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10 Best Watercolor Brushes Procreate (Free and Paid Options)

10 Best Watercolor Brushes Procreate (Free and Paid Options)

Looking for the best watercolor brushes for Procreate could be daunting.
You want brushes that can create a realistic watercolor effect.
You’re looking for those that can give you the transparency and fluidity that watercolor art has.
Many brush packs claim this, but you wouldn’t know unless you start using them.
We have gathered the best Procreate watercolor brushes for you based on reviews.
Therefore, you’ll never go wrong with any brush on our list.
Below we have lined up the ten best Procreate (free and paid) watercolor brushes for you to download.

1. Katsia Jazwinska’s Procreate Watercolor Kit-$19

best watercolor brushes procreate

This watercolor kit might be the only kit you need to create the ultimate watercolor effect.

Katsia Jazwinska, the creator, crafted this kit to give your illustrations an authentic watercolor look.

It’s an all-in-one kit that has everything you’ll need: brushes, color palettes, and a video tutorial.

Moreover, Katsia has created a Procreate file with organized layers that you can use to give you the most realistic watercolor art.

So, all you’ve got to do is click on the file and paint away!

This kit boasts one hundred sixty plus five-star reviews.

You’re sure that you’re getting your money’s worth with this kit.

Click here to get this kit now. 

2. SC’s Procreate Pro Watercolor Set-$19

best watercolor brushes procreate
SC’s watercolor set is another complete kit that includes Procreate file, brushes, and canvases.
With thirty brushes and six paper textures, you’re more than ready to create your masterpiece.
The creator made sure that all brushes paint like real brushes.
The six canvas choices provide a variety of finishes that you would like for your art.
Furthermore, ease of use is facilitated with the provided installation instructions.
Therefore, making it easy not only for professional artists but also for beginners.
Download this set now by clicking here.

3. Ultimate Watercolour Brush Pack – Sketchwerx- $25

(Only compatible with Procreate 4 or above)

Shining bright at the top of the list is ‘The Ultimate Watercolour Brush Pack – Updated.’ 

Developed by Sketchwerx and described as the “most wonderful Procreate watercolour brush set on the market,” this is the most expensive of the brush packs on this list, ringing in at cool $25. 

With 37 unique brushes, as well as over 70 different texture and watercolor stamps included, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. 

If you’re still undecided and need to see a little more, you can click here to head over to the Sketchwerx YouTube channel, where you can watch a two-and-a-half-minute long video which shows off everything that is included in the pack. Then come on back, and this link will take you directly to Sketchwerx, where you can treat yourself to this collection – you deserve it!

4. Master Watercolor For Procreate – Trailhead Design Co. – $20

Number two on the list is ‘Master Watercolor For Procreate’.  Trailhead Design Co developed this beautiful set. 

Retailing at $20, this watercolor brush set claims to be the “most realistic and natural watercolor set available for the iPad and Procreate.” 

These brushes mimic the experience of painting with real watercolor paints.

The creators have updated the set to include more than one hundred brushes.

It offers a PDF how-to guide explaining how to use each type of brush.

Moreover, it has as five tutorial PDFs to teach you how to paint a Fox, a Macaw, and a selection of other hints and tips on using the set. 

The artwork displayed on the website certainly looks impressive. To find out more, head on over to Design Cuts by clicking here, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

5. Everything Watercolour – Uproot Brushes – $20

‘Everything Watercolour’ takes the number three spot on the list, claiming to be the most “comprehensive Procreate watercolour bundle you will ever buy.” 

Also coming in at an affordable $20, this pack containing 68 custom brushes is less expensive than the first on our list.

Still, you’d be hard-pressed to argue that the artwork is any less impressive or realistic than that produced by its competitors. 

But don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!  For more information, and a whole host of 5-star reviews, click here, and you will be taken directly to the Uproot store, where you can see first hand just how realistic these brushes look.

6. 50 Procreate Watercolor Brushes – PicByKate – $19
(Only compatible with Procreate 4 or above)

‘50 Procreate Watercolor Brushes’ by PicsByKate comes in at number four on our list.

With a retail price for personal use currently at $19, (commercial use is slightly more expensive), this brush set has presently twenty 5-star reviews on Creative Market, and almost one-hundred comments (at the time of writing); the vast majority of which are overwhelmingly positive.

Along with the fifty advertised brushes, purchasing this set will also give you access to a high-resolution watercolor paper sheet texture, as well as a Beginner’s guide containing hints and tips on practical techniques to use when painting with these brushes. 

And if this treasure trove isn’t enough to convince you, PicsByKate also gives you the opportunity to ‘try before you buy.’  That’s right, zero risk! They offer a free download of brushes from different sets, so that prospective buyers can be confident that the brushes will work with their particular device or stylus. 

