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10 Inspiring Cinemagraph Artists You Should Know (2023)

Are you looking for inspiring cinemagraph artists?

The issue isn’t a shortage of great cinemagraph artists.

It’s determining who you should know.

We’ve been blown away by works of cinemagraph artists from around the world.

Many of them strive to push the envelope when it comes to this kind of visual storytelling.

Their works contribute to creating new chapters in the cinemagraph narrative.

One of the richest and most informative yet.

We will demonstrate why cinemagraphs are the next big visual storytelling medium.

Thanks to this highly talented crowd.

There’s nothing like browsing through your social media feed and discover cinemagraphs that excite and relax you at the same time.

So, let’s get to know the top ten cinemagraph artists worth your time.

1. Marie Edwards

cinemagraph artists

Marie Francesca Edwards is a cinemagraph artist and a British photography graduate.

Her works were influenced by Alice in Wonderland, with a cloudy ceiling and a slight obsession with doilies.

She shoots on stage, in the studio, or anywhere beautiful light is available (and often flowers).

Marie started making cinemagraphs as part of her senior thesis at university.

Consequently, she earned a first-class honors degree in 2013.

Since then, she’s worked as a freelance photographer and designer,.

Most recently, she’s a photo-editor and videography assistant for an Ibiza-based wedding and portrait photographer.

She uses a Canon 5DmII camera and Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CS6 to organize, edit, and retouch her images.

Marie’s cinemagraphs are intricate, dream-like scenes with an illustrative nature, created by layering still photography and film.

Her works were shown at the Free Range Art & Design Show in 2013.

They were part of the first Motion Photography Prize at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, Central London.

There, her work was selected from over 4,000 submissions from more than 50 countries by Saatchi in collaboration with Google+.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has had the most decisive influence on her cinemagraph style.

It has always sparked her creativity, but it sparked it even more when she started making cinemagraphs.

It appears incredible and almost unlikely, according to Marie, similar to Wonderland.

From the moment she first saw one, it piqued her interest and enchanted her.

Children’s stories and fairytales often inspire her, and she is often drawn to the forest to take pictures.

More About Marie

She adores the Harry Potter books and films,.

Also, she likes to create dark, creepy, yet exquisite, complex, and mystical artwork in the same style.

She starts to learn how to make cinemagraphs in Photoshop using online tutorials.

Marie enjoys discovering other artists who are making cinemagraphs.

This is because she believes it is still a relatively new and exciting medium.

She starts by concentrating on the technical aspects.

This is because she adores cinemagraphs that are so sleek and delicate.

Hence, it’s difficult to know where the movement begins and finishes.

Marie believes that the best thing to do is to wander around aimlessly.

Visit new places or rediscover old ones.

For her, travel inspires her her to create art.

2. Petra Svajger

cinemagraph artists

Petra Svajger is a photographer and fashion design graduate who has never felt like a fashion designer.

Instead, Petra’s true talent is creating animated GIFs.

Her art has been published in Elle Magazine, Think Contra, Mugs and Bubbles, El Fanzine / Viernes De GIF, RTV SLO, Generator, and Byob Worldwide.

She is a cinemagraph artist and graphic designer who enjoys combining media and techniques to produce new items or methods of communicating content.

Since 2009, she has been developing her own company, “Gif Gif a Chance.”

She has collaborated with some of the best in the industry, including Giphy, Flixel, Come Alive Images, the Billboard Music Awards, and others.

Her passion is creating mesmerizing photographs, and her goal is to turn that passion into her dream work.

More About Petra

Petra Svajger is a recent design graduate from Ljubljana’s Faculty of Design.

Petra is now working as an event photographer while pursuing her master’s degree in graphic design.

She is a multi-talented artist whose work has a distinct quirkiness and edge.

She “never looked like a fashion designer,” she says, citing GIFs and, more recently, cinemagraphs as her true loves.

Petra has perfected the art of the fast looping film, from optical animation to live images.

She’s also a prominent part of Behance, where artists from all over the world admire her talent.

Reed and Rader, a young duo based in Brooklyn, New York, first exposed her to the art of live photography back in 2011.

