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10 Best Procreate Christmas Color Palettes (Free & Paid)

Now that the merriest time of the year is just around the corner, artists are on the hunt for the best Christmas Procreate Color palette, free and paid.

Lucky for you, I have found some fantastic Christmas Procreate palettes that will help you create the perfect holiday project. 

It is the time of year when we start to see lights adorn the outside of houses, trees pop up in living rooms, and we hear that joyful Christmas music everywhere we go. 

I don’t know about you, but the Christmas season is one of my favorite times of the year. 

It is a time of joy and excitement.  

Santa is coming, and soon Christmas colors will be all around us.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 best Christmas Color Palette in Procreate, both for free and paid.

1. 10 Best Procreate Christmas Color Palettes

christmas color palettes

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Christmas is a holiday celebrated everywhere in the world.

Hence, we all have our interpretation of the merriest Yuletide colors.

Delightful Design has collected the ten best Christmas Color Palettes to give you a wide choice of colors.

All the colors that suit the Christmas scene in your mind.

All the ten palettes are ready-to-use, saving you time from having to make your own.

They are all instant download and free.

You can start painting your Christmas town scene pronto.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers a wide array of Christmas colors
  • Ready-to-use with Procreate
  • Free

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2. Christmas Morning Procreate Color Palette

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Dreamyday Productions brings you this festive and bright palette of swatches.

Made easy to download, this palette is easy to snatch up.

Young and old will both find what they love in this diverse and unique Christmas palette.

Christmas morning brings happy smiles, hot cocoa, and colorful gifts to be opened. 

Let your imagination run wild with this fantastic palette of colors.  

Dreamday’s palette can help you whip up brightly colored toy trucks, dolls with pink dresses, and candy canes hanging on the perfectly detailed Christmas tree.

Feel like going outside? 

Go for it!

Bring the songbirds that are eating at the feeder to life.

Find Santa sitting on the roof with his sleigh and reindeer.

Indoors you are welcome to bring smiles to the life of families enjoying a hot chocolate while playing games by the fireplace. 

Not one Christmas miracle needs to be left out with this vibrant Christmas palette made for Procreate. 

I love the mix-up of colors in this palette. 

They are a refreshing perspective on the traditional Christmas palette.

The easy download to Procreate will make the time between purchase and creation minimal.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to download
  • Unbeatable price
  • 30 different color choices

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3. Christmas Color Palette-Stocking

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Justine Lamer has gone above and beyond with this collection. 

You don’t just get one free color palette, but 5 FREE Christmas color palettes!

Just download the image and upload it to, easy peasy.

The five color palettes are extraordinary and cover all of my favorite parts of Christmas. 

The color palettes include Stocking, Reindeer, Silent Night, Wonderland, and Christmas Tree.

That’s an extensive collection of 150 color swatches!

When looking at the wonderland palette, I imagine myself on a horse-drawn sleigh going through a quiet forest of fir trees. 

On the other hand, the Christmas Tree palette brings the feeling of joy and happiness that you feel on Christmas morning.  

The tree drips with tinsel and lights. 

Each palette will surely inspire you to design and create endless pieces of art. 

Whatever you may be hoping to design for this Christmas season, the colors you are looking for are sure to be found in this collection. 

Created by Design by Justine Lamer, Justine is a graphic designer and has gone above and beyond with her five color palettes. 

You won’t have to search for more colors to complete your Procreate palette.

Pros & Benefits:

  • FREE 
  • Five color palettes included
  • 150 color swatches 

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4. Merry & Bright Procreate Color Palette

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With over 10K reviews on Etsy, it is hard to think of anything wrong with this high-quality color palette.

Created by BrushAndBarley, a shop with over 132K sales and a 5-star rating, you know you are getting quality.

This merry & bright color palette has all of the colors to create anything on your Christmas wish list:

  • Reds for the gifts sitting under the tree and baubles hanging from the tree
  • Greens to bring the boughs of holly to life

The snow-capped mountains will glisten under the perfectly shaded snow.

Flying reindeer will readily be seen landing on rooftops when using this perfectly curated palette. 

The Merry and Bright palette is less than $3, an absolute steal for such a stunning set of color swatches. 

Did I mention that the palette has 30 swatches?

Artists will find this color palette to be the perfect match for their Christmas-themed projects. 

This palette couldn’t be easier to download to Procreate. 

It is practically instant! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ease of use
  • Jaw-dropping affordability 
  • Has many options for palettes and brushes

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5. Christmas on the Beach

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Have you ever dreamed of spending Christmas lying on the beach?

Not a tropical person?

Perhaps the Pacific Northwest is more your style.

