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bulgarian cyrillic fonts

10 Best Bulgarian Cyrillic Fonts (Expert Picks)

One of the widely used typefaces in creating artful concepts is the Bulgarian Cyrillic fonts.

Typography is an integral design of a product that leads to the critical first impression.

The correct font choice draws buyers in while conveying your aesthetic message and feel.

Always match your font style look and vibe with your kind of product, target market/readers and other branding needs.

Fonts for logos and other advertising  media exude different feel.

The article simplifies your decision-making and offers some Bulgarian Cyrillic fonts for your branding needs.

We describe each font’s rich history.

Also, the fonts’ uses, feel and technical features will be talked about in this exposé.

This article is written for the layman, who does not know which font suits his needs.

We hope to provide some guidance!

1. Bulgarian Font

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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ArtEmbroideryDesigns created this machine embroidery Bulgarian font.

A serif font that is designed to capture the typical Bulgarian font style.

It is clean and simple, making words you embroider easily readable.

A modern typeface that give a sense of professionalism.

The design is best for textiles that want to communicate their roots with Eastern Europe.

Embroidered tote bags and other household goods are best for this style.

Bulgarian font comes with three folders.

  • One with 26 upper case letters in 1" (25mm) and 2" (50mm) height
  • The other 26 lower case letters in 1" (25mm) and 2" (50mm) height
  • And lastly, 10 numbers in 1" (25mm) and 2" (50mm) height

Bulgarian font supports both the Cyrillic Bulgarian alphabet and the Latin English alphabet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal if you need to embroider something in Bulgarian Cyrillic
  • Easy to read
  • Looks professional
  • Perfect for textiles

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2. Stengazeta

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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Stengazeta is a sans-serif font made by Russian-native Alexander Shimanov in 2020.

The word Stengazeta means “wall newspaper”.

This is a collage-style font art that became pervasive in the local offices of the Soviet Union.

The font is a geometric design with thick, sharp, bold lines that intrigue the observer.

The fat lettering embeds the typeface with novelty.

The typeface creates a puzzle-like experience and turns it into a memorable one.

Stengazeta is clearly evocative of the Soviet era and captured the aesthetic in a concise way.

The uniqueness of the font will surely attract onlookers and receive the message conveyed.

The type would fit perfectly on a poster or logo, echoing the applications in the USSR.

Stengazeta best fit a poster advertising a fanciful occasion like a nightclub event.

Use Stengazeta to add a Soviet-era façade to whatever logo you feel it would fit with.

A versatile font that goes with any kind of advertising campaign.

The lettering conveys a pressing feel yet does so in a respectably stoic fashion.

Stengazeta supports both Cyrillic and major Latin scripts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Retro and eccentric
  • Attractive style
  • Perfect for posters and logos

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3. Callista

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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Callista, which is a Greek word for “most beautiful”.

The Bulgarian Karandash published this serif font.

This typeface was made under the Graphic Foundry in 2011.

The font emulated its design from Francois Boltana and Milka Peykov’s 1970s work.

Karandash crafted Callista with the goal of creating a high-powered type of Cyrillic.

Francois Boltana’s work was inspired by types created in the 19th Century.

The style provides a timeless yet dynamic face.

Callista’s thick and thin lines have a hypnotic quality that keeps eyes moving along the words.

The balled serifs give it a 70s aesthetic and an ornamented type that is for show-casing.

As the name suggests, Callista is evocative of a throwback glamor of the French or Italian riviera.

Callista’s confidence makes it an excellent choice for headlines that were meant for the spotlight.

The font’s light and flowing shape would be excellent for a logo of a summery beverage.

Callista is also best for a makeup’s logo or a fashion magazine due to its feminine energy.

The type supports 105 languages from both Latin and Cyrillic scripts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bold and stylish
  • The font is meant for the spotlight
  • Available in all Cyrillic scripts

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4. EF Windsor

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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Windsor is a serif created by the prominent Stephenson Blake type foundry in 1905.

