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Curious what are the best Midjourney 3D prompts? Midjourney can now design the most perfect 3d design. This tool can help generate 3D models that can be applied to your next project. We searched the 10 best Midjourney 3D prompts, so you do not have to. Midjourney 3D Prompts Robot Eeve Prompt: Portrait of Eevee as a robot, Round, Mecanic, Brown, realistic, 3d, 4k This prompted a mechanic animal-like wooden creature that would make an excellent talking or autonomous robot. Looking classic, it woul

Are you searching for the best Midjourney interior design prompts for inspiration? Browse through the best collection of interior design prompts for offices, houses, villas, and even nightclubs. And have your dream interior design become a reality with Midjourney! Midjourney Interior Design Prompts Countryside Kitchen Prompt: interior design, kitchen, wridgery squivering joppular This prompt has the feel of a serene western countryside lifestyle. It offers the impression of a house covered with

Interested in Midjourney anime prompts to spice up your art? Midjourney is quite good with anime styles. Further below, you can read about the 10 Best Midjourney anime prompts for design inpiration. Ghibli Slavoj Žižek Prompt: slavoj zizek portrait, by Miyazaki, Spirited Away Ghibli, anime style A weary old man who’s confused and angry as if he is betrayed. This is a good character portrait for a supporting character in a sci-fi storyline. Animated Italian Man Prompt: 1943, italy, man in

Are you looking for the best Midjourney landscape prompts? Here, we present to you the 10 best prompts for landscapes. Scroll down to know more about them. Midjourney Landscape Prompts Ancient China Lake Prompt: A ultra-realistic CG rendering of Ancient China,lake,serene landscape, cherry blossom forest,by Ivan Aivazovsky,in volumetric lighting, very high details,8K HD, unreal engine , octane render,Trending on artstation ar9:16– text A nostalgic and serene landscape. It would inspire the

Are you looking for the best Midjourney prompt examples? If so, welcome to our article on prompt examples for the Midjourney app! If you’re an artist looking to use artificial intelligence as a creative tool, the Midjourney app is a great resource to explore. The app allows you to input a prompt, which the AI will then use to generate unique pieces of art. In this article, we’ll provide you with a list of Midjourney prompt examples to get you started on your AI art journey. Whether y

Are you curious about what Midjourney animal prompts look like? This article contains 10 best Midjourney animal prompts.   Running Tiger in Savana Prompt: tiger running in the savana, centered in the frame, highly detailed fur, dust, detailed grass, volumetric lighting, soft colors, ultra realistic, professional photograph, 200mm, f2.8, depth of field, trees in the background This one prompted a striped tiger running at full speed through blades of grass. The King Cobra Prompt: portrait art

This Midjourney prompt guide will definitely help you write better prompts. Getting the most out of air tools needs empathy. You’ve gone too far, Samson. Do not empathize with the machines. What I mean is we need to understand what the machines understand. And in today’s video, I’ll show you a tool called, which does a fantastic job at visualizing just this. By the end of this video, you will have a better understanding of how to write effective prompts. So letR

Midjourney private mode allows you to keep your work private from others. In Midourney you may have noticed that if you come into the community themed, you can see the work of many different artists. And from this, you can also take their prompts to recreate similar words, but perhaps you want to keep your work private. Well, there is a way. Private Visibility Option Inside Midjourney, there is the option to include a subscription for the private visibility option. Now this will cost you an extr

Are you looking for a useful artist library for Midjourney to inspire your next AI artwork? Hello, my MJ friends. In this video, I’m going to share with you an awesome resource that I just found inside the prompt craft Discord channel. Go to Pinned Messages So in the prompt craft Discord channel, there is a pinned message that links to a spreadsheet containing a wonderful resource that is a library of artistic interpretations. In this spreadsheet, we have a library of artist names and each

Here are our five best Midjourney resources. These resources will speed up your workflow. Give you references that you need to create the arts that you want. So let’s dive straight in. GitHub Wiki Number one is this incredible GitHub Wiki that has endless references for you to scroll through. You can have a look for example at prompt formatting. And here it has generated a huge amount of images that can show you how changing the text inside of your prompt affects the output. So for example

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