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Here we’ll share with you 7 passive income ideas for illustration work. As an illustrator, the many hours spent doing work sometimes seem to not pay off. You might have archives of illustrations used once and never again. Have you ever wondered how you can utilize your work to its full potential? How can you make money from each piece of work you create? With digitalization and the web, illustrators are now open to publishing their works to the world. More than the following you have now,

Are you new to voxel art, or are you searching for the best voxel software? Then, we are here to help you. The market offers various voxel software created to match one’s preferences or level of expertise, starting from beginner-friendly to advanced. We have lined up the 10 best voxel software for you to explore. 1. MagicaVoxel This software is the most famous among the voxel software. It gives the creators materials and effects to provide the best possible creation. It takes a lot of courage

Are you looking for the best bubble brushes for Procreate? If so, you have come to the right place. Knowing how tedious it can be to draw bubbles one by one, we have searched for the best Procreate bubble brushes out there. Some of these can be yours for free, and for some, you have to pay a few dollars. We are sure everyone will find something for themselves on our list. Let’s go over our best picks. 1. Procreate Water Droplet and Bubble Brush Get the most realistic bubbles in Procreate now!

Our Make and Sell AI Art online course on Udemy is another potential income generator for you. Create Stunning Artworks I’ll show you how to create stunning artwork using professional AI software. We’ll go through the basics of creating your art all the way up to more advanced techniques to get the very best out of this revolutionary new technology. Want to Master Midjourney? My course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn this new technology. Get unlimited feedback and join the cou

Recent AI software has created an artwork that has won a prestigious art competition. Many creatives are in an uproar but what does this mean for the future of art? What does it mean for the future of creativity? And what does it mean for humanity? Stay tuned and I’ll give you my deepest insight. Prize-Winning AI Art Jason Allen’s AI-generated artwork ‘Théâtre D’opéra Spatial’ was the first prize winner in the digital art category at the Colorado State Fair. He clear

  Here’s a quick video on Midjourney image prompts guide. We’ll look at using URLs and also upload your images directly into the Discord chat. Pick an Image So the easiest way to use images inside Midjourney is to copy an existing URL off the internet. So you can go to which is a free collection of open source images collected and shared by the photographic community. All you need to do is select an interesting image. Click on it. Go to full screen. The trick here i

Can you sell AI-generated art? AI art stuff is pretty good and yes, we can make some money. Okay, let’s make some money. Holy moly, mackerel pie! This AI art is super good! I am not gonna lie. Let’s see if we can make some money with this. I shall be your guide. 1. Create and Sell Graphic Elements Well, the first option is to create and sell graphic elements. I have been doing this for years. This is my number one selling product which I created in Photoshop. It’s a collection

AI image generator DALL•E 2 is days away from public release. This is going to change the landscape of the creative industries forever. Suppose you are an illustrator, a designer, an artist, or a photographer. In that case, you need to know how this will impact your career and industry. We can see that DALL•E 2 can create these stunning realistic images in any desired style, be it illustrative or photo realism. And it can do this in a matter of seconds for a very minimal cost. The pricing st

Welcome to the Artbreeder tutorial. One of the most popular things that people do with this is to create these beautiful portraits of human beings. Creating Images in Artbreeder The first thing that we do in this Artbreeder tutorial is go to the top right-hand corner and press the little plus. From here, you can select the type of genre that you want to use for your image. We’re going to go with a portrait. And the first thing that happens is it generates three random portraits for you. As

Are you looking for Procreate comic template choices to create comics? You will surely love the 10 Best Procreate comic template options we have gathered for you. Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork and compiled the ten most awesome comic template options out there. Scroll on to find a template pack that will boost your comic artwork to the next level!   1. 80 Procreate Blank Comic Book Templates This template pack from CreateMonsterCo offers a decisive answer to your frame layout woe

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