To pick up this set for yourself, head over to Creative Market by clicking here, and prepare to be amazed!

7. Watercolor Extension – iPad Lettering – $17

(Only compatible with Procreate 5)

Designed specifically for use with Procreate 5, ‘Watercolor Extension’ takes the fifth spot on this list. 

Priced at only $17, this brush set includes ten new watercolor brushes and one watercolor template. 

The creator of these brushes made them to allow the user to create more visually-impressive watercolor lettering. 

iPad Lettering has also created a Youtube video.

It demonstrates how each of the brushes works.

If you’d like a demonstration, you can get to the video by clicking here.

But if you’re more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person, then click here now and get on over to iPad Lettering to pick up this set for yourself.

8. Procreate Watercolor Kit – Drifter Studio Print Shop – $14

Another brush set designed specifically for use with Procreate 5, the sixth entry on our list, goes to ‘Procreate Watercolour Kit’ by Drifter Studio Print Shop.’ 

This set was updated in January 2020 to include an additional 15 brushes to the original 12!

If that wasn’t enough, the developers have created eleven Youtube videos for you to peruse. These videos not only show these brushes in action, but they provide some in-depth, narrated painting tutorials as well. 

At the time of writing, this set had 26 5-star reviews on Creative Market. So what are you waiting for? Retailing at $14 for personal use, this brush set is an absolute steal! Click here to head over to Creative Market and try it for yourself.

9. Procreate Brushes Watercolour Kit – Lef – $12

The seventh set on this list goes to ‘Procreate Brushes Watercolour Kit’ by Lef. 

This gorgeous set consists of 60 watercolor stamps, six lettering brushes, and eight watercolor backgrounds. Offering considerably less content than the other games featured above, it’s no surprise that this is one of the least expensive paid collections on our list.

But don’t let the price – or the smaller number of brushes – fool you.  Because in spite of that, the vast array of stamps included within this set is sure to contain something for every artist. 

For more information, click here to head over to Design Cuts to see if this brush set has what you need for your next masterpiece.

10. Procreate Watercolor Brushes – Faber Co. – $6


Our last, but by no means least, paid entry on this list goes to ‘Procreate Watercolor Brushes’, designed by Faber Co.

Comprising of five custom-made watercolor brushes and retailing at the low price of $6, if you’re new to Procreate and looking to avoid becoming overwhelmed by some alternative brush sets which seem to offer everything but the kitchen sink, then look no further.

With a dedicated page for tutorials and brush demonstrations, this set has received nothing but 5-star ratings on Creative Market. The perfect brush set for the artist, who perhaps hasn’t quite found what they’re looking for among free brush sets, but isn’t quite ready to break the bank in order to find it. Click here to head on over to Faber Design, and grab this pack for yourself.

Runners-up: Splash Vol. 1 – Matthew Baldwin – Free

The first of two free entries on this list goes to ‘Splash Vol. 1 – Wet Brushes For Procreate’ by Matthew Baldwin. 

This set of 48 custom wet-effect brushes claims to be “so splashy that you’ll need to have a towel handy,” and if you take a look at the gallery, you’ll have to agree it isn’t difficult to see why. 

These brushes look incredible, and with an 86% 5-star review score on Gumroad (out of 321 reviews), it’s clear that the art community agrees. 

With no fixed price for this set, Matthew asks for nothing more than donations of a fair price for the work he has put in to create this stunning set of brushes.  Proceeds from donations are used to fund his future content. 

To get this set for yourself today, head over to Gumroad now by clicking here.

Sketchbox Brush Pack For Procreate – InkGangBoss – Free

This brush pack from Sketchbox offers 18 unique brushes for you to choose from. 

Free to download, this set may serve as more of a beginner’s starter pack when compared to any of the other brush sets on this list.

Still, it does provide an all-around great set of brushes perfect for anyone who is just starting on Procreate and also includes a 28-page PDF on how to use each of the included brushes. 

Be sure to check out this handy Youtube tutorial on how to effectively use this pack to paint a watermelon using the watercolor brushes contained within the box.

If you’re starting, this is the set for you!  What more could you possibly need? 

To visit InkGangBoss, click here and try this brush set out for yourself, and start creating!

Conclusion: Top 10 List of The Best  Watercolor Brush Sets for Procreate

So, there you have it, our Top 10 list of the best  Watercolor Brush sets for Procreate. 

Whether you’re a Procreate veteran or you’re just taking your first steps into the world of digital artwork, our list will undoubtedly have something you can use to make your watercolors to the next level and let your creativity flow.

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