In 2013, while working on her final thesis paper and doing experiments, she came across Flixel.

Flixel was being used to produce cinemagraphs on America’s Next Top Model at the time.

Her paper examines the role of cinemagraphs/GIFs as a new form of fashion presentation in the fashion industry.

So, what is it about cinemagraphs that she finds so appealing?

She enjoys cinemagraphs because they are both strange and incredible, and you can watch them for hours.

Many people have noticed this hypnotic influence.

For more excellent work, visit her Behance and Flixel pages.

3. Sherif Mokbel

cinemagraph artists

Check out Sherif Mokbel if you like the dramatic beauty style.

He teaches cinematography at the New York Film Academy.

Sherif Mokbel is an award-winning cinematographer, photographer, and Cinemagraph artist.

He has worked in the advertisement industry for over ten years.

His fine arts upbringing, photography practice, and imaginative advertisement mind have all inspired his cinematic approach.

In addition to being a director, he is a green tea connoisseur who lives in Dubai.

He became addicted to making Cinemagraphs because they blur the distinction between video and photography.

They’re the one-frame films that say a lot more than a thousand sentences.

Sherif’s career took off after graduating with honors from the School of Fine Arts.

He spent over ten years honing his skills in the business world with big brands including Apple, Samsung, Unilever, and Panasonic.

Sherif later used his life experiences to hone his photographic skills.

Thus, he became a critically renowned photographer and an award-winning filmmaker.

It’s amusing to watch his perfectionist side keep him spinning about nonstop at first.

Sherif is a hybrid filmmaker.

This means that he enjoys experimenting with innovative concepts, combining techniques, and collaborating with special effects.

Despite this, he never strays from truthful character portrayal and is still on the lookout for reality in his subjects.

Check out his Instagram, Behance, Vimeo, and Twitter pages.

For ventures and companies, contact him at

4. Daria Khoroshavina

cinemagraph artists

Daria Khoroshavina is a Russian woman of 25 years old.

She is a certified English and Japanese teacher.

Her enthusiasm for photography ultimately outweighed her experience in teaching.

She describes herself as a “hardworking and passionate experimentalist.”

Daria describes photography as the “power to build what doesn’t exist, to tell stories, and to make people feel beautiful.”

Daria began photographing friends and learning about fashion portraiture as a young student.

After graduation, she started to shoot while teaching and working other jobs for about a year.

Then she realized that photography is the one thing that made her happy.

Fashion is her favorite subject to photograph.

However, Daria enjoys experimenting with new techniques and trends, so she was attracted to cinemagraphs.

Daria’s work has been praised by artists worldwide since Flixel discovered it on Behance, a network of talented Adobe users.

Her Kitchen Ghosts cinemagraphs instantly wowed and enthralled us, so we had to contact her.

Adobe approached Daria and invited her to design her tile.

Daria describes the procedure as “perhaps the most difficult thing I’ve ever done” when asked to describe it.

She felt so honored to be selected for the project that she did three or four different shots and as many variations of her tile as she could!

Daria had to try a cinemagraph demonstration the first time she saw one, and she was hooked.

Daria was included in 17 different web articles about her and how cinemagraph influenced her to do it.

Here are some of her delectable cinemagraphs.

5. Garrett King

cinemagraph artists

Garrett is a lifestyle photographer with a passion for revealing stories through his images.

He lives in Southern California, but he seems to be willing to go anywhere to complete a mission.

His key areas of interest are design, photography, and videography.

He attended Texas Tech University for Fine Arts Graphic Design and West Texas A&M University.

Thus, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Studio Arts.

Garrette King is a born hustler with a lot of ambition.

His ability to evolve as an individual is aided by an adventurous lifestyle and a penchant for improvement.

Others around him inspire and humble him regularly, and he is constantly motivated by young musicians who are hungry for success.

His distinct aesthetic consists of a mix of lifestyle photography and a dash of adventure.

He also does videography, both in the air and on the ground, documenting the scenes in all their glory.

He worked as a Graphic Designer at Renew Media Group, Inc for two years .

