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What font is cursive in Word? We all want to know which ones are they because not many of us are blessed with an elegant cursive penmanship. We rely on Microsoft Word to help us create beautiful cursive writing. Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for producing various document styles, such as stories, letters, reports, and resumes. The possibilities can be endless. Word is essentially a blank canvas for your creations that can be personalized to suit you and your audience. Microsoft Word allows

You would have wondered what font is used on playing cards after playing with them so many times. Playing cards are everywhere, with many countries claiming origin for it. The Chinese have played card games since the ninth century. But the first card game registered was by the British. The standard fifty-two-card deck we see today is of French origin. Nowadays, most people know how to play card games. These games include bridge, blackjack, and solitaire. However, very few people have seen or und

The Yuletide season means Christmas cards and trees, so we need to celebrate it by using the best font for Christmas ornaments. There’s something about Christmas that creates an atmosphere full of wonder and warmth. To embrace the Christmas spirit you need the best fonts to personalize your holiday projects. We have compiled the 10 best Christmas fonts for your holiday DIY ornaments. These are Christmas-themed fonts that fit the holiday spirit, taking into account proper font sizing and quali

Making maps entail a well-thought-out list of options for cartographic fonts. It seems simple, but this decision is all too important. Fonts will tie your whole design together, not to mention, give your map its usefulness because of legible labels. That’s why we scoured the internet looking to create a comprehensive list of cartographic fonts for novice and experienced cartographers alike. We have narrowed it down to ten typefaces that will hopefully cover all the needs of map makers. The

Your writing needs to have the best abstract fonts to catch your reader’s attention. No matter what medium of writing your words are being put into, the use of abstract fonts is limitless. The variety of uses is matched only by the vast numbers and types of available fonts.  What to do if you need a poster for an event to be as eye-catching as possible? You may use bold letters in bright colors over a compelling backdrop that can surely turn heads. Or maybe you want a muted design to give

Have you ever wondered how the Lord of the Rings fonts were chosen? Pretty sure, the production team was challenged to choose the perfect typeface to use for the movie. Choosing the perfect typeface for design is a process that takes time and effort. In many cases, it is sufficient to use a free font that is available with only one weight, and in other cases, not so much. The typeface used can often make a huge difference in creating an outstanding design. There are thousands of good typefaces a

Finding the best prehistoric caveman font for your presentation can be challenging. It is an arduous task especially when it comes to decorative fonts. The font reflects the activities and essence of your organization. The fonts in this list are decorative font families and are ideal for museums or zoo advertisements. In this article, we have selected the most creative and original top 10 prehistoric caveman fonts from the prehistoric era for you. 1. Flintstone From the well-regarded YoYoWorld c

Ads deserve the best font for web banners to increase their audience share. Web banners have a vital role in the advertisement field.  They are the first contact your product or website makes with their potential customers. So everything on your banner ad should be in perfect harmony – picture, text, and font.  In line with this, the best font for web banners increases the probability of merchandise to be seen. As a matter of fact, the font part is especially significant. If you choose a

There are a number of varieties of Bulgarian cursive fonts out there. But fret no more, because we have gathered the ten best for you. As we all know, fonts play an important role in designing websites, logos, posters, and similar things. The letters are the first thing we see,  giving us essential information. Some would say that information is the only important thing and how letters look shouldn’t bother us much. But, the truth is,  the way it is conveyed and presented to us is far more i

Surely, with the use of the best bubble graffiti font every composition you write will be phenomenal. No matter what it is you’re writing, there’s certainly a suitable graffiti font for you.   The usefulness of this font is practically endless – there is nothing for which they can’t be used! Whether you’re making a poster, flyer, or writing an invitation, the bubble font will be suitable. Apart from this, even composing prose for a comic book or novel, there is bound to be a graf

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