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cactus fonts

10 Best Cactus Fonts (Expert Picks)

These are our favorite cactus fonts.

If you own a Mexican restaurant, you might want to use these fonts as headings for specific categories in your menu.

If you have a cactus or succulent shop, you could use it in your logo or marketing materials.

Whatever you need the cactus style font for, keep in mind that you will need to choose a good one that is readable and delivers the message you are looking to send.

Here we have a great selection of tried and tested cactus fonts that you can use for any purpose.

There is something for everyone here, and we cannot wait to share them with you.

Choosing any one of these awesome fonts will surely get your message across most clearly and accurately.

One of these is sure to draw the attention you need to get your business up and running in the online world or retail space.

1. Cactus Flowers

cactus fonts

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Firstly, Cactus Flowers is a cute font for simple quotes, logos, and slogans.

Secondly, it has a simple yet eye-catching design.

Thirdly, CallieRian made this font.

She offers excellent customer support.

Fourthly, this custom font is suitable for an array of different uses, including but not limited to logos, slogans, birthday cards, business card headings, vinyl, and so much more.

Fifthly, this font supports western European languages.

Sixthly, this font is offered in OTF and TFF files.

Seventhly, the Cactus Flower font includes ligatures and extras.

Moreover, this font also contains alternates and other features.

Eighthly, this font imbues your message with a soft and gentle feel.

Finally, with all the extra features that this sweet and straightforward font provides, you will be able to create that masterpiece of a logo, menu, or advertisement that you have wanted. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports Western Europe
  • Has a variety of alternative options through character-map
  • Is a great font to use for logo design and vinyl stickers
  • Excellent customer satisfaction from the seller

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2. Kuman

cactus fonts

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This font comes from Weape studio, a go-to website for quality fonts at affordable prices no matter what you need them for.

Kuman has a funky and fun design, reminding me of pickles with spikes on them or a bacteria particle.

 It’s a perfect option for someone who wants to imbibe his text with a fun vibe.

It could work well in an app, possibly used for the name of a particular game based on cactus.

This font offers multilingual support and provides commas, symbols, numbers, and ligatures.

This is a recently created font.

It has received much hype for its fun and decorative feel.

Therefore, making your business stand out will not be a problem.

This decorative font will keep things easy and make your project seem alive, fun, and full of spunk, which will win over your audience at first glance.

Their customer service on CreativeMarket is incredible.

The seller offers assistance if you need any help installing or have any queries about it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Will make you stand out from the crowd
  • Flexible and be used on banners, logos, advertisements, and more
  • Available for immediate download
  • Weape is a well-known designer, who will not disappoint you

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3. Cactus

cactus fonts

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Cactus is a fun font that gives almost a ninja effect that you can expect from a kungfu movie!

Ewen Prigent, a French graphics and art designer, came up with this font, and we praise him for his great work in creating it.

This font is suitable for a video game or possibly an app looking for an edgy yet clean look.

This font is available in La Boite Graphique in Creative Market.

It supports all numbers, symbols and a number of languages.

Therefore, you will not have any issues installing the font or using it in your language to make the best impression possible for your work.

This design resembles the old kids’ cartoon, Samurai Jack.

Hence, this is perfect for fighting video games or on certificates of a martial arts school.

Do not be afraid to get your creative juices flowing with this unique font from France’s best of the best in art and graphic design.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-language pack so you can use with a number of languages
  • Has a fun and sharp design excellent for video games
  • Great price and value for money
  • Comes from a well-known design studio

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4. Mushmellow

cactus fonts

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This font is from the designer Robert Skenk and Foundry Ingrimayne Type.

This is one epic cactus style font that will attract your audience no matter what your project is.

What makes this relatively informal font stand out is the way that it looks like it could have been drawn by hand.

Being hand-drawn has its benefits, and those are evident amongst users who say it has a natural and soft appeal to the key and keeps you engaged while getting straight to the point.

It comes with four different looks, and one is the cactus outline, which you can use on a Mexican restaurant’s menu or even their logo.

This font includes all four fonts and comes in one package. 

Symbols and numbers are also supported.

Whether you like plain, bold, outlined cactus, you can find it here and deliver the perfect message in an easily readable format.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 4 in 1 Font Bundle
  • Perfect for a Mexican restaurant
  • Can be used as quote text or logos 
  • Great value for money 

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5. Wurst

cactus fonts

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This cactus-type font by Robert Schenk stands out from the crowd and looks spiky and aggressive with a razor-sharp feel.

Ingrimayne Type knows how to make fonts, and this one is no expectation. 

It will draw attention and gather interest on the topic that is written in it.

This type of font would most definitely suit a metal band for their album cover text or maybe even their band name.

Using this font for a letter on a tattoo design will also be a hit and can be used in text circle the arm or leg or even text under a portrait picture.

It would also suit a medieval game or even on the invitation of a medieval dress-up party.

This decorative anger fulled font comes in 2 individual packages, both about to impress your fans or friends just the way you would like it.

Wurst will stand out from the crowd and deliver just the perfect fonts to your audience with many glyphs and characters to get you started in some excellent design work.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for a Rockband or Medievil Gatherings
  • 2 Individual Packages to choose from
  • Evokes a violent vibe
  • Comes with full support

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6. Cactus Cuties

cactus fonts

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Cactus Cuties is a free font made available by Darren Flood, that is, if you want to use it for personal use.