The font reached its popularity during the 70s, being used in New York nightclubs.

Not to mention, it was used in the famous American TV show “The Price is Right”.

It was not uncommon to find Windsor in marketing campaigns during this period.

A boldface type, Windsor has distinct, rounded serifs that produce an inviting aura.

The font is widely associated with the 1970s, the quality, and the energy of that era.

Windsor generates a vintage feeling in the type.

A font like Windsor would be perfect to use on a poster or some advertising.

Its friendly rounded-out lettering is ideal for inviting passersby to see your product.

Windsor’s welcoming disposition will draw casual observers to look at your advert.

The style makes marketing a lot easier and buys you a moment to present your case.

The font is ideal for a headline that wishes to deliver its message in style.

Works well in an advertising campaign, gives a clean and professional look.

EF Windsor is offered for the Latin script and supports 50 different languages.

Available in six weights: Pro Regular, Bold Pro, Ultra Pro Heavy, and Ultra Pro Bold.

Other weights are Condensed Pro Elongated, Pro Bold Outline.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Friendly demeanor
  • Ideal for advertising
  • Supports many Latin-based scripts

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5. Springfield

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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Springfield is a serif font created by Bob McGrath in 1978 and released by ITC.

The font is designed to evoke the wood types that decorated Old West storefronts.

The typeface captures the late 19th and early 20th Century ambiance.

The style arrived in the 70s, with thick brushes and thin serifs that generate a curious impression.

The design keeps in mind the readers and certainly keeps the onlookers’ interest.

Springfield’s Western inspiration helps to instill a retro feeling in the typeface.

It also inspires some of the thrills that could be found on the frontier.

This font is perfect for energizing and making things more exciting in a headline or logo.

Springfield inspires readers to do a double-take and pay more attention to your logo.

The font is subtle enough to still appear professional without seeming boring.

It would work well in a magazine headline or an artisanal product.

It supports 21 languages and is available in one weight: Std Regular.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bold and attention-getting
  • Ideal for embellishing conventional logos
  • Supports most common Latin-based scripts

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6. Bulgaria Moderna V3

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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Bulgaria Moderna is a serif type created by Yanko Tsvetkov in 2010.

The font is a labor of love and paid homage to the creators of homeland Bulgaria.

Bulgaria was emerging from its communist dictatorship, a complex period for the country.

Bulgaria Moderna is known for its thick lines and sweeping bows like a mix of modernity.

It is an all-around elegant typeface that conveys a sense of gravitas while sticking to tradition.

The font recalls the history of the Balkans, without neglecting the needs of the 21st century.

Bulgaria Moderna is best for projects that would like to communicate Bulgarian culture.

It is ideal for text engaging with Bulgaria, and artisanal products from the region.

Bulgaria Moderna is available in Cyrillic, Latin, and Greek scripts with its 1712 glyphs.

Also: Cyrillic Extended-B, Greek and Coptic, Greek Extended, Basic Latin, Latin 1.

Besides: Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, Latin Extended Additional.

Lastly: General Punctuation, Superscripts, and Subscripts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique and elegant
  • Retaining its Cyrillic essence
  • Great for projects interacting with Bulgarian culture

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7. Ruslan Display

bulgarian cyrillic fonts

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Denis Masharov and Vladimir Rabdu designed this font style in 2011.

Polustaav style was used to inspire the makers of this font.

The font is based on a Slavonic book hand script from the 16th century.

It is an attention-grabbing and decorative font with thick lines, that convey the Russian spirit.

Its asymmetric lines are playful and energetic, embodying a quirkiness.

The font gives a frolicking sensation and contributes to a lighthearted mood.

It effectively delivers a rustic character and invites the observer to take part in Russian culture.

Best as a display font, a decorative array in advertising, posters, and headlines.

The font is ideal for large posters and products that want to give an air of quintessentially Slavic.

Perhaps you could use this type for a Slavic-themed children’s book.

