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best victorian parlor fonts

10 Best Victorian Parlor Fonts (Expert Picks)

When we talk about the best Victorian parlor fonts, we need to, first of all, describe what a “Victorian Parlor” is exactly.

The Victorian Parlor is a specific front room with furniture and decors typically found in middle and high-class families, during the Victorian Era (1837-1901).  

It is for entertaining guests and a status symbol of the homeowners, a way to show off their wealth.

The word “parlor” comes from the French word “parler” which means to talk, the principal activity when a guest pays a visit. 

I have gathered the ten best fonts that remind us of the most characteristic features of Victorian art, majestic aesthetic, and compositional grace. 

Together, let’s go through the peculiarities of the 10 Best Victorian Parlor Fonts and their practical features.

In the end, you will hopefully find the perfect font for your project.

1. Salvalyn

best victorian parlor fonts

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Craft Supply and Co. created this classy serif font, a type foundry based in Indonesia. 

The Salvalyn font undoubtedly stands out amongst the Victorian fonts mentioned in this article.

It stands out because of its decorative and ornamental style.

This font is an elegant and classy serif that offers a wide range of possibilities due to its outstanding flexibility. 

The letters of Salvalyn dynamically evolve through elaborated and sophisticated ascendant and descendant tones.

They are backed by considerable steam, which gives the impression of a powerful and yet elegant font.

This perfectly merges the calligraphic virtuosity of its essence with a quite peremptory style. 

It comes with stylish alternate glyphs (open type features), many different numbers, and remarkable multilingual support. 

Following the experience of many users who used Salvalyn, this is considered a very easy-to-use font. 

This font has all the required features to become an attractive tool for designing and producing elegant decorative lettering.

It’s best used for book covers, official invitations, greeting cards, and especially as a font of choice for weddings.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Timeless elegance
  • Perfect for the lovers of calligraphic virtuosity
  • Elaborate ascendant and descendent tones 
  • Excellent multilingual support
  • Attractive for elegant decorative lettering 

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2. Golden Signer

best victorian parlor fonts

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Letrasupply designed this font.

It’s a type foundry based in Indonesia, which has excellent expertise in font design and has created awesome fonts since 2016.

Vintage and tattoo letters inspired this font.

Hence, it has a powerful ornamental intent, strong character, and remarkable appearance. 

This font is constructed as a series of pronounced and elaborated ascendants and descendent entailed magnificently.

It sports a glittering melange of ostentatiousness and flowing grace.

Golden Signer comes with six different styles completed with alternates characters, deboss style, shapes, and free ornaments. 

This font also comes with the support of many accents but a small group. 

It’s a popular choice for commercials for fashion, cosmetics and beauty products, book covers, and magazines.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Decorative 
  • More styles available
  • Multilingual support
  • Free ornaments
  • Perfect for commercials

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3. Victorian Decade  

best victorian parlor fonts

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Firstly, Fontsgood, a type foundry founded in 2018 f created this font.

Secondly, it’s a font that comes from a collaboration between two talented designers: Eric Kurniawan and I Made Meiada. 

Furthermore, this relatively young and still growing company has its own goal to make its artwork accessible to any user.  

Thirdly, the Victorian Decade font stands out for the precise accuracy that the authors used to imitate the way of writing of the very early Victorian age. 

Note that the placards displayed by shops and boutiques were written with letters in relief during that time. 

Thus, the font would give the readers the illusion of 3-dimensional letters even on bi-dimensional printed signs, which is a much-appreciated touch. 

Fourthly, “Victorian Decade” is very easy to use, supported by any available device running on windows, mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. 

Moreover, it comes in five variants, opening to a much broader choice of shades and details, which you may think has the best fit with your work. 

Fifthly, this font also includes some symbols, yet multilingual support is still not available these days. 

Sixthly, I would recommend this type of font to artists and content creators who appreciate Victorian calligraphy.

However, slight changes should be considered to finely tune the aesthetic of the writing and make it more appropriate the nature of their work.

Finally, you can easily switch to the extrude variant or the gradient one!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very classical and elegant
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Up to five available variants
  • Fine aesthetic 
  • Addition of symbols 

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4. Quentin Caps

best victorian parlor fonts

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Firstly, the famous artist and font creator Dieter Steffman designed this font.

