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10 Best Calendar Template Options

Are you in dire need of a calendar template to keep track of your numerous meetings, chores, important events, etc.?

Do you find yourself procrastinating repeatedly?

You will find that having the right time-management tool, a.k.a an appropriate calendar, will make a big difference.

You can seize every day without stressing about your endless to-do list.

Finding the right calendar among the thousands can be overwhelming, not to mention time-consuming, too.

This is why we did all the work for you!

Below are the ten best calendar templates, free and paid, for you to choose from.

1. Monthly Calendar Template by ElileeDesigns

calendar template

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EliLeeDesigns has created this Monthly Planner/ Calendar Template, ideal for those looking to schedule their tasks & meetings without going into too much detail. 

It features an eye-catching floral background making it stand out from the other options out there,

Moreover, it’s perfect if you want to add it to your walls as an accessory!

Gone are the days when calendars had to be dull and ordinary.

Welcome to this interactive plus effective design and quickly change it on Canva if needed. 

This beautiful template has a reasonable price and excellent reviews from customers.

It is also easily editable in Canva (a free graphic design software that is easy to use).

Thus, making it even more effortless for you to customize and personalize, turning it into a great gift, too. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This is an instant digital download upon purchase.
  • It has a beautiful aesthetic design, but it’s also fully customizable to your needs (a link to Canva is offered)
  • There is space allocated for each day & additional notes so that you can get into further details for a more critical event.
  • The calendar has a soothing pastel pink layout.

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2. 2022 Printable Calendar, Including a ‘Year at a Glance’

calendar template

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This 2022 printable calendar is so simplistic yet multifunctional.

Not only does it include 12 monthly templates, but it has a ‘Year at a Glance.’

This one-year template can help you organize better and gain some perspective on your goals and habits.

This charming product by ModernnMinimal has received loads of positive feedback online.

Moreover, it has a quirky modern design perfect for the more creative souls and entrepreneurs. 

The digital download makes it easy to decide if you prefer to use it as a PDF or print it off. 

It pretty much answers all of your needs if you want to start living more organized. 

It doesn’t have a Notes section.

However, it compensates with a minimal yet effective design that varies every month with colors matching the season. 

This template also lets you choose if you prefer to have the week starting on Sunday or Monday, which we know can be a tough decision! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The calendar is an instant digital download, meaning you can print it immediately. 
  • It has a Sunday-Saturday and a Monday-Sunday option, making it easily adaptable to your personal needs.
  • It includes a year at a glance page.
  • Each month has its variation of design/colors.
  • It comes in various A4, A5, and US letter sizes.

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3. Blank Calendar with a Unique Design

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Shareeda Morrison has created a calendar for 2022 with a lovely floral design for each month and plenty of space to scribe and plan out your month easily and with no fuss!

This is an excellent choice if you want to keep it simple and add a special touch each month.

You can hang it beautifully on your walls or use it in a binder folder or a diary. 

The floral design and pop of color bring playfulness and positive emotions.

Thus, making it less of a standard ‘to-do’ list and more of a fun thing to do! 

Use it as you see fit and add it to your desk vision board, or glue it to the fridge for increased effectiveness! 

We saw a lot of positive reviews confirming its functionality as well.

So, beyond the pretty look, it also offers a functional space where you can plan with ease. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It offers quirky, themed, and hand-illustrated designs. 
  • The font looks classy & minimalistic.
  • It’s available for download in PDF format after purchase and an immediate print
  • Each week starts on Sunday.
  • It’s available in US letter size.

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4. 2022/2023 Calendar Bundle with Perpetual Calendar & Year at a Glance 

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This Calendar Bundle by KellyJSorenson is all you can ask for to stay on track of your goals and keep it visually pleasing!

It also offers an editable feature to customize it if you wish to do so.

It’s perfect for printing out and helps you plan your work schedule and holidays with ease. 

A lovely botanic design – perfect for all nature and plant lovers! 