The, he became an Art Director at Oblique Design for nine months.

After this stint, he returned to Motive: A Project Worldwide Agency as a Graphic Designer.

He worked there for more than seven years before becoming a Freelance Photographer at Short Stache Co after November 2015.

His paint aesthetic and derivative style demonstrate his unique experience in the creative field.

Short Stache has hired him as a freelance photographer.

Budweiser, Samsung, LG, Leica, ASUS, Sony, Mercedes Benz, Apple, Glenfiddich, Acura, Hyundai are only a few of his customers.

He is an innovative visionary with a desire to develop and cooperate, and no work is too difficult, medium, or small for him.

Garrett’s cinemagraphs feature unusual viewpoints and beautiful, vivid moving components that keep you wanting more. 

6. Jimmy Cheung

Jimmy is located in the city of New York.

Photography has always been a hobby of his, but cinemagraphs have piqued his interest.

This stunning art style has pushed him to create without boundaries, and he’s completely enamored with it.

Jimmy’s work is a glimpse at ordinary life, the often-overlooked moments that they see regularly.

Jimmy’s cinemagraphs put New York City to life by using the city that never sleeps as a consistent backdrop.

Moving to New York City sparked his interest in the cinemagraph medium.

He finds the city’s vibrancy and ever-changing backdrop inspiring.

He is pushed to dream by being in a nonstop world surrounded by talented people.

He’s originally from Hong Kong, but he moved to New York for college about a year and a half ago.

Jimmy found the transition to be somewhat painless since the city is relatively close to his previous residence.

The metro system was the most challenging thing for Jimmy to get used to.

This is because the path signs and weekend construction work can be very frustrating for first-time travelers.

He is still on the lookout for new places, and his skateboarding cinemagraph is one of his favorites.

He’d liked to do so on a snowy day with the street lights reflecting off the pavement. 

Interestingly, he began by photographing his friend Cash jumping off the cliff.

After that, he made him carry the skateboard while taking a timelapse of the traffic.

In the end, he combined all three shots into a single composition.

He wants to use more props to create multi-layered gestures in his work.

Changing light effects and how they affect the subject are also of concern to him.

He’s looking forward to bringing them to life as soon as possible!

7. Meagan Abell

When it comes to cinemagraphs and GIFs, Meagan is a pro.

Meagan is quickly gaining popularity.

She expresses herself with no fear and goes beyond what is necessary to cater to her customers.

Meagan has a lot of success showcasing her work with her colleagues.

Moreover, her clients adore her moving pictures almost as much as we do!

She was caught in a ridiculously deep artistic rut when she began her GIF quest.

She was at the end of her career at the time.

Meagan felt like she had lost her special spark.

For her, it seemed that her photos were beginning to look the same as anyone else’s.

And it was driving her crazy.

At that time, she came across the work of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.

The are cinemagraph’s founders who were a brilliant artistic pair.

She was stunned, amazed, and quickly fascinated.

Foray Into Cinemagraph

There weren’t many tutorials for making cinemagraphs available on the internet at that time.

But she was determined to learn everything she could about the subject.

It was trial and error for the next six months.

She did this until she was comfortable with it and slowly refined her technique. 

Soon, she was taking every cinemagraph lessons available.

She was determined to know if it would be worthwhile to have them in her work,

And it was!

People loved them.

She was sharing them everywhere.

Meagan was addicted to making them, so they quickly became her most popular product.

She also had a few clients tell her that her cinemagraphs were a massive part of why they choose Meagan.

It was a lovely feeling.

Meagan is a 5+ year artistic wedding and portrait photographer + gifographer veteran.

She specializes in sharing people’s stories through still and moving imagery!

She coined the word “gifography” to describe the process of creating animated gifs and cinemagraphs.

8. Deejay Forte

Firstly, Deejay Forte is a self-taught visual effects artist, content producer, and digital designer based in New York City.

Secondly, he wants to help create content that incorporates a variety of media formats and new technology.

He also has lactose intolerance and a cat allergy.