Secondly, he’s a German typographer who has worked with typefaces since 1966.

Thirdly, he authored many renewed and very well-designed fonts.  

Fourthly, this typeface has a more solid appearance than the Victorian Decade. 

Yet, it conserves the conventionally playful nature of the parlor-inspired writing.

Fifthly, it combines the exclusive western-like touch with the unfaltering Victorian sentiment. 

This makes this font suitable for multiple scenarios and relatively easy to adapt to any desired outcome. 

Sixthly, the white boundary line decor and the solid black infill contrast delightfully, making this font unique concerning its style. 

Seventhly, Quentin Caps is supported by all the major software (windows, mac, Linux, iOS, and Android).

But has feeble support for symbols and accents. 

Eighthly, this font is best for  restaurant and pubs menus graphics, formal invitations, and a wide assortment of commercials. 

Lastly, I have to say that I can easily picture a playful and funny menu with this font in my mind.

Most especially when I think about a restaurant for families or a theme park. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Less sophisticated
  • Still peculiar and playful
  • Unique western touch
  • Easy to use
  • Broad software support

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5. Victorian Parlor

best victorian parlor fonts

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Firstly, the Victorian Parlor was created by Burntilldead.

Its a type foundry founded by the skillful illustrator Eric Kurniawan back in 2004. 

Secondly, the Victorian Parlor font is already unique because it comes with 350 glyphs.

Furthermore, it has 11 different styles, including alternate regular and vintage letters. 

Thirdly, at present, Victorian Parlor can count on quite important multilingual support. 

Fourthly, its style can be easily described in three simple words: decorative, clean, and vintage; a perfect successful mix.

Fifthly, the retro’ touch of Victorian Parlor brings a je-ne-sais-quoi vibe to the whole composition.

Sixthly, it boasts of an elegant style of writing from the past which makes you feel like wandering in a timeless world. 

At the same time, the impressive ascendant and descendent tones of the lettering cradle the reader’s eyes. 

Seventhly, a font of this kind would be interesting for commercial signs, emblems, and other artistic projects.

Finally, it favors end-users with a bias for vintage art and calligraphy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Up to 11 styles are available
  • Timeless feeling
  • Decorative and ornamental 
  • Wide multilingual support
  • Perfect fit for any vintage project

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6. Mahaputra

best victorian parlor fonts

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This unique and elegant display font was created by Putracetol, an independent graphic design studio based in Karanganya. 

Mahaputra incarnates the spirit of English colonialism.

Colonialism that has reached its peak of maximum expansion precisely during the Victorian age. 

It comes to life as a mixture of Victorian elegance and exotic extravagance.

All these leading to a very formal yet unconventional font with a unique style. 

The intent behind such a charming display is to remind us of the luxurious, sun-drenched, and far away cities depicted from the tales of early ‘900 India. 

Mahaputra has multilingual support.

On top of that, it comes with the addition of numbers, punctuation, and symbols.

Yet importantly, it provides alternate glyphs.

On the other hand, are only accessible via a program that supports Open type features. 

This is a perfectly suitable font for labels, tissue print, banners, restaurant menus, and commercials. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Uniquely exotic and juvenile style
  • Extravagant yet very formal
  • Wide choice of symbols
  • Availability of alternate glyphs 
  • Great multilingual support

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7. Colgneries 

best victorian parlor fonts

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HPTypework designed this font.

It is a company owned by a young talented designer, Hendra Pratama, born and based in Indonesia.  

This unique font is a vintage logotype mono-lined typeface.

It comes with a plethora of alternative letters, giving you a broad spectrum of options that may fit very well for your work. 

The letters of this font have a defined cut.

They are prepared as a series of elegantly curved strings.

These strings instill a sensation of ease and peacefulness from the first gaze. 

The joyful nature of Colgneries makes it perfect for any reader, even those that are usually hard to please. 

Colgneris is supported by all the major software (windows, mac, Linux, iOS, and Android),

This font is a classical serif perfect for printed retro fashion artworks and hipster:

  • T-shirt
  • Cups
  • Sweaters
  • Decorative mirrors for interior design
  • Any gadget you could think of

I can easily imagine having my breakfast in some beautifully arranged kitchen, with accessories embellished with this font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clear and nice cut
  • Immediate and spontaneous 
  • Peaceful vintage look
  • Great multilingual support
  • Free updates available

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8. Victorian

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Sack, Brignall, and Belshaw  created this font.

