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Accessibility and Legibility

Accessibility and Legibility(Page 5)

Make a Straight Line in Procreate in a snap! Watch our tutorial now! Create the Perfect Straight Line in Procreate in One Easy Step! Here’s how you can draw perfectly straight lines in Procreate! Draw a Line and Hold Down Your Pen Simply draw a line, and hold your pen down. And ta-da! There we have it! A line straighter than the equator. Why not subscribe? I promise you, you won’t regret it! And there’s 100 free color palettes just for you, in the description. Final Thoughts Th

Here’s a compilation of Procreate Shortcuts to help you with your work! Watch our tutorial now. Work Efficiently with These 10 Procreate Shortcuts Here are my top 10 Procreate gesture shortcuts that you should know. 1-2. Undo & Redo   Number one, is under Redo. So to undo, tap with two fingers. To redo, tap with  three. 3. Copy & Paste with Swiping Down Next up we have copy and paste. So, simply swipe down with three fingers and you get the copy and paste menu appearing. 4.

Learn how to use Color Fill in Procreate by watching our tutorial on “Procreate How To Fill Color”! A Two-Step Guide to Quickly Use Color Fill in Procreate! 1. Select Your Preferred Color and Go to Layers Panel Simply select your color. Go to your layers panel, make sure you’ve got the right layer selected. 2. Drag Over the Color Circle to Your Object And you can drag from this little color circle over to your object and fill in the color that you need. There we have a lovely l

Watch our tutorial on how to make abstract liquify art and learn a new art style! Make Abstract Liquify Art by Watching Our Step-By-Step Tutorial! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw an abstract liquified fruit portrait in Procreate! 1. Find Yourself a Beautiful Fruit & Make a New Canvas First step, find yourself a fruit! Now, come back to Procreate and start a new canvas. Make it the same size of your screen for ease, and insert a photo. Go and put in your lovely beautiful fruit. 2

View the actual size of your artwork by watching our tutorial on “How to Zoom to Actual Size In Procreate” Zoom to The Actual Size of Your Artwork in Procreate (Step-By-Step Guide) Here is how you can view your artwork in Procreate at its actual size! Go to Spanner’s Menu & Tap on Preferences Firstly, come into the spanner’s menu. Go to preferences and come down to gesture controls. Set up QuickMenu You need to set up a QuickMenu. What I’ve done is I’ve set it

Create a custom widget in Procreate to easily access your artworks by watching our tutorial on “Place a Procreate Widget on Your Homescreen of Custom Artworks”. Make Your Custom Homescreen Widget Now for Your Artworks in Procreate Did you know that you can add a custom Procreate widget to your iPad home screen so you can jump straight back into your most recent artwork? Slide to The Left and Tap on Edit   All you have to do is slide to the left.Go to edit.Click on the little plus (+

This tutorial shows how to import fonts to Procreate. Import Your Favorite Fonts to Procreate Now! 1. Go to the Spanner & Tap on Add Text All you have to do is come into “add text” which is under the little spanner. Then, you type your text. “This is text.” 2. Tap on the Font Double click on all the text. Select all of it. You have to go into the font here. So tap on the font. 3. Import Fonts And then here, you have an option to import fonts. And now, go to the browser of the

Save time and locate your files easily by learning how to organize your Procreate gallery. Arrange Your Projects in Procreate by Putting Them in Stacks Here’s a quick tip for keeping your gallery organized in procreate. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got hundreds of thousands of different projects all over the place BUT did you know that you can put them into stacks or folders? Adding an Image to a Stack All you have to do is drag one image over to the next! It’ll then be

Use the best font maker app to create original fonts for your digital projects. Now is the time to use and experiment with fonts. With the popular Smartphones and dependence on them, the fonts come out as a pleasant diversion from the ordinary.  So have some fun and check out the list of options for the 10 best font generator apps below.  What is a Font? A font is a combination of letters, slope, and style that make up printable characters that affect readability, influence tone, and reflect

This article will acquaint you with the best way to use a list of ligatures. “Ligature” derives from the Latin word “ligatus,” meaning connection and bond.  History reaches as far back as the Sumerian cuneiform, the earliest type of writing, and contains several ligature examples. Many historical scripts use ligatures. Historical Uses of Ligatures Scribes have also used ligatures to speed up writing. They were a natural evolution of spoken and written language. During th

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