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Every artist knows the difference of using the best iPad easel for comfort in getting work done. Even more so, the iPad was invented, constantly trying to find the right place to work while at a café, at home, or even at the office. Obviously, as time has gone on, there are plenty of tools to help with making things even more comfortable and easy to use. An easel stand is a new accessory that can go with the iPad and make your iPad feel more like a natural canvas. But how do you make the decisi

Using any of the best graphics tablet for digital art can surely amaze anyone. It’s fascinating how technology has evolved and made digital art awesome for all. You can modify the details of your illustration with a simple stroke and tap at the screen. Graphic Tablets are one of the things you can find in the market that caters not only to people who’ve been an artist for a long time but also for aspiring artists. That is why many illustrators and graphic designers switch to using gr

Spice up a recipe with a ‘delicious’ Indesign cookbook template. Ardent chefs and foodies choose recipes based on the clarity and organization of their layout . Therefore, finding the best cookbook template design for your account might just get you more followers or visitors. Are you one of those who love to share your dishes with the public? Then, finding the best cookbook template design may be considered for a possible viral recipe post. Now, what cookbook template design should

Looking for the best iPad drawing board to buy? Do you spend hours slouched over your iPad drawing, and by the time you finish the painting, you feel pain in your upper back and neck? Then it sounds like you need a drawing board, a.k.a an iPad stand, that will make drawing more comfortable. There are many different stands available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for your drawing needs. This article describes the ten best options that will help reduce the tension that your hobby

Ever wondered where you can get the best free square sticker mockup yourself? Do you see a lot of colorful square stickers popping out everywhere?  Picture yourself about to enter a storefront and noticing a bright-colored sticker either near the handlebar or at eye level. How about the times when you are lining up in the aisle of a grocery store then glance at the square stickers on the side of the counter area.  Or when you dine in a restaurant and notice the logo or a set of words i

Have you ever tried giving gifts for 3D artists? Are you looking for gift ideas? Then you are at the right place! Online shopping has become an essential thing for everyone. Have you had any online shopping experience?  What do you usually buy? Some online buyers usually buy the following: books music DVDs electronic products computers clothing and accessories shoes jewelry tools and hardware household goods furniture sporting goods beauty and personal care And so much more! Here we reveal belo

Wondering what are the best gifts for digital artists? Did you get an invitation to a birthday party of someone who’s into creating digital art? Birthday parties can be stressful because they require you to buy a gift for this person and choosing gifts isn’t an easy job. In this article you will find the ten best gift options for your creative friend, spouse or child.  There are various options included for people with a different budget. Giving a present shouldn’t be stressful at all

Thinking on how to get featured on Behance? If you happen to be like me, then you have probably been trying to get your projects featured on Behance for a while now.  The competition is stiff, especially with thousands upon thousands of new projects being uploaded daily.  However, all hope isn’t lost, as many of us still have a chance at being featured on Behance.  We know that by merely uploading work, we are already entering into the competition pool.  Many of us are

Fret not searching for the best 3d scanning app for iPhone. We did the hard part of narrowing the lengthy list to the best 10. In these days of significant advancements, there is no need for costly scanners for making 3D models. It is because, in your smartphones, there is now the convenience of 3D scanning by your cameras. A few years ago, it was challenging and complicated to make 3D models with the help of individual devices. These devices had a particular type of mechanism in them, so people

Are you looking for the best online courses for Design Thinking? But before diving into this, are you clear about Design Thinking? Have you ever heard about design thinking and how much we depend on it?  Your current business could be the target of several downturns. Without so much proper planning to battle against this, chances are, you are unlikely to develop an exciting approach for your clients and, ultimately, your service. Therefore, design thinking is just a stone’s throw away fro

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