The  foundry ITC published it.

ITC is a well-known foundry that has collaborated to create more than 1500 typefaces during the last 40 years of activity. 

The Victorian font is a full-bodied font, which bears a certain elegance and yet does not insist on appearing too formal. 

The late Victorian age inspired the creators. 

They wanted to embody the spirit of this society in a branded font. 

The font package comes with two different polishes.

They provide a different calligraphic flavor to satisfy the broader audience.

It is very well supported for any digital format (digital, e-book, app) on many different operating systems and software. 

However, Victorian offers a feeble multilingual support. 

The reassuring essence of this font makes it perfect for both artistic and content-driven displays, decorative posters, and design artwork. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Regular shape
  • Two different style 
  • Perfect for design artwork
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for visual artwork

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9. P22 Victorian

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The Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s Victorian-era French artist James Tissot created this font.

The fonts developed for this particular set of writing styles are based on historic typefaces dating from the late 19th century. 

Some examples are Victorian Gothic, a font based on a style called ‘Atlanta.’

It’s a simple, quirky, yet elegant face similar to the famous ‘Copperplate.’ 

The P22 Victorian version includes ‘Snap-on’ flourishes grounded on the original ‘Columbian’ ornamental embellishment design. 

The letters cut gives the feeling of a more modern typeface.

Its calligraphy maintains a particular affection towards the gothic enthusiasm of the Anglo-Saxon culture. 

P22 Victorian also comes with an entire galaxy of numbers, symbols, and letters.

All these make it very attractive for the more demanding end-users. 

Note that this font’s stems are thinner than the others.

This peculiarity allows the writer to save space for the written words.

However, it does this without sacrificing ease of reading and details of the calligraphic style. 

You can spare space on your papers, and more space means more words! 

The set contains symbols and other ornaments to add more flair and spice to your design.

These make this font apt for commercial signs, invitations and greeting cards, artwork, and pieces of design of any kind.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Two different styles
  • Ornaments and symbols
  • Modern touch
  • Perfect for books and greetings cards

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10. Glisten 

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An independent, talented designer created this gorgeous and well-balanced font.

It is exclusively purchasable on her page on Etsy. 

The Glisten font has a delicate touch, intensely inspired by the elegance of the flowing handwritten font. 

This serif-type font presents itself as a unique melange of Victorian age style and the glorious 50s.

Thus, it brings the reader to a rollercoaster of emotions and a taste of the retro feeling of the good old times. 

The Glisten font features a dynamic baseline, beautifully looking smooth lines, stunning glyphs, and exquisite alternates. 

It has unquestioned elegance.

This is manifested through its robust and regular stems.

Stems that were revamped by curvy and thin descendent and ascendants that wrap up into delightfully curled threads. 

The presented font comes with an astonishing number of 267 alternative styles and full multilingual support.

All these add the pleasure of a readily established ease of use and familiarity with its stylishness.

This font is quite perfect for titles, invitations, design shop displays, and above all for video makers .

Especially those who want to cast a sense of nostalgia on their readers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available on Etsy
  • Multilingual support
  • Elegance 
  • Perfect for videomakers

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Final Thoughts

Among these choices for the best Victorian parlor fonts, my personal choice is no. nine, the Victorian Parlor font. 

This serif font has unmatched elegance filled with the nostalgic sensation of the vintage art style. 

A single look at it can immediately enchant you with its timeless flavor and beautifully designed inscriptions. 

The Victorian Parlor comes with an astounding number of 350 different glyphs and ornaments .

Moreover, it has a wide range of styles, an outstanding feature to please even the most meticulous clients! 

I love the retro touch of this font. 

Working in the graphic design industry, I found it very useful on many occasions. 

It is clear that if you need multilingual support, the choice has to shift to another typeface described. 

In this case, I will choose the glisten font: still elegant and above the average.

Furthermore, I love to support independent artists and designers who develop a graphic tool for other professionals. 

In the case that, dear reader, you are not a graphic worker, be aware that most of the fonts I described are free for personal use.

For wedding invitations cards, I suggest you download Salvalyn or Victorian Parlor for a successful impression on your dearest guests. 

I hope you enjoyed my article and found the best typeface for your project.

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