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Our Make and Sell AI Art online course on Udemy is another potential income generator for you. Create Stunning Artworks I’ll show you how to create stunning artwork using professional AI software. We’ll go through the basics of creating your art all the way up to more advanced techniques to get the very best out of this revolutionary new technology. Want to Master Midjourney? My course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn this new technology. Get unlimited feedback and join the cou

Enroll today If you are looking to learn how to create AI art in Midjourney, this is the course for you. Anyone can create AI art and you don’t need to be a programmer or fine artist. Explore AI Art This course is designed for creatives who want to explore the possibilities of this revolutionary new medium of AI art. The only limit is your imagination. I will walk you through everything you need to know– from the fundamentals of creating AI art in Midjourney, all the way through to t

  Here’s a quick video on Midjourney image prompts guide. We’ll look at using URLs and also upload your images directly into the Discord chat. Pick an Image So the easiest way to use images inside Midjourney is to copy an existing URL off the internet. So you can go to which is a free collection of open source images collected and shared by the photographic community. All you need to do is select an interesting image. Click on it. Go to full screen. The trick here i

Here is how to get a cool process video out of Midjourney just like this. It’s super simple. Add Your Imagine Command All you have to do is enter your Imagine command and the prompt that you want. For example, warrior, mermaid, and princess. And then, at the end make sure to add the command video. So, you have to put in: dash dash video. (–video) Then all we do is wait patiently for this to load. Press Add Reaction And then when that’s done, to get your video, you have to go up

Would you like to delete an image in Midjourney from the public gallery?  Do you want to keep your work private and stop people from attempting to copy or steal it? Go to Image Generation All you have to do is go to Image Generation. Search for the Cross Icon and Tap It Then, go up to Add Reaction, and from there search for the cross. So you can just put a little X in the search box and it will show up. One such challenge is the decision to delete images from Midjourney’s public gallery t

Here’s how you can upload an image to Midjourney using a prompt in the Discord chat. Click on the + Icon in the Message Bar All you have to do is go into the Message bar and click on the + icon. Click on Upload File Then go to Upload File, and from here you can choose any image. But make sure it’s less than eight megabytes. Then you can send this message to your Discord chat. Tap on the Image in the Discord Chat And then from the Discord chat, you can tap on the image. It will go to

Welcome to the Artbreeder tutorial. One of the most popular things that people do with this is to create these beautiful portraits of human beings. Creating Images in Artbreeder The first thing that we do in this Artbreeder tutorial is go to the top right-hand corner and press the little plus. From here, you can select the type of genre that you want to use for your image. We’re going to go with a portrait. And the first thing that happens is it generates three random portraits for you. As

Not so many people might want to know how to make voxel art nowadays.  This is because voxel art has taken a severe hit with the technology going forward in recent years. The term is a type of art form in which 3D models are constructed out of 3D cubes, known as voxels. In simpler words, it is the art of combining and coloring voxels. For that purpose, exceptional voxel artists understand the concept and have further elaborated the steps for the public. Creating voxels art is like building with

If you want to make sure your photos are printed without problems, you need to know how to check DPI of image on Mac and tweak other settings to better print resolution. There are many terms in photography, picture editing, graphic design, etc. that are useful when talking about any artwork. Some terms common from amateurs to professionals are: contrast color saturation DPI PPI hue aperture tint temperature All of which are available on any modern Android or Apple smartphones or tablets. If you

These 10 free Procreate skin palettes will definitely save you time choosing skin colors. By taking the guesswork out of painting, they streamline things so that you can focus your attention on finer details and complete your work sooner. The creators of these color palettes have put considerable time and effort into compiling these masterpieces! They are happy to give them to you at no cost!  Since you can get these palettes for free, please consider referencing the creators when you post your

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