The green aesthetic on each page brings calm and tranquility to feel more positive about your goals and plans. 

Plants have proven their power to make us feel calm, safe, and peaceful, and each month of this calendar does that very well.

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing, you can also try framing all of these for an even more likable, more organized look. 

This will also help you always have your tasks and events available at a single glance!

The only downside to this is that the actual layout of the calendar bundle isn’t editable. 

You will not be able to move or change the design; therefore, if you are unhappy with the layout, you won’t do much about it.

Nevertheless, it stands out anyways! 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It has Botanical Monthly Calendars for 2022 and 2023.
  • It includes Perpetual / Birthday Calendars.
  • You’ll get a Year at a Glance Calendars for 2022 – 2024.
  • It has editing instructions available for the PDF with an Adobe Acrobat Reader link.
  • Get three sizes to choose from, including Letter Size, A4 & A5.
  • There is a Sunday and a Monday week start depending on the size.
  • Choose between lined and unlined versions.

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5. 2022 Monthly A3 & A4 Printable Calendar Template

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CabrelliDesignUK’s calendar template is one of our favorites, as it looks very sleek and minimal and comes in a variety of sizes, which are all extremely easy to print. 

When it comes to what size you think will best fit your needs, it is very convenient to have a choice – you may need a bigger one for home and the office but a smaller one for when you’re on the go! 

This design gives you the freedom to choose, and since it’s downloadable – you can easily print several versions of it, allowing for more flexibility.

The price is also very reasonable, considering all that is offered.

This is a convenient calendar template for a busy family as it has plenty of space for everyone to take part in the planning or even a student pre-planning course work. 

Having the design less busy can help you focus better on its functionality instead. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It offers loads of space to scribe about.
  • It has lovely font & layout.
  • You can get it in varying sizes per preference – A3 or A4.
  • It’s convenient for one or more people.
  • Get it in PDF format.
  • This is an instant download and is printable.
  • There are bundles available – one for 2022, comprised of 16 calendars, and another which is called a ‘Whole Shop Bundle’ and incorporates 215+ planners.

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6. 2022 Monthly Calendar Template with Notes, Landscape Minimalist Calendar


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Upgrading on the minimal style but with additional space for notes, this calendar is perfect for people who like to plan things in detail and write stuff down on the go.

This white minimalist design can help productivity, set boundaries, and prioritize.

It can also aid in avoiding procrastination (as simplicity can be found soothing) – sometimes less can be more!

Although you can’t alter the layout and the text, the design offers everything a calendar needs to do.

It helps you plan, stay organized and keep track of important dates. 

Having it in landscape makes it perfect for printing and framing so that you can take a look at it anytime you want. 

It can come in handy for both at-home and office use, and you can easily print it off and stick it to your fridge or add it to your diary, vision board, or binder!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Print it in A4, Letter Size, and Fillable(A4) planners.
  • It’s got excellent reviews.
  • It offers a simplistic layout.
  • This planner is printable.
  • Choose between Sunday and Monday starts.
  • You can order all 12 months.

Download Now!

7. Botanical Greenery Floral Watercolor 2022 Calendar

calendar template 

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Want to add a special touch to your day by using a very functional and mindfully designed calendar?

Then this Botanical Greenery Floral Style Calendar created by MindfulHustlePlan is the one for you.

With more than 90 thousand copies sold – it does not disappoint! 

 It’s beautiful so that you can hang it on your wall or fridge, and unlike the last two, it includes both lined and unlined versions.

Additionally, if you are like art or you often find yourself inspired by nature or flowers – this design can help reduce your stress and boost your productivity even further!

In regards to what it offers – this calendar is perfect for planning your months without diving into too much detail, scheduling essential appointments and meetings you don’t want to miss, and adding valuable daily and monthly tasks.

What makes it stand out? 

Well, apart from the intrinsic design, it also offers lined and unlined versions, so if you like to have more space to line tasks up – you have got it.

