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cheapest ipad for drawing

What Is The Cheapest iPad For Drawing?

Nowadays, many artists choose value for money devices to create art, thus, the cheapest iPad for drawing is much sought after.

Digital art is here to stay.

It’s a new way for people to use their drawings in various devices, software, and applications.

Newcomers to the industry might want to start with a cheaper device.

It will help them test the waters first and see if it’s something they want to do.

There is a range of beautiful devices suited for this purpose, but today we are only looking for one that truly stands out from the crowd on all fronts.

Some notable features that we need for drawing are:

  • a good pressure sensor to give us accuracy on your brush or pencil strokes
  • good size
  • comfortable pen or stylus
  • easy-to-use controls
  • low price
  • performance

It might sound like a long list, but all are important to get started in the world of digital art.

You want to have a good feel when drawing, and there is a device that can do the perfect job.

There are a few models that meet these criteria and are in the correct price range, and these are :

  • Ipad 6 ( $255 )
  • the Ipad 7 ( $310 )
  • Ipad Mini 5 ( $350 )

Choosing the cheapest one is an easy task.

In this article, I will inform you about the reasons for my choice.

Stylus Compatibility 

iPad is an essential tool for any aspiring digital artist that wants to try their hand on a remarkable and accurate device.

We choose the iPad 6 because it’s the cheapest in the range supporting the incredible Apple Pencil.

Drawing using the Apple Pencil will not only help deliver some outstanding results.

First, with its responsive stylus top that gives you the feeling like you are drawing on paper.

Moreover, it has its special palm rejection technology that makes drawing on the iPad a breeze.

This pencil will get you started on your art sooner than you think, making it feel like you hold a “real” pencil in your hand, and it feels even more real when you draw with it.

It is a masterpiece of design and a sought-after tool for graphic designers around the world.

Apple will never go out of fashion, and their products have impressed us from day 1.

Of course, Other models are also compatible with the Apple Pen.

Both Ipad Mini and Ipad 7 perform exceptionally well but just not fitting in with being the cheapest in the range.

The 6th generation stands out for its great value for money and the superb quality you are going to receive.

Don’t let anyone fool you.

The stylus compatibility on the Apple Ipad 6 is perfect.

With its included palm-rejection support, you are about to get started on that creative piece that you always wanted to.

Size, Weight, And Storage

Keep in mind that this paragraph refers to the Ipad 6, although the other mentioned iPads are different sizes.

The Mini comes in at 7.9 inches, and the Ipad 7 comes in at 10.2 inches.

Both have an incredible retina display, but we are looking for the cheapest among all, so let’s move over to the iPad 6.

iPad 6 is a 9.6-inch tablet that is the perfect size for educators and scholars.

It was actually explicitly designed with them in mind.

Moreover, Apple has added benefits of discounts if you can prove that you are in the education industry.

iPad 6 is slim and has a lightweight design of only 0.47kg.

It is perfect for designers on the go that want a solid device that has excellent performance.

Coming in different storage options, this iPad 6 gives you a choice to go from 32GB to 128GB. 

Depending on your budget, you can opt for the larger of the 2.

This robust little device gives the user a great experience that is both smooth and intuitive, giving the artist time with a perfect setup to create his digitally designed masterpiece.

If you want the best and cheapest in the industry, you will not go wrong with the Ipad 6.

Expect quality delivery like no other.

Moreover, if you decide to purchase a refurbished one from Amazon, you can expect superb customer service from the seller.

Choosing a refurbished model will give you peace of mind and give you a support system if there are any queries you might have.


All three devices have superior hardware architecture that delivers a seamless experience on whichever iPad you choose.

The A10 Fusion Chip on the iPad 7 is extremely powerful and responsive and runs smoothly on the 64bit software.

The iPad Mini 5 offers the A12 Bionic Chip, which is even more powerful and suited for the digital design artist that wants more. 

Coming in at an exceptionally high price, you will get the best of the best from this device

While Apple iPhone 6 and 6s run with A9 third-generation chip which will do the job perfectly when it comes to digital art.

It’s worth mentioning that this iPad 6 has a Retina display that will also give you a huge advantage over older iPad models.

The average battery life on all of the above models is around 10 hours.

While their standby times of up to 48 hours which gives you that extra power when you need it most.

Let the performance of the Ipad 6 stand out for you and deliver an exceptional performance that will excite you from your very first drawing.

Don’t delay getting ahead of your colleagues by using this epic device that is bound to make our digital art more attractive than ever.


When it comes to pricing, we are looking for the cheapest iPad for drawing that we can find.

However, in this part, we will highlight which has the most value for money.

The Ipad Mini 5 comes in at the heaviest price tag at around $350 for the 64GB model.

Despite the price, this model most definitely has the best performance of all the mentioned models.

The iPad 7 comes at a mid-range price and is also a great contender.

It has similar specs to the iPad 6, which is our winner when it comes to value for money.

$310 is a lot to fork out for the iPad 7, especially if you are a new artist and just want to feel drawn on an iPad.

All of the iPads mentioned come in at exceptional prices.

It can be a tough choice to make depending on your needs and wants.

Be sure to be wowed by whatever model you choose because drawing on one of these devices feels like you are straight in the art studio.

The iPad 6 is perfectly priced, and you can pick one up for around $200 if you are lucky.

There are currently renewed models on Amazon for $255 that you can check out here.

Whatever your choice might be, you will not regret going for this model as not only does it come in at the lowest price, but it also has some of the best specs of the range.