Thirdly, Deejay excels in:

  • Gaffing (lighting)
  • Sound and Foley Recording
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Directing
  • Production coordinating & assisting

Fourthly, he worked as a Digital Media Specialist for Full Beauty brands and as a 3D Designer at Rosewood Creative.

Then, he moved on to Facebook as a Motion Designer and then Instagram for more than two years.

Finally, in his Instagram site, you can see more of his work.

Deejay’s Instagram feed is a one-stop-shop of artistic brilliance.

You’ll be fascinated with his mind-blowing visual effects and smooth looping cinemagraphs.

9. Daniela Constantini

Daniela Constantini is a photographer from Mexico who currently resides in Bern, Switzerland.

She graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Visual Journalism and Documentary Practice program in New York.

She made a documentary film called Days of Silence.

It’s a portraiture essay portraying deafness from the lives of two young brothers and a young man,.

It received the Rita K. Hillman Excellence Award.

In a soundless room, there are things, movements, families, and friends all around.

In 2020, her work was included in Fresh Eyes 2020.

It’s a book that showcases the top 100 young photographers in Europe.

Francesca Marani, Vogue Italia, Caterina Mestrovich, Atlas Gallery London, Pauline Benthede Photographiska, Roy Kahmann, Kahmann Gallery, Christophe Laloi, Voies Off Arles formed the expert jury.

Dominique Issermann, Maja Hoffmann, Sonia Sieff, Peter Philips, Simon Baker, and Claude Martinez selected her portraits on the subject “Woman-Women Faces” “Color, Femininity & Beauty.”

They were shown in a collective exhibition alongside nine laureates from the most prestigious photography schools.

Daniela’s career exemplified ICP.

Alison Zavos, founder of Feature Shoot selected her still life work for a group exhibition at Photoville.

Photoville is a flagship photography destination in Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, in September 2019.

Here’s where you can learn more about Daniela Constantini.

10. Ta-Ku

Firstly, Ta-ku is the stage name of Regan Mathews, an Australian singer, producer, and photographer.

Mathews’ ancestors are half-Filipino and half-Mori.

The stage name “Ta-ku” is a reference to Mathews’ Mori ancestry.

Secondly, Ta-ku is one of the most sought-after cinemagraph makers for brands including Mercedes-Benz, Puma, VSCO, and others.

Thirdly, he has an impressive career as a music artist.

It’s all about the talent!

Fourthly, Mathews is a modern-day artist, producer, guitarist, and all-around visionary based in Perth.

Fifthly, TA-KU made a splash in 2013 with his single ‘Songs to Break Up To.’

Since then, he’s managed, designed, and created a slew of projects in a range of genres.

Sixthly, he devotes a great deal of consideration, restraint, and care to the collaborative process in his work,.

Consequently, he looks into each detail and arranges it for a particular purpose.

Seventhly, TA-KU has worked with Mercedes Benz, Google, Wafia, Sony, I Love Ugly, and Dropbox and has influenced many people through his career, travel, and passion projects.

Eighthly, the luxury car industry chose the in-demand Australian artist to direct the film creatively.

Hence, the film was shot on location in the breathtaking and eerie Penrose State Forest.

The textured, brooding forest shots are like a live version of his iconic Instagram account.

Moreover, Ta-Ku was in charge of directing the short film and hand-picking the soundtrack, stylist, models, and shoot venue.

Finally, Ta-ku, who is already well-known for his music, art, and business endeavors, can now add “filmmaker” and “Mercedes-Benz partner” to his ever-growing resume.

Final Thoughts

People often mistake cinemagraphs with standard GIFs, but they are vastly different.

Any GIF or video has a start and an end.

You can repeat it, pause it, and carry on.

But with cinemagraphs, people can’t seem to get enough of them.

It’s challenging to create an image that can readily capture attention.

Cinemagraphs are ‘eye candies’, so thank you to these incredible cinemagraph makers!

Seeing movement is thrilling and unexpected!

It makes you want to watch it over and over again and feel relaxed.

Tell me, who’s your favorite among the 10 cinemagraph artists we lined up for you?

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