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can you sell ai-generated art

Make Money With AI Art

Can you sell AI-generated art?

AI art stuff is pretty good and yes, we can make some money.

Okay, let’s make some money.

Holy moly, mackerel pie!

This AI art is super good!

I am not gonna lie.

Let’s see if we can make some money with this.

I shall be your guide.

1. Create and Sell Graphic Elements

Well, the first option is to create and sell graphic elements.
I have been doing this for years.
This is my number one selling product which I created in Photoshop.
It’s a collection of gradient backgrounds that people can use in many ways such as website backgrounds or iPhone wallpapers or on social media.
I sold over a thousand of these and it brought me an income of over five figures.
But now, instead of spending hours laboring away on Photoshop to create this, you can make them in seconds on Midjourney.
And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.
And here is my latest release which is a set of 3d abstract backgrounds which I am selling on Creative Market.
You can sell on Creative Market which is a great marketplace for selling.
Another one is Etsy.
You can also use Designcuts and set up your website to do this.
Another little hack is you can repurpose this content and sell it as stock image on sites such as Adobe Stock and Shutterstock.
There are other stock sites available.

2. Sell Merchandise

The next option is you can take your AI-generated art and put it on merchandise and sell this.
Print on demand allows you to only print something once it has been sold.
So you do all the marketing.
Sell something and then it gets printed by a company like Redbubble.
I’ve been selling on Redbubble for years.
Quirky and cutesy images on this site work best.
You can print pretty much any piece of merchandise you can imagine from t-shirts to little tiny dog collars.
Every dog needs a little collar on his little ‘neckie’ to look pretty for all the other little ‘doggies.’
Isn’t that right Rufus?
Okay, Rufus!
We’ll get you another dog collar soon.
And we already have 713 of them.

3. Sell Services

The next thing you can do is use your skills in using AI-generated art as a service.
So, go to a site like Upwork or Fiverr.
Browse for illustration jobs.
For example, this job pays a hundred dollars looking for a 2d concept artist that can make a mecca creature insect.
Now you could easily create multiple options for this in seconds.
I think this is a really feasible way to make some good money very quickly because there’s pretty much no limit to what you can charge for art and illustration.
So, I hope that by now we have answered the question, ‘Can you sell AI-generated art?’ with a resounding YES!

4. Create NFTs

The next option for things that you can do with AI-generated art is that you can create a collection of NFTs.
Here is a collection of ape-like NFTs that have been sold for a total of 272 Ethereum which in today’s exchange rate is 457,436 USD.
Yes! You can make a few bucks with NFTs if you can do it well.
And I think it’s perfectly possible to create a wonderful collection of intuitive NFTs with open AI technologies.
Here is a goat that I’ve been working on.
This is a goat in the style of Jesus.
I’m thinking about having Jesus in the style of every single animal every animal.
They shall be uplifted to the holy state of the almighty Jesus Christ,  Savior of us all.
Here is a monkey king.
You got to do monkey kings.

5. Create Rewarding Content

Last up is number five, you can create content about AI art.
I’ve been doing this on my YouTube channel.
You can earn some money through advertising, affiliate income, and promoting your products and services.
So, why not start a blog, YouTube channel, podcast, or Instagram account that has to do with AI art?
It’s a hot new topic.
There’s a lot of interest.
And because it’s brand new, the competition is low.
There we have it.

Final Thoughts

So, ‘Can you sell AI-generated art?’
Yes, and those are five real ways to make money with AI art right now.
And remember that although all of these methods are proven business models, they require other skills as well, especially marketing.
Just making something good is not enough.
You need to get the right people in front of it and convince them that it is of value.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.
Thank you for watching.
Maybe you’ll enjoy a couple of my other videos, so why not stick around and see what else is going on in the world of artificial intelligence and design?
I have been your host Samson Vowles.
Have a delightful day, my super special little cherubs.
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