for mapping
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10. Strategic Writing For UX

best UX research books

If you want some sort of strategies for converting, engaging, supporting, re-attracting, or building, then this book helps you.

Sometimes, you depend upon the user to perform some sort of specific activities such as buying tickets and games.

For all sorts of strategies that you face in your daily life, this book provides you guidance and strategic point for success.

This UX content strategist book was written by Torrey Podmajersky, in which you can use frameworks and new patterns of contents.

UX writing is a kind of book that process creating the world in user experience in every aspect of life.

The author of this book was the strategy consultant and the head of content strategy at offer up.

She wrote many books that were inclusive, accessible, and had consumer experience for Google, Xbox, etc.

By reading this book, you can explore the content in your way and make the first design for rooting text.

This book teaches you about creating the text pattern, working on different voices, and producing cleartext.

This is the first book about UX content writing that describes the method of using word and arranging them with user experience.

This book is written with many thoughts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fantastic book with 200 pages
  • Easy to read with excellent marketing communication
  • Content of book half strategically design for the users 
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Final Thoughts

These options for the best UX research books offer services and the providences of different developers across the world.

Therefore, anyone can have excellent guidance by reading out those listed here.

Get these books right now and dive deeply into the words and get immense knowledge by experience.

We expect you would improve your experience and efficiency by getting precious ideas from these books.

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