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Breaking news: Midjourney upscalers are here! In the ever-evolving world of Midjourney, there’s thrilling news for all artists and creators. Two cutting-edge upscales have made their debut, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of digital image enhancement. These groundbreaking upscales, available as of today, revolutionize our creative capabilities. Thus, allowing us to natively increase the resolution of our images within the familiar confines of Midjourney. How to Use the Midjourn

Welcome to the Midjourney vs Leonardo review.In this video, I’m going to put Midjourney and Leonardo to the test. We’ll be taking these two AI- art generation tools and looking at how they fair on a number of different factors. We’ll start off with the user experience and the user interface, looking at the features and pricing, before putting them to the ultimate duel. Then, we’ll look at the same prompt in both platforms and see how it compares across a number of differe

Below we’ll check out Stable Diffusion 2 vs Midjourney by using the same prompts. I’ve challenged Midjourney and Stable Diffusion with the same prompts and we’re going to look at them side by side. We’ll go through a number of rounds covering from portraits to landscapes. So let’s jump in. A Distant Galaxy Number one is a dream of a distant Galaxy. And we can see that Midourney has a greater narrative to the piece. They’ve included a character looking distantl

The tablet battle between iPad Pro vs Surface Pro for artists proves to be a very close one. This article will reveal the pros and cons of each tablet and prove if one is really better than the other. iPad Pro vs Surface Pro for Artists Top tablet makers such as Apple and Microsoft have a lot of unique features to offer in their tablets. Screen Size Artists often choose iPad Pro over Surface Pro because the iPad has a bigger screen. iPads screen is 12.9 inches, while the Surfaces Pro screen is 1

Nowadays, many artists choose value for money devices to create art, thus, the cheapest iPad for drawing is much sought after. Digital art is here to stay. It’s a new way for people to use their drawings in various devices, software, and applications. Newcomers to the industry might want to start with a cheaper device. It will help them test the waters first and see if it’s something they want to do. There is a range of beautiful devices suited for this purpose, but today we are only

Cinemagraph vs Plotagraph, which is better? People are typically drawn to good images. But which software do you use to make your images magical? We enjoy taking selfies, shooting natural wonders, and immortalizing our loved ones in videos. High-quality imagery is much sought after nowadays. Moreover, the field of photography has become more ‘intelligent.’ Aerial photos are made possible by flying drone cameras. Macro images are made more interesting by built-in lenses that can zoom

Are you an artist trying to resolve the battle between Artweaver vs Krita? As an artist, your tools will evolve alongside technology. Your cursor and stylus have become your new brush, and your screen has become the canvas. The materials you have to work with have also evolved from paints and watercolors into the different digital studios and programs you will use.  Now, let’s answer the question: Which program is better suited for me? Artweaver Vs Krita Artweaver is a painting program r

Natron vs After Effects: the battle saga continues. We use graphic design for school, work, marketing projects, or entertainment. I bet you already posted a short-animated video in your Instagram profile. This and even more can be done through motion graphics software. Motion graphics software makes your life easier. First of all, they are cost and time efficient. You can easily create videos, graphics, and other animations in a short time because of their low complexity. Plus, you could make at

Adobe Portfolio vs Squarespace, can’t decide which one to go for? A website of your very own is the perfect place to drive existing and potential customers who want to contact you. Moreover, it’s the best medium to learn more about what you do, and see samples of your work. But, questions start popping up in your mind. Will a domain be expensive? Where do you even begin? Luckily, there are loads of popular, professional, seamless web building and hosting sites that make this daunting

Wondering which is better, Alamy vs. Getty? As a student, educator, and content editor, using images always add color and sophistication to my presentations, modules, and articles.  If you’re a blogger looking for content for your posts or a photographer looking for your big break, there is no better source for these images than visiting fast and reliable stock sites. Let us look at two of the biggest stock sites we have on the web and see how both can bring to life the designs you have i

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