 If you are more of a private person, we advise you to print this and use it in a binder folder or a diary. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Choose between Sunday and Monday week start in both sizes ( Letter Size and A4).
  • Both Lined and Unlined Versions are included.
  • You can easily print it at home.
  • It has a very reasonable price for the quality.
  • It offers portrait orientation.

Download Now!

8. Printable Calendar & Monthly Planner for 2022 

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Are you struggling with all the packed, busy-looking layouts out there? 

Start the new year or month perfectly organized with this functional and very affordable calendar, and it might be the way to go!

Some people must have a clean and minimal design, especially for people who struggle with certain conditions, like ADHD.

This calendar was approved by someone suffering from it.

If you want to focus on content rather than fancy design, this is also for you. 

Additionally, embracing a more minimalistic approach can help you see what you need to prioritize and focus on the most critical duties at hand. A cluttered calendar and an overflowing never-ending to-do list will not lead to any good. 

TheProductiveCompany’s calendar can help you filter out the unnecessary, avoiding burn-out and overcommitment.

Keep in mind that this one functions better when printed, although it does offer a digital version; however, you will need some note-taking app to help you out!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • It has a simple and minimalist design.
  • You get one month per page.
  • Choose between Monday & Sunday Starts.
  • It comes in a portrait layout.
  • Print it easily.
  • A Digital version is available, too, but you will need a note-taking app.
  • Print in various sizes – A4 & Letter.
  • The seller offers special discounts after a purchase has been made.

Download Now!

9. Minimal Monthly Calendar 

Download Now!

What does a Calendar need when you think about it?

Our number 9 is simple, elegant, and very modern-looking. 

This is an excellent option if you prefer Portrait orientation or add it to your daily planner or folder. 

It is simple yet gives you enough space to carefully plan ahead and honestly gives an excellent value for being a freebie. 

It offers extra flexibility as here you can choose Sunday or Monday week start the day, which we don’t often see with other calendars. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The planner is an instant download in PDF format.
  • It’s editable in Excel & printable.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It has a minimalist design.
  • Different sections are available – dated calendar, day names, name of the month, and a to-do list.
  • It provides additional space for notes.
  • Last but not least – it is entirely free for you to enjoy.

Download Now!

10. Monthly Calendar with Notes


Download Now!

If you are on the lookout for a completely free printable monthly calendar for 2022 – this is it! 

It has attractive features and two pages per month in a portrait landscape, making it a perfect addition to your home!

This calendar template offers a blank calendar and notes sections on both pages.

Also, you can choose your preferred size and start date. 

Please note that official holidays are not written down, but you could mark them yourself.

You are free to download this printable calendar for one month or the entire year, depending on what dates you put.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This is an instant download in PDF format.
  •  It is 100% free.
  • You can customize it to your preferences (and needs) regarding start & end date, week start, layout, and cut marks.
  • It’s beneficial for notes & quick to-do lists or even tracking.
  • One month spreads onto two whole pages, including the month name, space for notes (and checkboxes), day sections from Sunday to Tuesday and on the second – Wednesday to Saturday, and an area for notes again!
  • It’s editable in Excel & printable.

Download Now!

Final Thoughts                                                                                                                         

As you can see, there is a lot out there to choose from to organize your work and life balance and keep track of upcoming events. 

Depending on what you’re looking for and your personal preferences, there is a wide range of options for both paid and free Calendar Templates that you can find online.

These are the best calendar template options that we have found.

We have carefully selected them to ensure there is something for everybody.

Nevertheless, if you can think of one that is not on here and should be – feel free to leave a comment to let us know!

Bear in mind that having a calendar or a time-management tool, in general, can aid you in ways you can’t imagine.

You can write down your tasks and thoughts, learn to prioritize them and make the most out of your days to change your life for the better.

Try these templates today to get a step closer to achieving your goals. 

Don’t forget to keep us posted on the process.

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