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Knowing the appropriate graphic design questions for clients will help you maintain your old ones and win new clients.  Understanding your clients would mean knowing the appropriate sales pitch to win them over.. Especially if it’s a lucrative account and will involve a lot of hard work.  This is a client that you want to hang on to and build up a great relationship with.  Suppose you play your cards right and manage the client correctly. In that case, this could lead to further campaig

In this article, we will share the best time to post on Dribbble. That would be posting to improve user engagement and get more views. We will also give you tips and tricks to build your social media presence. Life can’t be imagined in today’s world without phones, laptops, televisions, tablets, etc. We have a slew of executives, software developers, designers, and artists that help bring today’s modern applications to life. These applications do EVERYTHING, from getting your g

Hello and welcome to this tutorial about how to add the My Awin extension to Chrome and use it to get Etsy affiliate links. 1. Go to The Chrome Plug-In Page and Click Add Extension So, the first thing to do is to come to the Chrome plugin page for My Awin. And then click Add to Chrome, and Add Extension. Now you give this a few moments to install itself. 2. Go to Your Target Etsy Page and Listing And whilst it’s doing that we can come and find an Etsy page. So, go to and click on

Design System vs Style Guide, both sit alongside Pattern Libraries as the three most popular ways to create a digital brand.  Each requires an enormously different level of time, resources, and financial input to create a digital brand with the most effective, successful, and engaging User Interface (UI). The UI of a brand is just one part of the overall User Experience (UX),. This is related to the visible elements of a brand rather than the entire interaction that a user may have across a

Having a suitable tone of voice guidelines examples for a particular brand is a creative task. When creating a tone of voice, you also need to think it through. This is because the tone of voice is an act of establishing a brand in the long run. A brand voice gives the ʺwhyʺ to the product. And every brand tends to have their unique and original why There are many factors that you need to consider when it comes to sitting down and crafting your unique tone of voice for your product. First thin

  Say you want to drive customers to your social media site or website. Say you just want to make a unique holiday card. Say you just want to spice up your own Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page. Whatever the project, Canva templates can help! If you’ve ever seen an excellent looking website that grabs your attention, there is a good chance it may have come from a Canva template. Canva templates are eye-catching design templates that can be used for posters, flyers, presentations, c

‘How would you like… Ten professional clean & engaging Infographics, for Microsoft PowerPoint For…. free!?’ If that’s a yes, then you’re in the right place! So let’s begin, there is a big misconception when it comes to great Infographics People believe they have to pay a lot of money, for great Infographics but.. That’s not real great Infographics don’t always cost money! I’m 100% sure that the content you’re about to read will add value to y

Introduction: In today’s cluttered media landscape, it can be hard to stand out, especially if you have your brand, business, or company. You may have cultivated an excellent personal brand, developed a beautiful line of products, or launched a fantastic company. Still, without being able to promote yourself, all your efforts will be for naught. Promoting yourself and putting yourself out, there can be daunting. Maybe you and your business have experienced incredible professional success or wo

This article will give you what to include in a brand style guide to ensure the success of your branding efforts. A brand style guide or style guidelines is an accurate visualization of your dream brand. Similarly, it is what you want your brand to look like or what theme you want to maintain. This is done for your brand to stand out from the rest. Consistency in your brand is tough to maintain. However, making a brand style guide makes it easier for you to let people know the ideal theme of you

<!–[CDATA[ Go west, young entrepreneur. Or north. Or south or east!  Heck, where do you want to work!? The opportunity to work abroad is more prominent than ever.  Whether you’re an independent contractor or freelancer, you can travel the world as a “digital nomad,” earning your living through your virtual office while seeing the world. And while the prospect of working in this fashion may be exciting, it can also be overwhelming when contemplating so many wonderful choices.  S

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