A good take for a modern interpretation of a traditional European alcoholic beverage.

Nature-based signage suites its rustic style.

The typeface supports Cyrillic languages.

Also supports Latin scripts from Central Europe, Turkey, and the Baltic area.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Folksy
  • Conveys Russian culture
  • Perfect for advertising such as posters

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8. Zamolxis II

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Zalmoxis designed the Zalmoxis II typeface in 2007.

The typeface draws influence from a Romanian writer Gusztav Cseh’s book.

The Writing is based on the Romanian Cyrillic alphabet.

Zamolxis II is a fascinating font, the fact that Romanian Cyrillic is no longer in use.

This was inspired from the defunct script that ensures the continued lease on life.

It is a Gothic font that inspire a sense of archaic Romanian origins.

It was crafter from a “Tim Burtonesque” Slavic typeface.

Presenting its curvy lines that rapidly transform from thick to thin.

This is an uncanny font recalling Old Slavia for a logo or an advert.

Use this font for smaller logos.

One can imagine this being in a graphic novel or a poster for a Halloween party.

Zalmoxis II supports the English language and has 101 characters.

It is available in the following weights: 100, 500, and 900.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Distinct design
  • An uncanny font recalling Old Slavia
  • Best for small logos

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9. Kremlin Alexander Font

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Bolt Cutter Design made the Kremlin Alexander font style in 2008.

Imitated the Russian Cyrillic style.

The large serifs with bold thick lines and geometric shapes make a mesmerizing display.

Many of the characters display intricate ornamentation which catches passerby’s attention.

Kremlin Alexander has an attractive interplay of symmetry and creative embellishments.

The balled serifs of the font and the obvious Russian influence exude a Russian fairytale.

The geometric design, of Kremlin Alexander, would work effectively as a logo or a poster.

Its striking outline will make a regular logo into a unique one, conveying Slavic culture.

Use this font in big posters, or theater production to take advantage of its ephemeral ethos.

Kremlin Alexander has 85 glyphs and supports twenty-four languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stunning and attention-drawing
  • Good for posters or logos
  • Captures Cyrillic perfectly

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10. Zamolxis I

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Zamolxis designed this font style (Zamolxis I) in 2006.

Similarly, Gustav Cseh design was imitated to produce Zamolxis I.

The type found in his book Zamolxis I differs from Zamolxis II.

However, the font is more subtle and humanist in its disposition.

Zamolxis I’s thicker lines and symmetrical design gives a more grounded feel.

Just as Zamolxis II, this font ensures that the creative legacy of Gusztav Cseh continues.

However, the typeface opens a new horizon with a cleaner and contemporary look.

Zamolxis I is bolder and more self-assured, making it a more legible option.

The subtlety and strong lines make Zamolxis I is an ideal font for unique signage.

Also, this font is best for a clean-looking logo.

Use this font to store signage that appeals to an alternative audience.

An example of which is a natural medicine shop or an antiquities store.

Zamolxis I is best for brandings of heavy metal music or artisanal alcoholic beverages.

The font has 113 characters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clean and easily readable
  • Good for signs or logos
  • Unique design

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Final Thoughts

We hope this article simplified your search for Bulgarian Cyrillic fonts.

There are various options, depending on what the aim of your typeface is.

The font style Bulgaria Moderna V3 grabs my attention the most.

Tsvetkov put a lot of hours in designing such typeface.

The designer is aware of the dialogue between form, function, and history.

Melding produced a new design for Bulgarian Cyrillic as well as English.

The type is best for the covers of academic journals and somber memorials.

Incorporating it infuses your projects with the same intellectual horsepower.

Bulgaria Moderna V3 is sleek and elegant, a dignified and professional look.

The style avoids the dangers of appearing gimmicky.

The typeface embodies a certain versatility that is valuable for people.

A font capable of fitting both a Cyrillic and Latin context.

Bulgaria Moderna V3 always leave an impression to its passers-by.

The font honors the fascinating Balkan region.

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