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companies that use design thinking

10 Companies That Use Design Thinking

All over the world, there are many companies that use design thinking for their improvement and development.

There are more than 75% of companies worldwide that engage in designing thinking.

It is a problem-solving policy that focuses on the people of an organization for breaking out development and knowledge.

We can say that it is a kind of methodology that helps the designers to find a desirable solution to the problem.

Design thinking is a process that questions the problem, assumes, and suggests how to tackle the unknown challenges.

It is also a dynamic and iterative process that deals with experimenting new ideas, sketching, prototyping, and testing, etc.

Listed below are the global companies that use design thinking.

Read on and be inspired by them!

1. Nordstrom  

Nordstrom is one of the well-known customer-centric companies in the world whose first type creates an n-store sunglass app.

It applies design thinking before they spend a lot of money on solutions to their problems.

They make a small team from Nordstrom that spends their whole week in flagship stores to help the customers build the app.

In the very beginning, they start to build the paper version app just by design thinking while receiving much feedback from customers.

On the base of all the feedback and by design thinking, they show a new prototype to the customers and so on.

At last, at the end of the week, Nordstrom produces a full of functioning app for the customers.

Because of these features and regulations on which this company is moving on, it is now one of the most famous companies. 

Having design thinking is not much expensive and costly and you can form the team from your company members.

These members followed the instruction and consumed a lot of days in working with problems for their stores for desirable resolution.   

2. Bank Of America

Bank Of America was looking for an easy way to increase and build up the savings accounts for its customers.

So for managing this problem, they apply the design thinking methodology for engaging the customers and saving the accounts.

Design thinking gives them ideas for saving and depositing processes to their customers for feeling comfortable.

For example, customers feel the same good whether they deposit $50 a month or $600 at the end of the year.

Design thinking gives a developed round up concept to the Bank Of America that allows the customer to save on every transaction.

As a result. customers get a better feeling for transaction.

Not only this, Bank Of America gives the very astounding result of design thinking.

It now has 10 million customers and more than $1.8 billion savings is maintained for them.

3. GE Healthcare

Before design thinking, a healthcare institute uses MRI to scan children who are alone and don’t have prior experience of it.  

This is a frightening experience for the children.

They are often crying during this MRI process because of unpleasant knowledge.

When the chief of this company felt all this, he thought of an idea to change it.

GE Healthcare decided on the solution to these shocking problems by applying of design thinking.

By using design thinking, he decided to observe the children who go to the scanner with a companion.

Design thinking gave him the idea to have a doctor whom the children can have conversation with at the time of scanning.

It gave an idea to transform the MRI into a pirate ship of adventure.

Now, whenever children are brought to MRI, a doctor conveys an adventure story of pirate to the children.

This change makes the starring role in healthcare, and more than 80% of children want to have such kind of scan.

Just imagine how a terrifying machine ultimately changes into a unique creative journey ship due to design thinking.

4. Oral B

By observing the people either by conversation or clues, you can quickly uncover the people’s erudition and vision.

Oral B changed the vision of their company just by approaching and observing the people.

They made supposition in toothbrushes for the children of all ages like smaller and skinnier brushes for adult ones.

Hence, this company made brushes like small hands with small brushes and big hands along with big brushes.

Now comes design thinking for changing the idea to manufacture the brushes for the children.

They realize that when children are brushing, they hold the brush using their fist and hold too far that they hit their faces.

From this understanding and awareness about their product, they identified that children need a kind of plump spongy brush.

After this fantastic detection from design thinking, Oral B now sells one the best toothbrushes in the world for more than 18 months.

5. Nike

Nike was finding itself very difficult to become a prominent brand amongst all other skateboarding community.

They wanted to have the same level of maintenance as other upper-brand companies such as DC and Globe.

But they didn’t have much management for that, and even didn’t know how to handle the bugs and drawback of their product.

They spent a lot of money on this issue to have a better ranking in the field of brands.

Suddenly, Nike workers decided to emerge and engage the company to design the process by using design thinking.

After getting this idea, they started a conversation and chat with other brands for their level and attitude.

In the days of conversations, they examined the main thing that the community looks for in a skateboarder company.