On the other hand, commercial use requires a donation that I would happily pay to receive for use in my online succulent store.

These would also go perfect for your Mexican restaurant logo as well as the business cards or flyers of your specialist cactus store.

Whatever the uses you have for this incredibly fun and appealing font are, it is sure to stand out from the crowd and cause a stir to any reader seeing it as a heading or a logo.

The friendly and soft writing style with the added spikes to resemble the cactus makes you feel like you are in a wild west cartoon.

It supports all symbols, numbers, and ligatures and is a great font to draw attention to your brand.

Let Darrell Flood’s design work for your business and intrigue your customers and viewers to make them feel comfortable and at home with its subtle and gentle curves.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for an online plant or succulent business
  • Free for personal use
  • Cheap for commercial use
  • A font that will draw lots of attention as a logo 


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7. Cactuses

cactus fonts

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Updated recently in 2020, the Cactuses font is another ideal font for someone looking to promote their online cactus or succulent store.

Its attractive feature with cactus in the middle of words is a hit and a terrific design by Aisyah on Font Space.

It will make you feel excited and earthy and ready to get your green finger on.

This super creative design is free for non-commercial use but can be purchased for commercial use for your restaurant or online store.

It is also an awesome font to use for your monthly newsletter or on your vegetarian menu.

This font comes with 94 glyphs and 97 characters in TrueType format that will help you deliver the message you want to get across.

The epic cactus in between the letter is such a unique and unusual creature that works so well in keeping your reader intrigued as to what is next.

With the number of characters and glyphs available at your disposal, you will have more than enough to create the ultimate logo for your specialized online cactus store.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Earthy, green fauna feel
  • Creative Design
  • Enough glyphs and Characters for ultimate customization.
  • Recently updated

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8. Font Insane

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Font Insane is eight years old and designed by Jonathan S. Harris, a big wig in the font design industry.

Jon Harris calls himself the world’s steadiest hand and has been around the industry for years with an up-to-date youtube channel to boot.

This is a perfect cactus-type font design to use as headings for chapters in your next novel or publication.

Its enthusiastic and crazy approach draws attention and stands out in a fashion not often seen amongst fonts.

It gives you a feeling of urgency with a touch of madness while displaying the text in the most readable way possible.

All numerical symbols included as well are multi-language supported.

Font Space provides incredible download speed and a vast selection of eye-catching fonts.

Deliver this world-class design to your fans, and be confident in knowing that you have the world’s steadiest hand that designed it for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stunning design that draws attention
  • Best to be used in novels or publications.
  • Made by a world-class designer
  • Multi-language support

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9. CF Punky

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Updated in July 2019, CF Punky by CloutierFontes is fun and well “punky,” to say the least.

This design is easy to read and gives you a spiky yet readable view.

Something that I would customer perfect for your punk band or even in a kiddies storybook.

At around $8 for commercial use, this is a bargain for people who want to use the CF Punky font.

This tru type formatted file includes 28 glyphs and 55 characters, so it is a little limited, but I’m sure that you have more than enough at your disposal to get your message across.

Punky limited characters should not stop you, and any person can use the funky yet retro design that gets you excited about the topic below your heading.

CloutierFontes is a classic foundry that has created many unique fonts, arts, and graphics over the years, and they are people you can trust to deliver the best quality assets.

Choosing Punky for your project will not disappoint you and will most definitely deliver the message you are trying to convey.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great font for a band or children’s book
  • Low commercial price
  • Updated in 2019
  • Made by world-class foundry with lots under their belt

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10. Prick

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Astigmatic One Eye Typographics Institute has created a marvel with this sharp and prickly custom font that resembles a cactus.

This is an excellent font for someone who wants to prove a point and show how seriously their business or advertisement is regarding items that can prick you.

Updated last in 2006, this is an old classic amongst designers and one you can use for various purposes.

Using this design for personal use is free and recommended to get the result you want to achieve in getting your message across.

This is a classic true type design that has 166glyphs and 244 characters for your creative usage.

If you want to achieve an eye-catching product, you have found the right font for the job with a prick. 

It will pierce your reader’s eye with its sharp exterior and multiple characters to leave your creative desires fulfilled.

The designer has been around for many years, and you can trust the quality of design they always deliver. 

Please have a browse through their other fonts to see what they can do for you.

Delivering your message to my beloved audience has never been easier than this prick-style font from Astimatic One Eye Typographics Institute.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes from a highly respected foundry in the community
  • Classic design 
  • Updated in 2006

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Final Thoughts

Fonts featured in this article all produce the sharp, prickly, pointy, and cactus effect with ease and simplicity. 

Downloading and accessing your files is also easy.

Whether you want o to grab someone’s attention on your Mexican restaurant’s menu or need a logo for your nursery business, these cactus-style fonts will deliver what you need.

From modern to old-school styles, you can find what you need in our list of the cactus fonts.

They will help you stand out wow your audience.

Some experience is required to install some of these fonts.

But it’s nothing that cannot be solved by some online tutorials that you can read up for free.

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