Either way, this palette has you covered.

Once again, brought to you by BrushAndBarley, this palette is another gem that they have lovingly created for your Christmas escape. 

With a palette of 30 color swatches, the beach is a few strokes away from being a reality. 

Don’t let being snowed in this year keep you from your dream Christmas vacation. 

All you need is a little bit of imagination and this specialized Christmas on the beach palette.

Easy to use on Procreate, it almost instantly appears after being downloaded. 

Create scenes like gentle lapping waves on a tropical island (hello Hawaii).

Or perhaps the waves that are crashing on the rock!

All these while creating a hypnotic sound to lull you to sleep on Christmas eve. 

This is all possible, and you don’t have to deal with the expensive plane ticket!

This palette is just under $3. 

Paint Santa Claus flying over the ocean on his way to place gifts under your mermaid-inspired Christmas tree. 

Dolphins, whales, and all of the fish don’t have to miss out on your festivities this year. 

Perhaps they will join you and your family while wearing hats in the perfect shade of red.

At an unbeatable price, there is no reason to say no.  

Treat yourself.

Treat your imagination.

You deserve it.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unbeatable price
  • A wide range of colors
  • Over 10k positive reviews

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6. Enchanted Christmas Palette

christmas color palette procreate free

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This incredible and stunning palette is brought to you by Dawn Nicole for FREE!

There isn’t much better than a free color palette for your Procreate designs.

Dawn Nicole used this vibrant color palette to create the unique Christmas font that you see above. 

Dawn Nicole is a lettering artist that dedicates her time to creating these one-of-a-kind designs. 

Her Enchanted Christmas palette is offered for free on her site. 

I am in love with her snowflake stamps that add a little bit of love to the season. 

The colors in these fun snowflakes are from her personally curated palette. 

Dawn’s color palette is a lot of fun to work with when it comes to Christmas designs.

The palette will brighten up your unique Christmas designs. 

Let your imagination run wild, and don’t let conventional colors hold you back.

Who says that your mistletoe needs to be dark green? 

Why not wear a different shade of red to the family Christmas? 

Who knows, this palette could be a trendsetter. 

Dawn’s color palette leaves room for fun takes on the traditional Christmas activities and symbols. 

Design something classic with a twist to the traditional Christmas colors.

Christmas whimsy easily comes to life with this unique, and dare I say enchanting, color palette. 

Your family, friends, and maybe even coworkers will be stunned by your unique and creative creations from this fantastic palette. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • FREE
  • Easy to transfer into your Procreate application

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7. Christmas Night, Decoration & Marshmallows Color Palettes

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Created by the Digi Team, this kit is excellent for illustrators, font, and graphic designers alike.  

The Digi team has created over seventy other kits on Design Cuts so that you can be confident of perfect quality.   

And once again, they have created a masterpiece with this kit. 

The Christmas Watercolor Kit will allow you to create endless creations with its seven color palettes and unique Christmas-themed watercolor brushes. 

With the combination of these beautiful palettes and brushes with other brushes and palettes, you may never want to set your iPad down. 

You will be able to quickly whip up different projects with all of the color and brush options in this Christmas Kit. 

An astonishing 210 color swatches provide for endless creativity.

When combined with the six unique watercolor and pencil brushes, you will find it not only easier to bring your watercolor creations to life but also the detail will be astonishing. 

The color palettes allow you to paint perfectly blended and colored snowmen, elves, and reindeer. 

Bring once dull-colored presents to life with bursts of color.

The brushes included will help bring texture, depth, and perfect blending to your work. 

The oohs and ahhs from friends and family will be endless. 

Something you may be wondering is why is there a pomegranate on a Christmas kit? 

Did you know that the pomegranate is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in Greece? 

You will find pomegranates hanging from people’s front doors as a symbol of luck. 

Have you ever noticed how these bright red fruits resemble Christmas baubles hanging from trees? 

Perhaps this will spark some inspiration for your next Christmas design.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes six watercolor themed brushes
  • Wide variety of Christmas themed color palettes
  • Seven color palettes and 210 color swatches

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8. Christmas Color Palettes

christmas color palette procreate

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I love this Christmas kit for Procreate. 

It reminds me of a classic Christmas story.

The spirit of Christmas truly shines through in this extensive Procreate kit.

Also created by the Digi Team, you will find quality brushes and color palettes included to complete your Christmas projects. 

With this kit, you won’t need any elves to help you get the perfect shading or glow to the berries.

You will easily be able to replicate the picture you have imagined in your creative mind. 

The kit includes seven color palettes that will make the perfect piece of professional-looking art. 

