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10 Best Brand Guidelines Template Designs For Illustrator

Establish your brand with the best brand guidelines template Illustrator in no time.

The branding process do take a long time to finish.

If you want a more efficient use of time in defining your brand, then you are at the right place.

We have curated the best brand guidelines template Illustrator out there to make it easier for you.

1. Minimal Brand Identity Guidelines by Delightful Design

brand guidelines template illustrator
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As innovative as the world gets, branding style and technique vary depending on the product that you have.

This is the reason why when introducing the identity of your brand, you need to stay away from long and dull texts.

To eat less of your time and if your brand suits a minimalist style, this template is the perfect one for you.

It is not only popular among illustrators but is also convenient to increase the sale of your services. 

If you’re looking for a pocket-friendly template, note that you can get this for as low as 19$. 

In addition to its convenient and affordable features, it is also customizable with any design software.

You can use this with either Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. 

Everything you’ll need will be covered by this 30+ page template. 

This file gives off a chic and sophisticated style.

Hence, this is perfect when introducing your brand in the social media platform of your choice. 

Considering the latest trends, illustrators will find the minimalist look and feel of this template up to date.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloaded as AI, PDF, SKETCH
  • Provides 30+ page template
  • Available in a very manageable file size of 9.66 MB
  • Time saving
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2. Elegant Brand Style Guide by Delightful Design

brand guidelines template illustrator
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Admit it or not, we are in an era where people don’t want to be left behind .

They are always searching for the latest trends, be it online, in the newspaper, on television, and even from the neighborhood. 

If you’re one of these people and a meticulous one at that, then this template will suit you.

Aside from being fashionable, this was created only this year. 

It certainly gives off a fresh and updated vibe.

Just by its cover, we can see the mixed modern-sophisticated look.

Despite its high-quality and popularity, it will only cost you 19$ to purchase for personal use.

This template provides seven sections not found in other templates like a mission statement, contacts, team sections, etc.

All these are great to have for a clear and comprehensive brand creation.

Moreover, it presents advanced features like the pixel-perfect quality of each page and the consistency in style.

All these will allow you to have attractive visuals and make a remarkable impression on your customers.

Take note that you can use this with any of your favorite design software.

Its flexibility is provides the much needed convenience for its users.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloadable as SKETCH, AI, PDF, PSD
  • Can be used with any design software
  • Available in a very manageable file size of 14. 91 MB
  • Easy to use
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3. A Brand Guide – Branding Guidelines by Delightful Design

brand guidelines template illustrator

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If great product features excite you, this probably is the best template for you.

It offers 50 pages of brand presentation that comes with eleven sections.

These include:

  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Color palettes
  • Logo
  • Brand values
  • Mission
  • Contents
  • Offices
  • Team
  • Network

This can be owned personally at 24$,.

You might say that this is quite pricier than the others.

But, know that it has been tested and quite popular among its customers.

This has been in the market for almost nine months now setting the standard for modern guideline templates at a very high one. 

Given each page’s sophistication, we can also expect the above-average quality of its style, color, and background layers.

This package is fully customizable and easy to edit.

The logo you can create with this template is of high-quality.

That kind of quality that attracts more customers!

You can only expect the best out of this product. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloadable as AI, PSD, SKETCH, PDF 
  • Offers 50 pages for brand presentation
  • Fully customizable and easy to use
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4. Minimalist Branding Guideline Template by Aperios Design

brand guidelines template illustrator
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Do you feel sleepy or bored whenever you’re reading and exploring the identity of a particular product because of sloppy presentation and dense text explanations?

If you don’t want to experience that kind of brand identification, this template fits you as it offers just the exact amount of vibrance and professionalism with its minimal look and style, just like the first one. 

Nowadays, people are somehow easily hooked on the visuals of a particular object leaving the companies to think of a way where they can catch the attention of their consumers through following guidelines that do not hinder the sale of your services. 

Maybe you are comparing the first template introduced to this one because they have the same theme and style, but there are differences between these two.

The price you can obtain this one is a dollar higher than the previous template but offers more features and sections.

These include logo, typography, misuse, social media, colors, business card grid, digital, and photography. 

With your 20$, you’ll get to experience a higher amount of quality and extravagant visuals to make your branding obtain more top quality, and catching the customers’ attention is not an impossible thing to do. 

This is a friendly template to ponder on because these are not just for only professional illustrators but are also fitted for those who are designers, freelancers, and art directors. 

Some more of the high-quality features it can offer is the modern landscape layout, 12 column grid of bold typography, and three master templates, which are great for the brand that you want to introduce even more because of its availability to be customized. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Downloadable as TTF, PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, OTF, INDD, AI, KEY
  • Manageable file size of 532.86 MB
  • Provides a modern look to your presentation
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5. Digital Brand Guidelines by Lucas Fields

brand guidelines template illustrator
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If you’re not a fan of a minimalist look and still prefer to use a brand guideline that will make your product stylish yet in a professional way which will not create a messy look for the consumer and will make them want to dig deeper about what you are offering, then you’re looking at the right template. 

With its user-friendly, customizable, and remarkable features, you really would want to avail and use this one, not mentioning other characteristics it can offer along with the package. 

What’s more convincing is the variety of styles when it comes to paragraphs and characters in which you can use the branding identity technique you wanted based on your preferences and needs. 

This also includes images, text, and background on separate layers that is one great advantage of its customizable feature. 

You can have this at the lowest price, 10$, which is not as high an expense as the other one. 

Looking at the high-quality pages will surely persuade designers to use this one, not to mention the specifications it offers and the landscape orientation it has just like the previous ones. 