It gives you those extra feelings of confidence when starting with your graphic design journey.

User Interface

Apple is a brand that is dedicated to simplicity and creating a user-friendly experience that is smooth, responsive, and seamless.

All their products in the history of the brand have had these characteristics.

No matter which one you choose, you will find all of those features in all three devices mentioned above,

Getting regularly updated is the best way to stay up to date with new features that they add or to keep your favorite drawing apps running smoothly.

Their excellent interface and operating systems incorporated with these machines will let us know them much is easier.

Apple uses minimalism and bright colors to make these devices easily used by people, both young and old.

Let them captivate your attention and keep you engaged while providing a responsive system that means business.


Getting a satisfactory experience for whatever Apple device you decide to choose, you will always be happy with the results that you will receive from this brand.

All of these models have the amazing benefit of Retina display.

It is something that will make your artistry even more epic while you get the chance to view it on the most quality display that you can get.

A thing that puts iPads ahead of the game is their flawless iOS.

Their iOS operates at a consistency level that will always bring its users back for more.

Usability in this range will excite you and keep you in touch with your creative side. 

Being artistic has never been easier!

An iPad will help you feel even more comfortable while producing your incredible artworks.

I have a saying that I have with my friends, “Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back,” and this statement holds for basically all Apple devices.

Let them captivate you and steal your heart when you fall in love with the excellence of its iOS operating system.

The iPad 6 is the tablet that delivers the most value for money out of the three.

So, get started on your digital art journey.

Pressure Sensor

None of these devices have Haptic touch as they are not the Pro editions.

However, all we are looking for is the ability to feel pressure sensitivity with the Apple Pen to create the art we want to have.

Apple pen has a unique way of handling pressure sensitivity.

It delivers details to your tablet efficiently, which helps it determine how hard you are pressing.

The above models contain excellent pressure sensitivity and support palm rejection, which is an exceptional feature when drawing on such devices.

Using the Apple Pen, you will be not only able to deliver to most realistic hand-drawn effects but also be able to draw as if you were drawing on paper.

They also allow the full tilt feature.

This feature will allow you to control the shape and thickness of the lines you draw that way.

All models starting from the iPad 2 contain:

  • An accelerometer and a three-axis gyroscope help the device sense motion
  • Tilt speed
  • The angle of the tablet

The pen will help sink with your device to choose the best sensitivity for you and deliver its best to your preferred tablet.

Getting a tablet to start your digital art journey is probably the best decision you can make.

Moreover, it will help you get started on designing your best artwork yet.


As mentioned above, all of our three devices for review contain a Retina display that delivers the best picture quality all around.

Bright image colors, smooth curves, and a super-responsive touch keep you enthralled on your device for hours designing your artwork.

Unfortunately, there is no anti-reflective coating to reduce reflection.

Moreover, it also doesn’t have an extra laminated layer such as the pro models.

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting either one of these amazing models.

The 6th generation device is an excellent choice in this category because it still has a large enough display for artists to use as their canvas, coming in at 1536 x 2048 pixels and 264 PPI pixel density. 

You can’t go wrong with the quality you will receive.

The scratch-resistant LCD will also help set you up to produce great results and keep you drawing without distractions.

Scratch-resistant glass and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating keep things clean on the glass and help you develop crisper and clearer pictures.


When it comes down to drawing, all of these iPads are a great choice.

They will help you get started in the digital design industry by making your life easy with its great operating system and its seamless ability to be used for drawing.

Pressure sensitivity plays a significant role.

All Apple Pencils compatible with iPads have great pressure sensitivity built-in that helps artists deliver the best content that they can.

This is one of the main subjects of this article.

All of the devices are extremely well, but if you are looking for the cheapest, that is where the 6th generation sets in and delivers.

Its scratch-resistant glass makes these devices essential for any designer that wants to produce quality work without having the hassle of scratching the screen and ruining their work.

LED-backlit IPS LCD has a fantastic capacitive touch and is supported by 16million colors on the Ipad 6 model.

So, what are you waiting for?

If I were you, I would be ordering my latest tablet for drawing now.

Battery Life

Apple, in general, delivers an outstanding battery life.

You can’t expect anything less from these three models that have been mentioned.

All these epic devices will impress you with their fantastic battery life period, lasting 10 hours plus at full use.

You are more than able to get the result you want.

Standby time on these machines are ranging from 48 to 72 hours.

Which is more than enough time if you are traveling or moving around for an extended period.

Charging your tablet has never been easier and faster with the use of the incredible lighting-USB from Apple.

It can charge your machine from empty to full within a 2-hour timeframe.

Keeping yourself on your game has never been easier with the excellent battery life you have when choosing the Apple Ipad 6 as your cheapest iPad for drawing in graphic design.

When it comes to battery life, there is no comparison as all these tablets will give you the same if not similar results.

You will never be disappointed with this range of products, they are always up to date and will give you the best performance that you have experienced.

Final Thoughts

Every one of these devices helps achieve a superb result that is sure to impress your audience and fans.

Let iPad 6 get you started with the cheapest iPad for drawing.

Getting familiar with the system is no problem.

It can become fun rather than tedious, helping to deliver your best result or bring out the best in your artistic abilities.

Move leaps and bounds ahead of the competition by using the cheapest iPad for drawing and bring your creations to life digitally, keeping work as seamless and free-flowing as possible.

If you want performance, reliability, precision, and excellence, then look no more.

This Apple tablet will deliver all of this and more.

Get started in creating your ultimate desires.

Let the world know what masterpieces you can create.

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