The six brushes that you will also find in this fantastic kit will help to add even more depth, richness, and texture. 

The tools in this kit mimic the tools used by past master artists, taking classic art into a modern medium. 

The palettes range from darker, more traditional colors to brighter, more vibrant holiday colors.

Use the traditional colors to create the scene of the manger and use the bright colors to bring Santa and his elves at the North Pole to life. 

The possibilities are endless with this Christmas kit, especially when combined with other palettes and brushes. 

I can see sprigs of holly growing through the screen.

Cardinals are sitting in a fir tree that is padded with sparkling snow.

Perhaps a shepherd looking over his flock of sheep.  

Christmas lovers from all around will fawn over your newest designs and artistic creations. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • You will find 210 color swatches included
  • Variety of watercolor themed brushes
  • Created for those interested in illustration, font, and graphic design

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9. Procreate Winter Holiday Color Palettes

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I am absolutely in love with this winter holiday stamp and brush kit. 

The whimsical designs are great for creating fun holiday cards.

You will find three unique and fun color palettes that are perfect for creating that perfect holiday greeting.

This design has never been featured in any past deals before, providing unique personal designs. 

Do you love stamps, but the physical ones are just too messy?

This is the digital age, after all. 

Don’t worry. 

This kit has 50 incredible stamp brushes that range from classical to woodland whimsy. 

You can even use the stamps for coloring templates.

The kids in your life will have absolute ball coloring in the holiday-inspired stamps.

Create scenes that range from igloos at the North Pole to stockings hanging by the fireplace. 

Moreover, you can create birds flying amongst snowflakes and snowmen sledding downhills.

These incredibly detailed stamps and color palettes, created just for Procreate, will bring your designs to life. 

Let your imagination run wild with the seemingly endless possibilities the stamps and color palettes provide.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 50 stamp brushes
  • A unique set of brushes and palettes for Procreate
  • Three procreate palettes

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10. Glam Christmas Swatch Palette 

christmas color palette procreate free

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This is so much more than a simple color palette for Procreate.

Along with a color palette, you will be receiving many more tools.

Classic colors that include glitter will help bring your imagination to life. 

There are five watercolor papers and four glitter papers that will make for festive backgrounds.

But wait, there’s more!

Five custom brushes (peppermint, tinsel, garland, macron, macron smooth) and 19 other brushes!

The peppermint brush is the perfect addition to your Christmas-themed greeting card with its spiral pattern. 

I love the tinsel brush that sparkles with the included color palette.

This color palette will genuinely bring your simple yet elegant themed design to life.  

And then there are the stamps.

With 19 Christmas-themed stamps, you will have heaps of fun creating cards and other Christmas designs. 

This Christmas bundle for Procreate is pure classic glam. 

And all of this is only $6!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 23 brushes
  • Great price for an entire kit/bundle

Download Now!

Runner-up: Procreate Christmas Color Palette 

Download Now!

This is probably one of my top three favorite picks for a Christmas bundle with a color palette.

But I may be biased by the adorable woodland creatures. 

I want to sit down and color all 100 of the whimsical stamps with the provided beautiful color palette. 

The 100 stamp brushes are incredibly detailed as well as diverse. 

You can find woodland creatures, Christmas trees, pinecones, wreaths, snow, and so much more.

What is your favorite symbol of Christmas? 

I bet you will be able to find it here in this extensive bundle. 

From the happy fox in her scarf to the silly bear in his sweater, you can’t help but be drawn into the magic of the brushes and beautiful color palette.

The brushes include animals and other Christmas-themed stamps and patterns, bursts of color, snow, and wreaths. 

Created by Pencil Twist and shown on Creative Market, this bundle is sure to knock your stockings off. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 100 Procreate brushes
  • Unique color palette
  • Stamp brushes include patterns, textures, and more

Download Now!

Final Thoughts: Best Procreate Christmas Color Palettes (Free & Paid)

Christmas is a fantastic opportunity for artists to break into their Procreate application and create festive art.  

Having a Procreate color palette with a Christmas theme is just timely with its affordable price and some you can even get for free.

Surely, your Christmas will be merrier and brighter with this Procreate color palette which you can get for an affordable price or even for free!

When it comes to Christmas, you want to pick the very best palette for your designs without breaking the bank. 

I hope that you have found what you were looking for when it comes to bringing your designs to life with this extensive list.

With a wide range of palettes and price tags, there is sure to be something for everyone on this list.

Christmas is such a special time of year. 

You deserve to be able to create your unique design with this Procreate Christmas color palette, for free and paid.

Enjoy your Christmas season!

As a freebie, get our popular 100 FREE palettes here.

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