After all the conclusions and results, they started to make a skateboarding product and released it.

They released Nike Dunk SB after inclusive learning and searching from their customers and other communities.

Nowadays, Nike is much famous in the world of skateboarding culture, and this are all because to design thinking.

6. Samsung

There are thousands of top listed phone manufacturing companies and one of them is Samsung.

It is a giant in electronic products and other accessories like smartphones, tab, and TV, etc.

In the very beginning, the chairman of this company got frustrated due to a lack of revolution in their company.

This is due to unplanned ideas and lack of proper consoling for moving the company in a way like other companies.

After that, the chairman realized that design thinking plays a vital role in the manufacturing of smartphones.

He understood that design thinking is the way to shape out Samsung like a top brand in the world.

Thus, Samsung created a design thinking team and focused on the innovation to make world-class products.

It is exciting to say that now, Samsung has one of the biggest teams in the world that works on design thinking.

These days Samsung makes the product of the future with shaping, designing, bridging them to unmet customers for a solution.

In short design, thinking can easily change the progress of one’s company and promote it to top-rated.

7. Toyota

For the first time, the revenue of Toyota was $71.047 billion.

However, for resolving the issues and increasing the revenue for the next time, they completely changed the company’s design.

In simple words, they redesigned the whole package and customer contact services by using design thinking.

Design thinking gave the idea to make a multidisciplinary team that started to work on several projects of the company.

With design thinking, they invested more $500 million for better development of high-quality automated vehicles.

Now, Toyota is one of the global marketing company and plays over in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Design thinking gave the idea to build the automated cars with street design and smart home technology.

Also with design thinking, Toyota promotes robotic machines based upon the sensor aluminum check.

The company revenue has increased several times to unexpected values because of design thinking.

8. Pepsi

Pepsi‘s CEO had a lot of struggle for the company but managed to grew the sales up to 80%

The only reason for increasing the sale is design thinking.

With design thinking, Pepsi made tremendous success in its field.

The CEO always believed that the company needed more innovation processes and postproduction experienced workers.

They got ideas from design thinking to create a culture in which they made a customer center that focused on the company’s decision.

Now all the decisions and the program that this company builds for the customers and workers are based on designing thinking

With design thinking, they made a Pepsi spire that was a touch screen fountain machine that talks to customers.

A tracking device was put in the machine that tracks purchases and makes a suggestion for customers.

This technology used by the Pepsi company came out because of design thinking.

9. Apple

After using the design thinking process, Apple became a more profitable company and grew sales up to 11%.

The design thinking idea changed the whole package of the company and the workers’ way of working.

They get $58.1 billion income net by changing their policies in a new style with the design thinking team’s help.

They dug deeply into the customers and made developing products that meet those needs the users want.

No doubt, Apple uses design thinking to build a prototype and test all of them with the end-user.

Furthermore, building up the prototype and testing them is as essential to the company as design thinking.

They make a goal and then figure out how they can achieve these goals by making changes into them.

10. Microsoft

In the technology market, Microsoft is one of the leading giant companies that ended last year with a $33.055 billion revenue.

Microsoft makes the increases in its revenue every year up to 13.65% in the beginning without any plan.

After right consoling and holding the design thinking team, this company is now expected second most profitable.

Now in the year 2020, its new revenue is $42.9 billion of net income, withholding 7.6% growth according to investors.

Before design thinking, Microsoft was able to alter itself from technology-centric to a user-centric company.

Design thinking completely reshaped this company and its products.

Now this kind of thinking plays an essential role in the company for solving the user’s problem and bugs in products.

After getting any kind of problem, they concern the users for that and addressing their needs in the working process.  

Microsoft has only one creative process which is delivering new value and new solutions with radical compassion.

Making new equipment that has more prolonged effect is only due to design thinking ideas.

Final Thoughts

Design thinking is a kind of skill that makes work much more comfortable and gives you more than one postulate of a solution.

These companies that use design thinking make better revenue and take an excellent rating.

No doubt, this is effortless just by making a team that is only focusing on the drawbacks and lacking to maintain them.

If you are holding a company or any institute, then we recommend you adapt to design thinking for it.

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