To avoid the stress and massive amount of time it could take you, purchasing this template is the most useful thing you could ever do mainly because of the time that could be saved in doing other errands and jobs. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloadable as PDF, EPS, AI
  • Manageable file size of 1.17 MB
  • Use friendly and customizable
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6. HAZELWOOD l Brand Guidelines by Marigold Studios

brand guidelines template illustrator
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If it ever occurred to you where you never wanted to get away to landscape orientation of a template of a brand guideline, then this is the one for you!

Though new to the eyes of many, this is convenient for those who prefer to maximize their space once they introduce their brand. 

It comes with an exquisite and professionally looking style and unique features: the 46-page designs, vector elements for folders/grids/t-shirts, free from usage of commercial pictures, 17 column grid layout, and many more. 

It suits any brand identity that you want to make use of, especially when creating a logo that will satisfy the wants and demands of the consumer.

This is naturally an excellent choice for creative persons, and saving time is a necessity, even more, when there are tons of work waiting for you. 

Since almost all of us are being more practical nowadays, this will fit anyone because it can be owned for personal purposes at a fair price of 22$, attaining one of the best qualities a brand guideline has ever had. 

No one will surely regret purchasing this one because of its SVG files, three cover design options, and International A4 and US letter size.

Having so many choices on the templates, this one is highly recommended for all the designers and for the companies who badly need a presentation of their brand, be it a brand new one or an old one. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloadable as PG, SVG, PNG, INDD, PDF, AI, PSD, KEY
  • Manageable file size of 1.73 GB
  • Offers 46 pages for brand presentation
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7. The Classic – Brand Guidelines Templat by ZippyPixels

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Stressed out on what is happening around you and thought that getting out of boredom while thinking about your product’s guideline design is a challenging task to accomplish even more if you’re a newbie in this field?

If so, then this template is your destiny offering 30 unique, gorgeous layouts perfect for any brand type you want to create an identity to. 

Because of this, any person, especially designers, will be able to work flexibly without thinking about the possibility that their product’s brand identity will get ugly. 

Directly speaking, this is a perfect template for classic and sophistication, which is tested already and proven by the other users because it has been out in the market for more than four years. 

You cannot deny that by looking at its sample page, you are ready to release an amount of 17$, which isn’t that bad because its price is quite more affordable than the few previous ones. 

It is a template with a perfect balance with the colors used and the background, which can influence an ideology that the brand you’re introducing is a good one, especially to the targeted audiences. 

This is not just pocket-friendly but is also user-friendly because of one of its very detailed designs and is very attractive to look at. 

And being not new to this, just like the other ones, this template is customizable, which is a good thing for anyone to be able to adjust to their preferences and unique style they wanted to introduce. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloadable as AI, PSD, INDD, PDF, JPG
  • Manageable file size of 286.19 MB
  • Affordable
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8. Brand Identity Guidelines Template by Andre28

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It’s hard to find the compacted features of the previous templates of brand identity guidelines because you might think that you can’t have it all at once, making you undoubtedly wrong in this part.

From its playful appearance to its minimalist style, you’ll be having an incredible experience once you purchase this one. 

It is perfect for personal use for only $15, which concludes that just like the other ones, it can cost you a couple of dollars to be able to benefit from its great features.

Talking about exceptional features, some of you are wondering what’s the advantage of this one from the previous templates. 

So one of its best qualities is the clean lines and stable grid, which could put the other templates in the market at an edge because it can create great visuals for your brand that is the main demand of companies. 

You should expect a desirable outcome on this one, starting from its flexible sections.

With this, you are convincing the target audience of your brand to come and acknowledge your way of selling, increasing its demands.

All of this in this template that is also accessible to be purchased online with just the use of your electronic devices. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Downloadable as INDD, EPS, AI, PSD, PDF
  • Recently created in February 2020
  • Manageable file size of 53.91 MB
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9. The Minimalistic – Brand Guidelines by ZippyPixels

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Nobody can deny it no matter how much anyone tries, that minimalist style is one of the in-demand themes in any field you’re working into as long as the designing area is the subject. 

Thinking deeply about why this is the current trend is the central role of this template, where consumers can explore a total of 30 unique and gorgeous layouts that can have a massive effect on the brand identity you are introducing in the market. 

Moreover, it gives delight to whoever will purchase it due to the variation in layout and text styles that also comes with high resolution of each page. 

Anyone can own this template for as low as 17$ and will save you a stressful workload and jumble of ideas because of the many designs that will suit your brand identity. 

If you’re also looking for a sound color palette that can rarely be seen on minimalist templates, this feature also offers that feature that is suited for all areas. 

Its layout also comes with visuals that prove that this theme of the brand guidelines template is user-friendly, like the previous ones mentioned earlier. 

It enables users to customize based on the taste they have because of its customizable setting.

A template like this is a great platform to create a brand identity that will leave a mark on the consumers. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Downloadable as AI, JPG, INDD, PDF
  • Manageable file size of 98.03 MB
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10. Brand Bundle – Freight by Delightful Design

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To be a professional requires a lot of effort into what you’re doing in whatever field you are in.

So if you’re one of the busy people who have no time to slack off and waste time, this template may be an excellent choice for you, especially when you are too busy. 

Letting others make your work easy to avoid too much burden in your back. 

With your 31$, you can already own one of the best offers of Delightful Design templates. 

This is quite similar to the template mentioned earlier but has a slight difference to it. 

Just from the orientation and number of pages, anyone will already be confused about which one is better to be used. 

Like the previous ones, this template still offers a high-quality standard and is not left behind when it comes to the future it has. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible for use with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch
  • Recently created in September 2018
  • Available in a manageable file size of 30.05 MB
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Final Thoughts 

In the world where we live, no time should be wasted.

In the field of design, we can also observe the same case scenario.

This is why it is important to take advantage of time saving products. 

We hope that you you have chosen the best brand guidelines template Illustrator for your brand from our list.

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