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Artificial Intelligence

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Here’s a complete guide using Lensa AI avatars. Did you ever want to be an astronaut, a freedom fighter, or a rockstar? Using Lensa you can create dozens of AI avatars with no technical knowledge in a matter of minutes. You will input your own images and you’ll get out a set of AI-generated avatars. These will be of a mixture of quality, but some will be excellent and much of it depends on the quality of the images that you put in. How to Make Your Own AI Avatar 1. Upload Photos Once

Know more about the Stable Diffusion 2 new features here. Stable Diffusion version 2 is here and it includes a number of groundbreaking advancements. Stable Diffusions’ Improvements The most noticeable improvement is the increase in coherence, detail, and complexity. And this is down to better training on a new model. This model is trained on an aesthetic subset of the image database. So they’ve chosen the more attractive images to train the models on. Here’s an example compari

Below we’ll check out Stable Diffusion 2 vs Midjourney by using the same prompts. I’ve challenged Midjourney and Stable Diffusion with the same prompts and we’re going to look at them side by side. We’ll go through a number of rounds covering from portraits to landscapes. So let’s jump in. A Distant Galaxy Number one is a dream of a distant Galaxy. And we can see that Midourney has a greater narrative to the piece. They’ve included a character looking distantl

Stable Diffusion verison 2 is out and here is how to install it for free and run it on Google colabs. Come to this link. Connect to A Computer Then make sure that you’re connected to a computer. Up here. Open Install Dependencies After that, you come down and open install dependencies Play the First Line of Code And play the first line of code. Go ahead and click run anyway. Sit back and relax. Once that’s done you’ll get a little tick next to the code. Run the App And you can

It would be worthwhile to read this DeviantArt DreamUp review if you’re interested in AI art. DeviantArt has released its own AI art generator and it’s paving the way for more ethical use of artists’ work. Deviant Art is an artistic community for sharing artworks. It’s owned by the website builder WIX called DreamUp. DeviantArt claims that DreamUp lets you create AI art knowing that the creator and their work are treated fairly. They believe that artists should be allowed

Going to an AI art exhibition is a novel and thrilling way to experience art. Artists are increasingly using AI to create new and innovative art.  The following list of AI art exhibitions is not exhaustive but it is a good way to get your feet wet in the world of AI art. 1. AI More Than Human AI: More Than Human is a groundbreaking examination of artistic and scientific advancements in artificial intelligence that examines the development of the bond between people and technology. Yoichi Ochiai

Can AI also be used to make money for artists and creatives? YES IT CAN In this post, we’ll explore 5 different models for how AI art can generate income. Whether you’re looking to create a new revenue stream or supplement your existing one, there’s bound to be a method here that fits your needs! In this article, we’ll share with you how to make money with AI art. There are five marvelous ways to make money with AI art. 1. Create and Sell Merchandise Stable diffusion and

Looking for the best Midjourney architecture prompts? Take a look at these stunning AI-generated structures. We’ve collected the best examples for your inspiration. Midjourney Architecture Prompts Eco-Industrial Space Prompt: industrial park urban development, urban space, commercial space, shopping and economy, futuristic and high tech, trade, exhibition space, bustling streets, aggregation of wood building groups, integrate the surrounding park green landscape and urbanscape, mixed-used

Looking for the best Midjourney character prompts for inspiration? We know that conceptualization is essential for great design. In this article, we’ll share with you the 10 best character designs to inspire your work! Cyberpunk Robotic Soldier Prompt: Robotic Soldier. Cyberpunk heist crew member. character design. Trigger studio and josan gonzalez, realistic, background city business district street A prompt for a cyberpunk robot creates excellent material and color grading. This characte

Are you looking for the best Midjourney portrait prompts? You can now create stunning photorealistic portraits with Midjourney! Here, we’ve collected the best Midjourney portrait prompts of futuristic and realistic portraits. Midjourney Portrait Prompts Female Victorian Portrait Prompt: Award-winning otherworldly dramatic female victorian portrait painting The portrait shows a girl with red hair and green, sunken eyes. She reminds me of Anne of Green Gables, Bridgerton, or Pride and Prejud

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